Their Activities


(This segment contains remarks he made about the doings of his generation and about the true state of affairs in the universe. At times, he focused on me and commented on my concerns about writing down all the information.)


My question was 'how' he and his generation were and are involved in our lives here. I wouldn't mind to hear details but he warned against wanting to know what couldn't possibly fit into my so restricted mental framework. Yet, he said, I could think of what having caring parents does to children. Even if those are not around and the children don't consciously think of them, there is a connection; they operate within their parents' radius. Unwittingly, they process this. In a somewhat similar way, his generation is present in me and in everything around me. They do not aim at getting people morally deprived, sick, violent, corrupt or whatever is thought of by us as evil and negative. Although, us thinking that way comes in handy to keep us in the dark in regard to their prime activity, which is to not have us connect with the presence of I AM and so uncover the Positive State.

I asked him what this means for our status as individuals in terms of what we are responsible for. How free are we on earth to choose our destiny?

To that and to similar questions he responded that we, the sixth human generation, are the outcome and, in a way, victims of the evolutionary processes they installed on our planet. Yet, in spite of the 'unnatural' dynamics and circumstances they provided, the very fact of our existence means that the core life force still operates in us. That force they did not create. Nobody did. It is I AM as Energy. What they did with pieces of that force, namely diverting and disconnecting its manifestations and holding those up as their creation, amounts to a pseudo-creation; in many ways to a caricature of the real reality. Still, the connection with the one life force is, by definition, in everything everywhere. And it can be accessed.

He said that in this fact lies the answer to the question of our personal freedom, authenticity and importance. Whether we consider ourselves being shaped by evolution, genes, circumstances or conditioning, or by whatever suggests that we are victims, un-free, accidental or a pawn: being in life means that somehow I AM's nature 'hides' in us. He said that to not uncover that fact and to not listen to the tiny part in us that is the direct connection with I AM's pure nature means that we have fallen in the trap his generation has set for us. The trap is the idea that life's worth and future is in the externals and that we can do without the spiritual realm.

In short, he said, love and being honest, if only as a deep longing is the prerogative of everyone in existence to choose, treasure and fight for. This piece of real life and its accessibility they are not capable of eliminating.


He mentioned that in non-human life-forms freedom seems to have all but disappeared. At least, it is not detectable for us. We only observe the 'passivity' of things and matter. We think they have no free will. Even some people fall into this category. Only animals and plants may exercise some freedom, we think, when they struggle to adjust and survive. We can call it instinct or species-conditioned behavior, yet it does indicate they have options. Some scientists even suspect some sort of choosing in subatomic particles.

He reminded me that the focus of his generation is not on nature or matter but on the human type of creature they developed. After all, the human species was specifically brought into being to perform the all-the-universe-pertaining test whether love is from freedom or not. Clearly everything in our galaxy is affected by this endeavor.

Even if his generation is practically and emotionally too enmeshed in their own schemes to make objective choices, they do choose, he stated. He and his generation have done 'anything' to have us tip the scale in their direction. Now, he is actively involved in my life for the opposite reason. (To which I wanted to react with, 'And how many others are on your list?' But I kept my mouth shut.)

life's three levels

It would be wise, he said, to keep distinguishing between life's three levels - innermost, internal and external. Most of what happens in the external realm of life on earth is traceable for us. The cause of it can be verified. Many situations take care of themselves. His people let those just happen. Yet, when a situation begins to look too much like the Positive State, they may step in; at times forcefully but mostly with luring people with external and ego-pleasing distractions. They promote prosperity, health and success as options that easily lead away from nurturing the spiritual connection.

He reminded me of the mind-control feature they have. They can arrange breakdowns as well as healing. It does require for them awareness of and a connection with the person or situation in question. For that, they have their network solidly in place.

We, from our side, cannot pinpoint their presence or influence. Still our realm is full of them. The activities of his generation are an integral part of all earthly life's manifestations. It infiltrates all of the external level, most of the mind and the outer part of our spiritual self.

As they are the 'inventors' of imperfection, brokenness and non-love and non-real aspects in our world, we can see the handiwork of our fabricators and should suspect their presence in everything that does not reflect I AM's nature.

