The Old and The New 'Prayer' Writing 10


"This is for all on earth the breaking point regarding how they perceive Me: do they do it as an outsider, from the sidelines, 'objectively'? If they do, they hit a wall that is not-surmountable. They may resign to this, but the price they pay for that is being left out of the Reality. The wall prevents them from seeing My fullness behind it. If, however, one comes to Me as 'insider', as player on the field of life, then there is no wall. Even if there is an aspect of Me that is impenetrable. But what a difference! This is not a forbidding wall but it illuminates with the brightest colors My presence being there to welcome you. Meeting so with Me leads to treasuring, hallowing and lifting up in awe the glow that preempts the need to look behind Me. It indicates that not grasping that part means a perfect understanding and recognizing the name itself for what it is. Such is My One Holy."

"The 'old' 'prayer' calls this first face of Me 'Father in Heaven'. The image of a father is given not so much for the trustworthiness associated with a father but as indication that it is a given. A parent is, by definition, another generation, a world beyond and before one's own. I come to you from My One Holy, My being the One-Who-Is-Always and therefore escaping any conceptualization. For what emanates from Me - everything! - it is impossible to project anything into what its source is. You can only react to what I radiate and treasure, hallow that. My being One Holy is just not accessible for grasping, for nobody in the universe. Having said this, do you agree that any child deserves a wise, trustworthy and good father or mother: parents who provide on all levels an environment where love reigns. So the second - and knowable! - component of life, love, pushes itself overwhelmingly to the forefront as the universal, all-decisive essence of all existence. When its home life is right, a child can without reservations experience joy and security."

"Still, what about the transcending and even not-nameable part of My identity for which the name One Holy stands? Frustration can creep up, even in those that deeply believe that indeed it is love that defines the divine reality and therefore their own nature and in those who deeply desire to align themselves with this cosmic truth. So, again, I show you the breaking point for not becoming frustrated or irritated. You, as anybody else, have in your nature the component of love. When this is accepted and acted upon and is given a chance to penetrate your system, this element that you possess already will have all walls coming down that seemingly separate you from My being the 'unknowable'. When you become a player on the field, you have to leave the spectator bench. On the field, the game engulfs you while you, too, make the game. My transcending aspect is always there but it never ceases to inspire awe, gratitude and stimulation. It is the limitless context in which life's magnificence takes place."

"The hallowing of My first name can be as spiritual as sensuous. It is a song of love. Having Me love you and you love Me is what life is all about. It includes all segments, entities and particles in the universe. Letting your nature as love blossom and letting love take place through you, puts you in a position all in 'heaven' are in. When you lift up and treasure My names you, indeed, can without any hesitation start living your role as a beloved lover in all its aspects. Where love is, I am. You won't have difficulty with My participation in making love. Regardless of how others react, for you the glow of My presence will brighten even details."

"What you call 'saintliness' or 'holiness' on earth can be a correspondence. Not with My first name but with the other six. Nothing on earth can symbolize, correlate to, correspond with or penetrate My first name, spirit, aspect. Nothing in the rest of creation either. I am the not graspable 'is' of life to whom all is relative. In this sense, I am unlike anything that flows from Me. The reaction to My first name by all in the Positive State is not unlike children's reaction to having wonderful parents. They don't question it, but abundantly rely on it and enjoy it."

"All that is in existence I have willed. It comes from love and from the desire that it takes with Me part in love-based activities. How, when, where, with what and with whom, that is up to each entity. So why should a person want to stay on the sidelines - which possibility is a delusion anyway - and not take their place in the atmosphere of unrestricted love and non-threatened realness? It is where all belong. It is why life, including you, exists. You can say that because I am Who I am, all of life is playful, adventurous, free, exciting and all-around fulfilling."



... "It has something majestic to it, doesn't it? A coming kingdom spreading all over your globe; coming with justice and well-being for all nations, societies, peoples and individuals. Kingdom, for you, evokes images of power, authority, glamour, law, order and protection. From early on, people on earth, being fabricated and born with severed direct connections with life's true nature, have suspected that above and beyond the earthly ruling forces a more powerful, other-dimensional and possibly divine factor holds the strings. The possibility of this being the case is still explored by individuals and scientists."

