One Holy

"I now ask your attention for the fourth component, fire, by which all that is exists.

It's in you and in all because it's in Me as aspect of My nature. Are you surprised?

Fire, of course, is widely known on earth. With its magma it is planet earth's core.

Your sun handles it quite well being in charge of sustaining all life on your planet.

Gods or cosmic primeval forces are easily associated with fire's imperial majesty.

Your body operates by a burning process so fire's presence is 'all over the place'.


"Your societies are in constant need of more supplies of energy to keep them going.

I confront you with what it means to have fire as an active ingredient of yourself.

It was there when you were born and before that, in you as a fetus. Before that?

In order to answer this question, I first must speak about what fire means to Me.

A monumental problem arises here. You can't help thinking of fire as it's on earth.

You automatically think of fire's destructive proportions while it is love's passion.


"Existence as you know it, and as it shows in other dimensions, doesn't just 'pop up'.

My unfolding as the All Who Is, through you also, isn't by magic: surprise, surprise!

All that exists is shaped from a passion, not forged, not forced, not by blunt power.

The fire I am you could call passion, desire, spirit, warmth, light, power or splendor.

It is expressed in the drive to create; the whole fabric of life will always reflect this.

You do stem from it, from the fullness that radiates from Me being Myself eternally .


"People on earth will keep asking where the first spark originated that started life.

I could say: 'I'll tell you as soon as you tell Me when your life started.' Is that fair?

But I promised I would be clear and direct in these twelve booklets, so I'll tell you.

I come from being the One Holy, the One above, before and beyond any grasping.

I do know eternity. I am it. I know life's first spark. I am it. I am life's totality. I AM.

Is that the answer? The universes cry: 'Yes!' They feel and share My fullness daily.


"An unplugged computer or one without batteries gives no information whatsoever.

So lack all the products of the negative state the capacity to know true facts of life.

In the positive state is a direct access to My presence. There, they all do know Me.

They know that My all-transcendence is 'the' basis, scope and glory of what life is.

It stirs up passion in their making love with Me: to be involved with such a partner!

On earth only on your spiritual plane you will find 'not grasping' enhances passion.


"My being the One Holy is different than what humans tend to project in their gods.

My not-understandable, not-nameable aspect releases you from any 'fantasizing'.

My fullness is all love and all truth, so My joy is ever unfolding. That's so knowable.

Doubts, frustrations, feeling threatened or intimidated by Me are 'child' reactions.

The forces that 'made' you, disconnected perception-systems from universal data.

They've charged instead all human batteries with polluted or falsified information.


"There is no danger in meeting with Me personally, as you yourself experienced.

What causes tension when exposed to Me is the burning off of what's negative.

Sacrifices involving blood or fire may be well-intended offerings to appease Me.

But to Me it's offensive to use consuming fire, incense or candles to please Me.

Religions, linking Me to any sort of violence, better give up their unholy beliefs.

My one fire is the heat of love 'burning' in Me. It is My and all nature's 'magma'.


"Nothing is threatening in Me. You bring on fear yourself by ignoring to trust Me.

Any counting on others for enlightenment or input about My first name is useless.

No symbols or words cover Me as the One Holy. Yet, face Me and you grasp Me!

Full insights come from facing Me directly. Then My spirit filling you shows it all.

These words can liberate your true passions; they're batteries for eternity's light.

These words may ignite flames that warm you from within, leaving a lasting glow.


"I said before, I am not a concept to subscribe to. You do not have to believe Me.

Yet you may wonder about what this fire element is that stokes the drive to live.

Well, do imagine yourself, in spite of deformations, as flames fully ablaze with joy.

What more important, inspired and free can you get than being a part of My joy?

You always can question Me; if you want answers, that is! If not, you waste time.

I am the answer. You are within the oneness. And I, as fire, ignite and brighten all.


"These words may powerfully engulf you when you realize from where they come.

My first name does transcend what this one source is. It points at My endlessness.

See life as fires happily throwing out colorful flames, letting them play and dance.

All in life has this innate fire. It burns with a desire to rejoice, create and connect.

It is the spirit within, branching out. My first 'face' underlines its universal reach.

Nothing in life is inconsequential. In their particular way all spread My splendor.


"As it must be clear by now, My first name or face can't be compared with anything.

It is the one 'occurrence' which is unlike anything else. Even 'occur' does not apply.

