The Seven Names Writing 3

everything shows

601. 'Manifestation' is the sixth name of the one totality of all existence.

The name speaks of the external, the outside, aspect of life.

All of existence is an expression of I AM. Life is always in the process of

being demonstrated. From the all-transcending core to the infinite variety

of what the universe shows, all is from, in, and through the I AM.

602. We take it as normal that everything we know has an outside and an

inside. Many will debate whether there is also an innermost, spiritual, side

to everything. But, clearly, all existing things have a side that faces their

surroundings. It marks the boundary of every unit and particle and it

seems one of life's most normal and natural phenomena.

603. In practical matters it is our external side that interacts with what is

around us. It dominates our daily life and can never be dismissed.

We know about facades and that there is more than what meets the eye.

Yet it is because of our 'outside' part that we are known as a person

and can perceive the world we live in. Our body is the prototype for this.

604. The monumental message of the sixth name is that everything is a

manifestation of the One Who is All in all absoluteness.

Nothing is outside of the one reality Who relates to us as a person.

Absorbing this information is a most liberating experience. I AM is

expressed in everything. Through us, too. And we know who I AM is.

605. How is it that we can know the totality of all that exists, if we want?

It is because we emerged from it, as does all creation. We are, in human

terms, its flesh and blood. We could not exist - nothing can - without

being given life. As this is the case - we do live! - some type of

awareness survives in us that connects us with the 'giver' of life.

606. We can think of a child. Long before an infant realizes it, parents

know it belongs to them and not to another couple. It comes gradually,

that the youngster learns of his or her exclusive identity as offspring of

this particular set of parents, and that this cannot be changed.

Of course, what children do with this knowledge later is up to them.

607. The sixth name addresses the issue of as what we or anything

else exist. It is not enough to know about life's origin. Information or

speculation about that can be ignored anyway. This isn't the concern

of this name. It says that everything is manifesting, representing and

showing in its own way the boundless glory of Love and Reality.

608. As a young child at one point recognizes its unique place among

people, so can we uncover our unique standing in life: that we are here

as a presence that shows in its particular way what life is all about. This

determines our position in the universe and in eternity. Astonishingly,

being an expression of I AM includes the freedom to honor that, or not.

609. Two main obstacles prevent spontaneously absorbing our status

as manifestation of I AM. One is that nothing on earth lives up to this

standard. The second is the blunt claim that 'everything' manifests I AM.

That sentient entities like humans can do it may be open for discussion,

but everything? It sounds absurd and there is no way to picture it.

610. Still, it is exactly the inclusion of all and everything that makes

embracing and treasuring the sixth name so overwhelming and

inescapable. It cries out for being applied to ourselves. The name

'shouts' that also our person is a demonstration of Who and What the

originator and living volume of the totality of existence is all about.

611. To say that 'all' is a manifestation, representation, portrayal or

materialization of life's One Totality only makes sense if we see

ourselves included in it. It is useless to figure out how others, or, for

instance, beautiful pieces of art represent I AM's nature if we forget

that we do it, too. We have this in common with literally 'everything'.

612. For us humans, being alive has two typical characteristics. One is

that we can observe our behavior and be aware of our internal workings

which aren't noticeable to other people. In general, we have no difficulty

operating as the specific individuals we are. This is not by accident, as it

fits the purpose for which the human race came into being.

613. We are individuals - and aware of this - because we humans are

the image of the 'person' I AM is. Everything in life is unique, and, in

that sense, has an individual appearance. But in human beings the full

scope of life's nature is maximally approximated. This is gloriously

exhibited and honored by the first generations of humans.

614. In our quite different situation as sixth human generation we still

should know that everything of us is meant as a direct representation of

I AM. We can integrate this fact into the way we think and we deal with

what comes our way. It can cause our mission to thrive and it makes us

very alert partners in our personal resurrection to Reality.

615. The implications of the sixth name are tremendous for humans. We

are like I AM. We can act in the name of that all-Presence. We consist of

the same elements as all in the universe, yet our communication with I AM

is direct, conscious and incessant. Our mental faculties can process this

and monitor our performance. Despite our defects bliss accompanies us.

616. Being a product of deliberate distortions and mutilations, the idea of

us being personally a manifestation of I AM's splendor is quite grandiose.

