You present Yourself almost abruptly as Your third spirit, candle, face, self, name.

I felt anxiety rising: what to expect after Your coming as Love with all those colors.

Suddenly You say with a strong male voice, 'My being Truth you hear as sound.'

It throws me off. I don't know much about the ins and outs of music. I just enjoy it.

Your face radiates a youthful gaiety as an energy flows purposeful in my direction.

You say that You are seriously eager to inform me about the way things really are.

I should know the full truth about You being the only realness of all in existence.

'Do not try to figure out instruments', You say, 'Be receptive and listen to the sounds.'

I do it. All around I hear trumpets or horns; their sounds seem to be in a dialogue.

The sounds carry as far as I hear. I sense that all dimensions are filled with them.

They powerfully penetrate with total clarity; yet it also borders on total silence.

It seems to pull out all the noises and vibrations to a platform of jubilant unity.

I take it that from our earth's beginning there were sounds.

It is quite impossible here to not make noises.

As art-form it's refined, including the use of human voices.

All around, music seems to enhance life's joy.

What about the music of 'heaven', the sounds 'angels' hear;

Are they echoes from the first word spoken?

All life-forms vibrate, adding to the song the cosmos sings.

It is as a duet with our one beautiful Lover.

'All in life share music,' You say. 'I pulsate in all My emanations.

'You hear the fullness of life, hear the celebration of belonging.

'The Negative State can't obliterate this by plugging your ears.

'Yes, you hear the cosmos proclaiming oneness in all of reality.'

So that also includes me. Yet I feel as a fake, a dissonant.

I hear Your crystal voice not just in my head. It is all over.

You say, 'You can handle only so much of Me directly. Take it.

'Listen, listen! Be in My sound. It's now, always, everywhere.

'As love warms, so truth alerts. It is beacon and radar in one.'

I now hear the splashing of a mighty waterfall; it is utterly refreshing.

Life gets purified, galvanized, re-positioned for an upcoming climax.

Reality is an ongoing lucid dialogue within the music of Your nature.


It's very hard for humans to understand, and live it, that life equals love.

The idiocy of projecting anything else in You is the masterstroke of evil.

Of course, fear will arise when life's very Source is painted as a threat.

It's quite logical that we invent other powers to rescue us as saviors.

Our creators totally obscure the essence of Your nature as only love.

The fact of Reality is, truth and love are one, unified, never separated.

But on earth, both truth and love became rather questionable issues.

In 'heaven', they're the central ingredients of life's fascinating fullness.

I now see truth as the sounds of love, while love lets realness happen.

Without further ado, while I wonder about how You will appear,

You introduce me to the thunderous sound of millions of voices.

Filling the firmament and far beyond as the trumpets, the voices

Complement each other, reaching ever higher with keen intensity.

This is You, expressing in songs the ongoing joy of being You and

Hearing all in life respond to You with mighty sounds of praise.

I imagine all entities sending out their sounds, joining the chorus.

With a personal voice, everyone can freely air Your greatness.

I sense that even earth's singing could fit in somehow, be it from

Human worship, the dance rhythm of atoms or nature breathing.

Reality is Your song, an excited magma throwing out the always

Vibrant liveliness You emanate. Loving truth as life's sounds and

True love as its color amounts to all-out wisdom and goodness.

Sounds deepening, colors brightening, this is how You present

Yourself in the totality of the whole universe contained in You.

I hear no angelic voices - suppose I knew them!

What I am aware of now is that all space is filled

With what we call music: masterful, wonderful.

All choruses and solos finding the perfect pitch.

While I listen, I see You in front of me, with a

Handsome and healthy-looking masculine face.

You observe me closely. You seem to insist

That I will clearly hear Who and What You are.

Somehow, the sounds seem also the voice of all

Nature. All has joined and connected by singing.

I guess this is one way of all making love to all.

It is how the universes can make love to You.

I mention to You that on earth, much music is made to lift up people to an higher awareness.

Or to deeper psychic states, blissfully embellishing the ordinary level and scope of feelings.

Listening to nice music can be so rewarding. It can make us still and often has us transcend.

Is music a way to hear You? Did it escape the severance of connections with the full Reality?

