........ 'ONE HOLY'

... "If they keep doing this to mother, they are dead for me," James, the oldest brother, said angrily. Jesus asked, "How long can you hold your breath, James? Not long, right? Your lungs force you to take in air. So it is with people: they can lash out, destroy, even kill, but they cannot stop life from being there and having the last word. The greatest mystery of all life is that it exists! It cannot be eliminated. Causing death physically, or socially as you suggested, is a matter of changing form or shape. Dead or alive, all that exists relates to the One Holy, who is eternal. That matters."

- "The 'mystery' of Me being the I AM of all existence is recognized in all universes as the greatest thrill in all-out living."

- "That segments of life have forced endings, ugly 'deaths', or, in other words, transitions not by free choice as is the case on earth, is the most offensive 'achievement' of the Negative State."

- "That I submit Myself to its pseudo-power is incomprehensible for all in the universe. Yet they never stop praising and worshiping Me for it. They sense, correctly, that even the potential of anything negative to happen again is now for hundred percent removed."


... "How will you treat the tenants when they remain uncooperative?", the voice in the back shouted. Jesus answered, "I begin with forgiving them. They may not realize what they cause. And if they do, I weep for their blindness. If they want to talk, I'll tell them that nothing in life is final or set in stone. So that, with mutual good intentions, there is a respectable way out of this problem. If they refuse to talk, I would submit the issue to the law of the land. Whatever that court decides, I will not criticize it. My task is to stay with love. Does that answer your question?"

- "Love is the essential ingredient on all levels of life and in all interactions between those levels. It comprehends everything."

- "The question what love is has only one answer: 'All is!' It's not a quality or an achievement. I am Love so, therefore, all that exists reflects this."

- "In the domain of the Negative State, the 'hell's', love is present in its turned-around, inside-out and upside-down position as, for instance, hate, paranoia, dependency, control and obsession."


... Jesus' younger brother, Jacob, shyly approached him. "You said that when we don't love, we don't live. But then you said that we always live, even when we are dead?" "Bravo!", the voice in the back shouted. The boy blushed. Jesus took his hand. "Look at me," he asked warmly. "I will always love you, as my brother and also in the way I love all people. When I am not around, you don't see me. But I still love you, right?" The boy nodded. "Now, if you would doubt that or deny my love for you, you live a lie. You shut me out. That, I call not living, when people close their eyes for the truth."

- "When you die, you do not lose awareness. You lose the deadness, the isolation and the slavery that was inflicted on your generation of human beings."

- "It will take 'time' to re-connect with the real reality, with true life. Very little of this process you can grasp while on earth."

- "Discovering some of the 'facts' of real life, as over the ages people have done, will contribute to more humbleness. If not, it was not a 'fact' they found, but a decoy or a delusion."


... Holding on to Jacob, Jesus said, "Many of you may be confused about what living really is all about. You have seen people die. You know that relationships can die. You consider evil powers to be spiritually dead. Let me tell you that life itself is indestructible. It is meant to be beautiful, exciting, strong, functioning well. On earth, as we are under the domination of the negative forces, nothing is stable. All life here is constantly threatened and poisoned. It is fragile and affected by decay. However, I represent eternal, real life. Keep your eyes and ears open and you'll see and hear!"

- "If any part, unit or singularity in existence wishes to change its position, circumstances or life-style, it never damages the overall structure of which it is a piece."

- "Life is always in all its functions and activities a joint adventure. Being part of the whole is what living consists of. Nothing in life's composition is ever stagnant, stale or fixed forever. Everybody can know this and enjoy the freedom to change."

- "The transition from one function to another is applauded and admired. It always produces more beauty for the ones that change and satisfaction for having shared for the ones that let go of them. This is what 'death' and 'dying' really is. But in 'heaven' there are happier ways to describe this than with the words you use."


... Finally, the voice in the back silenced the commotion that followed Jesus' bold statement about himself, by shouting, "Your father Joseph is dead. Your mother is in trouble. If you are stronger than we are, show it. Then we will see whether you are a fake or not." Most others seemed to agree with that. Jesus said, "You have seen people getting healed because I told them to be well. That happened to their external body, which eventually will die. However, my words pertaining to your mind and heart, they can heal you for eternity! When you believe in me, you change forever!"

- "When you see freedom, joy, togetherness, respect, playfulness, caring, fairness or innocence, then you see signs of real life in progress."

- "Stagnation, like holding on to the past, to external security and symptoms of dependency, indicates sickness. The arrangements that hold life on earth together are fragile, to say the least. What people call improvement is therefore relative. Even what is called 'physical healing' or a 'miracle' can serve an evil purpose."

- "For you, real healing means transformation, becoming re-structured, re-wired. Only within the human spirit some lasting change is possible while living on earth. It won't be forced on anybody. It only comes when love and truth are desired."


... Jesus continued, "You live short lives. Father Joseph sure did. Why so short? Because nothing in this world, including our bodies, is directly the Creator's handiwork. It is all put together by those that became the negative, the evil forces. You call them Satan, Devil, Beelzebub, Darkness, whatever. They took it on themselves to prove that living is possible without connecting with the one source of life. Here, we see their fabrications, a caricature of the real reality. But don't let this scare you. Because you all have a function in it. And the promise of deliverance stands!"

- "Also matter, which is not aware in the way you are, being in the most external segment of reality, is part of the overall aliveness. In every way it functions as expression of My realness."

- "'Things' can radiate beauty and well-being: in their moving together as pushing and pulling forces, in their dance while positioning themselves, in their flexibility when changing in order to serve better. All shows My happy nature."

- "You see the dire results of My most external elements being used to create an alternative reality, in which the outer expressions of life would eventually become their own source: the outside providing meaning and sustenance."


... Heavy silence. Jacob stared at him. "They're after you?" Jesus nodded. "Evil is after all manifestations of the true eternal world. But remember, even the forces that rebel against the One Holy operate with energy coming from the one source!" He smiled at the youngster. "They proclaim to be the chosen masters of the world. But they conveniently forget their own origin. They lie. Evil is dead, spiritually. It plugs the fountain of true life. I have the power to restore the flow. So listen to my words!" In awe, Jacob looked up to him while most others started to look very uncomfortable."

- "Never is being alive not charged with adequate powers to move, change and blossom."

- "The exceptions, of course, are the 'hell's' and their products. In those, energy is sliced, turned against itself and therefore has become a potentially destructive force."

- "Carefully tapping into the life force that still keeps earth going, when that is done with pure intentions, will allow people to perceive some luster. It can contribute to enjoying the magnificence of being alive."