The Old and The New 'Prayer' Writing 10


... "Your sense of freedom may give you the closest inkling of what My being the 'One Holy' is. I am not saying you should dwell on it or pursue this line of thought for its possibilities as reference or analogy. I, being also the One Holy, or as in the old version, the 'Father in Heaven', am not like you in this respect. I became human and added the human experience to My nature. It means that there is nothing in existence I have not been exposed to. Could a human being become 'holy' like Me? In a way you could, and in a certain sense you are! Because you are through Me and within My nature of being the I AM. I deprive you of nothing, even if 'holy' points at what is not understandable for anyone but Me. As I said before, everything is 'sacred' because all emanates from Me."

"One of the first things I said to you when We started to meet on a regular basis, was that I can listen to music through your ears. You remember that? It is an example of you using your faculties while I am present, without you realizing that. No limitation you experience comes from Me. I am never in your way, so to speak. Problems with freedom and limitations come from another source. They are obvious; the physical and social ones are everywhere. So freedom on earth is definitely a relative concept. Not surprisingly. Earth's external side is deliberately molded as the opposite of My nature. It is therefore riddled with slavery, dependency and limits."

"On your internal level, for instance in your pondering and fantasizing, you have some flexibility in negating limits for your thinking and desiring. There, windows seem open for almost limitless creative thinking and imagining. Yet operating on your spiritual level offers a quite different picture. There, human beings can activate fully their nature's ninth component. Which is not to say that many dare to access it unreservedly and go for a freedom that matches that of the real reality. You did pursue what you, correctly, sensed was there. Your reward is that on your spiritual level you are able to rise above many of earth's non-freedoms."

"I am Who or What I am from free will. It is My desire to be this way. 'This way' meaning that all of existence has My nature of being free as center of their own 'willing' and desiring. I speak mainly about sentient entities but 'inanimate' objects as you call them, are in their own right 'spirited' and free to contribute. My nature operates in all that exists. All in the multi-verse have the freedom and potential to mirror My fullness. They don't have to, as the emergence of the Negative State proves. But when they do, they find that I as One Holy radiate an all-limits-exceeding bliss by not having to be Me! They can unrestrictedly rejoice in and take care of what they are as My beloved. It is the greatest honor and fulfillment that can be experienced."

"This all-out fulfilling situation escapes you on earth. However, what comes with treasuring My first name is the guarantee that this part of Me cannot be reached or affected by the distortions and lies as My other names and aspects are subjected to. What is not known, cannot be denied or perverted. In this sense, the choice of the Negative State to challenge Me in that direction anyway, you could call courageous. But considering the price they were willing to pay and the destruction it caused, their endeavor became deeply pathetic. All their efforts added more bars to the prison they build around themselves and their products."

"It is an ingredient of life, to be free. Seeing Me as its source can come for people with a sense of relief. There is hope for being liberated from all the lies, conditioning and limitations that enslave you on earth. It builds trust when you realize that nothing can stop Me from being Me, regardless of what is seen and observed. Actually, one second of considering freedom to be rooted in any other source, makes you an instant slave of that source. This is the reason so many people get stuck in life and become rigid, confused or powerless. Their idea of freedom is not fed by the bubbling spring of My happy spirit."

"Freedom has no 'buts'. It is hard for you to trust this. Most people have a concept of freedom based on earthly situations. I speak of it as it is for all other dimensions in the universe. There, this component is not even questioned. It is the way all experience themselves. Neediness, confining walls or addictions are unknowns. Imagining that world, or as in your case, being able to visit there, reveals the unencumbered joy all reality portrays. Asking them to 'comprehend' My being One Holy would cause frowns. And those do not exist outside of the Negative State. The glow of My sparkling presence is too convincing."

"Before you started taking notes for this chapter, you asked Me about certain plans you had, worried that you might overlook some details. You saw My reaction. I 'threw' it right back at you and friendly scolded you for asking Me to guide, judge or 'help' you. You are free to do what you desire. You can share your concerns, but I will not take any responsibility for your wish to be directly involved with Me. That is and remains your choice! My presence allows you to taste the truth, not because I force it on you but because you honestly want it. Like you, anybody, including your ancestors, the pseudo-creators, may discover fresh winds blowing when one returns from one's foolish ways."