So how can you relate to something that's outside the scope of any or all thinking?

The issue is not just yours; the universe is in the same situation. So why mention it?

You use the word correspondence to let unknowns be pointed at by known words.

In this sense, all that exists is a symbol, mirror or correspondence of My being All.


"The problem here is that there's no real correspondence with My the 'One Holy'!

No word, symbol, pointer or concept works. What emanates from Me is known!

I am not 'from'. So, what's the use of talking about something that's un-talkable?

Not that this issue itself is alien to humanity. Your species' reach is short anyway.

You have no idea of what is beyond your galaxies; your insights are 'earthbound'.

Similarly, you cannot grasp what fills the 'empty' space right in front of your nose.


"In this sense, you're used to accepting boundaries in your efforts to understand.

But I don't talk about this in regard to My first name, as no here or there applies.

I do say that when you meet Me during Our private visits, I am also My first Self.

Probing the farthest reaches of the universe brings you not an inch closer to Me.

Still, your circumstances as they are right now are all covered by My first 'name'.

This is because I dwell in you while I am fully the One Holy, the All-Transcending.


"I do like to mention the importance – or un-importance – of the two words.

'One' and 'Holy', as human words, are tokens, symbols, indicating something.

Their meaning is more or less agreed upon; they are in all human languages.

Yet, here, they function not as elsewhere: they just do not cover anything!

Anything within human understanding, that is. Only I do grasp My first Self.

I give the two words anyway so you now know what all of life is in awe of.


"You can call the negative state one huge blatant exception of life's realness.

Other realms of life can't, in even the slightest way, relate to your 'problem'.

My presence on all levels is for them as familiar as novel, as grand as lucid.

Could they love Me all out, trust Me, live, and let live, if I am controversial?

Don't you think it would cheapen the spontaneity in their joyful adoration?

Being a partner, lover and co-creator with Me does exclude all reservations.


"You may realize, also here, how difficult it was to raise the issue of free choice.

If something is completely fulfilling, why look for an alternative or for change?

I initiated the option to explore possible boundaries of love's or life's fullness.

So, for the investigation of unexplored realms, the human race came into life.

I've told you that their pursuit shows once for all where freedom can lead to.

To love Me is now for all in life a real choice, as there is now an alternative.


"It is not so that you 'must' accept that I am also unknowable and all-transcending.

Those in the positive state saw Me change into what I am now, related to humans.

They saw and see that I keep embracing in love those involved in this Me-denying.

If there remained any doubts about My 'unknowns', those are surely gone by now!

They all witness My all-encompassing caring actions; they respond with happy awe.

I invite all of you to reconnect with this universal joy. It'll break your isolation now.


"You may wonder what all this has to do with your nature's fourth ingredient, fire.

As with the other elements of My and your nature, My first aspect transcends it,

which doesn't mean you should leave this for what it is, as if you're not involved.

Well, if something could correspond with My first name, then fire would qualify.

It shows self-perpetuating, ever-changing light and might, manifold in oneness.

Yet, fire's main contribution to life is being the passion, energy and drive to love.


"These booklets say that living equals loving and that it operates from oneness.

Fire adds to it the dimension, principle or 'law' that being is a matter of passion.

Behind and before life, as you know it, is desire, is My fire. It ignites and spreads.

It does explain why all existence has the quality of one grand love-making affair.

In that affair is also included the ultimate of serene stillness and sublime peace.

The fire of My spirit does burn in you. It likes you to share life's ongoing renewal.


"The stage for life's universal plays is 'illuminated' by My One Holy's unseen light.

Fire is its energy. It enables all to move and to engage in their particular context.

The liveliness of life has nothing automatic. It's draped around pulsating desires.

'One Holy' intimates Reality having no limit in the spread of time, space or being.

You may hit walls in thinking or imagination: I am also on those walls' other side!

Life, in its known or unknown dimensions, is always one celebration of Who I am.


"It is common on earth to run out of fuel at times. For sure, your body does this.

Your mind may feel overwhelmed when endless unreachable horizons beckon.

It's one reason I give you these words. You can feed them to your hungry spirit.

They all have in them the warmth and glow of being home: your search is over.

As words from Me, their staying power is unparalleled. They're eternal flames.

You'll always be enlightened when in you, you keep My love's passion burning."