You do listen to me and then I see You start nodding, while You say that, indeed, all that is

Beautiful is eternal and universal, and like goodness and wisdom it will be reflecting You.

So composer, performer or listener may find the link with the sounds of divine vibrations.

What a teenager shouts in a disco or pious monks chant in their cells,

Comes via mind- and voice boxes that are manipulated by the 'hell's'.

That even so music can enlighten or help transcend our human space,

Ultimately will come from embracing the pulsations of Your third face.

Many layers of lies and deceit will pollute our hearts' pure intention.

But music that bypasses those will be a blissfully enriching invention.

These eternal sounds can be fully heard when Your presence is real.

And reactions to what we then hear will be sincere and lovingly heal.


Your face exudes an amazing strength. It is almost too much to look at.

But also, You look so happy, assured, so totally Yourself as the only I AM.

I know it's silly to say for a human, but this is how You come across to me.

In absoluteness: You know what You do. And graciously You let me see it

While I still wonder what to write. You told me that You want to stress

Nothing exists as not relative to You. All life is an example. Anybody can

Deny or ignore it as we humans did. Yet life is exclusively Your property.

We live amidst results of denying this in our as fragile as violent world.

I feel blessed I can somehow grasp You are Life itself, also as a Person.

Do I now hear the sound of everything pulsating?

Is this why Your face is so powerful, so intense,

With joyful determination and an ageless wisdom?

As the I AM, Reality 'is' You: the truth of all life,

The partner in love, the substance of all essence,

All life-forms mirror You; respond to You being

Your presence as the central theme of all desires.

Carefully I listen.....

I seem to pick up a coordinated soft drumming.

Is it perhaps the rhythm of the whole universe?

No, You explain, it is the beat of my own heart

In which life throbs as Your personal Presence.

I want my heart to beat as my contribution to a universal

Swell of praise in honor of us being alive in Your world.

Any earthling knows that only when we live consciously,

We are able to experience our and the world's existence.

There are no exceptions to this rule, this fact. Even if it's

Only in very imperfect ways, we perform as our person.

Our thinking and acting, all is an integral part of Reality.

'Death' seems the crown achievement of our 'makers',

Giving the illusion that our and all life eventually stops.

Yet You, Life itself, included dying in Your new Nature.

So all life's scariest mystery (for us) is as simple as that.

I've been such a liar, urging myself to not speak from what I felt or from my heart.

Instead I calculated, often unaware of it, what I could gain, what would be smart.

This kind of lying we frown less upon than on violating morals or a cultural code.

The stirring in our awareness of the full truth may be seen as an irrelevant mode.

Not that my heart now is finely tuned; my honest feelings can still be out of sync.

Yet, Your sanctuary is in me and to it, my instinct and intuition have a direct link.

Our fabricators succeeded in distorting direct contacts with the universal truth.

Correct information we question. Our thinking is garbled and little goes smooth.

Honesty needs criticism. It keeps us modest and humble. It seldom works neat.

Yet amidst billions of tremors around, we're free to align with Your heart's beat.

My rhythm is seldom in tune with the cadences of others.

Leave alone with the pulsations of the full Reality.

Still, something in me kept searching for more fulfillment.

I still admire people aligned with life's true flow.

I make progress; my isolation weakens; I'm more honest.

More critically I listen to all that makes me tick.

It facilitates joining universal rhythms and pulsations.


I clearly see Your intensely powerful face.

Your body seems to be clothed in sounds,

That materialize as many flaming tongues.

Fire is an appropriate word for radiating

Unlimited energy and a visible appetite

For sharing power. Not one threat is in it.

Your strength is so inviting that its glow

Has all that's false or dishonest back off.

I feel sad for the truthful child I was not.

Now, my candid parts emerge and can

Finally and freely form me as I truly am.

I'm not afraid of You. If I were, I would

Hide, run or pretend I can not face You.

But You don't scrutinize us. So why lie?

I hear flute tones, sharp, lucid, precise.

They pierce through everything, seem

To reach the apex of purity in my soul,

Penetrating all my layers and corners.

I feel cleansed, clear-minded, in peace.

It's You as Truth: healing and liberating,

Blazing paths for us so we find our way.

Your color as Love and sound as Truth

With fiery flutes, excite all who hear it.