... "Contrary to what could be easily heard in this 'prayer' that asks for My kingdom to come, it is meant to proclaim freedom from dependency, neediness and what is set up as authority. I do not come into people's life to replace certain laws and regulations with rules more right or rewarding. For people on earth, My coming into their conscious lives means liberation from all that is confining or forced. It is restoring normalcy. It revives My nature. It means offering a fellowship of love and a society based upon caring for all. In short, it offers the real reality."

"Accepting the nature of My 'kingdom' means you are restored to the freedom to be what you want. To human ears, this sounds unreal and elusive. For one thing, how do you know what you really want or are meant to be? Is it health, success, fame, importance, being a good person, or all of these? And what about achieving eternity, if there is such a realm? You know that asking around for answers will not work. Your thinking itself, and its ability to see the truth, is already polluted. Only by turning to your most 'within', you can find a longing that originates in My reality."

"The longing I talk about has to do with the fact that reality is love happening. Everything is not just filled or permeated with it, all life expresses it in its own way. Seeing this leads to finding and becoming one's 'real' self. The longing will be fulfilled when you join the flow of life, which is another name for My kingdom. Yet, even these two 'concepts', the flow of life and My kingdom, are just indicators for reality occurring. Real is that your longing for love stems from being loved. It is the stirring of the component freedom in you that wants to respond to this and give in to what life and living is all about. In letting love come through because it is the essence of your life, you reach the pinnacle of freedom."

"Please, have a clear picture of how love and freedom relate. I, as Love, provide the environment for freedom to blossom. This creates an atmosphere that allows for finding your place in life in the most personal, direct, deep felt and proud way. It allows for making yourself graciously available; which is a process of enrichment in itself. I am not just talking about love as between two people. Nor about freedom from boundaries. Love is the essence of all existence. It is the core, radiation and position of everything. Nobody 'has' to love, or is conditioned to attach like, for example, your pets. Love, in any of its expressions, can be rejected. So it becomes a personal triumph when you choose love as your identity. You then, from that core, evaluate and touch everything. It applies to all levels on which you operate, within yourself, socially, professionally and in dealing with nature and things. Love is the language freedom uses to express itself."

"Asking for My kingdom to come is opening up to the influx of Reality. It is My desire and free choice that reality is made up of love. Where love is practiced, you are free. All walls you hit with this on earth, and the frustrating complications you encounter, do not invalidate the simple fact that the longing to be free and the longing to love overlap and are basically one and the same. It is to the uttermost chagrin of the Negative State that this realization, like tiny flowers, pops up in their territory at the most unexpected places. I consider those places My sanctuaries and footholds on earth."

"Again, it only is on your spiritual level that all this can make sense and inspire you, as it is without the interference of reservations, doubts, skepticism or plain rejection when you approach it from a psychological or social perspective. That has you consider freedom from, or freedom to, etc. I tell you that freedom is. Life lives by it. It enables love to be personal, a choice and a challenge. There are no rules for it. Like light, it shines. You exercise freedom as a citizen of My kingdom when you decide what person you want to be, with love and wisdom, and then go for that."



... "The thought that this 'prayer' may be totally answered scares many. Deep down, people may not want this to happen because it would upset their status quo. Being set free, no obligations, no expectations and no limitations presents a too alien world. Human beings, when realizing after their physical deaths that now they entered the real reality, usually have a hard time to grasp that there are no impediments, reasons to hide, dependencies on others or pressing needs; that they are free to go, to do or not do, to choose and be whatever they want. My will is not a set of guidelines. My will is Me, is My loving presence, is modeling for each piece of creation to be him or herself. My will is done when an entity creates its own truth by free choice."

"I do not relate to anything smelling of obligation, even when it is labeled as love for Me. When people 'pray' that My will be done, they better start preparing themselves for the big surprise that it actually points at their own will. I know that human beings are utterly confused about what they really want and how free they are to shape their own life. Not just because of interference from the outside, external limitations, but mainly because of their internal doubts, built-in defects, conditioning and conflicting needs."

