2. Free Choice


Rule 2. F R E E C H O I C E ...... 'O N E H O L Y'

"In talking about the first 'rule', 'condition' or 'step' for communicating with Me, I explained that only on the wavelength of being loved, there's a possible connection. Love is Who I am and what everything else is before Me. Avoiding, denying or ignoring this, eliminates a personal closeness to Me. On the other hand, this closeness is not the result of your efforts to show love or because you accept that you need it. No, intimacy with Me comes by discovering, or rather by uncovering, the desire within yourself to be authentic, just yourself; which includes connections with a possible 'ultimate unknown'. There must be a willingness to let this desire to really knowing true life grow. Eventually, it will flood you with the realness of My nature and leads to treasuring having access to the universal frequencies."

"Here comes the second crucial 'law', 'guideline' or 'prerequisite' for proper 'praying'. All the seeking is to come from the seeker's free choice. You immediately see the enormous problems this presents. On earth there is no total freedom of choice. This is quite obvious on the external and internal levels. In theory, and watered down to human standards, yes, people can make up their own minds. But an unfettered free will on all levels of awareness and beyond is unthinkable, isn't it? It's like asking persons on earth to fly on their own power to somewhere outside the solar system. You humans can't do it. Gravity alone would stop you. There's no way forces around or in you don't influence you. So, in terms of free will or decision making, non-freedom reigns on all levels on earth and in the 'Zone of Displacement'. Your planet and all on it are fabricated that way in the first place."

"There will be opportunities enough to expand on this. But I want to start with the biggest issue of all here, that has to come first. This is, that I am the One Holy. The issue is that My first name brings up My not-knowable aspect and spirit. Doesn't this right away state that except Me perhaps, nobody or nothing has full freedom? For the simple reason that nothing can become Me? Nothing and nobody can penetrate this side of Me because there are no antennas, concepts, tools or even hunches for doing so. Isn't this a wall you hit, blocking any all-out freedom?"

"The irony is that on earth this question doesn't stop people anyway from banging against that wall and developing practices to worship the unknown powers on the other side of the wall, calling them their 'God', 'Gods', or using non-religious terms. The not-knowable realm seems to intrigue them and push them to things like 'praying' and all kinds of rituals. It is, indeed, somehow ingrained in human awareness that there are unknown dimensions 'above', 'out there', 'within' or 'wherever'. These are mysteries to the human mind, yet people bother to think about it. Even if religious solutions are rejected, a wondering as it is voiced in arts, pursued by science and by curious private minds continues."

"Let Me state again that all of My emanations, which means all that is in existence, is aware of My all-understanding-transcending aspect. The word 'Holy' is used for this. It says that I have a side that indeed is beyond anybody's grasp. With the exception of what constitutes the realm of the Negative State, all life-forms rave about this fact, treat it as life's most exquisite happening. It lavishly inspires them, feeds their approaches to life and makes them breathe unencumbered and free. They see, hear and praise My first name as the most glorious aspect of My presence that's otherwise all-available, all-visible as much as it's intimate and personal. For them, it lifts up all their doings to the level of worship. Not because I ask them. Not because it's the way they are conditioned. They don't have to do it. They do it by their own choice."

"Don't forget, freedom is as much part of their nature as it is of Mine. This is the master key for understanding this. Thinking about My being the One Holy isn't considered as something off limits but it is considered the ultimate ground and reason for loving and trusting Me. It frees them up so they can abundantly embrace the life they're part of, without, you would say, having to worry about where it comes from or whether it can run out of steam. Freely living the reality of My other names is sealed and protected by this first one. My being Holy and not-knowable guarantees that, indeed, the One they see, know and embrace, is rooted within Him/Herself. It makes all of existence safe and open-ended."

"It's precisely in the heart of the universal response to My first name that the question was bound to arise whether any other approach would be feasible. Could the joy and awe and everlasting gratefulness for being in life have something automatic or built-in? In terms of this chapter, how does one know that the behavior of all in existence is based exclusively on free will? This was and is a perfectly logical and even 'necessary' question. As you know already, all forms of life are fully at liberty to explore this issue and find an answer. But it took a monumental amount of preparation to arrange for a situation in which this strange and unattractive notion could be addressed head on. The core issue is, 'Can I be replaced, copied or divided? Can parts of Me be approached separately? Is My not-knowable part detachable from My other manifestations?' Whoever wants to know more about this can read 'The New Revelation'. It helped you to see Reality. "

"Do you see that the Negative State somehow keeps alive the idea of My first name and spirit, in order that it can be rejected? Their goal became to either prove there isn't such a thing as an not-knowable divine dimension or to bring about a separation between that what cannot be denied and all the other aspects of Me, which can be tampered with. Finding the first goal impossible to achieve, evil forces let people freely play with this fact of the unknowable. They stimulate any approach to it that creates fear or confusion or that sets up systems of worship or obligations that enslave people, making them dependent on those external forms; as if letting them communicate with Me directly isn't enough. Projecting in Me human characteristics is one of their favorites. As long as it enhances people's doubts about being able to know Me personally they're satisfied with whatever lofty ideas religions, philosophies, science or folk wisdom come up with."

"All this undermines on earth the potential of direct contact with Me and the realization that My being the One Holy is no limitation at all but instead heralds the glory in all existence that I am even more than what they understand as 'all'. The systematic manipulation of human thinking and environment is intended to solidify the conclusion that a direct, personal and intimate relationship with Me and My world is either not possible or is irrelevant. It paves the way for alternative concepts and 'truths' that guide and actually enslave human beings, also on the level of their spirit. On the level of internal and external functioning, your generation of humans has no clean choice whatsoever. You're born into dependencies. In many ways, the Negative State has succeeded in convincing human beings of the irrelevance of taking Me too personally. Yet, as in your case, those lies can be punctured. Liberation does take place."

"Do you see that My being One Holy has nothing to do with limits, boundaries, walls or with interfering with your free choice? I share Myself with all that emanates from Me. My first spirit does it, even if it's not-reachable for anybody's understanding. Only because of Me, Reality is. This means that only relative to Me, true life can be lived. In the realm of the Negative State the opposite of the true state of affairs is portrayed and promoted, on the basis of it having the freedom to try this out. It obscures My glow and becomes controversial, to say the least. You, as anybody else, are free to join the Negative State in any way you want. But you're also, as anybody else, invited to follow up on what deep within stirs, the desire to be home with Me. In all that exists, I am. Honestly desiring to open up to that fact indicates the dawning of real freedom."

