The seven names Writing 3

it is life

721. As is the case with the other six names, the seventh one, Energy, is

not just one aspect of life's totality. It also is the totality of all that exists.

This is not too strange a statement for us, as we humans operate this way.

Nobody will deny that the one person we are is a bundle of energy and

a mixture of countless forces that form us and enable us to function.

722. We count on innate forces to keep our different components active

and together. We are powerless when some, or all of them, decide to

call it quits in spite of medical intervention or our willpower.

Death, of course, is the simple proof of this. But as long as we are alive

we presume that some force in our body and mind will keep us going.

723. The seventh name bluntly claims that, be it the busy-ness of the

reproduction of cells in our bodies or the explosions that hurdle galaxies

into existence, it is the I AM as Energy Who allows things to happen.

Energy, in whatever potency or form, represents the power and activity

– the external side – of I AM, the totality of all existence.

724. The 'label' I AM implies that the totality of existence is like a person.

This has been, and will be, rejected by most humans. But otherwise, the

idea of a prime, probably central, always operational energy generator

for all of the universe makes sense to most of us. Even if we can't grasp

where this force comes from, that there is one seems rather obvious.

725. Scientific discoveries, especially those made recently, give some

idea of how the cosmos as we know it works. They explain a few of

the phenomenal intricacies of the immense world around us as well

of the fascinating microcosm within each fragment of it. Trying to

explain life's mysteries and dynamics is in our human species' blood.

726. The difficulty science encounters isn't the immensity of the field of

research or insufficient instrumentation, but the very nature of what it

explores. Science, as does religion, philosophy or art is practiced within

the confinement of the negative, distorted and isolated state. It's affected

by the limited range of the defective and conditioned human brains.

727. Left in our - the sixth - generation of humans is the species-specific

urge to ask questions and explore boundaries. These words make it clear

that we can still turn to that tiny connection within our spirit where the

remnants of the true reality may provide glimpses of universal facts.

Otherwise, no information comes from outside the cage earth is for us.

728. The way we see and experience life can fundamentally change when

we welcome and apply to ourselves the last of the seven faces or names

of I AM. Our intellectual understanding remains dependent on data as

they're found by human ingenuity, but the personal closeness to I AM

dispenses 'first-hand' universal insights.

729. The energy that causes existence to occur, in all its forms, emanates

from one source. This source is its own source. It is the spark of Love and

Truth eternally uniting. It is the passion of sharing that encompasses and

sustains the whole universe. With this generator of all life's energy we are

directly connected in our spirits. Our external world only shows hints of it.

730. The singular frequency on which the power that activates life vibrates

is the frequency of love. Over the ages, many efforts to comprehend the

meaning and full scope of life fizzled because love was not taken as 'the'

force and 'the' source of all existence. In other words, the fact was ignored

that all energy is love energy. And can be used that way.

731. In order to cope with aspects of life on earth that bother us, we are

wise to focus our attention on the central drive in all existence, which is

love. The energy of love creates life. There is, therefore, no life without

love. If something bothers us and we want to change the situation, we

must ask ourselves if we want love to take over.

732. When the word 'must' is used, it does not mean a command. It

indicates that there is only one universal reality and if we truly want to

be part of it and not waste time with detours, speculations or fooling

ourselves, then taking the on-ramp to love is the only solution. Life's

energy is ours to use. It can be corrupted, but it also can erupt as love.

733. The volume of life, the universe and everything in it isn't just the

result of I AM emanating creative power so it can occur. The energy

in and of all life is what I AM consists of; it is the external side of

existence. It is through all the expressions of life that I AM unfolds.

The heartbeat pulsating in all that exists is the one of I AM.

734. Energy as the prime exponent of life has invisibility in common

with phenomena like wind or electricity, but its impact leaves nothing

to guess. Nothing can exist without it; even 'dead' matter needs power

to decompose or stay immobile. Literally everything is energy-based

and is therefore called 'alive'. Life exists of energy. As does the I AM.

735. Understanding this is crucial for knowing what humans' position

in life is. It is a personal force that is at work, in details and total, in

ourselves and others, in matter and in nature. The variety in outward

appearances is inexhaustible yet the driving force in all is the same.

This leaves no room whatsoever for human beings to feel superior.

