Part 1



When at the end of this visit I walked back in the direction of the 'entrance', Wisdom walked with me. He put his hand on my shoulder and said, "I know it is much for you to digest and it will entirely change your worldview, but you are gaining more and more insight in how reality is. When scary things seem to happen, do not avoid them. It was good that you faced them just now. Life in its true fullness is overwhelming for you. In many ways you still are alien to it."

(It was comforting hearing him say this. Actually, as I write this down, I guess that it was the female side of Wisdom's person speaking.)

What happened?

I had climbed through a square opening in the wall; one leg first. Don't ask me why this way of entering. On the other side, as far as I could see, all was peaceful, light and of a brownish green color. The ground made a slight slope towards the horizon. I checked all four sides but nothing was in view. After a while I saw some dark, dust-like clouds appearing on the horizon. I looked around and saw the same happening on the other sides. I tried to dismiss it as an error in my perception as the clouds looked not pretty and felt somewhat threatening. Perhaps, I just imagined this or I was not yet in the real world. The clouds rapidly increased in height and density. They came closer, like a dust tempest rolling in fast.

This was potentially scary enough but what scared me more was that this happened here, in this world where all is supposed to be in harmony and friendly.

Then, some voice in me, perhaps my own, said, "This may be a test and like the other times, it will come out all right."

So I just stood there, not knowing what to think of this gray-brown fog that started to enclose my space but came to a halt a few hundred feet from me. Then, it began to dissipate, and out of the cloud in front of me stepped a figure covered from head to toe in ancient armor, leading a big horse. The person started to walk up to me. I saw that on the left, the right and behind me the same was happening, a person in ancient armor leading a big horse walking up to me. I did not like it.

The one in front of me took off the helmet and I saw the head was that of a dark-haired woman; a head too small for the helmet she had been wearing. The rest of her body seemed to disappear in her over-sized harness. I saw that the person on the right was also a woman, blond and likewise too small for her armor. So were the persons to my left and behind me, one a redhead, the other with brown hair. I forgot if those were women or men. None of them looked intimidating.

At one point, while we were talking, they removed their armor. How, I cannot explain. It just sort of fell off them after I had commented on the negative impression their armor had made on me. To me, a harness relates to fighting, being attacked or having to protect oneself. In addition to that, they were from ages ago. Why did they need it? What was its purpose?

In the meantime, the horse in front of me seemed to grow in size. It started to lose its animal character and looked more like some monster machine out of a horror movie. It was huge now, at least three hundred feet high. It was absurd. This could not be real.

But the woman was eager to explain. She said that now I was confronted with the sphere of power and energy their society was part of. It was embodied in the horse; they wanted to impress me.

She said that what until this point in my visits I had seen, heard and also personally experienced, could be considered as being of a mild and easy-going nature. It could lead me to the conclusion that in the real reality everything operates by itself, automatically, smoothly and without any effort or preparation. Well, that pleasant appearance was correct, not imagined at all. Yet I had to have some sense of the scope of the forces working in everything. The humans of their section of society were involved in that, she said.

(I suddenly thought of the seventh name of I AM, Energy, as written about in the 'Writings'. When I was presented with that name for the first time a few years ago, it came as a female appearance!)

While I thought this, I saw her lip curl into a subtle smile. She must know what I was thinking, but she just continued talking.

She explained that the enormous, everything-covering clouds of dust the galloping horses stirred up was a scene they created for me to impress me with the potency of the one life force. The horse, now looking like a giant piece of machinery, is supposed to tell me that machine or animal, atomic particle or galactic volume, all operate by the same power. All in existence exist from, by and through it.

I cannot say her presentation was successful. I still didn't like what I saw.

She went on unperturbdly.

"Nothing happens just by the snap of a finger, like magic, although that is exactly what you think when you see mind-power used. Everything has a mechanical and technical aspect. Mind-power included. Those aspects, however, are fed solely by the spirit core of everything. Insight in this is all but lost on your earth."

She said, "We are involved in organizing and harmonizing the energies our world here exists of. Everything is that energy in a specific form. Energy is I AM, and we are asked to be coaches of it in the midst of the ever expanding and moving-on reality."

She said she knew of the technical advancements on earth but commented that those are useless here; if only because of the missing connection with the spiritual currents.

I looked at the horse that had become this immense monster machine, visibly throbbing with held-in power.

"This demonstration was planned?" I asked.

She confirmed that it was part of why they had come to meet with me.

Then she commented on what I had been wondering about.

"Your 'alter egos' belong to the segment of the human species involved in having life organized. Well, today you see a side of it you may not like yet, but it is included in their 'job description'."

Again that smile. Probably because she knew I was figuring that by consequence of what she stated and my belonging to this group, I better get prepared to like these ladies.

She said it was the best stunt they could come up with, to come thundering at me and filling my horizons with the energy visible as dust and having the horse 'expand'.

(I reflected back at the Halloween prank of my 'family' here the other day. A strange sort of humor they have.)

I asked how much she knew of the situation on earth.

She told me she had not been there but many of them had. If they want, they can observe what goes on in our galaxy. But, in general, they have no interest in it and cannot even grasp the negative things going on there. Yet they can, to a certain point, arrange situations to which we on earth can respond positively.