"I never 'sit in' judgment. Not even in regard to evil doings. Be aware that all living beings on earth are un-free, acting from whatever slavery of mind and body. This doesn't mean you cannot take a position or cannot oppose what by My light you see as destructive. But don't judge, because you don't see the whole picture of what role others play in the ultimate test of Me being Who I am. The implication of all this in regard to 'praying' is that all reaching out to divine powers, to 'gods' or transcending holy powers, in fear, for worship or as scientific interest, is meaningless unless all My names are recognized. I am the fullness of life. Nothing in My nature is separated from the rest. My being the One Holy is an integral part of My oneness. Being in awe for only that part can divert attention from My personal presence and closeness. Each particle in the universe lives by the thrilling fact that it has a precious role to play in life's totality. So each individual human being, by opening up to Me, can receive light that penetrates whatever is dark in them. It un-complicates every aspect of life, because whatever remains a mystery in terms of not understanding it is also Me. The distinction between Me and all that exists as presented by My first name is therefore cause for celebration and more attraction. The more you love, the more you realize it includes everything, known or unknown."

Rule 2. F R E E C H O I C E L O V E

"What a wonderful push it could give human decision making when always love is chosen as the first and final motivation. From the very beginning, it would lighten up the thoughts about all parties being involved. It would tickle one with pleasurable responsibility. That's the way it is in all the universe. It's also offered to those in the Negative State who wonder about the possibility of a free, non-oppressive society. Love is always free, by definition. It's the reason that freedom of choice is based first of all on the all-pervasiveness of love. Anything restricting is unnatural, not free and not love."

"Even on earth you sense some of this in the way you experience the fragmented pieces of love. They have the quality of wanting to connect, to be close, touch, unite, and create new situations in which there is more of it. Of course, in order for it to be a purely positive experience, wisdom and truth are involved, too. My third name, Truth, relates to My second one, Love, as masculine relates to feminine, as substance relates to essence. Embracing wholeheartedly the reality of all being love, will make you want to portray that yourself in your decision making. It sharpens your vision for what really goes on; it enlightens your mind in regard to what to choose."

"Be clear about it, I do not have to love you! I choose to! I am continually in the process of doing so. If you want, you can say that I choose it to be this way, so in trillions of forms and shapes the reflection of My splendor is showing up. The result is that all that comes into existence chooses to adore Me from their free will. You do it. Did I force you? Keep asking that question! Anybody approaching Me should consider first whether they really desire to love Me. They don't have to!"

"On earth, true, hundred percent freedom doesn't exist. The dynamics of choosing are fundamentally distorted or poisoned. However, as you know, your fabricators had to leave some notion of freedom intact, otherwise you would have been reduced to robots, puppets, unable to prove by your choosing it that living can be done outside of My presence. The notion that there is some freedom left is usually applied to the area of individual thinking or to taking a stance on moral issues. The abundance of slavery in other areas is taken for granted. For instance, people hardly make an issue of gravity, being earth-bound, or one hardly protests aging, needing friends or food, for that matter."

"Still, the remnant of free will, even if it often is a caricature, is not just important for the Negative State in order to have humans prove their point. It's also crucial for My relationship with the displaced part of creation. Seeking Me, loving Me, has to come from you. Never will I manipulate you into doing so. That tiny option to make your own decisions makes people accountable. One can set one's own direction going towards truth and love, or not. It's the irreplaceable tool for showing your true colors as an authentic, genuine and unique image of Me. The desire for this is as a cry, a sigh, a dream that's precious in My eyes. Right there, it shows your likeness of Me."

"It's a travesty that much freedom on earth is sacrificed on the altar of what is declared to be My will. Lofty institutions like family, country, morality, marriage or work can become traps for enslavement. If commitment to those relationships or institutions is based on obligation, fear, custom, sacrifice or on whatever not-love motivation, they're doomed spiritually. Surrender to other people's pressures suffocates freedom. Authentic individual decisions solely based on love for Me and for all, are rare. The history of your human generation is bloody, is one full of betrayal of what love really is. By consequence, guilt, fear, as well as cravings and hate dominate the most beautiful and most powerful realm of life."

"I don't put down any honest effort to keep a sense of freedom intact. Here and there, the flame of reality burns when people make the choice to be forgiving, to care and to support liberty for all and offer their uniqueness as contribution. I know that on earth this manifests itself mainly as freedom 'from'; freedom from things dark and negative. Indeed, on all levels, dependency, slavery and servitude are built-in features of human life. It makes exercising all-out freedom impossible. Only on your most inner spiritual level, some of it is unchained and pure. There, the powerful call is for connecting with the core of freedom: My presence. It will enable you to experience life's essence also on the mental and external, on the behavioral and social level."

"I can't tell you enough that love is not, not even primarily, making things look nice and good. Love is the very aliveness in everything that exists. Including in Me! It sharpens your mind not because it enhances its functioning but because your mind correlates to it as lungs do to air. Love doesn't light up the paths on which decisions are made; it 'is' the path from where proper decisions rise. Existence is based on choices. Much of your decision making is not conscious. This makes the issue of free will so confusing. The rest of the universe doesn't have this problem. They also are faced with making choices all the time on all levels, but their minds have clear and direct access to all relevant aspects and elements. They consider options, wonder what is best, deliberate, study and ask advise. They meet with Me about certain issues, like you do. The difference with earth is that no option that's not purely positive is considered. Everything is geared to enhancing perfection, you could say. The route your ancestors went is categorically rejected."

"All who want to connect with Me in 'prayer' must welcome the all-power of love, since only thoughts and attitudes based on that will free their system from complicating interference. The question is, do they want to eliminate all things negative in order to connect with the full reality? Can you see that this second 'condition' for approaching Me will, when accepted, in a most fundamental way transform a person? You and anybody else, aware of it or not, are constantly making choices that determine the direction in which you go. You always can, if you go for it, find your deepest desires and intentions."

"People talk about the 'indomitable' human spirit. How true that is! Not just for exceptionally brave persons. It points at the power in all the pondering and wondering about meaning and truth. No evil force can stop that. Even in the 'hell's' it's present, though mostly in a suppressed mode. There, in a much more radical way than among humans on earth, any of it surfacing into awareness is attacked by the ruling system. It's not unlike what you know as brainwashing and conditioning. But the potential of liberation is there! Of course it is. Life stems from Me! The denial of this is doomed to run out of steam."