736. There are times in most people's lives when the forces we count on

seem to crumble. In whatever direction we look for help or assurance,

we can be met by cold stares. How precious is it then to know the

might of the seventh name. What fails in our environment, our bodies or

society can never be stronger than our innate love-power, abused and all.

737. To many people, the inevitability of having to die is frightening.

Nobody can protect us against it or stop our moving in that direction.

We have to undergo the dying process completely alone, it seems.

Yet, when we acknowledge that in everything, from body cells to the

world around us, the same power is at work, the change is relative.

738. There is no death as cessation. What we on earth know as death is

a deformity; one that those in the rest of the universe never experience.

There, changing into another form is always voluntarily. It is never at the

cost of any discomfort for anybody affected by it. We can keep this in

mind when the idea of our coming demise scares us.

739. Also, during moments we feel utterly alone we can evoke, through

the seventh name, the personal closeness of the most caring, loving and

energizing force. We can think of any piece of our body or of the world

we live in and realize that all its atoms and subatomic particles are,

without exception, on their way to being liberated as much as we are.

740. Many people who read this – if they made it this far – will scoff at

these seemingly iffy, far-fetched, quasi-religious, and therefore suspect,

ideas, offered as comfort for when there is pain, injustice or despair. Yet

any person thinking this through ends up being aware of a yearning in

her or his heart that signals that Energy is waiting to unleash its full light.

741. Everything in existence has the same origin and roots. Each segment

develops and performs in its own way. Yet, the source of everything isn't

just 'a' source. The source is Life itself. It is manifested in all of its facets

and faces, everywhere and everywhen. We are included in this. So in our

condition here, it is the most fascinating aspect of being alive.

742. As the One Who is life's energy, I AM functions in everything as the

force that makes that form of life possible. It has nothing to do with the

popular idea that a prime-force controls or has sort of ownership of the

universe. On the contrary, the fullness of Energy means that everything by

its own means co-creates, shapes and controls its share of the universe.

743. In the Positive State is no conflict whatsoever between Energy's

power and the freedom to choose one's own form or lifestyle.

In the negative state with its confusion and fears, the universe's prime

force is usually taken as a sovereign super power, whether benevolent,

malicious or detached; particularly in many religious teachings.

744. The truth is that I AM is also in what's emanated. All that is exists by

the power that is love; including us. On a 'daily' basis the one life force

chooses to honor its nature. Therefore, all coming into existence glows

with a happiness-radiating disposition. This sounds very unreal to us.

Indeed, no language can express the joy and safety Energy stands for.

745. I AM, as the emanating force through which all particles, entities,

units, species, etc., materialize, is also the force by which they operate.

We speak here about the laws of physics, evolution, heredity and so

on. Yet, the secret of anything we can see or think of is that ultimately

it shows the power and inspiration of I AM as Energy at work.

746. What does this mean for our situation on earth? It would be wise

to focus for a moment on the life-form we are. What about the physical

components we consist of, which also seem to channel the movements

of our minds that let us know how we feel and how we think our

bodies should function? Together they take care of us, as they are us.

747. For as long we're on earth, our cells, molecules, atoms and smaller

unimaginable particles play a role in us being the individuals we are.

Our psyche has this in common with them. The point is, the elements

that form our organs and tissues are as much relative to I AM as is the

entirety of the sophisticated person we consider ourselves to be.

748. The seventh name tells us that all forms of life are empowered

to perform as representatives of the one universal life force.

Correctly, it has been suggested that the incessant movements of all

the, for us, imperceptible particles perform a dance. A dance of joy,

freedom, belonging, uniqueness and enrichment: of life being alive.

749. In other words, even if what we call decay sets in physically, it doesn't

mean that the life force in us is deteriorating. The configuration of the

participants in our particular person changes or the currents of energy

in our parts find another bedding. But life itself doesn't end. We don't

end. Life's celebration continues on another dance floor; happily so.

750. Do atoms have a personal life like us humans? Or the other way

around: are we perhaps a conglomeration of neutral forces with some

consciousness as dressing? Again, it has to be stressed that having the

same origin doesn't mean being the same. All that exists is sharing

that it is 'in life', 'alive' and meant to express love: yet in its own way.

751. The grand design of life is that I AM relates to everything that has

been emanated in a personal and its place and freedom respecting way.