"The old 'prayer' hooks into that sense. It stimulates the suspicion that in the midst of confusion and the limited range of human control, a grand plan, order or scheme may govern all that exists. I simply say that, yes, it is My kingdom, My nature, My essence that constitutes Reality. This is the why, the where and the how of life. And 'it' has a name. 'Love' is the core of all that exists, including Me. It means that the universe not just can reflect this but that it is defined by being a love occurrence itself. For people on earth an analogy here is the presence of your sun, bursting with light, warmth and radiation. The sun with its light, glow and energy enables what is on your planet to survive."

"When you state that My second name means that without exception, in an all-included and all-involved way, love reigns, is king, is source, happening and result of life, you are so right. On all levels, if your leaders seek change 'for the better', seek control over nature and its violence, try to improve the health and safety of the world population and ask how to do that, this second component of existence is the key. This is what a livable, fair and sunny life is all about; for all that are in it."

"My second name is Love. My seven names together reveal the scope of life, Me, Reality. The twelve components show you the nature, the ingredients if you will, of this totality. They all represent Me, are Me. From this starts all that emanates from Me. You are of the same beautiful nature as I am. Being from and towards love, you could call it your and everything's feminine aspect. The masculine aspect is being from and towards truth, realness, occurring. Love is the occurrence of real life, as much as true living is love. When you let this happen as the person you are, you are for real. You live your identity and truly represent Me."

"I do not elaborate on or explain what love is. I never did that for you. You can figure out many of its features by yourself. In human history, manifestations of it have broken through in relationships, acts of justice, art forms and moments of closeness to Me. Taking care, liking, being attracted, wanting to nurture, give and unite are still, regardless of the Negative State's distortions, showing this innate quality. It is so much Me that it is impossible to have any form of life without it as your fabricators grudgingly discovered. In these Writings I talk with you about the elements of existence. None of the twelve can be erased. They simply are the facts of life."

"Asking for My kingdom to show up is asking for love to reign. But do not look to Me for it. It is already in everybody's own make-up. It is built into life, so to speak. Horribly maimed and cut up in pieces, yes, but still kicking. You have the ruler of life in you, the wielder of power. The tremendous force of sexual desire is one indication how all-involving love can be, even if it easily shows up as physical or emotional obsession and compulsion. True love is dangerous for the Negative State, so poisoning it is one of their highest priorities."

"My kingdom is one of love, of making love and of marveling at the happy results. Keep broadcasting this! Especially to yourself. I have enlarged My nature by not writing off the part of creation that went awry but by including it in My being Myself as Love. There are no cracks in My nature. Anybody, in whatever situation, may stand for love and is by that very fact a 'winner'. Well, that is one of your terms. Love does not take positions. It just is. Realize this and it will more and more affect your systems in a positive way. The Negative State is being suffocated by it. Their kingdom is on its way out as you notice in the changes in yourself."



... "How much stronger can it be said? Existing that is not based on wanting to exist and not free to make one's own choices, is that worth the name living? Let Me tell you that all that exists is in life because of My choice and conscious decision that what I allow to come into being has its own freedom to 'create' itself and in that sense is like Me. It has its own will, likes and dislikes, scope and directions. It can come up with new ideas and explore possibilities. Nothing is predestined or fate nor subjected to a struggle of My will against their will. All in reality co-create with Me. In this way they are part of the truth, the one happening of life. Nobody or nothing is 'outside' of this."

"Do you see that this 'prayer' does not ask for protection or guidance but asks for being elevated, as far as it is possible on earth, to the level of universal freedom, evolving, being worthwhile and real? My will never overshadows or overrules yours. It has nothing to do with reducing creation to a robot- or puppet-like existence. My will is the fullness of the universe. It shows in everything. It is its substance. All in the universe don't 'have' to want Me close, because My will 'is' already the substance of their person. My essence as Love and My substance as Truth connect as in a marriage. The unification of the two sparks the energy for all existence."

"It is difficult for you on earth to live truthfully. You never know at what level the lies of the Negative State, the faulty workings of your brain, the conditioning and the limitations in perception and processing intercept connections with the true reality. My will, the truth, has a chance when one opens up to what is already there, the reality of 'heaven'. Of this reality one is a part. The desire to be involved in it together with all that is in life can be treasured and seen as life's purpose. For this reason the 'prayer' is given. It invites your person to tune in to the frequencies of the rest of the universe. It wants you to live from wisdom 'from above', which actually is wisdom flowing from My presence in you."