"It is difficult for humans to every day practice love as central power and meaning. Realizing it's up to each individual to make decisions in that direction doesn't make it easier. Freeing oneself from all sorts of lies, fears, prejudices and dependencies is an arduous task. This is compounded by the factual situation that on your external level, where nature, your body, culture, laws, etc., rule, full freedom doesn't exist. Much of what people think they do out of free will is a conforming to the expectations and pressures from their environment. Not that all of those are destructive. But in terms of free choice, even the most free spirits have to compromise as long as they're in their physical bodies. The whole structure of earth and human life on it is one of mutual dependencies and slavery when seen from My perspective. Those who discern this and protest it are put under pressure or silenced. Only in some elementary forms, like parents wholeheartedly dedicating themselves to the well-being of her child, you see that love and free choice coincide. But even that goes only so far. How 'free' is a mother in her nurturing?"

"True freedom can only be practiced and protected on the level of one's spirit, which is the part that still allows for direct access to Me. Even there, the Negative State has positioned all kinds of 'watchdogs', to warn them when people are at the point of stepping into My light. Many distractions are thrown at you: inner voices, doubts, threats, old 'tapes', practical disturbances and so on. Your challenge is to stay alert so that your contact with Me keeps a clear focus and remains authentic. Everything on earth can slip away from being fully and truly desired and chosen and can become contaminated with the lies of the Negative State. You saw some of how the Real Reality functions. Freedom equates joy equates love equates ever-exciting newness. Approaching Me by personal choice, that 'praying' leads to the discovery that whatever is desired is far surpassed by what already is!"

Rule 2. F R E E C H O I C E T R U T H

"I am the only Reality or Truth there is. It's from Me that all emanates; by My decision, by the creative means I have, or I am if you want. Everything that exists as entity or particle is relative to its source, Me, and is as such a reflector and somehow an image of Me. All that happens is, in a way, Me happening. The crucial thing to understand here is that all that exists somehow represents My nature. Well, you may grasp this theoretically. But the hard part to realize is that My nature which you reflect, includes the freedom to exist, to move and to choose. It immediately says in you, 'Am I not, as all else, a product of some creative force, endowed with life but not because of my own doing? Did I have a choice to not live?' Added for you is the issue of your dual other part here. Did they choose themselves to be? You cannot desire or decide to become someone unless you are already existing, isn't that right?"

"I have wonderful news for you, My friend. It is from My desire that all comes into being. So all that exists has inherently the freedom to desire what it wants. The potential of choosing to love Me is present in all of the universe. Your being in life stems ultimately from My free will. Other persons and elements are instrumental in your appearance in life, yet that doesn't change your nature as potentially reflecting Me. Being in life means that as I have it, you have the freedom of choice. One, you can use it to acknowledge your origin and to let My choice to have you live become your choice as well. Two, you can decide what kind of person you desire to be from day to day, despite whatever circumstances. Three, you can avail yourself for radiating and expressing love and so identify with your eternal part. Four, the most beautiful part for everyone is that you can use your freedom to let Me express Myself through and in you."

"All this is very challenging. Doubting your freedom to seek Me, wondering about how it works that I am in you and that I celebrate My 'homecoming' through the entity you are, comes 'natural'. Plus that, again, the odds are obvious: how can total freedom exist when all life is ultimately tied to its source and all its movements are limited, both the moving away from Me and the returning to Me in the space I provide? So let Me repeat what I said before. The truth is that freedom is an integral part of existence itself. It's the nature of life. Even if, by your logic, the non-freedom of life seems a given because of the fact of being produced by someone else's will or planning, that doesn't change My nature. Freedom belongs to the substance of life, is the substance of life. Without it, nothing could be. I couldn't be! Let this sink in, over and over again. All non-freedom, all the dependencies, slavery and limitations you are so familiar with represent the delusion by which the Negative State has created a pseudo-world and a false logic. You are free because I am. Period. Don't be frugal in liberating yourself!"

"On earth are as many complications in regard to free choice as there are manifestations of life. They always surface when you take earth's functioning as the normal situation. Do you remember that on one of your 'journeys', your lovemaking resulted in a child being 'born'? How did he react? He thanked you for giving birth to him so that he could participate in life. You, at that time, wanted to know the scope of uniting in love. In that experience, did the boy or did your partner or did you yourself have any difficulty with him being dependent, 'forced' into life? Was there, in whatever shape or form, any sense of non-freedom? It all took place in the realm of wanting something new and beautiful to happen. Which included My participation in granting life; an issue you didn't even raise at the time, shocked as you were by your 'motherhood'!"

"The message for you, as for all who want to know what to expect when connecting with Me, is to accept you have a free will, though doubted or foreign as it may seem, as a personal beautiful fact. Nothing will be forced on you by Me. Even retroactively - I use your term - you're able to decide if you want to have been born or not. Control, setups, predestination, fate, whatever indicates powerlessness, are inventions of the Negative State. I remind you again that you are free to consciously join the activities of evil. On earth all participate in them anyway, more than you care to know or admit. Being confused about the truth of all-freedom is natural there."

"As earthling, as product of the machinations of the negative forces, it's impossible to substantially detach yourself from this given situation. On all levels you are surrounded by it and part of it. But, somehow, the truth about the real situation is also present. It comes with life. Anyone can choose to not suppress the search for truth. With skepticism and often little enthusiasm you yourself continued to pursue it. You see now that the desire to do so came from within you. Nobody asked or challenged you. So, with this tiny bit of authentic free will left in you, you hesitantly started siding with the signs of My personal presence."

"You had no idea where it would bring you. You still don't know! But it dawned upon you that with your independent thinking and your honesty about it, you were hitting 'it'. Being with Me revealed to you that the one absolute and true Reality does exist. This has nothing to do with fate, 'happy' fate, in this case. Your coming home into realness is a result of your personal choosing and deciding. From the very beginning of your connecting with Me, it became more and more clear that what you found was something normal, simple and uncomplicated. Also, that it is there for everybody who wants to find it. You didn't entertain thoughts that I have preferences for certain people. All in life are in Me as I am in them. The only criterion for finding the truth on earth lies in the question, 'Do you want it?!'"