As nothing in and of One Holy repeats itself, everything that comes into

existence is different. What we may overlook is that this difference also

applies to the way we and all things communicate with the I AM.

752. The consequence of I AM being the all-power in what exists has to

be taken seriously. Each atom or particle has its own relationship with

I AM because it is of I AM's energy, even if this sounds absurd to human

ears. But we have to use human words and images, although we know that

other entities have a different set of means to communicate with I AM.

753. 'They are not us and we are not them. We, here, can't speak the

language of a star or molecule, and vice versa. How entities respond

to the love nature we have in common is their choice. When 'things'

exhibit harmony, beauty or joy, they are corresponding to true reality.

After dying, we will witness how efficiently that can be done by all.

754. Because we exist, we share with everything else our origin,

importance and the ability to serve the well-being of all. Together and

alone we are related to the presence of I AM. We are that presence.

Each cell in our body fully participates in the glory of existing with vigor

and satisfaction; while loving the opportunity to be themselves.

755. The mechanics by which nature and matter act,in freedom and with

love are unlike those in humans. But they represent Energy as much as

we do. This is true, despite our fabricators performing a momentous job

in thoroughly disconnecting creation's spiritual core from its externals.

Thus they obscured and poisoned the joyfully productive kinship of all.

756. Life is the energy of I AM at work. Only in the negative state does

this not show. Therefore, for us who are in that state, we cannot learn or

deduct from any external aspect what pure positive power is. Even the

content of this booklet, as it appears as an external form, must also be

validated on our spirit level. Only there can its full power ignite.

57. Many readers may think that the issue brought up here, about being

plugged into the one life force with all its positive ramifications, doesn't

amount to much more than a theory. Or, even if taken as truth, to spend

time and concentration on such far-reaching concepts is a luxury not

many can afford. We already have some belief system in place, anyway.

758. It seems a great triumph for the perpetrators of the negative state

that the present human race hardly questions their spiritual source,

even while forced to address threats to survival as planet and humanity

on a national and global scale. Ironically, the supply of energy needed

to keep modern life going is one of today's people's crucial problems.

759. Yet, in general, there is no consensus at all among the nations that in

order to solve 'external' problems, first the spirit and mentality roots of

those have to be taken in consideration. The world population seems to

just 'coast along', holding on to their ways of thinking. On the agenda are

external improvements, not the thrill of Energy revealing Him/Herself.

760. The One Who is Energy isn't a friend or companion like Proper and

Healing. We never face Her/Him alone. When we speak, whisper or think

the name, the image of ourselves comes up; an image of us as the eternal

full-time co-workers and love partners of Energy. It can shock us. It also

may convince us that, starting with us, the negative state can crumble.

'ENERGY' The Seven Names Writing 3

one power

761. This booklet doesn't delve into technical aspects of Energy's

workings, although all practicalities in life deal directly with them.

Science has made great strides in piercing, explaining and even

domesticating some forces that keep everything going: within,

without, in positive and negative ways, here, and in our galaxy.

762. These words ask attention for the dynamics enabling the universe

and its tiniest details to exist. However, they don't approach this from

outside, by observing and probing. They get their insight from listening,

not to what people have to say or to what wisdom's of the past offer.

This listening is a choice. It is not forced on anybody, yet all can do it.

63. Everything stems from the one force that was there before us and

will remain the driving and creative force in cycles of time to come.

It is the force that embodies ideas with what we know as life's outside.

Actually, a thought or idea will only come up if it can add to embellish

the universal expansion to more perfection for 'everything'.

764. When children play the game of asking: What was before that, and

before that, and before that, etc., they inevitably come out at the great

mystery that life just is, with no beginning; which is beyond our grasp.

The first of the seven names covers this. Amazingly, this isn't a mystery.

Life's 'beginning' is the fullness of I AM, in which we share.

765. I AM, as the totality of what is, was and will be, is also the force

that allows everything to materialize because it is I AM's self-chosen

nature to be that way. All that exists reflects this. It means that each life-

form is creating itself. Being in existence is never passive or only being a

recipient of life. Everything, therefore, is capable to be a force of love.

766. All things we call inanimate are related to the same Source as humans.

On their level they do relate to that source with the equivalent of what we

call 'personal'. They are being recognized as unique in place, function and

form. Each and everyone of them is invited to respond, in their own 'not-

human' manner, to be a materialization of love.