"Still, this 'prayer' is given to offer you in a most personal way the truth of everything, to lighten up your path and give you a safe home in the midst of the chaos caused by the ever present forces of the evil state outside and inside of you. By mentioning 'heaven', people may realize there is another world than the familiar, confusing one. It invites them to not give up disliking and distrusting their own conflicting voices and pulling forces. Those are not normal. All people can undertake the difficult task to align themselves by bits and pieces with what in their life is still present of My nature. The freedom to do this, is built in into your system."

"You can practice freedom by being alert that others do not influence your decisions and attitudes in a restrictive way. Freedom pertains to one's authentic contribution to life and to a personal desire to want to be as real as possible. As I said, there is for many reasons a deep fear in human beings to face this. It is true that one's choices in this direction will be attacked, from within or from without, directly or indirectly, openly or disguised. Your fabricators infused in your psyche, fear, doubt, dependency, neediness, pack-mentality and the like. This arrangement, that most people take for granted, all but eliminates the pride and spontaneity of being free and truthful."

"As you are aware of by now, on earth it is only in the spiritual realm that freedom is real and happily can reflect Me. It is My message that all people wanting truth and the wisdom based on it, find it when they meet with Me. So dare to believe that all boundaries and limitations can be shed. I, being Truth, do indeed contain the universe. In it, everyone is invited to create her or his own world, if you want to use that word, so that their unique and freely-offered contribution can be added to the beautiful whole of reality. Ignoring this potential, or thinking that it is only for certain people, feeds right into the lies of the Negative State. Any non-freedom is unnatural, is a temporary phenomenon and is the opposite of My will. Saying that My truth contains the universe, places you right in life's center, because the center is there, where I am. Within you, to start with. It is a new way of thinking for the offspring of the instigators of the Negative State. Your brains have to be rewired for it. But some of this you can do yourself so that you see through what is phony and untrue. Walking with Me comes with insight in your 'true' self. And this kindles the desire to only relate to want is genuine around you."

"My will happens when you allow Me to walk with you, visit with you, talk with you and love you. This is not a mystical or supra-normal occurrence. The truth is not a bundle of good behaviors, proven facts or agreed upon ideas about Me. The truth is life's substance and content; it grows by what is freely offered and contributed. On earth, you can block out the implication of there being only one Truth, and that this is Me. In the other dimensions is no 'prayer' for My will to be done, because all exhibit it!"



... "Why did I suggest to 'pray' this? Is it to solidify My role as benevolent provider of what all creation depends on, food? But would that not fly in the face of the freedom and not-being- dependent component of your nature? Of course, it is the opposite. Suggesting to ask Me for daily bread, brings the attention of all in the 'Zone of Displacement' to Me and to My involvement in all that exists, specifically in regard to your mental and physical person that gives the clearest message of dependency; on food, air, brains and environment. If people only look to nature for the key to survival, or to others for insight in how the universe works and is connected, they are at a standstill."

"By approaching Me as if they have to eat out of My hand, they will learn, as you did, that My hand is not holding out food. People will find that the bread of life, which stands for what keeps things together, the life force itself, is incorporated in their own person; they are part of it and have access to it. Focusing on the true structure of life, your own included, opens your eyes to the fact that all life has to do with how I am structured and express Myself through what is before Me."

"Such is the nature of My fullness that each separate part of it is not forced into existence, but is free to reject participation in it. It is, of course, also free to live to the full extent of its particular identity. What you do with your life, how you treat and structure it, with or without others, is up to you. It is from freedom that life lives. By 'praying' for daily bread you acknowledge your position in the edifice of life. It implies that you are as being that daily bread because you mirror Me. Experiencing poverty, illness or deprivation does not change this."

"You can say that stories of a paradise that float around on earth are correct in the sense that true reality is one of abundance and everything splendidly fitting together; all structures and details cooperate to produce happiness. Freely, by free choice, all in the universe respond to Me with praise and gratitude for their chance to participate in the great endeavor of existence. Being in life is one monumental and eternal adventure."