"This, of course, puts you on a collision course with all who use religious concepts for any purpose other than being happy with Me. Massive are the resistances to accepting that 'praying', that speaking with Me, is not about asking things. The asking comes from My side when I request that you are sincere and not follow prescriptions of others. The indoctrination goes deep that speaking with Me assumes neediness. It doesn't. You, correctly, avoid the word 'asking' when you publicly or privately 'pray'. In a crisis situation it may slip out anyway. And the famous line about asking for 'daily bread' seems to contradict what I just said. But the situation has changed since that was said. My reality is 'more', now the earthly human experience is included in My nature. Telling Me your concerns is number one. It's beautiful and powerful. 'Asking' for anything like a child does belies the fact that you're a free agent, that you represent Me."

"I entered the realm of My own denial as you were able to write. I am present in that segment of creation that willingly separated from Me. One consequence of this is that when you connect with Me, nothing has to be explained as if I don't know the needs. To say it much more personal, truthful and wonderful: 'I am there where you are'. I know. For you it wasn't that hard to get used to My intimate presence in your life's situations, was it? Nor was it threatening to go to the other dimensions on your journeys. You didn't have to learn elaborate techniques or mental tricks in order to reach Me. You wanted it. That was enough. And that is enough for anybody. My will, My desire, My choice is to be close to all, as close as I am to Myself. When you come to the conclusion that it is your desire to know Me personally, you're on solid ground! You don't have to ask Me things. That creates distance. By telling Me what you want or would like to happen you gain insight into your own potential, into the available options and into the safety you have in being with Me."

"Let Me bring up the issue of guilt. You know that feeling guilty can be a deeply ingrained, nagging burden. In a sneaky way it may be projected in Me. I should feel guilty! I could have prevented the misery on earth. Why didn't I? If I am free in My choices then I should take some blame for the bad happenings on earth. This seldom is openly expressed that way but there is a resentment factor within your human generation towards the supposed master of the universe, whoever he/she/it is. It may originate from genuine pain because of all the malfunctioning. But the truth is: nothing negative is imposed. It is the result of a chosen direction, of free will taken to its ultimate potential. Your ancestors didn't 'have' to go that far. But when they did, I stayed true to Myself. The universe, to its great relief and never ending admiration, saw Me choosing not to exclude from My love those that tried and still try to destroy the real reality."

"There's no judgment in Me, nor regret or guilt. None of this has to be in you either. Especially not when you learn to share your whole life with Me, all its facts, 'failures' and fun. I am not some giving deity who has to be asked. I am the realness in your life, the truth of it. Identifying as much as you can with that truth is your ticket to freedom. Actually, it is freedom already operating in you."

Rule 2. F R E E C H O I CE P R OP E R

"Freedom of choice in the universe is much appreciated and happily applied. Yet it is never taken for granted. Not because it is a threatened commodity. No, it is because the awareness of it tickles everybody's sense of importance and stirs up enthusiasm. It makes each contribution special, each opinion welcome, each input worthwhile. In the real world, one is not burdened by what you call un- or subconscious motivations or fears. Everything is in the open and when things are offered, it's always graciously accepted as positive. There are no taboos or hidden agendas and nothing, once decided, will backfire. On earth, honesty about what one really wants is compromised from the very beginning by anticipated no's, doubts of feasibility and opposition. Here, nobody is 'looking over anybody's shoulder', so having and expressing one's personal opinion is all over the place."

"Again, I remind you that also in the celestial worlds, putting things together will not always automatically have the desired result. Details can be overlooked, timing may not be balanced or information not complete. It may lead to 'mistakes'. Sounds familiar, right? What makes it a completely different occurrence from what you know, is the way one reacts to the discovery of 'malfunctioning' and how this is handled. All parties involved are delighted to come across something that can be improved and next time prevented. Laughter, teasing and celebrating the corrections is what mistakes lead to. The whole structure of existence is built on free choices, uses material from My nature, and all parts are aware of My presence in them. This makes accountability, or if you want, responsibility, for what one stands for and how one performs a most natural element of participating in common projects. Without exception, each entity operates from the full awareness of being a valuable partner and contributor, through whom the whole stands firmly and beautifully."

"With some of this you earthly humans can identify. You may see each person as a center in a world draped around them and as a unique appearance, for better or worse. Yet, participation in joint projects requires maneuvering in the midst of wild currents. They are more tinted by compromising and sacrificing personal input than by honoring and admiring original touches. You can see that, therefore, when approaching Me, the most important question is not, being clear about what you need, but what on your deepest level, in your heart of hearts so to speak, you want to contribute, how you want to mirror Me in the situation you're in at that moment. This translates into, 'Do you want to be involved in My world of all-beauty and rightness? Do you want to be part of building perfection by unrestricted acts of making love, making whole, making new, making splendor? Do you want to fit in the society of only free spirits that will love and appreciate you unconditionally?'"

"It's only then, when however feebly you hear a 'Yes' within yourself, that true insight is acquired into how thoroughly polluted and poisoned all that shows on earth really is. It then becomes clear that in the external world around you as well as in the workings of the human psyche no pure freedom of choice is left. What is considered as done out of free will is riddled with the impact and influences of others, of society and of unconscious factors. You see that, indeed, only by continuously out-maneuvering or discarding outside pressures, some authentic personally chosen direction can become visible? Much freedom on earth is a caricature! It lost spontaneity, twists the truth by holding back parts of it, it thrives on self-serving priorities or, even if deeply desired, cannot avoid interfering with other people's ideas."

"In the human life cycle, free choice seems to function when, for instance, young adults decide which way to go, in terms of career, partner and leaving home. But those kinds of fractions of free choice are irrelevant to the overall dominance of the Negative State. That creates illusions of independence as they distract from true maturing, which is, deciding to love Me above all else and so help shape and perfect the universal structure of life. To be with Me, for Me and through Me is considered such a vague, non-practical and therefore isolating concept that in daily-living matters people turn for information and validation to the outside, to the external world. The eternal splendor of My world is not a factor. So again, the question is when one turns to Me in 'prayer', does one dare to expect connecting with an unfailing model for also all what you call the 'practical' aspects of life?"

"In approaching Me you touch upon the fullness of existence in all its majestic totality. It's not just something spiritual that gets activated. I am the all of life, expressing Myself in forms, shapes, movements, structures and compositions; directly and indirectly. Everything of this is right, well put together, magnificent. Realize that in your personal life no aspect is irrelevant as if it cannot be part of the whole structure of life or is a fragment that cannot fit in properly, happily and beautifully. When people 'pray' that My will be done, they should mean that their own will be so purified that it represents and reflects the health, strength and brightness of what is truly real."