It readies us for what's true, real living.

The energy by which Reality moves on comes from Your most inner passion.

Its playful fire inspires and does allow an ongoing evolution to new creations.

Once, it functioned as starting point for the newly emerging human species.

Equipped to feed the fire by exploring, they turned toward life's outer realm.

Is it possible, they asked, that life originates in the externals and not within?

They planned to present their findings as unique contribution to Your glory.

But in the later generations more and more alien pursuits fascinated them.

Instead of looking for the good of all, they started to discredit Your nature.

Eventually, they focused on creating life-forms based on being not-like-You.

Humans on earth are one sad result. We think our world shows all there is.

Yet, we can invite Your fiery spirit to renew us and propel us into Reality.

I've always known that lying doesn't pay off; sooner or later its sponginess emerges.

Yet, that changes not the fact that our cross-wired brains will seldom think straight.

Honest people are killed for their uprightness. We can kill parts in ourselves for it.

Most wisdom on earth is tinted, is basically false, as not inspired by Your closeness.

If Your goodness doesn't inspire our mind and Your wisdom is not heard we're dull.

Then, what we call living becomes an illustration of not receiving light from Reality.

One day, falsities finish their evil course and evaporate in the emptiness they were.

Where and when this occurs is irrelevant as it's up to us whether we keep on lying.

I have closed my ears too often for the truth. Its penetrating me was too revealing.

I was afraid of losing my bearings when the convenient use of lies was threatened.

At times I want to run, so I don't feel I burn.

But one day I'll have to stop, unable to keep

Avoiding the truth: all life's powerful feature.

Then, letting Your cleansing spirit jump me,

I'll emerge, purified, as happy new creature.


Your face as Truth looks like granite: strong, reliable.

You smile, and you are standing up to your full height.

I see Your body is as Your face: muscular and solid.

It starts filling the space around me, covering the sky.

It continues to expand to for me inaccessible orbits.

I hear You friendly explaining that You are all space.

Truth is Reality. There never will be limits to reality.

'Yes, I am Reality', You say. 'Only with Me is realness.

'Seeing My face is entering My spirit, the true Reality.

'Now hear My being space: I am the wind, blowing to

'Every corner - well, if there were corners, that is!

'I am the distances, the 'here' as well as the 'there'.

'I'm the width, depth and all the other dimensions.

'Life, fire and spirit blow and are never contained.

'I am the realness that becomes, renews, changes.

'I'm My own origin, so every spot is relative to Me.

'There's no outside that could limit my unfolding.

'There is only the newness of each moment that,

'Also by you, is shaped by the lovemaking of all.

'Hear the blowing of My spirit, whirling around.

'Know it can fill all private and all public spaces.

'It engulfs you with energy, warmth and peace.

'It will convince you that you, too, are part of it.'

I now sense all around me an atmosphere without any doubts or limits.

No fear or hesitation. It is so wide that I want to shout from happiness.

Everything is filled with this. My tiny space does not feel as only mine.

I realize I can just go to wherever is this sphere of love and full reality.

I, like all, occupy a certain spot. Mine is here, where You gave me life.

My 'problems' are relative. My person uses matter from Your nature.

Your face is my anchor. It's Your passion that brings Reality to what

You desire and like. It happens not by force or manipulation, but by

Inviting us to participate freely and with honesty. So we will praise

You for allowing us to be part of the critical exploration of darkness.

The wind blows; where does it stop? It doesn't.

Air moves in and out of our lungs. We breathe.

Yet my living is not dependent on its organs.

The silence in between planets and what lies in between solar systems is filled. With what?

That space is filled with the happy dance of other realms, although it's un-observable to us.

All glow by the spirit-filled light of Your third candle that ignites their space into existence.

Nothing just fills up 'empty' space: emptiness does not exist. Truth fills and creates Reality.


There's only one truth and one Reality: You!

What exists as entity or matter is from You.

Nothing exists unrelated or not connected.

Life's source and life's center are the same.

Each unit in the universe has its own place.

Reality is, as our own body, a composition.

Some parts seem completely independent.

Yet they're joined; so is all life's structure.

We on earth are isolated, seemingly alone.

That our galaxy floats in space, we accept.

