Part 3



I brought up the situation with Gamaliel.

"I know it has been bothering you that you couldn't understand what happened to him, although intellectually you accepted my suggestion to not try to figure it out. You had thoughts about it anyway. Some of those were correct. You concluded that the Negative State is indeed one of ugliness, perverted power and destructiveness. And that the fifth generation humans can call the shots even in the outer spiritual realm you where in at the time. You saw that their forces stepped in and changed the course of events in threatening ways. Well, for that matter, they can step in as well with what you call 'healing', in pleasing ways, if it suits their purpose. Clearly, in an abrupt way, they cut into your conversation with Gamaliel."

"You wonder whether the dark entities were 'real'. Looking at how you reacted, they were, don't you think? Do I still have to remind you that what occurs on your spiritual level is more 'real' than any of your earthly experiences, even if it seems vague or impossible? I know you still have a hard time grasping that, restricted as your understanding is. Well, you saw that Gamaliel got yanked away and suddenly went through an ugly transformation. It happened within the frame work of his eyes that had impressed you so much with their clarity. In a corresponding way, his eyes as you saw them first represent his having become liberated from the negative state. I tell you that the sudden change only could happen because within him was a remnant of fear of the world he came from, a fear he consciously rejected. The 'sadness' you right away picked up in him, he rationalized as a mark of gratitude for being free. And it was. Yet it also related to what you would call a suppressed reaction in him. Your commenting on it activated his vulnerability. This alerted his former co-workers and when his system sensed their sudden overpowering attention for him, he, for a moment, became his 'old' self with its sphere of violence and hatred."

"You played a role in what happened to him. Yet as you noticed, the two giants did not come for you. It was an internal confrontation within their ranks. You know that in people on earth it happens that hidden fears materialize. Gamaliel was not prepared for it, so instantly his 'old' self took over and had him scream and spew hatred in your direction. To him, this incident is extremely painful. Yet it is part of his conversion process. On some deep level he knew he was testing himself by coming to you. Being so calm, caring and patient with you was what he sincerely wanted. He truly was and is the wise teacher you perceived. By the way, do you realize that it was not by accident that all the time he came alone? He wanted to enlighten you personally, prove himself, you could say."

"As far as you as a witness are concerned, can you accept that his monstrous collegue's will have to let him go if he insists on coming back to Me? Which he does! Also, did you notice your own power when you invoked My presence? The result of being a witness to this encounter is that now, with your own eyes, you saw the 'hellish' face of the forces of the Negative State. It tells you that many of the stories, myths, testimonies and pictures that portray evil as dark and threatening are not that far off. And also, and more importantly, that every situation on earth exhibiting violence, hatred, illness, destruction and non-love represents the sphere of the generation that produced yours. Yet as I made clear in all the Writings, the threatening dark appearance and behavior of the Negative State's agents is only one aspect of their modus operandi. It is second to their poisoning the minds and hearts of people with lies and confusion about Me and the real reality in rational and often pleasant ways. That kind of killing true life is done with a smile and the promise of 'success'. Because of it, people, without realizing what is going on, worship the externals. Until they find out."