This booklet keeps saying that, indeed, what we observe is not the normal

situation. Much more normal is our deep yearning for a blessedness that

comes from a world from which we are now separated yet still is ours.

617. As we can only see with our own eyes, we can manifest reality only

through the person we are. This doesn't mean we don't care how others

live or wish they would act as I AM's manifestation also. We do expect

positive things from our family, society, nature or our work. We like

improvements. Yet, our contribution hinges solely on our own choices.

618. This brings us to the second characteristic of our human situation.

The cosmos we live in hangs in the 'most outer regions' of the universe.

In our human concept of distance, earth could not be further removed

from life's center. It is placed in isolation, outside the realm of true reality.

It mimics belonging to the universe but that's a fundamental aberration.

619. Nevertheless, displaced, insulated, 'lost' as it may be, the negative

realm with its and our human generation as protagonists does play a

decisive role in testing the genuineness of reality. The stage had to be set

up in the 'farthest reaches' of the universe as otherwise negative things

could never materialize. Of course, 'distance' is used metaphorically.

620. The forces of the negative state, the fifth human generation, used the

isolated location to their advantage. It enabled them to mold their

manipulated offspring – us – into willingly buying the idea that the external

world comes first and that matters of the spirit are a luxury, not essential.

That way, earth humans became flag bearers of a new, alternative, 'reality'.

621. All that exists manifests in its way some of the totality to which

it belongs. But for humans this isn't enough. Our species is still equipped

to explore. Its challenge now is to investigate whether we can integrate

again life's three layers. By recognizing our spirit core, reclaiming and

purifying our mental capacity, we can reshape our external involvements.

622. It is important to remember that, for us, life takes place primarily in

the 'outermost regions' of the universe. It is one reason that we have such

a hard time treating our spiritual connections as significant, concrete,

realistic and practical: the same way we treat our physical concerns. Yet

it is our mission to live as it were as a growth on the skin of the universe.

623. After leaving the earthly scene, we will – if we want to – experience

our person quite differently than we do at the moment. There will be an

awareness of having an external body not unlike we experience it now.

But there will be no influx of anything confusing, vague or conflicting,

while the harmony and unity of our inner and outer sides will be restored.

624. Even if now the three levels in our person are disjointed and our

spiritual realm is mostly suppressed, most of us sense our physical self

is not all there is to us. The enormous challenge is to go with that inkling,

nurture the remnant of truth within and shape our thinking and

behavior according to the nature of I AM's All-Manifestation.

625. Clearly, the ugliness and brokenness on earth do not reflect the

exuberant liveliness of love. Yet, in a way, they do! They are included

in the sixth name. What does not show love and is not perfect violates

what existence is. Yet it also manifests the unrestricted-ness of freedom,

which, by I AM's choice, resulted in extending love to areas being defiled.

626. The most awesome aspect of the sixth name is that in and through

us, I AM is immersed in the negative state. This is not our individual

doing or choice. It is the ultimate consequence of all being an expression

of Who I AM is. Even if everything in and around us would exhibit evil,

the loyalty of life's totality covers what sinks in the abyss of darkness.

627. Each of us is from, through, before and in I AM. I AM, by the way,

is not a name but a description. As we have no direct recollection of the

world we came from, the danger is that we take the sixth name as maybe

true, but then more as a theory or matter of faith than as the most

effective inspiration for daily decisions we have to make.

628. We live in a body and environment on which we are dependent.

We are fabricated that way. The externals reign. This won't change on

earth or in our galaxy - in case other celestial bodies will be accessed.

We are incarnated into non-freedom. And yet, however little room left

for closeness to One Holy, true nature is restored in that little space.

629. It is up to us whether we start every morning by putting things in

their proper perspective or not. We can accept our position in a hostile

and demanding sphere but make it a point to embrace true reality's

seven names. We can calibrate our priorities so they're aligned with what

we, and everything else, ultimately are: beloved manifestations of I AM.

630. Whether a raindrop, music, or a gun manifest love or truth is not

dependent on our human judgment. The message is that regardless of our

opinion, it is the nature of all existence that in its own way it can express

the glory of being. Evil does it paradoxically, by illustrating the delusional

alternative to this. It shows a pathetic disrespect for reality's grandness.

631. As everything manifests I AM, it seems logical to declare everything

'sacred'; at least in principle. However, we have to be careful here.