We're all earth-centered; so it was planned.

We are the results of genetic experiments.

Earth humans can't fully grasp the Reality.

We're isolated, conditioned to fail or falter.

Evil pushes the separation from the One.

Yet we have still the remnants of free will.

We can seek the truth still hiding in us all.

It's often as climbing or rowing upstream.

Parts in us fear contacting the full Reality.

Parts yearn to hear whispers of welcome.

'In the real world is no secrecy,' You tell me.

'It is perhaps the best way to put it, though

'Reality functions in many millions of ways.

'All parts in it are wanted and happily fit in.

'It is by the wisdom of accepting I am life's

'Center and purpose that all freely connect.

'I love to see My emanations branching out,

'Make choices, exploring and enriching life.

'From the results come learning and growth.

'Making contact is as making music jointly.

'Yes, now you understand the sound of this

'Element. Life universal is My word spoken.

'So all parts have a voice expressing their

'Presence and uniqueness openly, proudly.

'Humans call it 'words', the agent creating

'Newness. Yes, My speaking is a 'becoming'.

'So My emanations also speak, connect in

'Love and invariably create new situations.

'Things happen when speaking is sincere.

'On their level, matter or spirits do speak.

'I enjoy all the 'talking' in the universe!

'It is a happy activity in the Real Reality.

'I know your limits in grasping that I do

'always connect with all, always speak.'

Sometimes I feel like talking, sometimes I want to be still.

Sometimes I'll desire to talk, sometimes to be left alone.

People have talked to me while I did decide not to listen.

Often I've thrown out words, not counting their effect.

People dump verbal garbage, or do use honey as a trap.

Is my talking a covering-up or a wall protecting myself?

Words launched by my vocal cords, do they reach orbit?

Can I stop them, once cut off from my inner intentions?

Precious are words I'll speak that truly represents me.

Yet more precious are hearing words coming from You.

'When you enter My world, you can contact who you want.

'Have patience! You now hear My voice in a 'sort of ' way.

'Yet it signals My presence. I materialize through it for you.

'Only on earth, you're stuck with a separation from others.

'People are imprisoned in an ego-centered individualism.

'Your ancestors do try to prove by creating their offspring

'that living outside My presence is a real or viable option.

'You function as their showcase, being aware of it or not.

'Yet now you know all can be set free from that ordeal.

'Today, all humans are free to contact what is truly real.'


Truth isn't a concept, conclusion or result for discussion.

It is as a person; it is a presence; it is You being All Itself.

It is the joyful occurrence of Your love sharing Herself.

It is the awesome phenomenon of life ever progressing.

We're in that current as a channel for eternal unfolding.

We came into life not the way You did; You are always.

We are what You drape around You as good company.

You are so wide, so high, so deep, so without any limit.

What becomes a segment of life will itch to perfect it.

Reality and truth are interchangeable; not so on earth.

Our human era came to provide answers to a potential.

The question was whether or not You could be chosen.

Many insights have come from strong efforts to do so.

Evil faces Your nature and it must face Your reaction.

All its doings, proven negative, provide lessons for all.

I operate in the midst of being an illustration myself.

Yet I am not stuck. I can change, move to combat evil.

Volunteers for incarnation on earth enter a darkness.

The rest of the universes proceeds straight forward.

Nothing is stagnant, nothing is fixed as all moves on.

Singing strings represent this, subdued or very loud.

Full-flavored are the sounds of eternity's unfolding.

The sharp cords herald Your creating new horizons.

You, Who are all sound, tell me that the being Truth

Is Your substance; not some mental construction.

You are the all concrete, always-expanding Reality.

In the growth of it You include us as participants.

The ranges of strings whisper and want attention.

They dazzle and hum; mirroring You as life's start,

finish and direction, also through our human race.

I see You nod. You do understand my inability to

Find proper words for what I now learn as truth.

You say, 'True Reality is so much easier to live in'.

Then You hug me.

'How I appear has to fit into what you recognize. Your mind is full limitations.

'At times you think I expect from you what you can't give. But you know better!

'The path you chose makes very little sense to what's called the external world.

'The choices you've made are not accidental. They all led up to what is now.

'Your persistence in knocking on doors inside you led to finding My presence.