"In order to have not just a sense of this, but to see yourself involved in taking that direction, you have to bypass much of the cross-wiring of your inner and outer systems. Needed is the difficult process of distinguishing among all inner voices, urges and images you have, so you will hear and recognize what comes from Me. Therefore, you can never relax in fine-tuning your instincts and intuition. These are the mental instruments that serve the spiritual realm. The only frequency that validates the insights coming from communicating with Me comes from that part in you that yearns for the truth, for all-inclusive harmony and for rightness. This may sound impractical and complicated in view of the thorough conditioning all people are subjected to. But you tell Me whether this is correct!"

"Nothing in existence is isolated or far away from its natural habitat of beauty and happiness. You welcomed My presence in and with you. Don't you think it punctured and shook up the thick layers of resistance maintained by the Negative State to obstruct and obscure your access to the real world? Children, at times, experience the free flow of a safe and happy belonging together. They can express themselves honestly and directly in terms of what they would like. Fairy tales sound real to them because they connect with a still-intact sense of what a world without boundaries is all about."

"Throughout human history, the 'dream' of there being another, more wholesome, dimension has been kept alive. Some 'dreamers' have been attacked for it, from within and from without. Many pursued anyway, asking attention for what they 'knew' existed. Often without making a conscious connection they indeed have tasted some of My glory, some of the one glorious Reality. Some find Me while following up on their deep inner desire and longing. It's so right when people choose to side with honesty, with justice for all and with beauty in forms and relationships. Very often, these contacts with the Real Reality will be claimed by the Negative State as achievements of the human spirit. Any direct link with My lively presence will be severed in any possible way."

"However, things of beauty, caring, harmony, pleasure, health, strength and well-functioning can trigger wondering about what it is that they represent. It puts a choice in front of people: investing in those, or let things ugly, cheap and destructive take over. It also raises the question why not everything is right, proper, free and healthy. Human minds remain restless, fearful and dissatisfied about this, regardless of explanations and solutions offered by the Me-denying forces. If you don't deny but seek Me, you may expect the ultimate bliss. I invite everybody to experience the blessings of being close to Me. They're there as something normal, predictable and universal. My nature provides the grand structure of all segments of life. You're part of it. Be the part as much as you can, even while still on earth!"

"Seeing Me as the structure for and of everything that exists amounts to being in a love relationship with Me and with the rest of the universe. Life becomes a 'we'. Nothing is outside. You're always involved. Negative aspects turn into lessons for learning. As such, they're not wasted. The more intimate you are with Me, the more your actions will be like words lovers whisper to each other. They're as precious as they're daring, as intriguing as understood. Desire permeates all the layers and arrangements of the universe's society. Therefore it is so beautiful."

"You could say that reality exists as the sum and the result of all the choices out of free will made by those in it. It is My free choice to have it this way, to be Who I am. Of course, you can ask if I could be around without any of my emanations or, something humans have to consider according to their logic, was there a time that nothing existed but Me, solo? My reaction to that issue is that you decide! You answer the question. Whatever you answer, so it is for you. Do remember that you exist because of the life force I am, of which unconditional freedom is an integral part. Accepting this or not is your choice. If you want to know My 'secrets' - in this case, the answer to the question whether I can exist without you or other emanations - you will find the answer. But only when you realize that you are not an outsider looking in from somewhere outside of Me! Nothing is."

Rule 2. F R E E C H O I C E H E A L I N G

"One reason that the freedom of choice is so treasured in the multiverse, is because it negates boundaries. Or, to say it in a positive and factual way, since boundaries are not a factor in the universe, it opens up welcoming horizons in all directions. It means that all in existence is positioned as I am. Being life's center is for Me a great joy. It allows for joining with everything; having it as partner, lover, friend. It means, all living happens on an equal footing, to use your expression. It explains why coming to Me to do some asking is unnatural. It sets Me up as a sort of parent and those that 'pray' as needy children. This is not the way it is! On earth, you will experience the true nature of Our relationship by just telling Me what it is you want and would like to happen. This is the language that comes through. You can do away with all distance creating formalities!"

"In addition, being honest, clear and direct when visiting with Me prepares your faulty systems for improvements, as far as that's possible within the parameters of your inborn deficiencies. Let Me come back to the joy of being free as it is celebrated in the other dimensions. One reason for it is the phenomenon, so unfamiliar to you, that nothing is stagnant on any level. Everything can change, can move on and can become more. The ultimate example of this is the way I deal with the realm of the Negative State. To the great excitement of all the universes I chose to not write off or destroy that 'impossible' development but instead I became a presence in it Myself. You know this. I exercised the absoluteness and totality of My free will by allowing theirs to attack Me and turn freedom into its opposite, slavery. Exposing Myself to all levels of their darkness shows those of the Negative State a way out - a way forward."

"So the potentially so-threatening rebellion is part of the wholeness of My nature. I put freedom 'on the line', so to speak, at a great expense. What I am saying is that My decisions can be trusted. Now, freedom will be forever saved from being abused again. All in existence can move forward with Me. The example of what the original human race did and caused by their choices against Me is a reminder of what not to choose. I don't plead with anybody to see it this way. Universally, the rejection of what your fabricators became and show is total. But not in a condemning way because it led up to My new nature as a wholeness that even includes My being denied."

"This is implied in the familiar 'prayer', 'Thy will be done'. Many similar expressions are used. They invite to not quarrel with Me but implicitly trust Me. I am proving that My will is My all-inclusive love. It's the motivation and the execution of it. My wholeness expands not by eliminating anything but by the process of healing in the midst of your human situation with its compromised freedom that led to such dire consequences. When now you say, 'Thy will be done', it is not a token of submission or a plea for Me to take over. I won't. Your freedom to choose My closeness is My will. Use it!"

"To everyone it applies that I can be met on their level. I'm also there, where My existence is denied in the worst possible way. It shows what My will is. Still 'praying' that My will be done, or saying 'Deo Volente', or 'Allah willing', is uttering a truism. It's redundant. I am My will. You are part of it. The moment you accept that, your real freedom is activated. I invite you and everybody reading this to come clear with what you want, with what you find within you as your deepest longing. You witnessed the change it brought to you when you realized that you can travel with Me without any fear, as a normal situation. You understand now that failing to see, feel or own the magnificence of being alive all the time isn't because of Me but because of your still belonging to the earth situation. The realness of taking part in the unfolding of My wholeness is something you have to wake up to. Do you want to breathe in the healing oxygen of My spirit?"