The word 'sacred' is often used as a contrast to what is not holy or pure,

or as far above anything base or mundane. Yet, sacredness is life's

normal state. Not showing it stands out as an aberration, as unnatural.

632. It is possible that these words about our status as representatives of

an ideal world cause discouragement. What is the use of knowing about

something that clearly cannot be achieved? And indeed, on earth, in spite

of all its beauty and goodness, perfection and lasting enjoyment elude us.

Only some signs of it here and there keep us posted. But is that enough?

633. Discouragement can lead to irritation. Why entertain ideas that

have no direct positive impact on our human or planetary situation?

Religions, with all the good they may do, have proven to be as riddled

with inadequacies and pretenses as do communities without any god-

talk. Perhaps those are worse. They tend to smother individual honesty.

634. This booklet, coming out of nowhere, will solicit negative reactions.

It has no respected authority behind it. Its content may seem interesting

to some but overall, who needs unverifiable, speculative 'information'

coming out of one person's - not particularly brilliant - mind?

These are legitimate objections. They also illustrate how 'lost' we are.

635. There is only one way of finding out if there is any value or truth in

these words. In terms of the sixth name, we should turn to our deepest

level of honesty. There, we may discover that we, as all else, are meant

to demonstrate the majesty of a total love and trust reality, despite our

obvious limitations. Somewhere and somehow this resonates within us.

636. If it is true that all that exists expresses something of life - not many

will deny that! - then, the next step is to verify what life, or life force, we

talk about. Can that be done? Clearly, this booklet invites us to go for it.

The proof that 'life' is like a person we can communicate with, comes

from within ourselves. It comes when we are willing to uncover reality.

637. This booklet speaks of placing ourselves in the presence of the One

Who is life's totality. This isn't just a realization that we are before the all-

presence, but it is like a personal visit. We can communicate on that level.

In addition, the presence isn't something amorphous or vague but has

the distinct characteristics of the seven names which are revealed here.

638. The qualities or identities that the names indicate may blend into

one majestic splendorous appearance, without any hint of intimidation.

But we also can specifically meet with the presence each name identifies.

All the names represent the fullness of I AM, so even if we call on them

separately, life's Totality embraces us and lets us know we are welcome.

639. The last two names, 'Manifestation' and 'Energy', add something to

this. They represent the third layer of what all existence is composed of:

the external, outside, realm. When we meet with, focus on, or visit I AM

in the sphere of the last two names, the presence is not alone. The best

way to say this is: I AM as Manifestation is always accompanied by us.

640. We may sense our own presence, not as the person we are here

but as our male and female sides from before being incarnated on earth.

We still are those two sides, although full awareness of them is absent.

The gap between the two worlds is too wide. Yet accepting our 'alter

egos' or 'eternal selves' can let us sense how awesomely 'more' we are.

'MANIFESTATION' The Seven Names Writing 3

our contribution

641. It is a universal situation that everything that exists expresses in its

own way the nature, person and presence of I AM. But then, if everything

of us is exclusively a manifestation of something 'bigger', do we have

anything to offer as uniquely ours? If what we are is solely determined by

mirroring some other entity, what value has that?

642. We know ourselves as distinct, independent individuals, different

from any other person. We have a sense of being free and can, to a

substantial degree, make our own decisions. But if our existence only

serves as a tool for showing off someone else's ingenuity or reflecting

some higher glory, why do we need to be involved? To feed I AM's ego?

643. It is wise to think this through. As what, do we live? Is there any joy

in being programmed to perform in a play that is pushed on us, even if it

contains fancy sentences and surprising plots? Why are we what we are:

a one-of-a-kind body and mind, operating as a speck in the universe?

We owe it to ourselves to answer these kinds of pertinent questions.

644. These words give information about the status of humans in the

present cycle of life. It may be helpful here to describe how the fact

that everything manifests the nature of I AM is experienced in other

dimensions. Or, to include us, how, after our physical death here, we

are going to deal with being a demonstration of the nature of I AM.

645. When those in the positive state see the awesomeness of One

Holy reflected in themselves and in all that is around them, it is an ever-

surprising source of excitement and inspiration. What more could one

wish than to be able to respond in a personal way to the unconditional

love and pride coming one's way from the universe's Source and Center?