"I gave as My fourth name, to which this 'prayer' relates, 'Proper', 'Right', 'Of Beauty', 'Just'. These are all absolute qualities, disconnected from what on earth is seen as their opposite. You see that they point at the splendor of life's edifice. Life's whole composition mirrors Me. Anything that occurs but does not come from freedom is out of character and in that sense does not really exist. Freedom to be is a given in life. In the realm of the Negative State may vague but deep-rooted longings for it keep people restless. More often than not, this longing flares up as, and is channeled into, fights for independence on a personal, national, cultural or specific group-centered level."

"Since all have the same component of freedom in them, there is no desire in the universe to infringe on other entities' uniqueness and choices. There is a tremendous respect for each other. With joy and eagerness one learns how others see things or what they discovered. There is, as you noticed, a pleasant flow of interactions and joint undertakings. The desire to embellish life's beauty brings entities together for more perfecting the forms of love and depth of wisdom. You see that on earth 'lasting' beauty often is created by people that refuse to please others because they listen to an internal connection, an instinct that reaches deeper levels than the familiar ones. Many pay dearly for exercising their freedom to not compromise or give up on that."

"Freedom is there where I am recognized as its source. I do not talk about doing so intellectually. Wherever in honesty people strive for what they sense as positive, bringing out the best in themselves and others and where is a personal joy in seeing things done right and with justice, there is My fourth name honored and is this 'prayer' 'answered'. Where in thinking and dreaming, in attitude and action, the well-being of others and of all creation is taken in account, there is a concrete representation of the daily bread I am. Then, even on hostile territory, one is truly free."



... "One of the consequences of freedom as one of reality's components is that the universe expands. By all the choices made, new experiences are added. No freedom exists if there is no choice or possibility to go for more. What emanates from Me has in its nature that nothing is imposed. On each particular level, be it as matter or as aware sentient entity, there is a desire to use and live up to one's respective potential. What is decided and acted upon, creates a stream of new situations, configurations and combinations. 'All' is always in the process of becoming 'more'."

"Being on the move or becoming more of a participant in the unfolding wholeness are qualities of everything and anybody in life. Nothing is stagnant. Nothing reverses itself either. The equivalence to 'falling apart' or atrophy on earth is the transformation to a new experience. For you, 'more' is a concept having to do with quantity and is based on comparison. But moving to newness, becoming, expanding or unfolding is so much more than adding things or increasing in size. For instance, the amount of density that is beyond your intellectual grasp, even though your position in life is determined by it, is endlessly more practical and operational than your ideas of less or more."

"My wholeness expanding or unfolding indicates movement in all directions as well as within all directions. This does not make much sense to you but it is important to keep it in mind, because the component of freedom is not limited to taking visible steps or to expanding your mind with new in formation. The element of freedom allows you to see everything you are involved in as a process that is open-ended in time, distance, density and content. 'Forgiving', therefore, is a 'must' in terms of life's moving on. If you do not forgive and know yourself forgiven, you step out of the flow of life and illusions replace reality. Holding on to anything negative chains you to non-freedom, to non-life."

"You could say that if I would not forgive you or the Negative State itself, I would be tied down and therefore not free. It would be the end of Me, if that were possible. Asking for My forgiveness says that I should be taken for what I am. In your vernacular, I do not want to be 'stuck' with anything. Therefore the invitation to humans to enter the path that leads out of darkness. My nature is this path. Choosing to walk with Me means traveling as much as having arrived. Saying or 'tasting' My fifth name Healing shows you are part of true life. My unfolding takes place through you. All that is 'sinful', corrupt or damaged in you is of no importance and will be 'left behind'. What counts is your willingness to move in My direction, to liberate your eternal side."

"You wonder about paying for debts or transgressions. And what about sacrifices or offerings to be made, which is a popular concept in many religions? Or what about sacrificing My divinity in order to become human? Let Me say it very clear and direct: all these ideas about retribution and the efforts to appease Me with offerings, rituals, sacrifices, (bloody or not), or anything of that nature are recipes brewed in the kitchen of the Negative State. They had to prevent that 'forgiveness', moving on and stepping out of darkness would become simple, natural, normal and a sign of being healed and reunited with Me. So they flooded this piece of freedom with lies about conditions and requirements; in the process, they paint Me as revengeful and demanding; even as a loser in the pursuit of human hegemony."