"It will be quite an explosion of beautiful sounds when, after the final choices of those in the Negative State and the collective wills of all in existence, merge into one great song with hitherto unheard tones; when all that was and is and will be, all dimensions and all potentials as well as achievements, embrace to celebrate the total liberation. Don't worry about Me having to hold My breath till that happens, though. Or about yourself, having to wait. The true reality exists already. You can experience some of it. When the Negative State is completely gone, a new cycle of life comes into existence. It will in all fullness show the change in My nature."

"I trust you accept that there is no way of explaining the new era to you. Those with Me here 'shake their heads' when I mention it. It's also beyond their ability to imagine. They react with hugging Me and teasing Me with their having patience with Me. But at the same time they anticipate it with great eagerness ,because the new cycle of time entering is My decision. My plans never disappoint them. They thrive on wanting to participate in reality's unfolding. Their individual journeys are not jeopardized by My moves. My moves include their chosen journeys, you could say. So the 'more' that is to come adds another brilliant ray to the glow of glorious living now."

"My fifth name 'Healing' indicates more than any of the other names the change I went through in order to cope with the direction some of the original humans chose to go. Clearly, 'healing' refers to something sick, broken or dysfunctional, but now being in the process of being restored or cured. Where no brokenness is, the name means the ongoing process of growing to more wholeness and perfection. On earth, you have healers of wounds, of injustice, of misunderstandings, etc.. Many strive to overcome ugliness and suffering, in themselves or in others. Wanting to do this stems from the fact that human life, in spite of how it looks now, originates in Me. Sincerely wanting to connect with Me in 'prayer' makes the person who does that an instant healer!"

"I told you before that the Negative State infiltrates immediately any movement that too clearly reveals My nature coming through. They may promote relief of pain and suffering in order to subtly herd people towards false beliefs and expectations. It has been stated that all moving forward is from the within to the without. Hold on to this. It enables you to see the full picture of what's progress and improvement in 'helping' others. Lasting, effective and true healing is the result of connecting with Me on the spiritual level. The radiation of love and truth from there to all areas that are affected by earth's malfunctioning is a sign of the renewal of life, regardless of how little of it may show directly. In other words, each person is accountable for her or his motivations and intentions in bringing about healing for self or others."

"Do you see that healing and more wholeness relate? My life is - I am - permanently expanding, becoming more, more whole. I am in the continuous act of unfolding My glory. This includes all that emanates from Me. Therefore, you should move away from seeing Me as a factor that can fix things. Nothing of earth is worth fixing except what has spiritual and therefore eternal roots. Which is every expression of pure love and of true wisdom. The rest will be replaced, recycled and totally renewed. This does happen. From people's within. With whoever wants it. Whoever connects with Me is right away part of the process of renewing. I see you as already healed. Being in My presence is one invitation to see this yourself and to confidently join the forward movement of life. In this sense, 'praying' is giving up as relevant all earthly goals. Its focus is on identifying more and more with what you are as My companion."

"A year and a half ago, I shocked you when out of the blue I told you that you were healed from an illness you have. You reacted with: 'Yes, yes, You mean 'in principle', I guess'. Obviously, you doubted the realness of My statement. Well, you still have the same problem. Did I lie, or perhaps fool you for some reason? Did I test you? I like you to answer Me now, if you want." (I did. I told You that right now, being with You while I write these things down and whenever I visit with You, I feel part of a reality that's outside the reach of typical earthly miseries. I think this is possible because of my desire to keep an eye on my spiritual part while the rest of me operates as usual. My body remains as it is. Did you tease me with Your statement that I am healed, or did you mean it perhaps only in a spiritual, corresponding way? I don't think so. I believe that my full self is kicking and well. Even if my awareness here, tied as it is to my body, prevents me from identifying with the 'me' that's before you. I do my best to not forget this and to see physical problems and worries from this perspective. I don't like problems. But knowing the real reality surely helps me to have better insight into my and other people's earthly needs.) "See, you are a healer yourself! You have become more realistic. From within. For everybody is being consciously a part of the growing wholeness within reach. I know of the need to cry out to Me for help, at times blindly. But then, something tells you that there's a better way. Which is, relying on My closeness and getting used to being in My presence. This will tremendously strengthen your resistance to the lies and influences of the Negative State. Reacting to My encouraging smile, you force your 'demons' to wonder whether your journey with Me may be available also for them!"

Rule 2. F R E E C H O I C E M A N I F E S T A T I O N

... "In everything I express Myself, so is something of Me present. Otherwise it couldn't exist. There's a chasm between how this manifests itself in the universe and what shows in the realm of the Negative State. Look at your planet. All is functioning on the basis of inequality, fear, dependency and power. That kind of complexity doesn't exist in the rest of the worlds. It just is unknown. Every form of life is treasured, welcomed, admired and included. There's no leaning on each other or expecting anything from the other. The connection with Me is the all-sufficient source of self-worth. Sharing is pure joy. You know the spiritually and mentally deadly poison of comparing, of expecting, secretly or as command and of sitting in judgment. Humans have to play the system and each other in order to survive. Surviving what, one can ask?"

"Since in all creation everything is in the open and is approached with interest and respect, the differences showing up in all that's around is applauded, admired as much as it's intriguing and leading to attraction, learning and changing. Any sign of non-freedom would be immediately recognized and confronted. But have no fear, the chance of that happening is non-existent. It is, however, one of the reasons there's no free interchange between 'heaven' and earth. All earthly 'accomplishments' are uninteresting for the rest of creation since those are inherently tainted by imperfections, to say the least. Being that as it is should not discourage anybody on earth to still seek ways of representing the true light and potential in everything!"

"Moves in which My nature is visible are based on freedom. Any personal effort, done as an individual or as part of a group can contribute to defying lies and falsities. Meeting with Me creates pockets of light, even on levels you're not aware of. You don't have to be aware of it because then you would try to live up to them. I told you that I don't have expectations. I radiate My love to you as you are. I rejoice in seeing it responded to in kind, because it means you 'got' it. And that, by definition, means liberation, being more authentic and providing you with endless breathing and rejoicing space."