646. The external appearance of the worlds we are separated from is

glowing with energy and joy. As mentioned earlier, there are no dull

moments in the sphere of open-ended opportunities; always surprising

with novel twists and turns, within and without. However complex, all

activities in the real reality radiate harmony, lucidity, joy and pride.

647. The presence of I AM is experienced as an integral part of each

entity's awareness. Not only that, but it is noticeable in everything one

encounters. Every occurrence in the other dimensions is born from a

closeness to One Holy. It is never imposed. It is each entity's choice

to live that way. Manifesting I AM includes being free.

648. It is offensive to ask a caring mother if she ' has to' love her child. Of

course, her devotion can be analyzed and dissected. But the bottom line is

that she wants to follow her deeply-rooted desire to act with love. To be a

manifestation of I AM is everyone's deepest desire and choice. This fact

makes all other dimensions into the unrestricted happy places they are.

649. When we die, we are exposed to an entirely new purity. For a while,

the awareness of our earthly body and situation stays with us. But 'soon' it

dawns upon us that we are free to change. Without being pushed, we can

shed anything confining and confusing. When we do, we merge with our

eternal parts, while an eternity-adjusted outside layer forms around us.

650. For the first time since we were born on earth we will be exposed

to life's real proportions. Seeing ourselves by that radiance we have the

choice to embrace it or hold on to what we were. There is no judgment;

just an explanation of the content of our mission. If we open up to it, the

direct, undimmed closeness to I AM will be almost unbearably beautiful.

651. We may be anxious to hear more details about our transition. But

this booklet is one lengthy testimony to the fact that what happens when

we die is already occurring today. Any speculation about the future,

optimistic or gloomy, is an offense to the all-ness of the sixth name. We

can choose to be a representative of I AM's mighty nature today.

652. We see good and bad, perfect and imperfect as opposites. They are

not. Night and darkness occur when our planet turns away from the sun.

So is our situation today. The all-splendor of life is not gone, but we are

positioned in a turned-away mode, blocking the source of light and life.

Yet we can see and know true reality penetrating in small increments.

653. We interfere with I AM's nature shining through; most of the time

unconsciously. We are physically and mentally so conditioned to rely on

outer sources that the spark of true reality within us, which could show

that we still are I AM's treasured manifestation, is usually neglected, to

say the least. Yet, this fact can't be completely obscured or suppressed.

654. The cosmos with its galaxies and the micro-organisms with their

unimaginable roots and everything in between and around them, are

all expressions of the same single life force: the I AM of all existence.

Even with its outer form heavily damaged, the relationship with I AM

is there to stay, and it shows. Being in life itself is the first sign.

655. The power of the seven names is that they are not based on human

observations or logic but that they appear because they represent reality.

They present perspectives we could not invent ourselves. Yet now they

are among us. Our innermost spirit comprehends them. Our minds

can follow suit and treasuring them will sanitize our external layer.

656. Nothing on earth is pure, perfect or represents undeniably

true reality. Something rotten can hide behind any beautiful and smooth

façade. Our main concern should be that we are willing to uncover, within

ourselves, what the names stand for: our sacredness, our being love, real,

well-connected and on the move to more wholeness. That is 'us truly'.

657. In other words, it is not a matter of a better life or perfection later,

versus our brokenness now. A child can disown its parents but it still is

their offspring. The seven names have the power to reverberate on our

deepest level so that our minds and behavior wish to express what they

intimate: that we, too, belong to life's fullness, in time and in non-time.

658. Some people, when exposed to nature's beauty, have flashes of a

realm superior to ours. Art works can have this effect. It is as if through

the outer form as medium, wide spaces of immeasurable splendor open

up. And who does not know people with wonderful dispositions, wise,

happy, caring, courageous, who illustrate an exceptional nobility?

659. Yet indulging in special moments of bliss, or aiming at achieving

them, can easily become another trap cleverly set up by negative forces

to divert attention from what we are at every single moment. There's

an awesome importance to all of us. It is anchored in what I AM did and

does: not disappearing when rejected. This blissful reality happens now.

660. Being a participant in the negative state with its dependencies on

externals isn't negative in itself. On the contrary, each of us contributes

to illustrate what happens in a state where I AM is rejected as its source,

model and lover. It is a highly unnatural state, yet in the midst of it we

can honor I AM's love response to it through our actions and attitudes.

