Story & Conversation

Writing 7

Conversation. Four.

She/He said, "It's difficult for you to grasp the enormity of what was happening. Even your wisest people over the ages hardly had an inkling of the real genesis of the human race. The second 'generation' human beings are the result of the thought of what would happen if the masculine and female aspects of life would receive their own embodiment."

"I accepted the idea. It was a big but logical step. Even if appearing in their own separate form, the integral unity of My nature could still be fully expressed. The life giving and life sustaining streams of energy from the female and masculine principles, from love and truth, would now be manifested in different bodies, internally and externally. Yet visible would become the aspect of choosing whether to share everything. This was new. It was testing loving as free choice."

"The first group of humans retreated after I endowed with life the now physically separated entities, the second-generation of humans. They found new fulfilling tasks. So the second-generation humans took over. They exhibited My masculine and feminine sides in full harmony; also physically. It was and is beautiful to see them relating to each other, complimenting each other and finding expressions for their common desires."

He/She looked straight at me, as if warning me. "You could say that their actions were sexual in nature, sexual in its purest form. They approached all life and each other in love and openness. They always marveled at the new experiences and the new forms of life that were the result of merging their minds and bodies."

Knowing also from personal experience what a hornets' nest sexuality can be, I decided to not open my mouth. Her/His smile seemed to indicate that He/She accepted this, for She/He didn't pursue the subject.

He/She said: "They nurtured a world lush with the most exotic and pleasing life-forms. They experienced life as only positive, felt one with nature and with each other. So the human race was constantly and happily fulfilling their creative potential; like the rest of the universe does, never having a dull moment, as you say. Still, their joy in the gender split and its potential was a clear sign of things to come.

A stage was set. But to arrange a materialization and manifestation of something of an alternative to My world, in order to provide a choice, was extremely complicated. It should be a priority on their minds but it hardly was. Nothing negative exists in Me or in My emanations. Only 'theoretically' a negative thought could be entertained. Call it a latent potential. If this happened at all, the thought was instantly rejected and thrown out as completely undesirable, absurd and senseless."

"However, the question of what might happen if I would be challenged as the only source and center of existence did not go away. To quote your story's mother, it's something 'hanging over our head as a cloud', unfinished, unpleasant and therefore unacceptable. The full extent of all possible answers to the question to what total freedom could lead, had to be illustrated so that for all cycles of 'time', past and to come, everybody would know the consequences of going that route. Then, in relating to Me, no choices would have to be made from a position of unknowns floating around.

This is a long speech, isn't it? I better let you go to work now!"

(What could I say? She/He confirmed what I read in Peter Francuch's writings. But the elasticity of my imagination is poor. How can I fathom occurrences of this magnitude? Yet I do believe what He/She says. It even makes good sense to me. Perhaps it makes sense because that minuscule part in me that still is directly connected with true life validates it.)


The twins loved life. Loved the things they invented, changed and could play with.

The building blocks of their knowledge came from the old world. With it, however, they shaped an environment that became more and more distinctly theirs. They enriched nature with a variety of new uses. You could say that when they arrived, their environment in all its grandeur still presented some monotony, as if it was not awake. Well, that changed! Many secrets of the land became unraveled as a result of their ingenuity and creative efforts. It all was fascinating.

Both families grew in size. They stayed in close contact with each other. Their offspring mingled and got along very well. Each of the twins had six children. As we all know that having children limits mobility. So making the long journey to Mom and Dad's house became more complicated and therefore less frequent. On the other hand, every time they did manage to visit the family back home, it was a high point; they always returned deeply satisfied.

Living far away increased the love for their parents and the appreciation for the friendship of their brothers and sisters. Everyone pursued their particular destiny with much joy and creativity. Still, their brothers and sisters did notice differences between the two twins' families and theirs, as well as between the twins themselves.

Gradually, their lifestyle changed in areas like clothing, eating habits and building; even their language changed. It was to be expected. They teased each other with it.

Also another, more puzzling phenomenon they observed.

It appeared that in Twinshe's clan the focus was on harmony and doing things together for the sake of the activity itself. In Twinhe's household the focus seemed primarily on the products of their labor, their uses and impact.

Most times, when the family discussed these observations, they took the difference in gender as reason for it. And, indeed, Twinshe and Twinhe flaunted their sex difference with aplomb.

The differentness in lifestyle didn't cause any problem because both sides admired and enjoyed each other's uniqueness. It made their meetings lively, challenging and productive. It stimulated the birth of songs, stories, theories and fantasies. They appreciated the friendly competition. The times they came together were full-fledged celebrations.

Another shift the twins themselves noticed, was when they compared their children's fields of interest with those of their nieces and nephews. It had to do with a peculiar curiosity about things alien and foreign. For example, their kids, from an early age on, were fascinated by the Great Current that closed off their world on the North side and by the not-mapped territory on the other side of that Current. They overheard their children telling each other fantastic stories about treasures hidden there and about over-sized animals and mechanical monsters. They teased the children with it but saw this curiosity as healthy. Wasn't curiosity the name for their branch of the family? "After all," they assured each other, "these are our kids and we were raised to be explorers!"

Still they wondered to where it all would lead.

Then there was a third difference.

Probably only Father and Mother understood what was going on with the twins and their children.

It was subtle, but definitely there.

It was a preoccupation with 'things',

with external things, with the outside;

hings to be done, to be valued,

new things to be discovered,

to be named, to be conquered.

Twinshe, with all her warmth, charm and sense of togetherness, seemed so conscious of what was around her and how that related to her well-being that her sister once exclaimed, "You're more married to the world around you than to your husband!" Which Twinshe happily admitted.

Also Twinhe, who would share his last thought with you and who wouldn't dream of holding anything back, seemed so captivated by his work that he looked absent-minded when his external endeavors were not the center of attention.

While the other families

Just drank from the fountain,

The twins followed the water,

Searching for its source.

The change was subtle,

Yet clearly occurring.