"Nothing in the real reality is phony or has anything to hide. Everything is transparent, not in a neutral or passive way but with the glow of vibrant liveliness. It's a true, normal and open style of living. You see the conflict in your condition? How can you say, 'I want to be true to myself?' Self-perception is riddled with unnatural and abnormal information. Therefore, it's extremely important to 'own' this second element of your nature. What is love in you, that is real. What is honest, sincere and humble, that is a remnant of your true nature. On the spiritual level, when you meet with Me, it receives its purification and then can penetrate other areas of your person. It makes you more realistic and truthful and less dependent on others because your validation as a person comes from within yourself where I dwell."

"I want to come back to the lie that My will is based on divine superhuman power and on top of that is largely unknown. It would mean that in the last analysis, all have to surrender to whatever I happen to decide. It is an ugly lie, because it sets Me up as something or someone I am not. It pushes people either to fear or to rebellion, to passivity or to just follow what the masses or their leaders say. Which of those reactions has eternal value? None! Although rebellion against this kind of divine or cosmic fate may lead to the truth."

"Having love as component of your nature belies any of the above attitudes. Love is alive and lively, is free, is happening, is unconditional, creates newness and embellishes My will. If this were not so, the universe would have collapsed a long time ago - if that were possible. Which it is not, because it is Me Who 'happens' to contain all reality. You see how freely I use 'Me', My nature, My person, My name and My existence. My seven names, from which the 'prayers' flow and the twelve elements of My nature which together figure prominently in this Writing, represent each whole galaxies for understanding. But I do not keep them carefully apart in My speaking because I want you to taste My fullness rather than have you striving to get a precise and detailed picture."

"As Truth, I contain the universe. The universe and all that is in it represents Me and shows ever increasing beauty and joy. You are part of it. It is the message for all. Being able to read this means one exists. So this message is for you, reader. Activating the love factor in your life amounts to opening the doors for knowledge, be it practical, intellectual, intuitive or spiritual. It opens your ears to the clarity and crescendos of the voices that fill all space with their happy songs. Your doings can be authentic contributions to the music of the spheres. Do not pay homage to your false notes. Concentrate on and treasure the ones that are in the key of love."



... "This 'prayer' addresses the fact that everything fits and operates together. It is about the way reality is constructed. Life has My nature as blueprint, one could say. Only if you are open for being part of it yourself or, even better, if you want to represent this in all your motivations, intentions, planning and executing, then you are fully alive. This 'prayer' is a statement about the beauty and aliveness of life, its refreshing livability for all and the overall properness of life occurring."

"Daily food, like air and water, is the most obvious requirement for the survival of human life on earth. You are so constructed that you are completely dependent on it. Yet do not think this is natural or normal. For you on earth it may be nature's law that you 'need' food but in the rest of the universe 'daily' nourishment has quite another function. I remind you of the time you were given food when you visited the other dimension. It looked great and it gave you a very pleasurable sensation. But you were not able to figure out if you needed it, where it came from or with what flavor you could compare it."

"I used the word 'bread' in the 'old prayer' as it stands for what makes living possible by sustaining it. In terms of life's second component, love is the bread of life. It indicates that love does not float somewhere as a feeling or ideal but is the power that pulls together minds and hands, environment and motivation. It brings out all creation's innate beauty and magnificence in practical and mental activities. My fourth name, Proper, represents this aspect of reality. The edifice of existence flaunts that all is right, of beauty and grand. In the gigantic whole of life - gigantic for you that is - all are capable and eager to function and contribute optimally."

"When on earth you look at Me as the source and provider of the true bread of life, which is love with its manifestations as beauty, goodness, joy, creativity and all that is positive, you are correctly focused. When you look at what is considered the best by human and earth's standards, you are in trouble. Much what may look good is not healthy because of why it is conceived or what its purpose is. Living daily with Me, walking with Me, letting Me love you and so be yourself as much as it is possible in your condition, that provides you with nutrition that never fails; it is always there and leads to healthy growth. Being yourself this way has you centered. More and more strength, beauty and wisdom will come forth from you."