"My staying connected with your dark world is by My free will. Experiencing your 'death' provides an opportunity to go the full length of being human. Above all, it enables Me to proclaim My presence in the most inner sanctuary of the Negative State. They, too, can convert to the truth and come back 'home'. Including in My nature the experience of becoming 'more', by bringing love and light there where I am denied, is an eternal source of adoration and praise in the universe. All categorically reject any interest in going the route your ancestors went."

"My coming close to you has no thread of violence in it. My density never moves at the cost of anything or anybody else. On earth, 'following' Me and being truly free often leads to bloody repression. It causes inner conflicts and makes being nailed on crosses an all-too-familiar sight. This is indicative for the fear of freedom the Negative State stimulates. Never ever am I represented in anything suppressing, violent or forced. What you read about it in the so-called 'holy' books is a projection in Me of the Negative State's own perversion. Instead of fearing them, they have you fear Me."



... "It is a to-be-expected reaction to ask about the kind of temptation mentioned here. Is it a special kind, related just to Me or is it a general warning? It is wise to ask this question, especially when you know you are influenced by others. Where do those others come from and what is their agenda? Temptation has, by definition, to do with a challenge to your freedom. Giving in to it, amounts to giving away power and part of your independence."

"Learning from other people's ideas and behavior when those seem good is a positive activity. Manifesting life is not something you do in a vacuum. Living is a communal experience and adventure. Still, in the midst of togetherness and the oneness of all, each part is master of its own destiny, so to speak. It is up to you to channel your expressions of life, to select the ingredients you use, etc. It is good to ask what models you follow and whether you give in to things against your better, spiritual, judgment. This, again, brings you to the crucial question what you honestly desire for now and for eternity."

"I teased you with saying that I am the great 'seducer' who just wants to be loved by all, and goes all-out to have that happen. Even the word 'jealous' has come up, in case things do not go My way. This 'prayer' underlines that responding to My presence out of honest desires is the only way to keep your sanity and freedom. It is a clever deception of the Negative State to bypass loving Me in a personal way, and have you focus on loving others or just doing good. It is the lie of presenting half a truth, half a picture. The greatest temptation for the human race has been - and still is - using freedom as a goal in itself. It amounts to turning one's back to Me. It created the great isolation your planet finds itself in."

"'Lead us not into temptation' implies the possibility of using freedom to violate its nature by turning to the external world as source of power. Your ancestors' fascination is with the outside appearance of things. They started to believe these could be made into an independent-from-Me reality. The truth is that everything is a manifestation of Me. Manifestation is My sixth name, so anything neglecting or ignoring this becomes a distortion, a lie. This is the message of the 'old prayer' and of the way you formulate it. It is not a warning. It is an invitation to look in the right direction again and see in everything its being relative to Me, and even more, its being transparent for My nature."

"Anything you do comes from a motivation, an intent and desire and is based on a decision. Facing this in your behavior and performance alerts you to the opportunity to see as much as possible the spiritual dimension in outer manifestations. You know that all reality is three-layered; it is the way I am. I talk about the real reality as it is lived in all its glory outside the 'Zone of Displacement'. But even within that zone, the three-layered-ness cannot be undone. So, does being alert to the spiritual dimension of everything solve the problems that living on earth inflicts by its brokenness? In principle, yes!"

"Even if nothing seems to change, like dependency or bodily needs, or when misery and ugliness do not disappear and society, in general, continues to be discriminatory and unjust and nature's whims threatening, you can be alert and by choice align with the true purpose of everything in life, which is using its freedom to manifest My glorious nature. Doing that shows that the 'prayer' is 'answered' and is effective. What still comes out of you as negative may still have in them seeds of truth, of love, of beauty and wholeness. So resist the temptation to give up on Me or to put me on the other side of the fence. Everyone can practice their freedom to see Me and side with My reality. Earth's problems are solved already in the sense that what is negative cannot eliminate what is positive. It only can obscure its glow to a point. Saying that everything manifests Me is therefore a great and powerful affirmation of the true state of affairs. But only if you apply it to your own life first!"

