Part 1



(I felt all set to visit the other dimension. I had no distracting thoughts and was opening myself up for whatever situation I would get involved in.)

I loosely pictured the wall and door but knew it was not really necessary as I could just 'step into' the other world.

To my surprise, I stepped into a space very unlike the one before. There was no bright light and no colors were to be seen; actually, I could not distinguish anything. It was as if the whole scene was fogged in. Although, not really. It was more an emptiness in front of me without a horizon.

I tested my hearing. I think I heard some very soft and not unpleasant hum but it was hardly audible. I focused on what my eyes saw. The 'void' all around gave the impression of being grey or brownish like smog. Yet I had no negative reaction to it.

I couldn't smell anything and there was nothing to touch.

I was glad to notice that I did not panic by the thought that perhaps nothing would happen, even if that could indicate that my earlier escapades had just been creative projections or delusions of my mind that evidently needed those. I kept feeling calm.

I checked whether the Presence, I AM, was there to speak with me.

As always, She/He was. He/She let me know that it would be a good idea to let this 'nothing' happen.

"Can you handle it when this whole hour will be like this?"

I said that I could. I felt a deep trust that all this is not a hallucination, ESP or some spooky phenomenon, but a realistic, verifiable experience based on a reality that happens to escape our usual perceptive capability on earth.

After some more wondering and checking my emotions, I thought it a good idea to take some steps. So I started walking, focusing on my feet. The 'ground' felt soft but gave solid support. I knelt and took some of the 'soil' in my hands. The substance felt like something between fine sand, moss and soft clay.

I wondered in which direction to walk. Going back, even if I would not see the wall or door, would symbolize moving away from this strange emptiness. I decided to go forward and concentrate on my steps. I took them very slowly. Nothing changed for a while.

It crossed my mind that I could try to get in touch with the nice couple I had met. They did invite me! But I held off. I did not want to impose on them. Besides that, I now preferred to stay with this 'emptiness'.

(At this point I was more than halfway into my walk. The hour-long evening walks are the earthly time frame in which these visits happen.)

In a way, I was pleased that this was different. I enjoyed that I did not get upset by nothing happening and was able to keep an open and quiet mind. There was a trust in me that this non-event would have a specific purpose.

Then, while having resigned to staying alone on this trip, I got the distinct impression that someone, and I sensed it was Achmed, was trying to get my attention. At the same time, the atmosphere around me got lighter, with again a vague bluish hue.

Suddenly Achmed was there, clearly happy to see me. He was dressed like yesterday, wearing the same jacket I had on for awhile. It felt good to see him. Even if it meant that nothing new was going to happen - I thought.

He addressed my wondering about the 'emptiness'. "You have been exposed to quite some new situations on your first visits here. You try to figure out what you are supposed to grasp and what not, but you should know that it is almost impossible to reconcile being exposed to this dimension and being conditioned as you are to thinking only in earthly human terms. So it is to be expected that you wonder about everything here."

I asked him why he came into my life. Why did he not hook up with someone else?

He answered, "Oh, but nothing is by accident! I felt a desire to contact you and decided I am going to follow up on it. Why you? I know we are from different cultures, times, backgrounds, really from different 'everything'." He then sort of mumbled: "Yes, sure" and did not further answer the question.

To get his attention back, I brought up what had puzzled me all along. "How come you and the others here speak perfect English?"

He laughed loud. "I don't! And you do not either! You do not even speak your native language! You don't realize that we do not even use words, even if you think we do as you seem to hear them. Forget your vocal cords. What happens is that we pick up each others' thoughts and transmit them back and forth. I mentioned already, and you know it from experience, that communication via spoken words is inadequate and often misleading. Full interchange always originates in our spirit and all external expressions are transparent for that. That's the way it is here. We can use our minds for precise communicating because there is no division between our spirit, psyche and external self. So, 'speaking' is sending a message from all aspects of a person. You explained that yourself in the Writings."

I had to let this sink in. I would swear that he and I talked 'normally'. Evidently, I am doing something I do not even know I do, or how I do it. So weird.

Reading my thoughts, he very friendly said that my understanding of all this would become easier the longer I would make observations here.