"All this tells you that My fourth name, to which this fourth 'prayer' relates, has everything to do with love. Nothing happens in the real reality that does not have very visibly the markings, spirit and quality of this second ingredient. It is the reason it all fits so well and looks and functions so perfectly. It applies to all areas where connecting takes place; which is everywhere, in relationships, living with nature, others and yourself. You correctly figured out that somehow My universally-experienced presence in the other dimensions eliminates 'necessities' like eating. On earth, these necessities lead to annoying dependency and slavery. Nothing of the sort occurs in the real reality."

"I, being the bread of life, am the guarantee for surviving well. And this has nothing to do with Me wanting to hear, 'Please, give it. I need it'. Living on earth is in some ways similar to trying to survive when one is hooked on drugs. One cannot do without. I do not say this to put anybody down. But being dependent is earth's primary mode of life. The 'old prayer' brings within your field of vision the availability of eternity's food for all and at all times. It is My nurturing presence. It is a given. It comes with life. It is its second ingredient. Even in the caricature of true life you are exposed to, the heartbeat of normalcy is still audible. It means that the remnant of My nature still feeds the potential for beauty, freedom and joy coming through. Any sign of that can encourage you to see My smile in it, because I enjoy the magnificence of what the universe portrays."

"Love lightens up everything. It is the joy of the Positive State. See yourself in that reality. Not by fantasizing how good things could be but by checking what you desire as well-being for all and the part you want to play in it. Doing this means you are in the process of creating it. It always will empower and enlighten you. Think of Our contact as your connection with eternity. I enjoy knowing you. I invite you to be consciously My partner. You are an active part of My structure. You can be daily bread for others, because you have Me in you."



... 'How can you love while holding grudges or worse?' 'Very easily', people answer. Love is so compartmentalized that, for instance, an incorrigible criminal can dearly love his or her dog. Forgiving is not primarily about letting go of grudges or bitterness because of injustice done or about not investing in revenge and thoughts of getting even. It is first of all about being filled to the brim with love and being fully engaged in an unfolding adventure that has no use for any negative ballast."

"In this 'prayer', I ask people to look at their relationships, also at the one with Me. How do they see Me and how do they suppose I see them? I like them to realize that one can only discover more of life, grow spiritually and move around more freely when one does not interfere with the process of healing of personal wounds and pains. Considering and treasuring My way of dealing with brokenness, like My unconditional siding with health and wholeness sets the tone for moving away from the impact of evil and the suffering from harm done."

"Many do experience relief when resentment, anger and desire to strike back go to the background and detachment takes place, leaving the 'judgment' up to gods, history or authorities. But, again, this 'prayer' about My forgiving you and you forgiving others covers more. It brings home to everyone My fifth name and spirit, which is 'Healing' or 'Builder of Bridges'. It proclaims the ever evolving character of My nature as moving ahead, as expanding and bringing to life; so eternally creating newness."

"You are aware that love, also as you know it on earth, is never enough. It wants to be repeated, to continue and to deepen; it longs to last forever; it hates limits. And how frustrating is it when the love one feels cannot be fully expressed in words or actions, or when its gestures are misunderstood. This 'never enough' on earth comes from non-fulfillment. The love element of My nature comes from wholeness. It is well-rooted, is shared by everyone, is ever inspiring and includes all. It is so free that it always keeps unfolding and exploring new areas of excitement. Nothing in Me is stagnant or holding back. That would mean I am partially stuck. Which I am not."

"I entered the Negative State personally. I went through what people consider the ultimate stagnation, the earthly cessation of life by physical death. But evidently it did not stop Me. I invite all under the yoke of the Negative State as well as the perpetrators of that state themselves to acknowledge My ever expanding love nature. In that mirror, one can see one's own true identity. It tells what moves on, has a future, it fits into life's oneness and what still prefers to hold on to an illusion. Forgiving transcends psychological or ethical issues. It shows the very state of being part of the eternal movement of existence and being alive. It allows Me to move through, with and in you in a most personal way."

"You state that My wholeness unfolds. This can easily be taken as a metaphysical concept for an ever ongoing expanding, unrelated to what happens on earth. But remember that I do not entertain abstract notions. I am reality itself. Like your ancestors who started the Negative State, many humans buy the idea that you can swim while not in the water; that you can think about reality without 'being' it. Being outside and not a part of the evolving journey for each entity and particle in the great move towards 'more' is simply not really living. Well, non-life does not exist since I am the wholeness of all that is. This means that those who do not want to be with Me are in a state of denial and live a self-created illusion. There is no real life outside of My fullness, outside of My love."