"You may understand that all creation 'here' doesn't know what to do with any showing that's not genuine but shaped and formed by influences of others. It doesn't register. Approaching Me therefore, 'praying', only reaches its goal when it is personal, from the heart, good or bad, and simple. When influences or demands from others are recognized, they can be dismissed as unwelcome. They have no positive value. Many lean on others, hide behind them, fear being completely honest. Yet, facing reality is facing one's own reality. For better or worse. Choosing not to opt for the real quality of one's own person means rejecting being a free, valuable and authentic entity. It is choosing to be a nobody."

"The way all in creation affect each other shows mutual appreciation and a desire to be part of things happening. Nobody is timid, ashamed or secretive. Curiosity abounds. Learning about alternatives, sharing personal insights or information and asking for input make for spirited conversations, discussions and private and public meetings. Since everything is expressing something of Me, shared efforts double the presence of beauty and pleasantness. In such way 'matter' or inanimate material is approached. It's only done from a position of joy and respect that it is available and so, with its particular quality, can participate in the unfolding of Reality. On all levels where cooperation, relationships or togetherness are required, the party who asks and the party who is asked, operates with complete confidence in their own uniqueness, value and willingness to share and enrich. There just is no need to wonder about how the other will react since all actions come from respect and affection."

"For whatever reason a meeting or contact takes place, it's as a little love affair. Hard to imagine for you, right? That everything has a 'flip' side, an opposite pole, like that good must have a price tag, is ingrained in your thinking. It's a lie. The only reason the Negative State that perpetuates this lie could come into existence is because My nature of all-freedom. Freedom was available to them, even when they used it for trying to prove Me obsolete. The possibility of My setting limits and so compromising the absoluteness of My own nature, would have validated their endeavor. In the process of setting Me up for that, a world of non-freedom was created. Expressions of life and forms of life were copied and disconnected as much as possible from their original purpose of representing Me. All in the Negative State, including the originators themselves, live in slavery of that misrepresentation of Reality."

"Still, even if you're born, as you are, as a deliberately disfigured product of life's creative potential, the option is open to not believe in this being your fate, as if you are a victim of it. You're able to re-connect with what is your true nature. It is possible to learn to see through the distortions and recognize them in spite of not being able to change the perversions of what could be a freely chosen, full expression of reality shared with Me and all others. For humanity, the hope for a better world is tied to the misery of this one. They think there must be some better place. They set Me up as a provider of such an ideal place for those suffering. They ignore the invitation to exercise free will and be an active part of the real reality now."

"The simple truth is that you can decide to step into the realness that your own person is part of Me manifesting Myself. The need for believing in a 'positive pole' as opposite to darkness disappears when you accept yourself as being from and towards Me, however incredible it may sound. Letting My light,, My love and warmth in enables you to see the truth of all I am telling you. All appearances of non-freedom and ugliness are seen then as remnants of a doomed effort. Anybody accepting this and holding on to it, has access to the experience that, indeed, all their 'prayers' are answered. In the Real Reality, which you consciously enter when you follow up on your desire to connect with Me, all are safe!"

"I'd like you to think again of the child in whose bringing forth you were involved during one of your early 'journeys'. The whole event happened for you in a 'fast forward' mode. You are not capable yet to understand any of the mechanics and technical aspects of how the real world works. Still, you saw a gallery with equipment the boy was going to use for his learning. Once you attended here a class in which children were taught with the help of a sort of blackboard. The point is that always learning takes place. It includes all the ins and outs of life. Newly-born entities immediately yearn for knowledge. They're eager and delighted to participate in fitting in and bringing in their own specialties. Nothing in this process has even remotely to do with forcing them. Neither is it some automatic reaction by lack of an alternative. Their joy stems from the fact that the blossoming awareness of being someone includes the presence of others and of Me. This creates an excitement that never stops. They love the adventure of being alive with its limitless opportunities. It's rooted in a personal choice to participate."

"Any 'high' you can think of, like that of a honeymoon or of a falling in love has as feature that it seems no downside is attached. At least not for a while. Well, the joy of manifestations of real life never come down! Unless one would choose that. But why would anybody? The original human race, specifically equipped to deal with issues of free will and gifted with minds wanting to explore, had like all other life-forms not the faintest interest in, or even an inkling of, the possibility of straying away from My presence. Your 'Story' (Writing 7 and 'The Seven Names', Writing 3) about what happened still holds up. In everything they loved to mirror My nature and to manifest Me as their source of life. Let Me put it this way, it was not easy at all for your ancestors to pursue an answer to the question about how far freedom goes."

"Did I put them on the spot? No! I told them that whatever the outcome of their research and experiments would be, they would not lose My love, and that their findings would contribute to the overall glory of all that exists. This is why I have been willing to stay with them in case they would get 'lost'. Which they did. Well, you know that nothing is really 'lost' even if it seems so by your logic. It applies to all forces and appearances of the Negative State that the road back to Me is open. If they choose so. I can tell you that all in the universe unequivocally welcome any sign that hints at some re-discovery of the full reality."

"Denial of truth needs a truth to deny. This thought may help those who want to connect with Me, who want their 'prayers' to be genuine and their lives positive and honest. Even if everything in you contradicts your divine origin and qualities, nothing changes the fact that only I am the I AM forever and wherever. The Negative State with its Me-defying efforts 'achieved' that now the denial of My all-presence adds to the glory of My nature. Nothing has to be proven anymore about what freedom can lead to. There's a real choice now for what you want to portray."

Rule 2. F R E E C H O I C E E N ER G Y

"I am Energy in all its totality. I am life, period. It's the way I am; it is the way existence is. It means that the energy of life itself is only Love, only Truth and of Beauty. Unfolding and always Manifesting itself. I happen. Only I happen, occur. All in existence also possess a sense of being the center and mover of their worlds. This sense comes with life. It reflects Me. In terms of approaching Me, you better be aware of this! It means that in all respects the bundle of energy you are will be purified, re-directed and freed to its full power. You won't stay the same. I always move and become more. This also is the nature of your being a piece of life. You're not stuck or stagnant, as I am not. Meeting personally with Me energizes, unless it's resisted."

"Know what you're in for when you decide to 'pray'! This pertains to all who live in the Negative State. The rest of the universe doesn't have to be reminded. They live by it, every moment. Like you treasure breathing in fresh air, so they treasure in all their thinking, planning and doing the abundance of My life force around and in them. They don't take their freedom to use these for granted. Participating in life is exciting. They honor My last name with pride and awe. My grandness never ceases to amaze and impress them. Knowing Who I am is fuel for the universal zest to work on being a worthy contribution to the whole. Nobody has to ask for power. They're a product of it and never feel separated from the source. This colors their choices and tickles their desires. They want My exquisite and mighty will to be done, because it coincides with their own will."