767. The seventh name affirms the universal situation that all things have

an individual identity. The energy of love is never impersonal or 'general'.

Every presence takes place within the attention span of, and in a way, as

I AM. The name Energy proclaims that nothing in life is anonymous, just

as the power by which everything exists, is not. Energy is us, too.

768. All this has to do with listening to the wisdom coming from within us.

It makes the 'facts' of life transparent. Wisdom is the spirit of Energy, the

one and only life force. This listening is not like hearing voices or having

visions. These kinds of mental activities are cleverly used by the forces

of the negative state to feed us misinformation disguised as revelation.

769. We become aware of the radiation of I AM's presence when we open

ourselves up to it. The desire to do so is not dependent on outside support

or urging. It is life itself within us, knocking on the doors of our spiritual

and mental selves, if we let it. As said, we can tell our stories to children or

others who are interested. But how we experience Energy can't be taught.

770. Whether we hear the knocking from within is up to us. It is a matter

of wanting to listen and hear. So why do some people take this seriously

and others seem to not care at all? Are some of us by nature spiritual, or

is the difference caused by culture or upbringing? These kinds of

questions have no merit. Merit has, making choices as the person we are.

771. Nobody will argue that we have no idea how atoms relate to I AM.

This booklet does not tell us. We can only assume that they have a

relationship as a consequence of the situation that I AM as life's totality

relates to everything in a personal way. These words are a joyful

testimony of that. How non-humans relate we don't know. But they do!

772. What happens when we realize our connection with the life force

in which we originate and by Whose energy all things are operating?

One of the first things we may notice is that we are engulfed by waves

of unconditional love. How could this not happen as love is the content

and 'electricity' of true life? Yet, many will refuse to experience it.

773. What becomes clear immediately is that this sensation of love,

that may come with a sort of light within and around us, zeroes in on

the person we are. Other people, even those we are close to, are no

part of it. However, outside the circle of light we may sense many

dark and threatening faces, voices, vibes, figures or sounds.

774. When we actually take steps to connect with Energy in our spirit,

the powers of the negative state that are in our space won't let us slip

away from under their influence. In sweet, ridiculing or crude ways

they contaminate our minds with doubt or fear, tempting us to give up.

We have the option to tell them, right there and then, that we will not.

775. Stepping into the true reality as it is directly accessible on our

spiritual level comes with light and inner lightness. It also comes with

negative forces or thoughts claiming and pulling us. However, when we

deliberately seek the personal closeness of Energy, then we'll notice an

influx of positive power and a sense of being completely safe.

776. This is some of what spiritual listening entails. The 'home-coming'

is different for each of us. As we are unique, the sequence, intensity or

'colors' of the experience as just described, varies. Yet there always is

a simplicity to it. It parallels the clarity of the names themselves.

Separately or together, they welcome us back into the 'lost' Real Reality.

777. In regard to 'attacks' by the forces of our fabricators when we see

through their conditioning and fallacies, the best policy is to tell them in

no uncertain terms to back off. Regardless of how we are approached,

whether nicely, with threats, casually or with good arguments, we always

can simply state that we have chosen to stay with the reality of One Holy.

78. Unbeknownst to us, by stepping into the light within our inner

self, our sequestered love energy wakes up and will becomes activated.

It organizes adjustments based on our re-established inner connection.

Remembering that we are loved unconditionally is a strong incentive to

feel liberated, peaceful and fully capable of making changes.

779. The human body and its routines presents many deep resistances

to overcome. It is like a puppet in the hands of the negative forces. It is

no surprise at all because they are products of their manipulations and

distortions. Any part of our bodies or minds can disrupt the inspiration

that comes from the tiny connection with reality in our innermost spirit.

780. To know, treasure and whisper the seventh name has a powerful

effect. It confirms that everything exists by the grace of Energy sharing

Her/His power. Evil forces confiscate their portion. We can't undo the

negative exploits of evil, yet we can distance ourselves from its poison

by acting as a force of love, goodness, honesty and wisdom.

781. It seems such a dichotomy. On one hand, we exist by powers we

cannot control, whether positive or negative. While on the other hand,

we are supposed to choose and be responsible for what we do.