'The Negative State, the 'hell' earth became I keep increasingly surrounding.

'What seems positive in it may give the illusion it can be equal to My world'.

Honesty is such a difficult concept. How do I ever know whether I'm real?

Whether I say things just for gain or do hide what deep down I truly feel?

Honesty is a lifelong chosen direction; it monitors the judging of my mind.

It's a most humble daily endeavor to not twist or excuse what in me I find.

The clearer I see my conflicted ways, the less I hear noises from a crowd.

The less noises from outside the more my inner antennas hear You loud.

It doesn't make me a loner or hermit. I live in this world; I let it roll along.

Now seeing what's in me sincere became my number one phenomenon!

'You and all who seek the truth know that your externals can't mirror Reality.

'Don't fret about how to formulate all this. See My colors and hear My sound.

'You grasp better goodness and wisdom. You perceive Me, as you are sincere.

'Your desire relates to having freely accepted your important earthly mission.

'All things process from their spiritual core all the way to the external realm.

'Be aware of that track. It makes it easier for Me to joyfully travel with you.'


'So many lies are spoken of Me that facts are hardly known.

'Most of the lies come from those pretending they know Me!

'They abuse My name as a concept, a doctrine or a weapon.

'The impact of Truth easily escapes ego-filled human brains.

'Those knowing Me are modest, humble, gentle, never loud.

'They appreciate they can see sunshine through any cloud.

'Rays of sunshine warm, enlighten, make wishing for more.

'Spiritual life moving to the center position is Truth's effect.

'You often tried to understand Me away from My presence.

'Did it have any positive impact on what you did and felt?

'What occurred in the earlier human beings occurs in you.

'Having found the truth, you skip opinions and look inside.

'You see their effects on you and from within, you change.

'You see wisdom is truth applied. This always will survive.

'My power frightens when you listen to 'hell's' teachings.

'That fear feeds turmoil and leads to monstrous behavior.

'The Negative State thrives on pretending it can do without Me.

'They have to, otherwise mankind would instantly reject them.

'The debilities of life on planet earth show poor craftsmanship.

'All negatives cause humanity to regress to ineffective levels.

'The Negative State resembles reality in an upside-down way.

'In the Positive State, to have effect and to touch is great joy.

'Nothing there falls apart or is mismatched. It thrives on love.'

I realize I haven't heard any sound for Your being the all-effect.

Mentioning negative and positive as opposites did me forget it.

I pause and ask You if my waiting for Your sound is appropriate.

You look at me solemnly when You tell me, 'Just be still ....'

Then, 'It is silence that allows all that occurs to hear itself.

'It counts as your 'last judgment', shows the effect you are.

'Talking gives no information. In a silence truth will speak.

'I am the silence between, before and after your thoughts.

'Silence is no threat. It's an invitation for Me to touch you.'

We probably all wonder how useful our life is.

When praised for good things we've caused,

We skeptically question our motives, in view

Of so many of our acts 'me'-centered impetus.

We need a lot of trust to let people affect us.

We learn to not be too generous with this, as

They who will use us may very well abuse us;

We are fishes caught in human schemes' net.

It's truly a matter of serious alignment when

Looking inside we honestly check our heart

If how we are approaching others is, by the

Sound of Your silence, really wise and smart.


Why am I here? The question pops up, now the ninth element, freedom, is addressed.

Even if I travel by my free will a spiritual path: what is its value, except satisfying me?

I direct the question to You as You appear as Truth. You seem hesitant to comment.

I understand. Freedom is freedom! It has to be me who decides to continue or not.

I must be careful to not fall in the trap of forgetting it's only with You I'm truly alive.

Not when I think 'about' You or philosophize can I accumulate helpful real wisdom.

The truth will show up when I am honest. It's my decision through what gate I step.

It has bothered me to read or hear people say nice or clever things I wished I had.

It is my ego that looks outwards, compares or forgets to hear freedom bells ring.

Yet it is the freedom to long and yearn that is the least polluted part in us humans.

It can be real in me, a reminder of my origin while otherwise I'm an ailing product.

I can let my yearning be my guide when I keep searching for meaning or purpose.

Not tied to logic, intelligence or emotion, love's longing and truth signal freedom.

