ONENESS Writing 6

the completeness of it all

Not because I am, all is. If I would not be, all still is.

But not complete. Therefore I exist. Life is one or not.

If not, who cares then? There is nothing to live for.

One is I AM in Her/His ever becoming:

All is relative to that one Center. Forever.

Orgasm jets the person who's me into the space of sky or sea.

It jolts my flesh in total space, distorts familiar face or place.

Beyond control, my mind exalts, while time nor temper halts.

No fences provides my skin: orgasm is without and is within.

Will in Real Reality all connecting start on this mighty level?

Everything providing excitement if love and truth embrace,

generating an energy for living: with I AM in every coupling?

Perversion of the best becomes the worst of all.

For the 'hell's' and their products, sex is a squall.

Here, hotly pursued, short-lived or incomplete,

lovemaking is missing all heaven's natural beat.

Malfunctioning, leaving humans empty and tired,

for other creations, sex is proof of being desired.

While on earth sexuality is a problematic action,

universally it is a lustily playing with perfection.

I love I AM. Therefore, I love sex. Sex brings us close to another person.

We transcend through physical love. It gives a tiny, tiny inkling of what

the great universal oneness is all about. I love sex because I love I AM.

Say, what is 'heaven': a state of mind? Some place elsewhere. Somewhere out there?

Is it a projection or an illusion? Whatever! You can select any idea. You may be right.

We cannot prove it exists anyway, is that not true?

Listen to me: no thought of 'heaven' has a meaning unless you see you are part of it.

Heaven is where One Holy dwells as in His/Her own.

This is in us, too; somewhere, somehow, as we are a product, not the source of life.

All life has a source; if that dries up, life would stop.

Life's currents bring usefulness. It is its nature. Nothing that exists is outside of it.

All life is from I AM, Who allows it to come into being.

All forms of life are relative to this Center. We can deny it, as the 'hell's' try to do.

They try to prove life can go on without its Source.

Their powers rule our planet earth. Yet they can't undo they are from I AM, too.

You take 'heaven' as a mystery, or as inaccessible?

Or is it as near as life is: in us? If so, we better be very clear about this situation.

Well, I AM visiting us personally is that not 'heaven'?

Let science seek, religions speak, emotions sweep: oneness remains.

I AM lets life be so that She/He can treasure something as a partner.

Each detail of it adds to the joy of I AM noticing He/She is reflected.

Sadly, earth shows the results of our common Origin being rejected.

Be that as it is, this won't last forever. Serious breakthroughs occur.

Hot news is reaching all of earth's corners: I AM's party is on!

We on earth are the problem makers as we're all cross-wired.

Yet life's overall oneness defies what clings to pathetic denial.

They say: 'See God in your neighbor and in creatures small or strong.

And in space and in nature: don't all those sing their Creator's song?'

Yet there is more, when it comes to really adoring the One Who Is:

We can embrace I AM's all-loving nature and share our humanness.

Realizing this situation makes our loving the I AM a personal choice.

Seeing Him/Her in others confirms what She/He is for us in private.

Awesome is I AM's entering the negative state in which we do live.

It shows His/Her divine spirit being everywhere without exception.

Euphoria, rapture or ecstasy mean stepping out usual mental state.

Dreams or visions in meditation seem a connection with a beyond.

Drugs can enhance deep awareness; prayerful breathing triggers it.

Yet if we do want to be fully real, then, on our own innermost level,

we can use that minuscule opening that lets us meet with the One.

It will bring us in the real, the full, Reality: when we visit with I AM

we are 'home' then and centered, like all in the other dimensions.

One Holy, in Whom I have my being and through Whom exists all that constitutes life,

I love you as the eternal Presence Who was and is and will be everything for all, forever.