"From the deepest within, the flow of life can be redirected. How much more wisdom and goodness will show up is not essential. Having high expectations in regard of this can easily endanger one's freedom. Nothing is perfect or lasting in the realm of the Negative State. Yet focusing on growing from within, from My closeness, will lead, as you personally experienced, to seeing through phoniness and facades. Your own included. Your freedom expands as a mighty factor once you realize it reflects Me. Whatever problems, you do not have to fall for the temptation to see those as massive or having the last word. Your choice and ability to seek the real world eclipses their appearance."



... "When evil has no support any more, everything can be restored to its full position of harmony. The ordeal of dependency and neediness is over then, you could say. In general, there's no direct fall-out of the Negative State's doings in other dimensions, except that My reaction to it gave rise to an outpouring of love and praise. That a segment of life's totality chose isolation is known, but not related to. I indicated before that, for specific reasons, certain entities in other dimensions are more familiar and sometimes even directly involved with the 'Zone of Displacement'."

"The other dimension you visit is one of those directly related to the human species. When you are there, you see, even in your limited way, the fullness of human life. It shines everywhere. The ones you meet see your 'spots' and know where your awkwardness comes from. They react to any news from earth with the desire that the abnormal situation ends. So why does it not end yet?"

"This question has everything to do with the place of the freedom element in this cycle of life, in which the human rebellion and My reaction to it dominate. What consequences unlimited freedom has, was and is the central issue in the explorations of the human race. Some decided to not stop when it came to a point that the choice was to stay within the sphere of My fullness or to detach and isolate themselves from Me and the rest of the universe."

"As with every decision made, new configurations and choices opened up. What now is simply called 'evil' is being manifested till its point of exhaustion, when there is nothing to learn from it any more. It still operates as an event seemingly under its own power. But it is 'stolen' energy it works with. There is no freedom in the Negative State. There only is a compulsive regimen of hate against Me. A hate that is ingeniously packaged. As you know, much on earth does not look that bad and seems to produce quite a bit of beauty. Most people, therefore, believe the future can show improvements and bring happier times in terms of justice, health, technical advances and well-being in general. It's one of the ploys to keep the focus on earth itself, instead of on the full reality and on the source of life and its energy."

"In the meantime, life on earth goes on. It even expands, now that what you call 'outer space' is accessed. Do not ask the question, 'Where and when will it end?' You learned that the proper question is whether you want it to end! You received the answer to it when you chose to give in to your desire to know the real truth. It revealed that I have been present in you all along, as I am Life itself. The power in it and of it. Above all, that I relate to you as a person. Which I do to all and everything on their level, if they let Me. I do it even to those who steal and abuse energy and suppress My nature in them. Life is in them anyway. Therefore, in the final analysis, those that willingly participate in the continuation of evil will eventually and inescapably be faced with the same choice you have. For those that reconnect wholeheartedly with Me while still on earth, the ordeal is already over; they are delivered from evil and are cleansing My energy. Again, only on the spiritual level this is fully experienced. On your internal and external level, much of what is evil-infested remains visible and can cause suffering. Yet thinking and acting from love and truth, from goodness and wisdom is not just something to enjoy but it amounts to poking holes in the Negative State's reservoir of abused power."

"Your homecoming has taken place. I was always aware of you in the first place! So it is for you that the ordeal of separation, powerlessness, vulnerability, sinfulness, rebellion or whatever label you give it, ended. Your statement that as Energy I am Life is so true. My seventh name represents the all-present external, outwards-directed force of My nature. It covers the source, the process and the full blossoming of all My emanations. You and everything and everybody included. You can step into that current. All may. Nothing alive is not free to make this choice. My energy is exclusively love power. The evil you still see happening, consider it the part of an iceberg that is melting. Or saying it more positive, see that the spring of life's living water is in all and everywhere. It is free for the drinking!"