"Letting go as much as you can of everything that is not of the highest love quality is liberating. You can travel so much lighter in whatever direction you want to go. On the spiritual level where you can be directly with Me, the willingness to let go of things negative is a condition. I do not mean I watch you as a coach to see whether you qualify. I mean that approaching Me in honesty and with the desire to move closer to Me includes, by definition, wanting to be an authentic person and being ready to participate in the love affair with Me and all others. Nobody on earth knows where they are heading until the component of love in them becomes their only foundation, beacon and inspiration. When that happens, traveling becomes more than going in the right direction. You actually become more whole as the entity you are."



... "This 'prayer' is given to keep people aware of the abnormality of their situation. The greatest fallacy is to accept things in the 'Zone of Displacement' as they are, with whatever explanation given as to why they look as they do. The 'prayer' offers to be like Me, so you are reminded what real living is all about. It is a 'prayer' to Me to not let go of the works of My hands, to remain Who and What I am. There is a good reason for humans to panic at the thought that I would not be what I say I am. Well, this pertains only to those that somehow believe in there being a benevolent 'higher' power'. People in general tend to push the issue aside or stay within their cultural tradition without taking consciously a personal position."

"The Negative State has done literally everything they could to obscure or eliminate My direct presence in their pseudo-creation; in people, in nature, in society; in everything that takes place. So the temptation to ignore or reject Me is great. Looking at what shows on your planet confirms this. How would one know that it is a caricature of the lively perfection of the real reality? You now have knowledge of both worlds. You discovered this, yet it is useless to compare the two worlds, let alone describing the non-earth one or try to convince others. Entering that other world is truly opening up to another dimension."

"For now, your traveling with Me as it is for all that do it has a dual quality. What you exhibit as human being is qualitatively not much different from what other good-willing people show. Plus, your most intense moments of sharing, caring or making love still happen as the mutilated entity you are. As such, these are only correspondences of the purity and abundance of love in the real world. You cannot shake the pollution and imperfection as long as you are in your physical body and psyche. Yet the quantity of your caring, radiating love and standing for what is good and positive can increase. But then you notice that the more you allow love to be in the driver seat, the more obvious it becomes how relatively little you can achieve."

"The quality and the quantity of being a manifestation of My love nature in your behavior and thinking is something you can somewhat observe. It is different when you are in My presence. Then, you do not feel tempted by anything trying to get you away from your position as a loving person. When during those moments you think from that vantage point about your earthly life and its shortcomings, you realize that your 'physical' brains and earthly systems just cannot operate the way your person functions in the full reality. Being caught in this dichotomy does not come with feeling judged or pushed. To the contrary, it makes you in a comforting way sharper aware of the gap, as you know which world is the real one."

"The invitation to step into that world without being able to reconcile it with the earthly one applies to all people on earth. What does not manifest life's true nature is based on the denial that there is such a reality. Yet by acting from the remnants of one's second component, being love and being respectful of self, others, nature and Me, one cannot go wrong. This activity exposes darkness for what it is. I invite all to the festival of light, to the love affair I have with all My creation, even with the part that does not want to participate. You can easily see that the Negative State has to attack all signs of true love and turn them in their opposite; infusing love with exclusiveness, discrimination, fragmentation, being physically uncomfortable, issues of control, dependency, jealousy, etc. The desire to express love, sexually and otherwise, is a central and correctly dominant drive in people. As such, it should not be taken as something threatening or negative. It shows that love is the essence of a life well lived. It is not different in the rest of the universe."

"Saying that I manifest Myself in everything is a wonderful way of putting temptation in its proper perspective. I am expressed by life. I am life. Anything not honoring, realizing and loving this fools you. You and all that exists are, by that very fact, made participants in the totality of life. It gives Me the joy of having friends everywhere, co-creators and spontaneous, honest, lustful partners that ask Me to dance with them, so to speak. I and what I emanate are a wonderful couple! Do not consider yourself with your inadequate ways of expressing love to be deficient or a victim. Do not make excuses either. Embrace whatever love you find in you. It leads towards perfection."

