........ 'ONE HOLY'

... "Perhaps I was wrong to get you involved in the dispute over our tenants," Mary said softly. Jesus' long look at her radiated warmth as well as pain. He said, "At times, making choices leads to unintended results. Conflicts like these will be around. They are part of life on earth. You cannot just step out of this complicated situation. But it is crucial to be honest about your intention and attitude. That creates a passage for being comforted by the knowledge that seemingly hopeless situations can become fertile ground for the growth of seedlings that come from heaven."

- "Nothing in the Negative State is not prone to falling apart. While nothing in the rest of the universes is not based on endless opportunities to add to perfection."

- "My being the all-transcending One Holy is not-graspable. The act of subjecting Myself to being denied is that as well. Nothing but Me has been or is in that position. However, it is responded to with universal and eternal praise."

- "People on earth that want to can see Me the way you do. Those shying away from that, for whatever reason, will have the chance to be enlightened when they die. Those unwilling to take My nature seriously will have a tough time to let go of their rationalizations and self-imposed dogma's."


... Slowly, Jesus looked at each of them again. "I may not be with you too much longer." He said it simply. "I may not even be around to see the outcome of the conflict with the tenants. But I hope I made myself clear. Whatever you decide to do, see to it that your mind remains in touch with goodness, forgiveness and love. Do not judge others, but make sure you do the best you can. I want my spirit to dwell in your heart. In the midst of pain and disharmony this conflict may cause, my love will carry and inspire you. That, I assure you, will never change. It is what I came to tell you."

- "Where there is love, I am. Never limit My all-touching and all-illuminating nature to what your human ideas, cultures or religions declare to be 'normal'."

- "Each flower is different in fragrance, form and color; it simply presents itself as a fullness of beauty. So all are the shades of love; they are visible and available in sharing, making love and co-creating new gifts to life's ever-enlarging majesty."

- "Acts of love are not repeatable. They well up from goodness that wants to express itself. It is My goodness within you. Open up to it and your mind will see golden rays of opportunities around and within you. Acting on it will be attacked by the negative forces. If they cannot stop it, they will confiscate and pollute it."


... One of his friends said, "Your strength is, Jesus, that you do not seem to have any doubt about where you come from and where things are heading. But it is easier for you than for us because you do not have those daily distractions as we have. You live as a free bird." Jesus answered with a warm smile, "I, indeed, have no doubt about where I come from or are on my way to. You should not have any doubt either! Your journey may be arduous, as mine soon will be, or embedded in routines. But ultimately, all travelers are on the same royal road and are welcomed by the One Holy. Just remember my words."

- "Some people honestly seek. Most people do not want to know truth. The Negative State has been very thorough in coding your systems their way. You, too, have to be constantly alert, even when meeting with Me, whether what you think or express flows from My presence or is something they trick you with."

- "Full alignment to My reality and fitting into the harmony of life's totality is impossible for you. Your earthly person, like all the faulty products of the Negative State, has to be reborn, re-established, re-created, re-cycled, resurrected."

- "When you experience moments of closeness to Me, it comes with humbleness, awe and peace. If not, then you harbor a delusion or practice wishful thinking."


... "Listen carefully!" Jesus bent over to those in front of him. "As you know, a house can be well built or poorly, below standard. The works of the One Holy are full of beauty, strength, craftsmanship, artistry, harmony and liveliness. All that emanates from life's one source shines with these characteristics. All societies in the realm of heaven are built on a rock, so to speak. They reflect the perfection of the One Holy. Only the hell's produce fragile and ugly structures and societies like those here. Be comforted, though. I prepare for you a solid and eternal dwelling place."

- "My nature is indestructible. Its beauty has been seeping through in human history. There are instances that reveal the real magnificence and strength of life. Often there where nobody would expect them. Or they're only recognized later."

- "From Me, nothing disruptive or difficult emanates. Where I am, which is everywhere, My golden standard waves high and mighty. Look for its pure glow in things, in nature, in other life-forms, and for sure in the person you are."

- "I never pressure you into anything. This proves whether you are meeting with Me. It is impossible for impostors, the Me-imitating entities, or for what you project as Me, to not tell you sooner or later what to do or to think. I do not do that. It is up to you to choose."


... "You are very comforting," the same friend said. "It is so sad that your peaceful words are ignored and ridiculed. I can understand it, though, that people protest. Something in me, too, resents you for confronting me with things I do not want to hear. Still, I love you very much for letting me be your friend. Is there anything we, or I, can do for you?" Jesus put his hands on his shoulder. "You listening, and you saying that you love me does comfort me. It sure inspires a song for you in heaven. You are a healer by being honest and being a caring person. All of you can be that way."

- "My presence filters into people's awareness in thousands of ways. It always heals, enriches and expands their world. I am not playing games. When I am perceived as threatening, it is not the Me whom people think they see or hear."

- "My nature evolves into more beauty and joy. This contradicts that I am a revengeful, cold, volatile or impersonal force. Most religions serve the negative realm by promoting what human minds project into the deities they worship."

- "Self-centeredness, rampant on earth, is absent in heaven. It is what newcomers there are most surprised about when they observe harmony all over and see that all moves and changes are always peaceful and lively."


... Jesus said to his mother, "I am leaving shortly. In your dealings with the tenants, be as clear, firm and caring as you can. This conflict may not be resolved pleasantly. What they do, and also how you react, provides a lesson that needs to be learned. I know you want to do what is right. Stay in touch with the law of love and truth in your heart. You will hear my words, even ones I never spoke before. I do not take father Joseph's particular place in our family because I come for all people. But I can live also through you. I am the way. Stay on the road I am."

- "When it is said that all should follow Me, it does not mean to do what I do or go where I go. It means, portraying and accepting the fact that each person can represent Me. Following Me means to go all out in being your eternal self."

- "People on earth usually have no idea how and where they fit in. Even when they reflect My nature, it often is done without a clue from where the inspiration comes that leads to good will and fine deeds. You know that it is My nature in them."

- "'Being yourself ' means realizing I can live through you. Earthly limitations don't count. What is like Me in and as you, that is what I want to embrace in love, unite with, create with. With you and all I want to rejoice life's all-harmony."


... "I guess, you don't mean we literally walk on you. That would be weirder than walking on water", a neighbor remarked. "But you are part of the flow of life, good man! On which path does it take you?" Jesus answered. He then addressed all. "In what direction do you want to walk? If my words do not provide you with solid ground, what does? Whatever path you go, does it have One Holy's world as destination? Use what powers you have to avoid any waste of love, truth, beauty or justice. The One Holy knows the size of your shoes as well as the roughness of the road. I do."

- "The elegance in the multi-verse is lost on earthlings. In the 'hell's', it is a completely alien concept. Yet, seeking the best together and offering the results to Me has the nobility of pure gold. The negative state has piled much dirt on it."

- "The one real life force is everywhere. You can treasure living with and within it. You can distinguish My closeness in your space and so become stronger positioned, clearer voiced and better empowered for fuller functioning."

- "Peacefulness is the glory of power. Harmony reveals the elegance of energy. Living life as I do is the highest use of energy. It adds to the depth, the height, the width and all other directions of Me being Myself. Let Me hug you."