Part 1



(I kept wondering whether what I see on these trips on my spiritual level is just a fantasy. Novel writers bring to life imaginary worlds and people. They can visit that world any time in their mind and hear, see and record the actions of their creations that now seem independent of them and present them with their 'authentic' characters. Or is what I write here a form of science fiction, even if not intended that way, the vision and the details coming from some subconscious reservoir?)

I AM - (am I sure He/She isn't my creation?) - said, "To a point, you are correct. The mechanics by which writers observe and put on paper what 'objectively' does not exist are similar to the ones used by you. The difference is that writers dream up a world that becomes real and alive for them and their readers. In your case, you do not create anything. You uncover and explore a world that is there, even more than 'objectively'. It is the only real world. However, its scope and consistency you can only see or grasp in a limited way, and only on the level of your spirit. Yet it is real. More so than the watered down and grossly distorted imitation of universal life earth presents. Writing about what you observe here would be impossible if all that you encounter did not adjust its appearance to your frame of perceptive capability, to your ability to grasp and imagine, so that you can describe it in ways familiar on your earthly level."

This came up the day I met children and their teacher in a 'school'.

Let me start at the beginning of this visit.

I brought up to I AM the timing of these trips into the Positive State. I realize it is my choice that I reserve the period of my hour-long evening walk for this communication.

The comment I received was that the Real Reality is 'always'. It is within me already. It means that I can connect or go there at any time, wherever I am.

(This confirms what I experience. Like today, I could have looked out of habit for the door leading to this world, but I knew there was no real need for this image. I can be on this spiritual plane whenever I put my mind to it.)

When I arrived, I saw a group of houses in front of me. Some people walked on the streets. The sphere was much brighter than yesterday.

I AM suggested I take a look.

Hearing that, I was reminded of the fact that She/He was always with me; also when He/She was represented by Wisdom. I thought of how easy it is for me to ignore this fact, not only in my 'regular' life but even here.

I walked in the direction of the hamlet and before I knew it a group of young children joined me. They clearly had singled me out to descend upon. They acted as 'normal' children. They were curious, playful, giggling, spontaneous, bubbling with energy and straightforward. Boys and girls. Ages seven to ten, I guessed.

I asked them what they were doing here.

"Coming to see you," they chanted.

"How did you know that I was coming?"

"Our teacher told us. He would like to meet you."

A girl took my left hand. I felt a jolt of, what is it, purity? A boy took my right hand and two others held my arms.

I questioned them about school and about their families.

I noticed that several times they did not answer and did not seem to understand me. It was when I used words like 'how long', 'confusion' or 'does it bother you', that I could see them drawing a blank.

I asked if they knew who I was.

"Of course," they said cheerfully. "You are visiting from 'out there'"

(I cannot remember the exact word they used, but it was clear they meant earth. Maybe they did not use a word at all but I just understood what they meant.)

The little girl squeezed my hand. It felt as if she expressed feeling sorry that I had to live 'there'.

I asked about sports. Again a hesitation, although they seemed to know what I meant because one asked if it was like playing with a ball. Otherwise, they did not comment.

We passed some houses. One looked like Achmed's. Another looked modern to me; it had straight lines, was open on all sides, one story. We went there because it was their school.

The teacher welcomed me warmly. He was an older, distinguished looking gentleman, with thick gray hair. (Straight out of a movie, I thought. It bothered me and it was then that I pondered what I mentioned at the beginning of today's report.)

I saw no traditional school benches, yet the children sat down on some sort of seat. When I also sat down, two children climbed on my knees. I told the old man that I would like to listen in while he taught the children.

He said that the presentation he would give today was about the world I came from, the Negative State. He informed me he had been on earth, too. But when he started the lesson by mentioning that I was from the displaced zone and why that area existed, his words somehow didn't reach me. The children listened intensely, nodded at times and seemed extremely happy with what he said.

He stopped rather abruptly. It may have been when he saw that he had 'lost' me. He dismissed the class and the two of us had a long discussion.

I expressed my surprise at seeing someone so old. "How old do people get here? Is there something like aging?"

He shook his head and said that to me he looked old because he knew so much and was able to share his extensive knowledge. He explained, "I am neither old nor young. I look my function."

"Do you know how you look?" I questioned.

"Well," he said, "we have no mirrors here. But you know how you look and come across by how others look at you. In that sense, they are a mirror that reflects your image. Our inner self shapes our external features."