Perhaps You are mostly hated or ridiculed because You let us humans free.

For many it is maddening to not receive conclusive evidence of Your reign.

You do not live up to what we expect from a divine god, protector, creator.

Many drop efforts to know You or substitute it by canonized 'holy books'.

Seeing You as Love and hearing You as Truth changed my life profoundly.

Is it my longing for honesty that lets me witness Your colors and sounds?

I now hear a sort of tinkling in my head, like the sound of thousand clinking bells.

It's a very happy sound, light and playful. It is everywhere. It must be Your laugh.

You say that freedom is a happy thing that always will tinkle like cosmic chimes.

It never suggests a threatening cloud: 'do not choose wrong or you will be out.'

I see You start to laugh now. I take it that You're inviting me to also lighten up.

The ringing increases, it is as a steady shower. You say, It is so true you are free!

'While matter or inanimate objects in nature may appear stuck and defined,

'Yet they are all beloved and can somehow choose to act as the ones they are.

'On earth, freedom got thwarted as it is isolated from life's other components.

'It exudes no global joyful flavor; instead, it is widely oppressed and abused.

'Still, positive choices you and others make add happy bells to life's carillon.

'Their clinking and clanking proclaim that freedom never stops marching on.

'Instead of being envious or compare whether others hear the bells clearer

'And share it in writing and speaking, you can just add your clink and clank!'

Freedom is Your true nature; it is Your ninth element.

It secures the purpose for which we came into being.

Nothing constricting is a part of Your being the I AM.

Only joy accompanies the enrichment of perfection.

All that acts like a cage, be it our job or our marriage,

Our bodies, our society or our living on earth as such,

It's not Your doing. It all is a temporary abomination.

Its only sense pertains to portraying that outside of

You nothing works well. Nothing of life's externals

Can cut the fetters negative forces have put on us.

Yet on our spirit level, much true freedom thrives.


Reality laughs, bubbles joy. It's the pulse of Your nature.

It will show up in You and in all what shares Your nature.

In all other realms one always has good things to report.

Meetings conducted there are great fun and inspiring.

The substance of life is so exhilarating that all parts do

Always marvel at the variety of its enduring newness.

Today, Your strong, friendly face looks very cheerful.

Is it a projection? Or are You really so O.K. with me?

I wish that every minute I could remain thrilled with

The idea that living is for everyone as an adventure.

Could I only hold on to that it is in fact grander than

I perceive it; that it is in fact a bliss and lighthearted.

The miseries we face here obscure Your full nature.

Any lie of the 'hell' causes fiasco's. Why not face it?

Yet Your presence in me will tickle my funny bones.

I like to keep offering You my gratitude as a dessert.

I still recall Your dance as Love, so totally care-free.

Today, as Truth, You do explode in happy laughter.

I feel sad that in the past I held on to a 'heaviness'.

Why did I not uncover Your joyfulness? My loss!

Now, I am in the process of being liberated. You tell me to not be afraid,

And to let You be the truth of the matter that's me.

I am looking forward to un-learn what I believed of the false conditioning

All of us earthly humans are born with.

It's lent here: new life, colors and sounds; it is a time to shout or act crazy.

Free at last from falsities, lies and pretense.

Your sound is a full, gut-level laughter. It is so great, You 'hanging loose',

And that You like me to laugh with You!

How dumb can we be as human beings, how heavy, preoccupied or vain.

We think that thanks to our efforts we're able to lift the burdens of pain.

A fact is that on all levels is a joyful, a natural state of unconditional bliss.

It means that in miserable conditions comfort comes from what is there.

Much of our laughter may be hyper or forced, our jokes cutting or rude.

In 'heaven' nothing is said or done unless it enhances the pleasant mood.

If in my heart is no desire to smile, I better see a doctor, because I am ill.

We can hear 'heaven's' chuckles unless we prefer a mood controller pill.

'Keep smiling' is not a good advice. We 'are' a smile by our given nature.

All our human systems are filed under 'happy laughter's' nomenclature.


If one thing is clear, at least on earth, it is that nothing ever is the same, alike.

Not one moment in time can be repeated. We're unique, like all in existence.

The proverbial grains of sand set the tone. Yet, little seems to frighten us as

Human beings more than not feeling accepted by others we like or do need.