661. It is in the area of the externals that forces of the negative state,

our ancestors, saw their chance to challenge the all-ness of I AM.

The gigantic undertaking to bring about an alternative world took

them eons. They could not touch life itself, the prime manifestation

of I AM. Without this life force they themselves could not exist.

662. As much as possible they separated and isolated in their offspring

the spirit realm, in which the presence of I AM is directly experienced.

They introduced the novel principle of dependency upon externals.

In the real reality, too, all things are interconnected; they seem to depend

on other existing elements in order to function. Yet, what a difference!

663. Because one of the components of I AM's nature is freedom, it also

is a key element in everything manifested. What's called dependency in the

positive state is actually the opposite. Actions and interactions there are

based on a wish to share, be available and enrich. As all individual entities

and particles are different, so each contribution is special and personal.

664. It is all but impossible for us humans to grasp that dependence on

necessities like air, family, society, nature, body or whatever can be

based on voluntary participation of all involved. Yet that's the completely l

normal situation among all creatures in the rest of the universe.

Actually, it is more than 'just' normal. It is thrilling and ever-energizing.

665. Some of this may occasionally happen on earth, but we may not

recognize it as a representation of our true nature. Yet, when excited

about some event or when something works out well and we 'glow'

and want the world to know, we can take this as the burning of the

sixth name in us. It sets us afire with the desire to live to the fullest.

666. The I AM of all life's nature being expressed through us – even

if we can thoroughly obscure and corrupt it – should throw out any

thought of dependency on that nature being a sort of inescapable fate.

The wonderful secret of this is that we do not just live as a life-form,

but that I AM wants to live through us, with us and in us; all the time.

667. We can say that all in existence, we ourselves in the first place, are

co-creators of reality even if, obviously, we cannot create life itself.

We have I AM's nature. We enrich the volume of life's totality with our

person. Are we therefore on the same footing as One Holy? Yes!, to a

point. Not because of what we do but because of I AM dwelling in us.

668. We on earth experience ourselves primarily through the external

parts: our brains, nerve system, senses, etc. Although the details may

escape us, also those physical functions are manifestations of I AM's

nature. We can therefore include all external functions and parts in

the way we view and treat what is in the world we live in.

669. This will also determine how we speak with I AM when we meet.

We can share joys, concerns, pains or anything of our external lives.

When our body malfunctions, we need not to pray for healing. I AM

is present in the affected parts and knows. We should never forget

that in those externals, too, the indestructible spirit of I AM dwells.

670. In the positive state everything glows because of One Holy's direct

presence in it. This is exactly what we can strive for. We cannot reverse

our slavery to life's compromised external side. Becoming aware of the

all-manifestation of I AM does not transform our present status.

Yet in many ways it is up to us to give our true nature a chance to shine.

671. We all have a deeply-ingrained tendency to seek external validations

when we want to know if something is significant. We do this also when

we test our relationship with One Holy: what is the 'practical' value?

This often causes us to feel as if we have to row upstream when we try to

think as a representative of I AM and use it as criterion for our attitudes.

672. It is understandable that religions and spiritual movements step in

here,. They offer symbols, rituals and rules that are supposed to facilitate

living an aligned life. Yet it is their downfall. It plays nicely into the goal

of the negative forces: to get us comfortable with outer signs or routines

instead of simply being with I AM directly.

673. But don't we, individuals, need certain traditions, words or fellow

humans, to keep inner fires burning? Little on earth seems to support

I AM's presence. The sixth name says: 'No'. When we expose ourselves

to the radiation of I AM, usually certain habits develop that help to

integrate this into our lifestyle. But these habits are purely personal.

674. There is a lot of dependency on others, groups, rituals, holy books

or places - all external! - for keeping closeness to One Holy alive.

It ties us to the world of externals. But nothing there can replace I AM's

direct presence. In us, dangers lurk as well. Our mind can play tricks on

us. Impostors, cunning voices or thoughts, distractions, etc., abound.

675. It may seem impossible to sort this out by ourselves, without help

of others or institutions. Yet this is precisely what these words invite us

to do. Life, also its external, physical and social parts, originates in and

flows from the creative spirit of I AM. Only our personal spirit has the

direct connection with the One of Whom we are a unique manifestation.