"How do I look?" I asked. "I do not feel old, but I am."

He looked at me as teachers do that put up with, yet still respect, the ignorance of their pupils. He reacted with, "What did I just say? I do not see you as old. For one reason, because you know so little! To me, you don't look much older than a child."

(I let it go.)

I asked him about the children. Obviously, they were of the human race, but who were their parents? Were they born here or on earth?

He explained that some had been born on earth but had died there right away. Some were aborted. Their mission had been short. Others were born here. They themselves don't see the difference. The ones that were on earth had made the complete transition. Their nature now was that of real life.

He, as teacher, helps them to connect with the basic facts of life so they can integrate those into their personal discovery of reality. This was the reason, he said, that I could not follow the lesson, because so much in my system is still so clogged that I cannot really think straight. In the children, the road to grasping reality is open and clear. He pointed out that giving them information simply helps to activate what is a dormant awareness in them."

"How long does that take?" I asked.

He paused. Then offered, "A day? A century? Forever? Any amount of time I mention is just a word. You remember the child being born here from you? That was only a few years ago in your time. Yet you saw him now as a young adult."

I noticed something strange. The man was not old anymore! He now looked like a young, enthusiastic, intelligent, just-beginning teacher.

I asked if he knew Achmed.

Evidently he did, because he mentioned that he was a designer and producer of clothes and tapestry.

"Does he live here?"

He nodded.

"Far from here?"

He chuckled and took his time to instruct me.

The idea of 'where' was not to be placed on a continuum of distance: 'here' as opposed to 'there', or 'further' as incompatible with 'closer'. Instead, the concept 'where' comes close to what I know as vertical.

He explained, "You, for instance, are here, right? You talk to me. But you are also walking in the hills where you live on earth. You think that the two are different places. But that is not so. It all depends where you want to be. It can be in more than one place. He used the example of Achmed's work area to which I had mentioned I was invited. It was not attached to his house or around the block, but on another 'level' than where he lived. Here or there is, to say the least, is a relative or flexible concept. It always is a matter of a person's wish or desire to be somewhere.

I remembered that, indeed, when I visited Achmed's house, we did not walk to it. We were just there and in it.

(So much of this sounds like a fairy tale! Yet, somehow it makes sense to me. Although I don't know why.)

I asked also him about sports.

He said that although it was not like on earth, it was an important segment of life in general. Sport was the manner people challenged and teased each other. He reminded me of the 'music' people I saw and the groups behind me and on my other side. When they meet it always is as a game, a form of sport. They challenge each other to know what they know, to ask questions, to come up with suggestions. With that, points are scored. But the drive to interact has nothing to do with a hope to win in the earthly sense, or with showing off or outdoing an opponent. It comes from both parties treasuring that there is so much more to experience and that everyone being different is inspiring. He added that sport was not just a mental activity but that for whole groups it had heavy-duty physical components.

I mentioned my difficulty with getting names from people I met.

He took this personally and flatly told me that it was of little use to ask for his name. He said that my need for it comes from my earthly conditioning. For him, that world was now simply outside his field of interest.

He returned to the subject of children. By now, most of the ones who brought me to him had disappeared and those still around didn't pay attention to us.

He said that the moment children grasped a truth that surfaced into their awareness, they instantly 'grew up' in the area of their person that related to that particular, now understood, truth. This often results in their outer appearance changing. They then look and actually are adults. The opposite was also true. If an adult wanted to be in a situation they hadn't been in before, he or she would appear as a child.

He reminded me that I may see the children here very much as they are on earth but that they see each other much more nuanced, as having different levels of age. This applies to their parents and him as teacher, too.

It greatly intrigued me when he commented that he and the children did not see me as I saw myself but that they saw in me the new person I could become but was not yet. They all knew I was not 'complete'. This also was the reason that I had to see him, Achmed and the children in for me recognizable earthly human forms and not in their full glory as individual. Conversely, they saw in me the potential to be a full human being and not just the external body I am familiar with.

(It all is very confusing to me. But I hope that future visits will clear up things. Part of my mind stays frantically alert to the possibility that I project stories and color these visits my way. But I also realize that what I have been able to publish about the real reality earlier has, until now, not contradicted in any way what I see and learn here. I consider this remarkable, as I do not follow a particular plan, script or thought while on this, my spirit's level. I just let things happen.)

Arriving home, I reminded myself I would like, if at all possible and in due time, to meet or see members of the earlier human generations.