........ 'ONE HOLY'

..."Should I support the eviction of the tenants of father's store for not paying their rent?" Jesus repeated what Mary had suggested. "I am here because you asked me to come. I can go with you over the choices you have. It sure is painful that the cracks in our friendship with them will be visible, even if things can be patched up." With a sigh he added, "Do you know anything in life here that is all around solid and safe? Yet everything that exists, originates in and from the Holy One. But how little of that majestic situation is portrayed and respected in this world."

- "When you look at a person, you can focus on his or her face or eyes and still be aware of the whole body in front of you. Keep this in mind when I tell you that I am aware of and 'see' everything that is in existence."

- "Nobody and nothing in the multi-verse can be who I am: the 'I AM' of, and in, all that exists. The coming into being of the first, the original, human race took place precisely for the purpose of exploring that fact."

- "With the exception of those in the Negative State - your realm - developed by the generation of humans before yours, all in the universes are fully aware of functioning within My reality. It never ceases to excite them."


..."In any conflict, when people honestly search for a solution, love has to play a role. If there's no genuine desire to be caring and fair as much as possible, no real improvement takes place." Jesus said it in general, yet when he looked at his mother and brother, they appeared skeptical. 'Working people like us don't have the luxury of theorizing', he saw them thinking. "I know," he said, "that being practical and being good very often form an uncomfortable alliance. But nevertheless, everything not built on love, is waste. It is against the real nature of things: it is against the nature of the One Holy!"

- "From whatever direction you approach Me, and on whatever level, intellectually, emotionally or intuitively, if you don't long for My warm and personal attention for you, you block My closeness. You're out of touch with the real reality."

- "My origin, My being the 'One Holy' - which for you is the best word for My first appearance - is beyond your range of awareness. Yet you are, as is all that exists, from, in, and towards love. That is your essence as much as it is Mine."

- "This all-involving universality of love is not a concept. It is the ongoing liveliness and pleasantness in all that occurs."


... Jesus said, "Evicting them doesn't make them disappear. They, you and everybody else have a role to play on the same stage. Everybody performs in this one life." His brother objected. "That may be so, but in what I call real life wrongdoing has to be stopped. The tenants broke the rules. They place themselves outside our circle." Jesus shook his head. "Nobody is outside life's circle. Even the dark and evil ones are shadows by the grace of eternal light. Our renters do exist, as much as you do. All in life have one common source and are therefore united as a big family."

- "I am the only reality there is. Out of My free will, I proceed to let come into being a world to relate to, to love, to respect and to treasure."

- "All that you guess or sense to exist in dimensions outside of yours and to which you have no direct access, is part of My wholeness or, if you want, My all-ness."

- "Only in the realm of the Negative State, separation and isolation occur. All other worlds thrive on the joyful realization that they belong to a forever existing and expanding reality."


... "Are we not justified in giving them notice? They themselves must know that they are wrong!" Mary probed. Jesus answered, "Being right, just and proper equates being beautiful, joyful and happy. It includes all life's parts, segments and aspects. This is the way the real world is structured. All should work and function for the good and joy of everything and everybody else. Whatever laws, traditions or opinions our society has, being proper is part of a package deal, so to speak. Used by themselves, rules are not more than a bandage; they offer no cure. Fairness and joy do."

- "It is a relief for you when things work out the way they're supposed to. Anything on earth can go wrong easily. Nothing in the Negative State, of which your planet is the main product, works properly. The rest of the universe doesn't live under this cloud. Be therefore critical by what standards you measure!"

- "I do rejoice in any sign of wellness on earth, however tiny. You can do the same when you see beauty and justice managing to break through walls of falsities."

- "The only 'sense' in senseless breakdowns on earth is that they show the futility of any effort to deform the splendor of life. Ironically - for the Negative State that is - My splendor increases by the ways I react to the attacks on My integrity."


... "Do we let this cheating fester and have our little brothers and sisters go hungry?" James protested. Jesus said, "Permanent healing is not, gluing pieces together or forcing the other party to comply. The goal is to have all involved seek the best for each other." "That's a pipe dream," his brother cried. "That's not how society works. It's unrealistic." Mother nodded. Jesus simply said, "Not for me." After a pause he added, "When your eyes stare down or look behind you, it prevents you from seeing the welcome that waits in front of you."

- "My nature pulsates aliveness. All potentials can surface and can be explored. Nothing is stagnant, not 'on the move' or not becoming 'more'."

- "None of My emanations, with the exception of the Negative State, has the slightest interest in researching the possibility of a life without Me, one outside My direct presence."

- "To explore the question whether this is a possibility did mean entering completely uncharted territory. I asked the especially-for-this-purpose-equipped human race to look at the scope of this issue. My oneness is all-inclusive as much as it is open-ended. I did not control them, even when the option to deny Me was chosen."


... Warmly Jesus looked at them. "Even if it is very difficult to practice, it makes such a difference when you see that every creature, without exception, expresses always something of the One Holy." His little sister jumped in, "That's what uncle Josh says! Every time he catches a big fish, he says, 'Sorry, nice divine creature that I have to make you into food.' "They all laughed. Jesus drew her close. "You got it, girl! That's the way to think. And you know what? You, too, are one of God's precious creatures; you are a little angel." She looked up to him and asked, "And what are you?"

- "All that you see around you expresses something of Me. How could anything that is in life not somehow reflect its source?"

- "There's an enormous resistance on earth to accept this fact. You, too, try to be 'objective' and look at it from the outside. But to think that one can be 'outside' My presence is a delusion. You are always within the one reality. Meaning, all is relative to Me. At that point you must start your thinking. Otherwise you don't 'get it'."

- "Oneness is not sameness. It is the natural environment in which all segments develop their own scope, color, sound, style and direction. There is no other environment than the one totality of 'everything' in which I dwell as in My own."


... "You know," Jesus said, "allowing bitterness to creep in is a waste and is terribly mind-polluting. For your own sake, it has to go. All people share the one life force. Negative thinking disrupts the harmony of the healthy flow." Mary said, "We tried to be nice!" She looked discouraged. Jesus nodded. "The good in people is always attacked, distorted or confiscated by the evil spirits. They smell it, as it were, and rush to squelch it. You've seen that what I do or say is turned against me. But that doesn't mean that I or you or James should give up!"

- "Most people take it for granted that they are part of the universe simply by being alive. They take it that living on earth automatically follows certain rules and count on there being the energy to do so."

- "In a way, they are right! I am that energy. But taking this for granted amounts to putting on blinders; it is missing the total picture; it is suppressing the realness of life. Well, this is understandable. You are exposed to so much false information.

- "Earth's situation will not improve as such. There is no hope for a better world as some claim or pay lip service to. Earth and all that is on and in it is a faulty product. It will be replaced. The best you can do is to use life's energy wisely."