It is therefore of extreme importance, he said, that precise information about the nature of I AM is available on our human level. It is for that reason and in that context that I am given data about it, clear ones, and that I can write them down and have them printed. The facts of life universal are now available. They all are included in I AM's seven names and in the twelve components of His/Her nature. Even if the external world does not seem to change because of this new knowledge, any individual person can now integrate this insight in their wondering and decide to go in the direction of that reality.

Presently, most of us humans on earth still are ideal executors of their negative ideas; we are obedient 'sons and daughters' to them, dancing to their tune. We do it when we lose track of earthly life's prime purpose, which is using our potential to represent I AM and the Positive State.

This brought him to the subject of his and his generation's involvement on the mental level. Our disrupted cognitive systems and chemistry greatly restrict our ability to adequately manage ourselves. Our thinking is constantly misled by having to use external images and concepts. Those cannot convey the full reality. Even our inkling of there being more to life than what we can figure is frustrated by not being able to conclusively prove what is really true. In addition to that, there is the ever present influx of their suggestions to focus on external goals and values. This, on top of being conditioned by them from our day one on earth.

He knows that most people, if they think of it at all, suspect that there is an unconscious part in them that plays a role in decision making. They surmise there is a sort of archetypal reservoir that all creatures may have in common, at least the human ones. To a point, this is true. What is not known is that much of our mental functioning has features installed by them during the process of putting their 'offspring' together. I could think of this in terms of our genetic material being programmed with lies and falsities that affect our mind and body.

He participated in the experimentation leading to the formation of the human-type of creature, a humanoid, that for all practical purposes has become the sixth human generation. Specifically for this purpose developed animals were used to become sentient entities by implanting in them some of the human tissue.

He said his generation had and has ways of feeding us their ideas by blending them with our own ideas. The 'work' involved in this is not necessarily done by them personally. He referred again to their 'radiation' that may show up as inner voices, images or 'messages' addressing us. Calling those 'minions' of the Negative State may be helpful. Other people who push or control others deserve that name, too.

When I asked why, he explained that it is relevant for our contact. He can speak to me now as an entity that has broken with the pursuit of his generation. Yet the 'materializations' of what he once stood for are still around. Those, as it were, function as echoes of his 'former' self and are now living a life by themselves.


At one point, he started talking about babies being born on earth. He reminded me I was told that existence as such, the fact of being present in life, can only occur as emanation of I AM Who is the one and only life force. This can be a direct endowment with life, as in the case of the first generation of humans, or a 'delegated', indirect, endowment via existing life-forms, as it happened with the later human generations and their offspring. For us earthlings, the source and distribution of the life force is a mysterious commodity. Not so for his generation. They still had the capacity to produce new life-forms. They used it to create our type of human beings and to install in us a method of procreation tested out on animals and plants.

He reminded me that all life-forms in the real reality, regardless of how they came into being, have in common the freedom to respond to being in life in any way they want, on their particular level.

His generation, ours and everything in the Negative State have in common that we are not exposed directly to the fullness of I AM. For them, it was a conscious act to painstakingly avoid this. For us and other life-forms in our world, the situation is that we hardly know there is another reality. Yet, each newborn human, the trillions of them, participates in the completion of the illustration of what happens when not loving I AM is offered as option. He brought to my attention incidents in my past when I consciously chose to pursue negative behavior.

I asked about the life of a fetus who for whatever reason is aborted. He commented that, to us, the physical life-span of an aborted fetus is obviously short. Yet its uniqueness and importance in answering the central question he just mentioned is intact. It is done by any life-form in any circumstance. Time is not of essence; the occurrence itself is that for all involved and despite earthly standards or judgments. In this sense, abortion adds to the sum of all possible experiences and is as such not a special category.

The way babies are born on earth is ruled by processes taken from the animal world, although humans have some control in terms of timing. His generation may zero in on an individual child in order to expose it to options that make it difficult to not choose what they offer. But they also may hold off, at least for awhile, to observe reactions.

How does that happen? He said that one method is to unleash so much of their 'sphere' into a person's space that other options drown in it. Another is to work through other humans, like parents, to have newborns choose non-love and non-truth, have them living an externals-focused life and become models for the Negative State.