She used as an example this scene they just put together for me. I could, if I wanted, block it out or avoid my spiritual plane that allows me to witness this as a learning experience. Yet they do release pieces of actual technical information that can be picked up on earth by way of the tiny bits of true reality left in people. In this case, it will enlighten people seeking technical truths. The information is never forced on anybody's mind but persistent seekers can uncover it.

I thought, 'That may be so, but as far as this illustration for me goes, it falls flat'.

(Later I learned that also the forces of the Negative State leak technical information, increasing the likelihood of a final showdown.)

She stressed that never will they do anything harmful to our human generation although they are aware that people on earth use for negative purposes pieces of what they release as technical truth.

The issue of time and no-time being always on my mind, I asked her about it and gave as an example that when something is put together, there always is a sequence to it. It is planned, designed, executed, produced, etc. That takes time. It cannot all happen at the very same moment."

"Of course not," she laughed. Not in terms of your time idea. There are sequences. We, too, start something, work on it, and there is the finished product. Yet the consecutive moments in which this happens are not hermetically closed off to each other, separated as on earth. In other words, we can go back in time, or go 'fast forward'.

Now, why we would wish to do that is another question. For us, any moment is 'it'; is perfection becoming more perfect by everything we do or think. Can you accept that we here operate from a complete different perspective than you do? The freedom to negate linear time is just one aspect of it."

I pointed at the horse machine.

"What purpose does it have? Can it make anything? Who programs or controls it? Who made it? Does it relate to your armor? How powerful is it? How long will it exist this way?"

She said, "Let me show you something."

Before my very eyes, the enormous machine horse started to expand again. All space in front of me was blocked by it. It was awesome.

"Which is the purpose of showing you this," she said, reading my mind. "Nothing is impossible or unreachable for the forces that form and regulate our universal existence. We work with them. They right now help me to show you this."

The other three people stood next to her while she talked. I looked for the other horses. To my surprise, they had walked away and were almost out of sight.

"One other thing," the woman said. "You think that here and there in your galaxy a planet or star floats. Or, for that matter, that there is an empty space between objects. What do you think? Is nothing there?"

I shrugged my shoulders. What do I know about physics?

"Of course, there can be no 'nothing'," she said. "It would mean that I AM is not in that area. Saying that the force of which the One Who is All exists is somewhere not, or not manifesting itself, is more absurd to us than it is for most people on earth to hear that everything in existence is an expression of I AM."

I changed the subject.

"Where and how do you live? Do you have a family?"

She answered that they live in groups, not unlike what we know as communes and that they marry and form families if they desire so.

(I thought of all the people born here and the trillions coming from earth. Is there a place for them? But then I realized that the 'empty' space she talked about may not be empty at all but filled with the hustle and bustle of another dimension; or a multitude of other dimensions, or 'frequencies', as Achmed said. It would explain some of my experiences in 'instant' travel.)

Reading my mind, she commented that no group, segment or society is a closed one. At any time any individual can come and go as desired. And, indeed, the universe will never be 'full' as it is expanding in all directions, including inwardly, or into what I call empty space. Even my concept of expanding and direction is flawed as it is based on distance and limitations.

I asked if she could show me a specific project she and her people worked on.

She seemed to hesitate. This, again, immediately raised my suspicion that all this is a fabrication of my mind. Why did she have to think? Was it because my own mind who created her didn't know what to say? (It reminded me of what I do in situations when I do not know immediately how to react appropriately. I give it some time and eventually something more or less sensible to say will come up.

After a while she said, "You know, it is difficult to show you. I indicated already with what immense forces we deal. It is not a matter of hiding anything from you. You can go wherever you want in our space, including to any project we work on. But...., well, think of your sun. The type of power we are working with may be of that caliber. In your present state you couldn't stand the 'heat', the intensity. Even if all forces are benevolent - which they are - their magnitude would floor you.

Please, realize that you see the 'products' of the energy forces all around you. You, your cosmos, the world here and the total of all existence are manifestations of the same, the one life force I AM, 'Energy', is. So in a way, what we do or work on is not unlike what you are busy with. We all shape, form and create new volumes of reality."

She then added, "We do the best we can to be understandable for you. Therefore we appeared as we did. It was not meant to confuse you."

I pointed at the humongous, the whole-space-in-front-of-me-occupying mechanical horse monster.

"Does anybody control it with switches or remote control, or what?"

"Of course not!"

"Well, do you speak to it? Who tells it to expand?"

She said, "Speaking is not the right word. The word communication fits better. Communicate we do. Everyone and everything does it. You were able to do it with the rock you sat on even if that still is very strange to you. It is something children and all newcomers here have to learn. Or relearn, if you want. All of the universe is of the same love-energy nature as it receives power from the same source, I AM. That allows for the ability to directly connect with each other, work together and enjoy it. The minds, the internal workings of anything present in the universe, can tune in to where the others are and will have an instant openness, dialogue, meeting of the minds, or whatever you call it, if so desired. Human talk is only a crude reflection of this."

She turned to the monster.


Very fast it started to shrink and in a matter of seconds it had the proportions of the horse she arrived on.

I looked around and saw that the other horses came galloping back to us at an enormous speed. But this time they did not kick up any sand or dust! When they arrived, the four people mounted their animals. I didn't see a trace of their armor. They waved farewell and I slowly walked back to my house, flabbergasted.