Part 3



I hoped this would be the last time I had to bring up the 'authenticity' of the worlds I visited on my spiritual level. Are they not too suspiciously looking like an idealized earthly society? Everything picture-perfect? And even more suspect, equipped with gimmicks from childlike or science fiction fantasies. Isn't 'there' just a portrayal of the opposite of what is negative and impossible 'here'? I AM interrupted my train of thoughts.

What do you mean, 'there'? Please, think back to a few months ago when you noticed your desire to go 'there' seemed diminished. You had difficulties with writing down what you observed. Did it mean you had seen enough? Where you overloaded with information? Well, the real reason was that your deepest intuition told that you 'got' the picture. You also noticed you never had the desire or were temped to escape to 'there' - in fantasy or real - when things 'here' are bleak. Is it possible that 'deep down' you firmly accept as real the world you visited and that you started using in your thinking a wisdom based on it? Is that proof of its authenticity? Let me ask you a question, 'Why don't you have more plain old-fashioned curiosity about the world you saw, urging you to see more?' Can it be that wonderings and questions you had from early on in your life are convincingly answered? Or do you think that it just is getting older that slows down your interest in things weird, wild and wonderful? But let me go to the core issue."

"Can you dismiss for a moment all the just raised questions and suggestions and focus on the direct contact you have with Me? Is that 'real' beyond any doubt? And is it really so that more and more, in a pure personal way, you experience a sphere of oneness within and without? Something you didn't sense before? I know you do. The strange thing for you is that this new sensation of oneness includes not only your earthly life and the world you visited, but, to your surprise, also the unfathomable dimensions beyond those. In other words, you experience oneness with the universe in all its majestic wholeness. Which equals the 'everywhere' and the 'all-ness' of Me. You now grasp that earth and its galaxies, your daily realm, is not an 'alien' object floating in space. Everything on earth corresponds with something that is present in the full reality. What in your world is displaced or disconnected, is still 'there'. What is dysfunctional in societies, nature and people shows what the full reality is not, as you could write down so often."

"Now I can respond to your idea of 'there'. You became more and more aware that 'here' - where you live - and 'there' - where you visited - are invalid concepts. With all its differentness in manifestation and appearance, the Oneness of Me stands as the glory of all that exists. Forced by evolutionary processes as in the Negative State's realm, or developing from truly free choices as in the rest of the universe, there always is I, the Center, the Totality, the One Who is Love and Truth, the I AM of all. I emanate reality. It is My external side. And therefore, because of My nature, you are always 'home', whether you accept this or not."

"Taking what you saw during your visits as the opposite of the earthly dysfunction, or calling it life as it should and could be ideally, is misleading and therefore incorrect. You can admire and treasure the renderings of poets and other artists who aim at portraying beauty and realness at its deepest or highest. Some of what in fullness operates in the universe can be sensed in the Negative State. What is pseudo and manipulated still draws from the life force I am. I tell you that all on earth corresponds to something in the real reality - often in a inside-out or upside-down way. So what you saw during your visits is not the opposite of earth life, nor is earth life the opposite of the 'ideal' situation. No, both are manifestations of the total Truth of My new nature, of My Love in action even where it seems non existent. One sign of My new nature is that information about it is now available to all in the Negative State."

"People can completely reject everything I talk about here. They may take it as irrelevant for daily living; it will irritate because it doesn't say what their religion says or they think. Yet there are those, like you, who honestly seek and listen to their deepest longings. They find Me and the unconditional oneness in Me. For them, the 'there' and 'here' are Me, are the one current of existence that carries them to the places they create themselves. From within My and your center the harmony of eternity is being restored. It is a personal discovery. The words of the Writings are one grand invitation to fully live. If people have an honest desire to be connected with true life, without secondary gain motives and just for the sake of it, they may experience some of what you did. Your story tells them it can be done, meeting with Me personally and being restored to normalcy."

"'Is there any proof that people are on the right track in uncovering the full reality?', you wonder. Well, however strange this will sound to most people, one sign of sincerity and spiritual progress is: losing the need to share the experience! This answers your question about where you personally should go from here. You wouldn't mind sharing your spiritual richness but you correctly realize that you have the tendency to explain, be selective according to your preference, defend the words, or will get caught in the externals-based logic of others. All of that would take people you talk to away from embarking on their own unique and pure personal adventure with Me. Could that make you and others like you loners? Observing your own behavior, you learned your journey has purified and economized your energy. As far as you are concerned, your new sense of oneness wants to include everyone. In that way you represent Me. You can't call Me a loner, can you?"