"It is tempting to focus on what one does not have, where things go wrong or to become preoccupied with negative issues. My nature in everyone offers freedom, inspiration, encouragement and strength whenever one feels trapped or does not live up to one's positive potential. Any step in My direction, from whatever point it starts as thought, wish or deed is a manifestation of My nature coming through. The 'old prayer' and your statement that everything manifests Me are about seeing through the falsities that suggest that love is not 'it'. The object of love's desires on earth may be 'off' and potentially destructive but the longing to express oneself, unite, touch others and be touched and experience fulfillment are powerful reminders that life wants to be shared."



... "This 'prayer' settles the issue of where life comes from. It asks for deliverance from evil. Behind this request rises up the question what life on earth is all about. Because from its source has to come the cleansing of its poisonous condition. Humans cannot do this, evidently. But life is as a person. It Is Me. I am the life force of, in and through all that exists. Well, these are just words. Are they a conclusive answer to what life is all about? It is for you to decide. You are free to make up your mind. Being with Me as you do convinced you and will convince anyone that seeks the true nature of life and one's place in it. I leave this up to each sentient entity. Living is a personal experience that each participant in life can use or abuse any way they want. My nature does not need approval or recognition."

"The issue of the origin of life, its meaning and relationship to brokenness and evil is settled for those that meet Me and take seriously My seventh name, Energy. Why? Because they are invited to consider that I am, indeed, the I AM of all existence; not a cosmic occurrence, but - for humans - as a Person. What is more, I love them. All that materializes as creation shows its love nature because the force keeping it together is love-energy. What I feel for you I feel for all that exists. I, as simple as majestic, am life's energy. All life is My emanation. So I am My own origin. All can mirror this by being creators in their own right by using the power they are."

"Your earthly condition makes this a rather confusing undertaking. Yet you can take responsibility for activating what is left of your true nature. Love is the most powerful drive you can still connect with. On the physical and mental plane it can crack somewhat evil's domination. In consciously connecting with love you have the answer to this last 'prayer'. Evil is the absence of love. What is not love, is evil, regardless what name or excuse one attaches to it. You can say that love is life. Not loving is not living. It fakes that one is alive and it presents therefore a charade. The issue of the origin of life is a non-issue. When you love, you are the initiator of life."

"It is a distortion to connect this 'prayer' primarily with moral or social issues. Of course, evil does manifest itself in those areas. Turning away from it and choosing for decency on all levels is very healing. But again, the trap is wide open when this becomes the goal, the mission and solution for overcoming earth's ills. I am all of life. True liberation only takes place where this is accepted. So does rebirth, resurrection and recreation. It first happens in the spirit, your most inner part. Then it can trickle into the other areas. Until at the end of this cycle of time all that exists will join in being visibly My great partner, lover and friend. You see that I speak in human terms. It is the only way for you to not get lost in abstractions or vagueness. From this evil I deliver you by approaching you as a person."

"Being empowered by the currents of true life means for you on earth, having to transcend many commonly accepted standards of normalcy and many familiar expectations, codes and values. The golden standard is to be in My love and to know this. Wisdom flows from there. Practical insights, relief from imposed dependencies and much more freedom to be yourself will come from having My loving closeness energize you. Even this newfound take on life can easily be confiscated by negative forces, in the form of wishful thinking, showing off, monetary interests or social gain, whatever. You have the saying that power corrupts. This applies to spiritual, or rather 'quasi' spiritual power, too."

"The answer to this 'prayer' implies that you are in need for outer support or structures. This has corrupted religions when they promote dependency on 'holy' people, 'sacred' books, 'eternal' truths, rituals and ceremonies. These make for soft nuts, easy to crack for the evil forces. My love with its energy beats in people's hearts and dwells in their spiritual realm. Stimulating, facilitating and teaching that each person is a channel for My energy is the only 'saving grace' for organized groups that pretend to know about Me. My energy has no program or agenda. It carries all life."

"True power is not associated with authority, protection or using force, which seems life's masculine side. My might as the cosmic energy that holds the universes together and My passion that allows all to love and laugh, create and play, is one and the same. It is My feminine side. It is the love essence of life that is in charge of the operations of Reality."