EFFECT Writing 6

all has consequences

It's awesome, any particle causing change or reaction

while being also itself effected by all that is around it.

Real life is lively, dynamic and not protective of itself.

Life is forever capable to bring forth more greatness.

Dull moments don't exist, as lovingly touching in the

Full Reality can create only beautiful configurations.

We seem stuck as our bodies fill space not available

for others presences. Yet we do affect the universe:

It's draped around us. Without us, life's unbalanced.

Each body cell is a dance: circling and touching, smoothly performing.

So my mind or psyche: thoughts and feelings circulate, merge, change.

Though unaware, it's sad how little we know of our internal workings.

My influence on others may be dangerous: is my touch truly helpful?

Even in love is much hit and miss. However, trust can somehow work.

Then, the power I do radiate, from what segment of me is it coming?

Yet, there is no choice: I am a part of a life that is reflecting the I AM.

Therefore, I am, like all are, vitally important in shaping life's totality.

So it is also because of me, that the world is as it is: oh, la la la la la...!

Am I the proverbial cup of water for the thirsty that languish?

If I would drink the water myself, I cannot relieve their plight!

I then would increase their languishing.

Somehow I fit in the whole where particles influence others.

I can try to ignore the system, or act as if I do decide my fate.

Yet I am, as all are, stuck in life's traffic.

The opposite is true too: what occurs elsewhere affects me.

Unbeknownst or quite willingly, I do react to it. So I'm both:

the cup of water and the one thirsty.

When trying to see myself through someone else's eyes,

my story looks different from what I paint on my canvas.

I may think I can figure out what my impact is on others,

but they may perceive I play my role as on another pole.

Even if trying to do right and behaving the best as I can,

I may find I'm not accepted. Oh, it's hard to be rejected.

In a watch, all machinery works together as clockwork, precise, with no protest.

Life is there to show I AM the right time; all wheels relying on each part fitting.

All can chip in with intelligence and joy; 'heaven' loves a beautifying perfection.

On earth, the negative ruling forces have invented mechanisms of forced labor.

We're in the dark as to where to turn, saddled with inefficiency and confusion.

Push a stone from a hill and it keeps rolling.

Air is replaced and the surface is pressured.

Its innate cohesiveness is taxed and tested.

It creates hidden or visible chains of events

until hitting the bottom of the hill this ends.

Once freedom started to turn against I AM,

A chain of events has mercilessly follow it.

All life's possible aspects were put on trial.

This onslaught will stop when this ordeal

hits the ultimate spot: hits the love of God.

Why aren't all people happy agents of change?

A warm coat to the naked, cups running over?

Drying tears, taming violence, vibrating well?

Why isn't trust salt, making all relating tasty?

Why not accept we're sent as angels or elves

to build our spaces as all-welcoming places?

Here, nobody is totally evil and nobody is totally good.

We live in cosmic isolation. Things here may get better.

Things here may get worse. Truth is, it doesn't matter.

We are agents of change, whether we know or like it.

We present illustrations so all the universe can learn.

If we drink true life as nectar, that our story will tell!