If I AM is the engine, fuel and movement of everything, where does

that leave us? Answer: Nowhere. Unless we realize who I AM is.

782. I AM is a force, is 'the' force of all life. Yet this doesn't amount

to being dependent on it! The 'simple' but mind-blowing fact is that

everything that exists not just reflects the glorious nature of I AM, but

is of the same quality, including its independence. Therefore, even

the most minute life-form is free to be of use and available, or not.

783. Nothing in the real reality is a fixed commodity or 'just there'. It

includes all forces in the universe. I AM is free. And so is all that is

emanated – which is everything. Dependencies on earth would qualify

as an impossibility or pure idiocy, were it not they serve to complete

reality with a demonstration of to what falsifying I AM's nature leads.

784. Our human condition is filled with dependencies: on each other,

food, air, gravity, etc. Nothing is exempt, even if we, at times, act as if

we are above it all. Our galaxy and all in it is so fabricated that it could

qualify as an alternative world. So much so, that it seemingly debunks

the supposed all-ness of I AM. We all here figure in this doomed effort.

785. We seem dependent on inner and outer forces, whether good or

bad. It is the only reality we know. We can't escape it, except perhaps

momentarily on our spirit level. But then, how real is that? We can only

void the dichotomy, dependent or independent, by recognizing all life

operates by the grace of Energy Who, by definition, is love and shares.

786. Being dependent is a form of slavery despite our being used to it.

At times, promoting or praising it can seem natural and beneficial.

We are brainwashed that way. But when we realize by what power we

exist we can change positions and start identifying with life's true nature.

This can occur out of free will as we can choose despite our handicaps.

787. I AM will not derive any joy from anything that 'has' to be there.

Operating by the same life force as we all do amounts to having only

relatives. It is the lifestyle of all in existence to treat life as an ever-

exciting adventure. All its activities are characterized by using every

form of power to make love more beautiful, for all and for everything.

788. When we know Who I AM is, we know who we are. This is true,

not just during our mission here but also before birth and after

death. This isn't speculating about our past or future. It affirms the

indestructible connection with eternity operating in us. The family

portrait of the universe shows I AM glowing also through us.

789. Full transparency for the power by which we exist is a losing

proposition. Which doesn't mean we can't courageously purify,

organize and treasure the energies keeping us together as a person.

They enable others and nature to be what those are. Allowing the

names to breathe lets the embers of our eternal self lustily flame.

790. A common misunderstanding is, seeing a discrepancy between life

as a direct emanation of I AM and what it 'becomes' via evolutionary or

human-controlled processes. Yet there is none. Everything is directly

or indirectly at any moment related to the absoluteness of I AM and

is therefore fully capable to be a creative center of power by itself.

791. The name Energy for I AM implies that all life or living occurs

through Her/His vigor. The powerlessness we humans so frequently

experience is unknown in the rest of the universe. Enough energy is

available for what's desired, planned and executed. All of it occurs

without negative side effects, competition or a compensation need.

792. Both builder and building consist, in their respective appearance, of

the same kind of energy. The vibes between them are filled with a joy of

doing things together and achieving the goals set. Materials used are not

passive objects as they seem on earth. They do not speak or hear like

humans yet their life also pulsates on the frequency of the seventh name.

793. Differences in species, composition, looks, use, potential, etc., are

as common in the universe as we know them here. But the way all things

touch, 'use' and interact within themselves and in their environments is

always in harmony. This occurs not as an automatic reaction but as a

follow up on the inner desire to add new accents and depth to perfection.

794. This core desire that all in existence have in common is the spirit

of life. It is the spirit of I AM, enabling clear communication between

life's different segments. Everyone feels, senses, reacts to everyone

else's wishes, vibrations and potential without any difficulty. If there

is any wondering, it is straightened out with humor and good wishes.

795. This world, so hard for us to imagine, is nevertheless also our world.

Here, we experience everywhere the opposite of happy togetherness and

strong performances. Yet this does not erase life's true nature of harmony,

might and pride. The brokenness of all external life on earth can never be

undone. But we can hold on to the small upsurges of true vitality.

796. The heartbeat of life is forever; it is shared by all that exists. It is

invigorating. Its rhythm carries the evermore elegant, satisfying dance

of the universe. A dance, which now also celebrates the closure of

this cycle of time. Our physical hearts can give out. Life in us can not.

