Visits Into The Real Reality

Writing 4


The content of this Writing is strange, to say the least. Those who read this highly personal account of my encounters in another human dimension will have a hard time to take it seriously. If it is any comfort, I think that no negative reaction from readers can top the wondering, disbelief and doubt I myself had about the authenticity of the experiences described here. However, the whole context in which the 'visits' took place and the nature of my observations are to me a confirmation of what, for quite some time already, I know to be perhaps 'highly unusual', yet truly happening and genuine nevertheless.

This is the fourth Writing that gives information about the full reality and the direct accessibility of the One-Who-Is-The-Totality-Of-All-Existence. (The word God is not used). The information is meant for each and every human being on our planet; no exceptions. I do not explain or analyze these extraordinary journeys on my spiritual plane. How the reader reacts to them is a completely individual choice. No validation of their importance or veracity can come from any outside source or person anyway. The one and only interpretation that counts is what reading this stirs up in the reader. Based on what it does to me, I know that it can touch people's innermost level of awareness, where our deepest longings and yearnings hide.

The consistent message in all Writings is that the purpose of being on earth is to make individual personal choices; choices that can either further direct contact with the real, full reality or can do the opposite and limit our experience of being alive to what is familiar in the external world around us. Everyone is invited to discover, or rather uncover, Reality as it truly is. Also the stories in this Writing show that being in direct contact with the ALL of existence is possible for an ordinary human being. Some introspection and reflective thinking may be helpful to bring one's innermost spiritual sphere in focus. But what do I know? Maybe just a sincere desire to be honest and do good is enough and can lead to contact with other dimensions.

The journeys into the 'Real Reality' as described here allowed me to see 'materializing' much of what are words and hints in the other Writings. Much of what the entities I met shared with me I more or less knew of. Now I saw in magnificent ways illustrations of it. My 'visits' do not serve as a model or a map for other people. What others will experience - if they do! - will be as personal and unique as those are individual. Also, the need for journeys like these may not be a factor at all on someone else's spiritual path.

The visits described here are preceded by those reported in Writing 11. Those happened to me 'out of the blue' and had many more what could be called 'mythological' or symbolic features.

The purpose of making public this personal account of my actual direct contact with the world of the 'Positive State' is not meant to start a discussion or to compare it with possible similar experiences of other human beings. I see as its value that it, in as 'unbelievable' as simple ways, opens the door to the 'more' than what 'meets the eye'; and above all that it makes clear that this 'more' is accessible. Not in order to escape or ignore our daily earthly circumstances and responsibilities, but so that we can experientially understand the scope of what full existing is all about.

This Writing has three parts. The first one reports visits to a variety of places where the human society is active in the 'Real Reality'. It describes my (P.N.'s) interactions with persons there. The content of part two is mostly information, coming from one human entity who had belonged to the Negative State. It also tells the highly dramatic ending of my contact with him. Part three consists of what the I AM told me about the experiences described in Parts 1 and 2.

One person I met teased me with the remark that 'if you are capable to have this insight in and direct communication with the true and full Reality, anybody can activate the connection with the other dimension'. Indeed, I see myself as an average person, not excelling in anything in particular. Except that, in principle, I now understand so much. This, I wish for everyone.

Pieter Noomen, Th.Drs. Los Angeles 2004/5. Edited for Website 2018. Email: Copyright © P.N. 2018