The Ten Rules For 'Praying'


As human beings we all communicate with our environment. We have to. Yet there is also communicating within ourselves; our so-called inner dialogue. This chapter is about a communication beyond these two familiar ones.

When the word 'prayer' is used for that, it is defined by religious or philosophical terms. It can also be used for a spontaneous crying out to whatever is believed to be an undefined 'higher power'.

The 'speaker' in this Writing is, as in many chapters of this Website, the Totality of life. She/He is addressing all of us on earth on our level. The format for this Writing brings together the ten 'rules' for 'praying' and the seven names of Life's All. Both, the names and the 'rules', were not figured out by me, (P.N.), but were 'given' to me on my spirit level.

Regularly does the text refer to personal situations: my visits to the other human dimension or to something happening during the writing. However, at all times, the information is meant for each and everyone who reads it on our planet, without any exception.

The 10 'Rules' The Seven Names

-1. All are loved - ONE HOLY

-2. Free choice - LOVE

-3. Trust - TRUTH

-4. Always - PROPER

-5. Others also - HEALING

-6. Spirits lifted up; Joy - MANIFESTATION

-7. No exception - ENERGY

-8. On your level

-9. No distance

-10. This is 'it'


1. All are loved 2. Free choice 3. Trust 4. Always 5. Others also

6. Spirits lifted up; Joy 7. No exception 8. On your level 9. No distance 10. This is 'it'

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