676. Isn't it normal to join others for support, learning and celebrations?

Does not this very booklet try to get things across? What is wrong with

learning from others? We do not live in a vacuum. Groups can stimulate.

Yet the answer is simple: Nobody can add to our being the beloved of

and being embraced by the personal all-ness of life's totality.

677. The realization that we are as individuals manifestations of I AM

and that it is therefore natural to mirror this in everything we are or do,

contains a practical and powerful message for everyone. We may, very

critically, look at whom or what we try to emulate or follow, consciously

or unconsciously. Who, or what, is our model or source of inspiration?

678. We all have some idea of what sort of person we could be, or like

to be. Two things stand out here. One is that we are free to do with our

lives what we want. The other is that, when we do know I AM's nature,

only expressing that will make us authentic and cause us to blossom.

This, in our own manner, as the individual we are, in the allotted time.

679. The interesting element here is that we are freed from needing

anything or anyone else as model, example, standard or ideal. I AM,

made 'visible' by the seven names will do! How much liberation of

mental slavery can occur when the power of parents, national pride,

idealized saints, demanding gods or egos are replaced with I AM's.

680. We can admire decent and honest people or high achievers.

We can learn from them. But it will only be helpful if we dare to

see that what's so positive in them also hides in us, They, we, and

everything have it in us to become more transparent for the love,

wisdom, beauty, wholeness and power of the seven-fold reality.

'MANIFESTATION' The Seven Names Writing 3

differentness and harmony

681. The sixth name, Manifestation, stresses that nothing is excepted

from expressing some of the totality of existence, Who is life's I AM.

It also says that only by unconditionally including ourselves in this we

are able to grasp the monumental scope of being alive. What is offered

here is not a concept or theory. It speaks of what is happening with us.

682. This applies to everything; a stone and the elements it consists of

can choose, act and be available,in line with its purpose. Doing so, it

honors the reason for its existence. On earth, this seems a fiction. Yet,

whether a brick or a human being, we only blossom as participants in

co-creating the universe when we act as the investment we are.

683. To hear this is one. To experience and practice it is another story.

This booklet makes it clear that the difficulty we have with this on earth

is our problem. The imprint of I AM on every segment of life is in the rest

of the universe with its many dimensions, called here 'the Positive State',

not just an assumption. It is the music and color of all expressions of life.

684. A complication in understanding this are our man-made products.

They seem so artificial, and are far removed from their natural source.

Processed, molded, forged, often as throwaways, they seem completely

unequal to humans or nature as images of, and love partners with, I AM.

And yet, they exist and like all things they are covered by the sixth name.

685. It is ironic. The progress in space travel, genetic engineering and

computer wizardry could stir up interest in how we and our planet came

into existence as manipulated products - as this booklet's Narrative

describes. Yet that is ignored, even while blatantly the modern advances

enslave us to earth's energy sources and to the ones who control those.

686. The tension between what we can know as truth on our spirit level

and what we experience in our psyche, body and surroundings cannot

be avoided. Our spirit core is, as it were, dropped into enemy territory.

With our mind and body we participate directly in that world. It is very

familiar to us. But the two worlds seem in so many ways incompatible.

687. This brings us to the question of what we were before being born.

Were we 'just' a spirit, whether distinct or amorphous? Does our present

appearance resemble our eternal self? Of course, many of us flatly reject

any idea of a preexistence. Well, whether we receive insight or actual

information on life before birth depends on where we look for it.

688. We can let the sixth name explain itself. I AM as all-manifestation

is life's external appearance. It means that no part of it is inconsequential,

by accident, replaceable or removable from existence. The first issue to

consider isn't the form in which we materialize but whether we see that

we – as all things – always were and will be incorporated in I AM's total.

689. From I AM's within, ideas and desires materialize that become the

outer side of existence in an endless variety of ways. Novel situations,

species and entities come into being by means of evolution, experiments

or direct and indirect endowments with life. We belong to this process,

otherwise we couldn't have made our appearance on history's scene.

690. Many of us may not have any interest at all in whether life - or our

lives - has something to do with an I AM or whatever greater force.

In that case we then lack insight in the purpose, origin, goal and scope

of life. It causes us to be stuck with substitutes like academic logic,

blind faith, popular ideas, ignorance or vague wishful thinking.