When I brought up the unfairness of this, he said he agreed. But he explained that they were involved in the greatest task ever bestowed upon any creature. Recruiting followers and setting them up as showcases for their vision 'had' to be their strategy. Besides that, it ultimately does remain each individual entity's choice in which direction to think and act.

the fourth generation

He noted that also the active attention from members of the fourth generation, representing the Positive State, can materialize and accompany us. His people cannot stop their influence which, like theirs, takes on forms adjusted to our human level of perception capacity. The fourth generation members cannot really 'breathe' the earth's atmosphere. If they appear at all personally, it is for very short moments. The two generations do not meet directly on the earthly stage. Yet he himself was aware of the power their 'parent' generation must exude in cases and places where they lost control. At first they may not notice it, but when someone on earth turns to her or his spiritual innermost level and the result of that starts to show up in their ways of thinking and behavior, the fourth generation may be involved.

He pointed at me and said that this happened to me. He added that the zillions of people born on earth had, in principle, the same choice, chance, opportunity and option to pay attention to the pulsation of the original life force in them. All can choose to ignore the waves of seduction, threats or confusion coming from his generation. They, his generation, are powerless when the desire to step into the energy field of love, honesty, goodness, realness and inner joy comes from the motivation to do it because one senses, and beyond any logic 'knows', that it is the right thing to do. That sense is reinforced by the activity of the fourth generation. However, when they notice this, it is relatively easy for them or their minions to counteract and pollute positive choices with things like secondary gain, ego needs, efforts to please or showing off.

(I must say that in my life I had a hard time learning to distinguish between self-serving motives and being positive 'for the sake of'. I still have to monitor my sincerity.)

He asked my attention for the fact that individual persons and, on their level, animals, plants or cells approach their environment as if they are the center of the universe; they look at the world around them from the perspective of their interests and act to protect those. Any newborn does it. This is completely normal, as everything in its own way reflects I AM, the center of life in all absoluteness.

However, the joy of being the center and on top by mirroring I AM as encouraged by the fourth generation is consistently obscured and corrupted by the conditioning to acquire power, possessions and validations of others in order to feel safe and important. Most children grow up learning to validate themselves by these external standards.


His generation had to deal with the extremely frustrating phenomenon that disconnecting their products from the 'old' world resulted in an every life-form affecting disintegration. The life span of everything on earth became limited. So while humans may act as their world's center, their days on earth are numbered from the moment they are born. It is for their fabricators a highly uncomfortable situation. They never found an antidote for this. But as always, they turned an unplanned result of their doings to their advantage. They use the inescapable transition by death and dying to feed a sense of powerlessness and panic in humans that, in turn, pushes them toward even more hanging on to external values.

He told me that his generation is not concerned about what happens after people die. They take in stride what people choose when faced with the real reality. Actually, no information about this was available to them until lately. Now they do know because of the information given to me and others. Many still are not interested because they count on everyone in the universe eventually coming over to their side, once their world's viability is proven. Then, they reckon, former earthly humans will voluntarily give up their spiritual connections.

I asked about my personal way of dying. Will it be anything special?

He declined to answer that question. He simply said that, evidently, I made choices that brought me to this remarkable point that I could converse with him. The only reliable beacon in the midst of death and dying issues is my honest desire to stay in touch with my spiritual realm and to let its sphere come through in my daily life. This actually means that I have died already and am involved in the process of my resurrection. He did encourage me to keep realizing how free I am by not having to believe what others say, as I have access to life's true facts.


I asked him about 'impostors'. How can I be sure he is not putting me on, nicely disguised as a positive entity? In other words, is he for real?

(As so often, I remind myself that he could be a product of my imagination or some 'materialization' on the mental level of my own suppressed desires. I think the saying is correct that often we create our own enemies. We are fearful inside and, voila, something emerges in our world that gives an 'objective' reason to be afraid. Spooky, but rather common. In the same way, I may long for something good and that may take on a form I actually see or experience. The suggestion that all individual and organized religions are based on this phenomenon makes a lot of sense to me.)

He reacted to my thoughts by saying that, first of all, I was right about the power of imagination, wishful thinking, sensing, intuition, mental 'materialization', symbolism, projection, 'positive' delusions, illusory worlds and other features of our human mind that seem to cross the line between what is actually there, also for others to see, and what is 'just' in the mind. He knows all about it, as it was he and his people that manipulated our cognitive systems. Our human minds do have the potential of creating a 'reality' that is deceptive.