"The tragedy on earth is that any effort not driven by the true energy of life is not effective and useful. As My energy doesn't function in any form of bondage or slavery, where does that leave earth, where practically all activities fall in the category of being forced, conditioned and out of necessity? It is not that from the beginning your ancestors wanted it to turn out this way. They couldn't fathom an outcome like this. But in the process of pursuing their desire to create an alternative world, when they faced the fact that when not love-powered everything becomes fragile, they chose to ignore this and frantically experimented in order to prove that life without a conscious connections with Me had to be possible."

"You, and most people, easily buy into that. Cosmic powers above and within your planet can stir up a deep awe. People react with creating monuments of beauty, domesticating the forces of nature and expanding their space. In a perverted way, those high achievements please the pseudo-creators, your human ancestors. Hearing people erroneously praise Me for the impressiveness of the works of their hands makes for boisterous scoffing. They support any idealism in the direction that things will improve on earth or that a better world is in the making, with societies running smoothly, nature under control and prosperity for all. It's a sublime form of slavery to have people hooked to that goal."

"For you, and for all who don't want to be caught in the prevailing net of lies, the solution is to keep reminding yourself that life on earth operates by 'stolen' energy. It looks and works like real power but it's not just flawed, it's inherently destructive because it's obscuring My presence in it. Success, progress, prosperity or health, when not flowing from My presence and creating more closeness to Me is spiritually irrelevant and becomes a facade behind which slavery reigns. A fact to keep in mind is that all the pseudo-creations of your human ancestors appeared after they left the orbit of My closeness. So however reasonable or good things may look in your eyes or by your standards, they're mortally flawed. Any fragment of power or energy taken out of the context of My presence in it, isn't moving true life but builds a caricature of it."

"The Negative State wanted not necessarily things to turn out the way they did. But those do illustrate that not aligning with My force leads to violence and abuse of power. All freedom is gone. Like an engine 'needs' fuel or a body 'needs' food, so their world started hanging together by dependencies. This situation is familiar to you yet it is a perversion of the harmonious use of energy in the proper machinery of life. I want you to be very clear about this. Because only then you can appreciate the fact that the remnant of My seventh name still operates in everything around, however damaged, broken up and weakened. For people of your human generation there still is a source of energy that allows for fighting any form of servitude and for rising above it as much as possible. The level on which the freedom to do this shows most convincingly is in the spiritual realm. There, My last name allows you to experience directly the unified nature of life. From there, everything that goes on gets its proper focus."

"The deep longing for harmony is a powerful inspiration for wisdom, goodness, beauty and moving forward. More than you can figure out, its presence can infiltrate your thinking and the way you observe and act. It frees people up so they can be more authentic persons. All efforts to refine moral codes and ethical standards or to change laws to make them more just for all will fail if My spirit is ignored and the true nature of power isn't recognized. Things being as they are on earth should not stop you or anybody from being active and do the best you can. In the midst of a fog or sandstorm, travelers look for any sign that can orient them. My nature of freedom is such a life-saver. It's the soul of real life and will survive the chaos in the 'Zone of Displacement', the Negative State."

"I gave you My seven names and the twelve components of all existence. Now, I speak with you about the ten 'rules' for connecting with Me. I do it on your level. This shows you that also in your world I am a vital presence and can be the energy of and in all that you are. You found Me amidst other forces working in you. You now understand from where those borrow, or rather steal, their power. You treasure being hooked up with Me. How much you let this energize you remains your choice."

"When intellectually you try to figure out the dynamics in the different aspects of life and want to include the information you have now, you keep wondering what you can do with the new insights and what the relevance of it is for your daily coming and going. I know it is an immense challenge to operate exclusively from your spiritual core. Yet it's worth going for and to never let any activity in your mind get away with excluding your most inspiring and powerful connection, which is, operating within the field of My energy. It is the power of true 'prayer' that it gives a sense of being capable to perform in the Real Reality."

"Now, what about the freedom to end one's life? When in an entity in the Positive State the desire arises to explore other life-forms, that request will be honored and discussed in order to find the most proper ways to do so. How then the transformation takes place isn't relevant for this topic. Important is to remember that any desire for change is based on everybody's freedom to be the way they want. It is only positive. Free will has no taboos or boundaries since it always leads to enrichment. Considering ending one's life on earth, is that a sign of enriching all involved? Doesn't it always come from pain, confusion, anger or rebellion? It mirrors in a tragic way the choice of the Negative State, which you can call the ultimate suicidal act. They 'castrated' life's energy so that it became a 'neutral' force that can be directed against self, others and Me."

"All entities involved in the operation of the Negative State are invited to come 'home' again. So are those who end their own lives on earth. It's an error to see suicide as the ultimate sin or as an offense to Me. It is precisely the Negative State that promotes that lie. Suicide presents the Negative State with a very unpleasant conflict. It flashes their dominance, as it is never done out of joyful freedom; but it also rubs in their failure to stop Me from embracing those who do it."

"But there's another aspect, more important than how suicide is judged. And that is the fact that life cannot be ended. Changed in appearance, yes! So here, free will comes fully in the picture. I am life's I AM. My energy is never not. Being in existence means being a manifestation of what's My nature. What people do with this is one thing. Eliminating Me is impossible. Let Me put it this way, ending one's life doesn't bring a person any closer to Me or any further from Me. I'm close to each person now! All life derives from My power. Death, as you know it, is an invention of the Negative State. It comes with deterioration, separation and losing faculties. In this sense, suicide isn't different than any other loss of life on earth. No form of dying on earth shows the joyful movement towards experiencing more beauty."

"The choice to let go, or not of the negative uses of true life is presented to all people. This, while they're alive and the truth pulsates in them as well as when they die, from whatever cause. 'Timing' is not an issue. I always am where existing is. The wish to not enter the real reality will be granted, when requested. It would mean that, in your words, retroactively, all manifestations of that person will be gone. It will be as if they never existed. As you know, a poet said, 'Their place will be found no more.' Do you think that any life-form, confronted with the full glory of existing, will make that choice?"

The Ten Rules:

1. All are loved 2. Free choice 3. Trust 4. Always 5. Others also

6. Spirits lifted up; Joy 7. No exception 8. On your level 9. No distance 10. This is 'it'