"You first will think that many things happen here as on earth. In my studio, for example, you'll see fabrics, weaving equipment and people working on a product. If you only focus on that, you miss the greatest and most satisfying part of my work, which is that literally everything involved in what we work on is also all the time communicating. It is not just my doing, creating something nice, but it always is a joint undertaking based on the cooperation of every participant. There is a mutual desire to deliver a good product."

I remember that I thought skeptically, 'We'll see.'

I dropped the subject and asked again, "Why all the attention for me, just one person? Does everyone who dies get the same type of briefing and introduction?"

He answered, "Yes and no. Everybody living on earth, or to be more precise, in the Negative State, needs to be liberated, cleansed and restored to normalcy before being able to live here. Call it that they have to be resurrected to real life, or to eternity as you may think of it. You know more about this than most people because you received a lot of correct information about it. Evidently you are not dead yet. You plan to take back to your earth life the observations you make here. You can do that because you have not settled for other people's theories about gods or reality but decided to find out for yourself. You wanted to face the I AM of everything directly. This is the only reason that you can already now observe some of the real reality. In that sense, you are an exception; and so is the specific attention you get."

I asked, "And what about you?"

He stated that his situation had been very different. As he had told me, he had no interest whatsoever in spiritual things while on earth. He didn't know what those meant and was completely immersed in a self-centered lifestyle. After he died, he had to start from scratch when exposed to the true scope of life.

I mentioned that right now it was only the two of us here. Nothing else seemed around. On earth, people talk about dark matter that may fill the emptiness where we see nothing. It is suggested that all existence may take place not in a grand measurable universe, but perhaps in an infinitely small 'empty' space. So my question was, "If there are other dimensions, where are they located, and more to the point for me, where are the crowds I saw two days ago right now?"

Achmed thought for a moment. Then he said, "Try to figure it, as I mentioned yesterday, in terms of frequencies. It is no use explaining the workings of what may be completely natural here but is far above earth humans' ability to grasp intellectually. You're not even a physicist or technical wizard, right? Even if you were, you would not get it. Let me tell you that nothing that exists is located here or there. If you want to use your improper concept of distance, the universe does not stretch out horizontally or vertically. In the universe, everything happens simultaneously. We can tune in to where we want to be and then we are there. Don't tell me you didn't already experience some of this during your stay here!"

I asked, "Now, for instance, how do I go about seeing the crowds that stood to my right a few days ago?"

"Would you like to see them now?"


"Then want to see them."

I put that in my mind. Instantly, we were among them! There were hundreds of them, dressed in white, walking unhurriedly yet seemingly with a purpose. I had no idea with what they were busy. Behind me, Achmed stood out in his colorful outfit. I sensed he deliberately stayed in the background so I could experience this all by myself.

I stopped one of the men. He had a beard and what I would call, a suntan, and black hair. He reacted as friendly as he looked. I asked permission to ask him some questions, the first one being, "What are all of you here doing?"

He replied, "You know, do you, we live for making music? We 'are' music, you could say. We channel our lives through sounds."

I interrupted him. "How do you know that I know that?"

He said, "When you saw us earlier and heard our music, what you did not know was that we were trying out a new song. Do you know why or for whom? No? We did it for you! Well, actually, we did it for the presence of I AM in you. She/He was so noticeable. We had heard of your coming and the reason for it. We wanted you to hear what is not-hear-able on earth. You must have talked with Wisdom about this."

(I felt embarrassed. I cannot even read notes and apart from enjoying listening to music, I know nothing of the technical ins and outs of it.)

I changed the subject with my second question.

"Achmed here told me that you have no houses to live in."

"That would be a lie, if he said that," he cried. Of course, we have homes. Only not like the one he has. Our home is our music: the vibrations, the harmonies, the songs, the sounds merging, doing it together; that is the structure, the volume, the dwelling in which we live and are proud of. We don't need materials to feel utterly at home in our own space."

(Again, I felt dumb and numb; an alien.)

Without thinking about it, I asked for his name.

He laughed again. "Let me say it is 'Lute'. Isn't that the instrument that on earth you associate with angels and heaven? But seriously, I know the significance of giving names on earth. We here are of the human race, or more precise, of the human manifestation. We are on all levels of our being filled with the thrill of being able to express ourselves to the fullest extent. We make life come alive through our sounds. To answer your question, we know each other by the sound we exude. We don't use names."

I was still shaking my head in amazement when my walk and this visit were over.