I should not forget, he said, that all workings on any level in the universe are lucid and transparent. His generation did not create new brain features but changed the formulas by which they function. For them, to tamper with something 'perfect' was intriguing. For us, it causes great confusion in discerning what is 'real' or not. We think we need validations from others or external standards to feel sure about things.

I insisted. "How can I know that these occurrences on my spiritual level are a piece of the 'objective' true reality? They obviously are of a different sort of realness than the rest of my life. Not just different, but exceeding 'earthly' limits in all directions.

(I confess that I would consider it a personal disaster if at one point it would become clear that all I experience and report would turn out to be a creation of my mind. Or, perhaps worse, if I would find out that the seemingly positive entities I meet are fake ones, impostors, just fooling me.)

G. said he understood. He personally doesn't have conflicting thoughts or doubts. He knows what is happening and why he does things. His 'brain' functions are not compromised. When in his generation true facts are ignored, like the presence of I AM or the all-love factor, or when not-realizable goals are set up, it is not a matter of making mistakes but a conscious choice to go that route in order to see what happens. He said that instead of the word 'conditioning' for their manipulation of our generation's brain, I could use the more contemporary word 'programming'. They programmed our systems in such a way that answers and solutions are sought primarily from outside sources, other people and available data. Our innate ability to imagine is a terrific help to avoid the spiritual realm. It gives the impression we can transcend boundaries while in fact it immerses us more in self-created and, therefore, external worlds.

He agreed that being able to distinguish between appearances of entities of the Positive State and impostors or self-induced imagery is of vital importance. At times it may seem impossible.

So how do I know?

He didn't show impatience with me when he referred to what in several contexts I have been able to write about this in the Booklets. He stressed the number one criterion for knowing what type of entity we encounter, especially when we knowingly seek access to our spiritual level. That criterion is that never ever any representative of I AM and the Positive State will tell us humans on earth what to do. I AM and all that speak for Her/Him in whatever form will never push, order or even expect us to do or not do certain things. Our freedom is respected more than we realize. Appearances of the Negative State have an extremely hard time to pretend to be that respectful. They may start out that way, but sooner or later - usually rather soon - they will begin to urge, argue, threaten, seduce or judge. They disregard or plainly laugh at what is left in us as freedom to choose. Their only concern is that we head in the direction of their world of eliminating life's spiritual layer.


He nodded when evidently he read the thought I had that basically all religions are preoccupied with pushing or at least protecting their ideas. He said that much of the wisdom, insights and positive stimulants in religious traditions are the result of prophets, sages, mystics, shamans and sincere women and men being in contact with the real world. Yet often they, and especially their followers, integrated unbeknownst to them impulses and urges coming from the Negative State. Thus, the uncovered truth became linked to external standards. It resulted in people clinging to symbols, rituals, doctrines, Holy writ, leaders, rules and conformity.

He said it is common for people who were in genuine contact with I AM to become spoke persons for the Negative State by using their spiritual awareness to judge others or boost their own ideas or ego.

Yet the poison of being set up as law to obey, to be taken literally or quoted out of context does not invalidate wisdoms that have broken through and entered the human realm. It forces his generation to stay alert. The uncovering of the real facts of life can happen anywhere, at any time, by anybody. The pulsation of the Positive State can be picked up on anybody's most inner level. His generation cannot prevent this from happening.

(Actually, G. gave examples of truths having come through: the eight-fold path, the five noble truths, the ten commandments, the three-fold rule of love, the five requirements. When stripped of the vestiges of their typical cultural, literal and local setting, they provide signposts on the road to the real reality. I hesitate to report this, as these words are taken from the world of organized religions. To me, it seems discrimination against people without a religious background or affiliation. How can they know what G. referred to? And what about the evil and hypocritical excesses masquerading under the banner of these religions that have deeply tarnished their glow? Many people have been and are victim of religious literalism and fanaticism. But then, who am I to leave out things G. said?)

Proof of meeting representatives of the Positive State and not impostors is that there is no judging, pushing or criticizing. It always comes with a sphere of friendliness and respect, he said. A love is radiated, not just for one's own person but for all people we can think of. This, and the absence of any hint of control or threat let us know with what type of entity we are dealing.

Yet, he warned me again that contrary to what most people associate them with, the negative forces are mostly present and active in situations where things happen we consider 'positive'. They love to confiscate those rather than wasting energy on what is dark, self-centered and non-love already. That takes care of itself.