HARMONY Writing 6

all is beauty and peace

You ask if I think I have 'failed' enough; that I can't provide more learning.

My misrepresenting life's truth, and my mistakes, become repetitive, old.

From day one I was quite a disaster, conveniently adopting earthly rules.

Although I felt connected with You, my motivations chose me as source.

As a particular entity, I was useful illustrating the wrong a human can do.

I see it plainly, though not with pride. I want to restart as being purified.

My use as example is running out. My shadow sides fail to be of interest.

No lesson any more for others means that my mission on earth will end?

I could say, 'Yes, after my tour of duty I am dismissed. 'But that is not so!

From all sides more truth flows in. I now replace confusion with wisdom.

I'm ready to leave things external, to die in other words, fully liberated.

Yet, I also like to capitalize on what You so graciously did invest in me.

it is well

Sometimes I look at you from the other side of the table.

You're reading your paper, unaware of my watching you.

My looking is absorbing all your features, and my stare

wells from a deeply felt desire. I notice holding my breath.

Oh! mystery of transcending: I am you, being looked at by me.

Your presence fills my head, my mind painting a masterpiece.

Your eyes look up, find mine and shyly your lips form a smile.

'I love you,' I whisper. You nod, satisfied.

Apart from anything else in which we humans are so grotesque,

it's our human-centered-ness that makes life here so burlesque.

The power houses of religions cramp their deities in lofty ideas.

Cute, clever and climactic, yet they're all basically chicaneries.

That we live in a dense darkness means not that Reality is lost.

Programmed by human norms is how we got double-crossed.

The glory of harmony is that I AM shares it with all that exists.

We see what we do as crucial, but Reality already equals bliss.

I think 'heaven' may only stand us and our so-negative ordeal,

when they see honest efforts to not be so arrogantly infantile.

With words, poets can capture the beauty in nature and of life

They are able to give a shape, on their level, to all things good.

So do painters mix the colors or musicians gather the sounds.

Wise people are open to insight and science pursues its goal.

These are reminders that on our disconnected earth, life infuses some splendor from its Source.

Evil can't forever darken or confuse the universal oneness to which harmony richly contributes.

One day, the 'hell's' admit their idea of a life elsewhere did fail. Then, they will choose to return.

These words transmit the normal Reality. In it, praise is heart-felt and all hearts beat from bliss.

One Holy, You will cleanse all darkness still obscuring the light.

Now, nothing in all of life is exempt from becoming re-unified.