We like to belong, strive for what's familiar and avoid being frowned upon.

So our quests are mainly guided by desire to join what we have in common.

When children leave their parents' house, they copy much they are used to.

Novel things or habits are only felt as improvement if others approve them.

Differentness has negative connotations. We, at times, consider a change

Yet cling to customs and routines, to what's predictable or least upsetting.

We prefer to breathe our own air. Yet 'all-variety' is part of life's meaning.

Without it nothing has a need to exist. What can love achieve, or sharing,

If entities are all identical? No, all life mirrors some special aspect of You.

Religions use 'sacred' words or symbols as a necessity for knowing You,

Are seen as valid as once-and-for-all. But why would we read dated

Love letters from a partner now lying waiting eagerly next to us in bed?

You want us to own our uniqueness. Our mission is to use what we have.

Life's goal isn't to strive for sameness but to travel individual journeys.

This represents the path You walk. Here, we suffer from a paranoia by

Allowing differentness to go only so far. Being 'unlike' others is scary.

In the real world it never ceases to excite, life always offering novelty.

I expressed my fear I'm not exact in reporting what I hear.

Without speaking, You took a few steps in my direction.

The density of Your presence did increase tremendously,

Yet nothing in it was threatening. You then say that I can

Wonder, but You do not. You opted for life-forms to be

So different that they'll mirror Your fullness' all-variety.

You just are one endless Source of new manifestations.

And once we do live You stay with us. Within Your all-

Presence we'll also form life's totality as Your presence

Lets the tiniest cells become instruments for Your glory.

You have not yet let me hear what sound of this facet of

Your nature is, as You did with the other, preceding ones.

I see Your strong, happy face and do I hear correctly this

Very instant the sound of waves that break on a shore?

You do affirm this is correct. 'My nature growls as waves,

'With joy that nothing is repeated but stays eternally new.'

Gently You warn that I do always get 'wet' when I hear

Your truth being spoken. I have no need for uniformity.

You want me to be a part of an ocean being shaped by

Swelling and breaking waves as personal contribution.

I must say I feel at a loss, like a child alone in a crowd.

Why must I hear this? I don't feel as water or a wave.

Or isn't this about me and don't I need to analyze it,

But just jump into this sound and let it engulf me?


You appear as lines of sound. Where they go, they bring peace and calmness.

The sound is the ultimate pitch in which all vibrations find their own climax.

As a child, I saw in dreams wildly tumbling lines. Their slowing soothed me.

The sound now is like electronic zooming; warm, tranquil, sharply defined.

You say Your nature pulsates at all times with this very exquisite harmony.

All vibrations in all the universe match these sublime divine chords I hear.

How beautiful is the One You are; how infinitely inspiring and comforting.

All the sounds I give off I like to blend into Your all-harmonious humming.

I fear my voice is as nothing more than like frantic knocking on Your door.

Don't You hear it as un-harmonious, confused, not focused or disturbing?

Often I feel guilty or silly that after so many encounters, I seem still deaf

For Your sound pulsating around or in me. I grasp little and I hardly try.

Yet over and over You react the same; You calmly approach me to speak

In the cacophony of my ranting, and overrule, whispering, dissonances.

You remind me that, invariably, Your soft-spoken voice is Who You are.

I create problems when I keep my 'vibrations' out of universal rhythms.

In the other realms of existence is the most satisfying activity joining

Others for sharing and create lovingly a harmony that sounds perfect.

We observe tiny bits of beauty: one moment we see it, then it's gone.

Your divine murmur is constant. I wish my ears were better attuned.

My thinking is so scrambled, my speech erratic, not very transparent.

Yet I make efforts to organize my life more peacefully and smoothly.

You are exquisite to behold and Your sounds accompany your glory.

Your seven golden spirits provide enlightenment for my hungry mind.

Now I finish writing down what did happen as You revealed

Your third face as Truth, lighted by life's twelve components,

I want to say that from now on, at all times, I want to be able

To place myself closer to Your strong, beautiful, friendly face.

This, so that I can feel Your energy fill my person with these

electrifying, galvanizing, pacifying impulses of Your Person.

In life's Oneness all sounds can vibrate splendidly together.