691. We can let the seven names resonate within us and see ourselves

as specific and willed manifestations of a life that the names represent.

Then, the all-ness of I AM can prove itself real by meeting with us on

our human level. Nothing compares with this occurrence. Despite any

lingering doubt or disbelief we will sense and know that this is 'it'.

692. So, do we exist before our birth here, and if this is the case, did we

have an external body or personal identity? The answer is a simple 'Yes',

provided we hear what the sixth name says. I AM's manifestation, also

through us, means that at no time and in no circumstance are we out

of existence. The seeming separation is temporary. We will be reunited.

693. This statement cries out for elaboration, if it is to be taken seriously.

Yet, the problem is that our brains can't process the completely different

density in the positive state of eternity. We hardly comprehend life here!

Our present brains are part of the external layer of our person, which is

the area our fabricators very effectively disconnected from true reality.

694. While we are close to One Holy, details about our 'other' existence

are of little relevance, as a sense of 'feelable' fullness engulfs us.

Without being able to describe or picture it, we intuit and are sure we

are more than the ones we are here. This can be a terrific stimulant to

unmask a multitude of false, so called 'facts' during our mission here.

695. During our time on earth, we're disconnected from our eternal

selves. Our external physical appearance has no resemblance to how

we looked before volunteering to be incarnated. 'Looked', because

after our return, the purified features of our earthly body and mind

blend with our eternal self. This 'purification' process can start now.

696. Our task is on earth, where we are free to think what we want or

do what we wish, even if that freedom is greatly compromised by the

way our ancestors engineered us. Results of experimentation with

vegetation and animals were used to design an offspring that externally

barely qualifies as human. Yet we still belong to that special species.

697. What's deformed here, compared with our eternal appearance, is at

the same time our special contribution to bringing the negative state to its

demise. Subjecting ourselves to corruption and decay – and having I AM

exposed to it through us – gives us a chance to display the phoniness of

evil and to exemplify in our special way to where rejecting truth leads.

698. In spite of massive obstacles, we still are able to enter our inner

sanctuary where the spirit and presence of I AM dwells as in its own.

In that space we can, even now, have an accurate sense of our true

power as beloved of One Holy. We can feel a genuine love for I AM

and see clearly our chance to align our external doings with true reality.

699. Knowing that we also have an eternal identity is not based on

intellectual understanding. It mainly is the result of unconditional trust

in the personal presence and radiance of what the names stand for. Our

resurrection to reality starts in our innermost core. There, it receives

ongoing impulses. This resurrection promotes inner and outer harmony.

700. It is suggested that all of humanity is as one organism, a body in

which each individual plays a part, even if often the community-dictates

suppress individual needs. Yet, in a way, it is true that the human species

- all six generations - is as one 'grand' person before I AM and functions

as the lover and beloved, approximating I AM's glory.

701. Being a tiny part in the beautiful system of humanity never takes

away from being a full-fledged individual entity. As such, I AM will

relate to us. As such, we take care of ourselves. We are, eternally, a

unique, responsible and proud mirror of One Holy as beloved lovers.

No one can replace, or hide behind, another to show life's liveliness.

702. For us, it comes with life that we feel and act as the center of our

space despite the countless other entities around. But being that center

is not all. Within our body, all the different parts are also positioned and

acting that way. Our organs, tissue, cells, molecules, etc., all function

differently, yet not one is inferior or less the center of its world.

703. 'Things' are included in the sixth name. We do not have to figure

out how a car or puff of wind manifest the totality of life. But we can

approach everything and everyone with the thought that we are related

by having the same Originator and serving the same purpose. In this

sense, everything qualifies equally as a member of the universe's family.

704. Seeing ourselves as an exponent of the sixth name will on the

deepest possible level liberate us from prejudice, hypocrisy and fear.

Sure, people can act as predators and victimize us. Insanity is rampant

everywhere in society as well as in nature. We rightly despise certain

behaviors. Yet the name stands despite being desecrated on earth.

705. A wonderful sense of happiness can well up in our hearts when we

realize that whatever pain is felt around or within us, our identity will

not change. That others do not care about the sanctity of all forms of life

and we, at times, do not either, is sad indeed. But these words remind us

that our and everything's appearance is still rooted in exquisite bliss.