Energy joins the other six names in establishing the victory of life as love.

797. The one power of and in all existence is also in us. This gives us that

sense that, as individuals, we are important enough to have a place in life.

It causes us to take care of ourselves and protect our possessions. It will

bring satisfaction when we achieve something positive. So, yes, each of

us is also an 'I am', relative to 'the' I AM Who is so in all absoluteness.

798. This, right there, can eliminate any possible controversy about

elevating the importance of us as individuals at the expense of the

community or organism we are part of. The two cannot clash, ever.

The totality of reality is the totality of I AM. Therefore, all existing

as individual or group takes place as one grand celebration of love.

799. We seem outside of this reality without controversies, conflicts and

inequalities. And we are, to a point. We are temporarily cut off from full

participation in life's abundance. It is our mission to participate in the

completely unnatural state of living without the power of love. Yet every

little bit of it we are able to recreate, amounts to restoring normalcy.

800. The universe exists as the result of I AM having the power to be

the All-That-Is. This is where our thinking about life should start.

We are included in that 'all'. We are an 'I am', a power house of love,

however damaged and pitiful our appearance. There is only one force at

work, Energy. We are Her/His face. We, as do all, write Her/His story.

'ENERGY' The Seven Names Writing 3

energy is love

801. The spirit core of all existence is love. Love is the second name of

I AM. It is the female 'side' of existence. Everything evolves from it and

has the opportunity to beautify it. Doing so honors the person and

nature of One Holy, oneself and all else in life. The name Energy stands

for love's passion, drive and fire. It is love, performing life.

802. The seventh name relates directly to the second name of I AM.

Like the word Love, Energy expresses the female fullness of life.

It may come as a surprise that the energy and power in everything

is not coming from reality's masculine aspect. On earth, the general

assumption is that power, might or authority are male attributes.

803. When things point at power struggles in our societies, they are

associated with competition, winning or losing, ego, control and a

threat of violence. These are considered signs of male domination.

Yet, being strong, in charge, on top and successful is the domain

of love with its nurturing, life-giving power and creative energy.

804. It can be a productive exercise for us to reflect on this and figure

in which atmosphere we use our physical strength and show our mental

vitality. What is the driving force or passion of our minds, as it feeds our

actions, attitudes, manipulations and level of self-confidence? Do we dare

to scrutinize where our energy goes and for which purpose it is used?

05. The grandness of existence and its realness is that all life expresses

also externally the splendor of I AM. The sixth name, Manifestation,

relates directly to the third and fifth names, Truth and Healing. All three

represent the masculine sphere of reality, while the names Love, Proper

and Energy, express the feminine realm.

806. Countless factors are involved in creating new life-forms and in

keeping the machinery of the universe running. Desires, matter,

circumstances, invisible forces, and so on, all work together; often by

strict rules. The power of I AM as factor in it seems untraceable.

No analysis will detect the personal prime factor that I AM is. Except….

807. As long as analyzing inner and outer dynamics proceeds from the

outside - to which method most of our thinking is committed - spiritual,

or emotional factors are neglected, if considered at all. We know the

external world best, so it is logical to derive ideas of life's dynamics

from there. Yet, no 'milking' the externals will reveal life's happy secret.

808. So what about 'except'? Is there a way of pinpointing, or proving,

the presence of the One Who is Energy? The answer is quite simple: 'Of

course' there is. It is a matter of whether we want to see the oneness of all

that exists before and within I AM. To achieve it, we must recognize our

being conditioned to only trust externals facts - and to let go of that.

809. In other words, unless we place ourselves within I AM's all-ness

as expressed by the seven names, our thinking and philosophizing will

keep leading us into dead-end streets. We are used to this, but we also

can learn to bring our thoughts first to our spiritual awareness level, to

where I AM dwells. This booklet and similar messages offer us to do so.

810. Being 'for real' and knowing it begins within ourselves. We can

align with the one life force, and so reconnect with eternity. Only then

we get a firm sense of life's oneness. Looking at externals is confusing.

These suffer from an innate brokenness, as do those who interpret them.

But within our innermost core can we detect that Energy is 'everything'.

