Part 1



This evening I find myself surrounded by people of all the sections I had met. They seemed in a high state of joy, and those who were 'performing' their specialties did so with great enthusiasm.

(I myself was on a certain high after successfully giving a talk at my work. Is there a correlation?)

The groups seemed to mix freely. I asked Wisdom and Achmed who were with me what was happening.

Actually, they did not have to answer as I could see for myself that the whole enormous crowd was having a good time.

I AM appeared, but in a different way than I was used to. A dense light was hovering above us all. It was visible, yet not definable as a form. Or, not visible and yet clearly definable as a presence. There was an incredible sense of togetherness in the air and one of anticipation. I saw it in the faces and movements of the people wherever I looked. I felt it myself.

I wanted to kneel. "We like to do that, too," Wisdom said. "But, please, don't take kneeling as a sign of submission as it is on earth. Here, it is the highest external gesture of total joy, gratitude and oneness with all."

Did I AM speak? I heard no words yet we were all spoken to. How did I know? I was so one with everybody that I felt as listening with their ears. My kneeling was as if I did it as part of their bodies. I thought that this must be the apex of what can be experienced by anybody in the universe. The oneness was throbbing in and through me. It seemed the all-ness as occurrence, as I AM happening.

"Do only we, as humans, feel this?" I whispered to Wisdom.

"No," he answered, "everything experiences it. Don't you feel the charge in the ground?"

He was so right. The ground I knelt on pulsated with energy. My knees, feet and hands felt its trembling. My body reverberated. Existence seemed afire.

After a while, Achmed said softly, "Here, feel this." He had me touch a stack of clothes he had with him. "Feel the fabric, it doesn't feel dead, does it? Not even neutral. What does that tell you?"

Indeed, it seemed the soft fabric I touched warmed my fingers; it sort of caressed them pleasantly.

"The high we feel is all over the universe. It 'is' the universe," he said.

I asked Wisdom if this happens often, and why this high is not happening all the time? I felt completely included in this world and atmosphere. I couldn't be more aware of every cell in my body yet at the same time I was also aware of all those around me. And believe me, the space was filled as I would say on earth, to capacity.

He whispered in my ear that this 'feel-able' totality with I AM and all else was somehow always there but that it also was special. He suggested I think of a wave that comes, goes and comes back. This type of presence of I AM is part of the rhythm of life. It leaves all of existence with a glorious sense of being powerful, moving graciously and being beautifully alive."

He lowered his voice even more and whispered, "Can you see now how difficult it was for I AM to initiate anything that would lead to challenge this reality and would come up with something else? Our human species had to be incredibly gifted in order to move away from this and create something pseudo, like the Negative State."

Later I asked him again, "What about the non-human dimensions, do they experience something like this?"

With a big grin he said, "Don't you worry about them!"

Then I asked, "What about those multitudes here, how much space do they cover?"

"We can take a look. Come."

We seemed to be instantly at the other side of the enormous crowds. It did not look different here, the distinguishable groups, some performing and others just intermingling. Actually, more and more people started to mix and the performances stopped. It began to look like a gigantic festival.

Achmed had come with us and told me that here he did most of his business. He was going to deliver the clothes samples to people who had ordered them. "This really is a meeting place for us," he explained. We do business, plan things, meet new people, share ideas, experience love and always have a wonderful time. You won't believe it, but all 'your' trillions and trillions of people are here!"

I decided, indeed, not to believe this or try to grasp it.

He told me that people can meet at any time and anywhere but it is special and exhilarating to have the whole human family visibly in one place and to have I AM materializing among them as light.

I wanted 'to come down to earth', so I asked if he had to take measurements when fitting someone's dress. And what about cutting the fabric to the proper length?

(I was aware that my question did not match my observation that clothes could appear out of nowhere, at least on me.)

There are no fixed measurements, he said. He does not use scissors. He touches where the fabric has to separate and it loosens. I had to remember that they are always in it together, the sentient entities and the materials. Then there was the ability of clothes themselves to change appearance in accordance with what the ones who wear them went through.

I questioned how it was possible that I am dressed in a robe that I did not put on.

He started to laugh. "You don't have one on!"

It prompted me to panic.

"Don't blush!" he said. "We see you in a robe, and you see yourself dressed that way, but that is achieved by your ability to project even if you are not conscious of it, and by our ability to see you in a way that facilitates relating to you. Your earthly clothes would interfere with seeing you as you really are."

Teasing me he said, "You stand out as it is, anyway!"

(As my walk ended here, so did my visit. For one reason or another, the limit of about one hour each day feels appropriate. Today, the sense of oneness I was part of did stay with me, which is unusual. Most of the time, after I put my notes on paper, I don't think about the visit anymore. I do not try to mentally process the information. Which does not mean that the extraordinary exposures do not deeply affect me.)