706. All life is one grand manifestation of the power, creativity and desire

of I AM. We face the problem that there are huge differences and

discrepancies in how this shows up. With all respect for the uniqueness of

a grain of sand but does not a work of art, an orchid, or a caring person

clearly surpass something of which there are trillions?

707. Like we in our bodies distinguish between vital and other organs or

functions, we take certain manifestations of life as more important than

others. It seems artificial to see everything in and around us on the lofty

level of being a transparent representation of the glory of the I AM.

Thinking or talking as if everything can do that sounds highly unrealistic.

708. We may keep two things in mind here. One is that, in our negative

state, everything is fragmented and alienated as result of the isolation of

life's three levels. Each particle has to fight for itself. Not only do we lack

sensitivity for the needs of other presences but we categorize the in

itself fascinating variety of life-forms and cast them into rigid hierarchies.

709. Yet, sensing and seeing that in everything is I AM's presence is the

'normal' situation. This vision is lost on earth. Understandably so, in view

of our mutilated earthly externals. In the true universe, all units, parts and

particles thrive on being respectful. They feel a kinship as they know that

they have the individual closeness to I AM in common with all others.

710. The other thing to keep in mind is this. As everything evolves from its

most inner spirit core, I AM, Who is the one life force, is directly present in

all that exists. The internal and external layers of each unit are as it were

draped around this innermost core, receiving their power to be from that

inner fire, whether we realize or see its glow or not. It is a matter of trust.

711. Although we have to be very careful with distinctions, for practical

reasons we could distinguish between a direct and an indirect presence of

I AM. The difference is not in more or less realness but in the immediacy

of touch and embrace. The same applies to the distinction 'absolute' and

'relative' in describing I AM's presence.

712. On the spirit level of 'everything' the fullness of manifesting I AM

is absolute. From that sphere the light of life erupts. It is transmitted and

proceeds, always diversifying itself in literally all directions. This is the

genesis of a pebble, a nation or a human fetus. I AM's presence is in

this process, and its materialization in externals we could call indirect.

713. There is a stubborn misunderstanding that I AM does everything.

If that was so, it would block the freedom element in all emanations.

This is impossible as everything is of I AM's freedom nature. But also,

it would be a cruel joke, to give life-forms the impression they are in

charge while actually they were just acting like puppets on strings.

714. All this means: ultimately everything in existence is of the same

nature. But it develops in freedom within the context of its species or

function and in concert with the forces and 'laws' working in those.

On earth, these forces are corrupt, erratic, fragmented or confused.

It is difficult to see in earth's violence the love of I AM at work.

715. Except in our innermost sanctuary, the presence of I AM is 'indirect'

in the rest of our person and our world. It is like light from the moon: it is

still sunlight, but it is substantially weakened. But we do not really need to

analyze the shades of I AM's presence. What I AM 'does' for sure is She/He

emanates life and love and enjoys the multiverse in which this is expressed.

716. Direct or indirect, absolute or relative, whatever the words we use

for I AM's presence, they are superfluous when we evoke, taste, whisper

and treasure the sixth name as the secret of our own person.

We are covered by it. And so is friend and foe. Everything is. All things

share life's glorious nature despite this being quite problematic for us.

717. It must be clear by now that all the information of this booklet serves

a dual purpose. One is, to put 'everything' in its right perspective. Which

means for us on earth, seeing that the flow of life is from within to without,

from the spirit core to the outer realms. The other is, liberating energy

from the negative state's falsities so we can be agents of the Real Reality.

718. This can be said in a more personal way. The dual purpose of these

words is to have us as individuals know and experience the closeness and

loving embrace of the One with the seven names. Letting our spirit merge

with the spirit of I AM will inspire our mental, physical and social

faculties to be positive, helpful, elegant and wise. And remain so.

719. Any success of our mission here isn't measured by how others or we

ourselves judge. Nobody here sees the full picture anyway. I AM does.

The seven names are the full picture of existence. They're among us now.

They inspire and encourage us to go by the facts of true life and not by

the fiction of the negative state. In that way, we merge with the names.

720. The purpose of the appearance of this booklet is to have a piece

of unpolluted information available on earth. Everything on our planet

has the potential of demonstrating some of the true reality. Whether

hidden, honored or defiled, I AM being manifested is the face of

Reality. Our mission here is to show what accepting this will lead to.