811. Recognizing that all that we are exists by the grace of I AM being

Energy enables us to approach anything in existence with this, now

personal, knowledge. It will look less and less far-fetched to be in touch

with the one central force of life and to operate as Her/His agent.

We can learn to trust that the flow of energy is from within to without.

812. Saying that our whole person vibrates on the rhythm of One Holy is

useless as a general statement. It is not a concept, theory or premise. It is

the very 'happening' of the human beings we are. The same for an atom

and its components or the whole body of the universe. The heartbeat of

life is the music of being loved and being capable to respond with love.

813. It is interesting: when we think 'from within', all types of darkness

become more and more puzzling. We wonder why not everybody

turns to their innermost selves in order to find the safety we all crave.

Our earthly external world can't guarantee anything secure or positive.

It is fundamentally defective in spite of Energy's fire burning within.

814. We wonder if the destructive forces in nature and in humans will

ever be tamed. The best scenario seems that all in a position of power

join hands and establish safer, more just and healthy societies. The

message here is: Each of us, individually, is a powerhouse and can be an

not-defeatable agent of the positive state, honoring the seventh name.

815. The corrupted nature of earth can't be healed. It is the product of

corrupted minds and is purposefully disconnected from love and truth.

But life's energy, being what it is, keeps radiating healing rays that can

break through in the least likely places and persons. It can trigger in

anyone the desire to prevent or cure misery, together and alone.

816. At times some forces can be overwhelming. They act up within us,

in our families and relationships, our places of work, in politics or the

economy. Chief among them are the forces of nature. We can feel, and

are, so vulnerable when those turn against us, which they very well may

do sooner or later. Will knowing the seventh name protect us?

817. Strength is shown by many in the face of enemies, illnesses, natural

disasters or other forms of hardships, regardless of age, race, status,

gender, religion or level of support. Their bravery may have to do with

heredity, role models or principles, but, ultimately, it is a personal

choice when we decide to be strong, courageous or resilient, or not.

818. Has our spiritual connection a direct impact on the outcome of

attacks on our person or possessions? In terms of the seventh name, will

believing that the power of I AM protects us and changes things for the

better? Can we, so to speak, hide under One Holy's wings? The answer is,

surprisingly to many, a qualified: 'No'. I AM does not do anything for us.

819. In order to understand the all-power of Energy, we must realize that

any space, anywhere, exists only because She/He is in it. We, too, exist,

whether happily or under duress, because we are an occurrence of the

I AM, from whom our opportunity to exist emanates. Life in us is I AM

in us. It means being beloved, whether we choose to accept this or not.

820. Earthly life is, by design, riddled with inadequacies, injustices and

malfunction. It is characterized by the evil of non-love, by abused power.

The only purpose of this is to illustrate whether the denial of I AM's all-

ness can have the last word or whether holding on to the remnants of

true life will puncture the falsities and lies of a fake alternative world.

821. When people show strength in the midst of the pains or horrors of

our planet's depravity - for which it's infamous in the rest of the universe -

they may or may not be aware of their deepest reason for holding on

to what they see as right. Yet, any act of protesting evil and siding with

what is positive signifies the relevance and realness of the seventh name.

822. I AM doesn't do things for us. It is up to us to do the best we can

with what we have in the direction we choose. Yet, what a difference it

makes in fighting evil when we know Energy to be by our side. What a

difference it makes to know we exist as result of His/Her presence in us.

We may not conquer much external evil. Yet, we are victorious.

823. It is a fallacy to see ourselves as puppies or clay in the hands of

divine or cosmic forces. Much traditional praying falls prey to ideas of

being powerless before the highest power. Not so. We are a life-form

that reflects I AM's power, as we do exists of that power even in our

moments of darkness. We do not have to ask for strength. We are it.

824. Humility before the power of I AM in us, in nature or in events

won't lead to feeling inferior. On the contrary, our pride in belonging

to this grand reality can swell. 'Praying' is speaking with One Holy; it is

sharing our story and mentioning our desires. It is not: pleading or

submissive. We do it 'standing up', in front of our partner in love.

825. The glory of the seventh name is that we are - and all things are -

partners in existing. Realizing it makes us humble. Not because many

of our contributions are of a dubious quality but because it is an honor

we may participate in bringing this cycle of time to its closure. Even

by way of our imperfections and abuses of what true life stands for.

