Writing 6

The Twelve Components of Life

First Round

The twelve elements of being

By which I AM and all life exists

Distinct, embracing each other

Gloriously portraying life as it is

On an evening walk, out of the blue, I heard in a clear voice that was in and around me, without comment, the twelve ingredients or components of everything that exists, one each day. It was at a time that the question about what life, my life, was really all about, was much on my mind. Then came the voice. For more than a year I didn't know what to do with what I had heard. It dawned upon me that I could write down what it stirred up in me. This Writing presents some of my personal reactions. Emphatically, I want to apologize for using a form of poetry. I could say I didn't plan it, which is the case, but, obviously, it came out that way with its verses and even rhyme at times.

Writing down my experiences on the spiritual level and to what it inspired me, starts with me first 'checking in' and visiting with the I AM. What then I write, always flows directly from that personal encounter. The editing done years later has been mainly 'cosmetic.

Life's 12 components

- Oneness - Love - Life - Fire

- Space - Connectedness - Progression - Effect

- Freedom - Joy - Differentness - Harmony

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