826. Throughout our human history there have been predictions of a

cataclysmic event that will violently end life on earth as we know it, or

perhaps the planet itself. Lately, the idea that humans can lend a hand

to this seems not so inconceivable anymore. Yet the wildest speculation

pales by the enormity of our own 'resurrection'.

827. How our world, including the galaxies in which earth is located,

comes to an end is similar to the way earthly persons cease to exist.

The ingredients of our external appearance, our physical parts, move

on to a usefulness in other configurations; to new life-forms, in other

words. So, the whole external layer of our cosmos will be 'recycled'.

828. The spirit core in all body parts, once free from the exposure to

falsities and deformity of the internal and outer layers, merges with

their eternal counterparts and they develop a new external body. Right

now, in the wake of our spirit's liberation, our mind can purify itself.

The personal end-of-our-world scenario is that we let love engulf us.

829. Earth also has its spiritual core around which our ancestors built a

world of deceit. That core is still connected with eternity. The negative

experience and its solution became part of I AM's new nature. What

seems only abuse is now revealed as instrumental to having the negative

potential exhaust itself. This sounds ridiculous to us, but that will change.

830. Our personal resurrection is monumental and more dramatic or

gigantic than earth dissolving at one point. These words do all imply

that we, as individuals, in our space, can 'single-handedly' break the

spell of evil. We can, on our spirit level, cause the negative state to

collapse and restore the seven names as the music of the universe.

831. We can take our own resurrection as something private and see

the destiny of our planet with its catastrophic potential as the greater

ultimate occurrence of life. But this would be wrong. Our galaxy is no

more important than a speck of dust. Why not? Because within and

before I AM only love reigns. And love has no size: it IS everything.

832. We can learn to see ourselves as our particular unique person

as the result of I AM seeing to it that all of existence is an affair of love.

Only then will all the things this booklet says make sense. Only then

we lose interest in pursuits that dim or obscure eternity's light in us.

Our daily busy-ness and survival needs may not change. Yet, we do.

833. I AM, as the all-power, will never clamp down on evil, even though,

at times, we would like that. Never will One Holy lower the standards of

true reality's nature. All seven names stand for what is absolute, eternal

and forever expanding into greater love, truth, perfection and wholeness.

Everything is involved in this happening. Life consists of happy energy.

834. Through all that exists the splendor of I AM sparkles ever brighter.

In the negative pseudo-creation - our world - this seems pure theory or

fantasy, unrealistic, while it is useless to discuss the veracity of this.

Whoever wants can step into the light this booklet represents. Asking

if it is worth the effort is like asking whether breathing is worthwhile.

835. The One Who is as a person for us humans, Who relates to a tree

as a tree or to an electron as an electron, relates to all that is as its lover,

partner and source of energy. We are not obliged to react with gratitude

or love. Earth is the stage on which freedom of choice is tested.

Nevertheless, we here can personally experience Energy's healing light.

836. The goal of identifying with the seventh name isn't to feel eternity's

energy flowing through us. Although often this can become extremely

empowering. The purpose of this name now being revealed is to alert us

to the fact that in everything we encounter in life the power of love is

present, even in the evil of non-love or in our own darkest moments.

837. If we could observe the full reality we would see each element in

it glow, radiate, shine, exude and sparkle; doing this with joy, brightness,

transparency and an aura of self-sufficiency. Why? It is because of the

presence of I AM in each and every segment. All that is created will

recognize this in each other because they do experience it themselves.

838. In the full reality I AM is visible not as seven separate entities,

but as the all-presence of light, life, power and love in everything.

This presence is visible, touchable, inviting and 'huggable'. I AM, as

life's totality, isn't an abstract concept but the realness of literally all

we can observe and are involved in. It is life's oneness in Person.

839. And so, we see these words ending where they began: by holding

up the oneness of I AM, in, before, through and with Whom all of life

takes place. The seven names show the seven-fold fullness as all the

universe sees it. We, on our strange mission here, have no excuse any

more to not see the total picture of what existing is all about.

840. The oneness of 'everything' is in its being love, because so is I AM.

If we don't perceive life that way or if what happens to us seems to belie

it, we face the challenge and choice to ignore what this booklet says or

to allow ourselves to be embraced by life's love-energy and start to walk

by a light that ignites our person. It is the I AM within and through us.