4. Always


Rule 4. A L W A Y S ....... 'O N E H O L Y'

"You could say that this fourth invitation to connect with Me offers a once-and-for-all perspective. There never is a moment in time and space that anything that exists, including the sentient beings you and all people on earth are, moves outside of My attention or is not operating from a position relative to Me. In this sense there is no time, nor an 'always'. For you, it means that you can continuously remind yourself that I am the I AM of all life and that, very simply, My availability to relate to is wherever you are. If you want it, that is. When you surrender to this fact and act upon it, you are outside of your confining idea of time. You then are in the real world."

"The difference between Me, the I Am, and you, is that to you life is granted. You're a part of My emanation that is as such forever before Me. This situation presents not the faintest discomfort in the realms of the 'heavens'. In all their functioning they want Me to be the center of their lives. That they stem from Me thrills them to no end. Why should they challenge Reality? Like when you're in love, the desire for him or her is constantly on your mind even while you are busy with unrelated things. Let Me tell you a fact that may surprise you. My being the all-transcending One Holy and at the same time presenting Myself in a personal way to all that exists is the greatest kick for all who participate in life."

"Precisely this part of Me that is covered by the name One Holy is for all the very basis of their fervor in living. Why? For one, it allows them to be fully themselves without having to wonder if they should be Me too. Again, as with being in love, it feels as the bottom line from where you operate. Finding oneself alive in My reality is the glorious bottom line from where one's unfolding identity and potential starts. Because of My nature reflected in them, all become co- creators in their own right. All volunteer eagerly to play their unique roles on life's stage. Nobody has to worry about what you call past and future. Life happens as an eternal now. It is knowing Me that gives them this understanding. Do you see how important it is for you and everybody in the 'Zone of Displacement' to meet with Me so you can find the route to optimal insights?"

"I, as the dimension that cannot be compared with anything, provide the assurance that eternity is well, secure, safe, never exhausted. It allows for an everlasting moving to more closeness and intimacy with Me. This comes with the deep satisfaction of a constant arriving. All in the universe were and are free to ask questions about My not-seen and not-knowable aspect. There was and is no interest to do so. All love Me in fullness. Why question the obvious that living is beautiful, challenging and a hundred percent gratifying?"

"Against that background I decided to endow a new species of creatures with as special feature a profound sense of curiosity about outer realms, the frontiers of reality, so to speak. This inclination led them to go with their attention to where others never did. They became particularly intrigued by the component of My nature that is considered My outer realm, the external part of My nature. In your 'Story' you use the word 'explorers' for them. What it resulted in, you know. Their gift to ask new questions grew into a goal in itself, which, in turn, became an obsession. What started as a pure and proper desire to know the as-yet unknown and then share the findings, wound up causing them frustration and irritation because of their not being Me themselves. In other words, My being One Holy became the stone of contention. As you know, obsession kills freedom. Their love energy changing into resentment and hatred moved them away from my closeness. It resulted in the appearance on life's scene of imitations, fakes, caricatures, opposites; a travesty of the real reality, in other words. Their point was to show that my unknowable is irrelevant for the existence and continuation of life."

"The fall-out of their rejection of my nature is all over the place in the 'Zone of Displacement'. Irritation, ridicule and ignoring abound when it comes to accepting the never- changing awesomeness as well as comfortableness of My first name. I tell you that only simplicity leads to satisfying insights in life's totality. Reality, existence itself, is simple because its essence is love and its substance is truth. It is Me! So what is difficult about that? It boils down to the fact that even if you call My first name and My origin a mystery, that mystery spells 'blessing'. Taking Me as I am and not trying to figure Me out and just indulging in My presence, that causes the playfulness in life and brings wide grins on all entities' faces."

"Most religious movements as you know them have a centerpiece for their worship, be it a holy book, an altar, statues, chanting or a certain state of mind. Those are considered sacred elements. It doesn't sound bad, does it, that within earth's polluted atmosphere pockets with pure air for soul and body are preserved? Many of humans' highest achievements in poetry, architecture, painting, dance and other art forms are inspired by 'sacred' subjects. Religions seem to function as watchdogs to keep a sense of 'holiness' alive. They stimulate awe by going beyond the usual and keep reminding people that there are 'higher' dimensions. However, this fourth 'rule' for connecting with Me personally, reveals that My presence is not limited to certain moments, sacred or holy. In terms of the focus of this rule, you cannot put My presence on hold and only to be shown or being effective at certain times, at certain places, through certain means. I am always. Including the transcending aspect of this. Never wait to contact Me! I am now Who I will be. Always is always."

"Despite documentation about My speaking as it is preserved in 'sacred' scriptures, in tales or in events or history, the issue is not what happened then but is that I always speak. In countless ways I express Myself. All expressions of life are saying something of its source, of Me. My speaking brings forth the happening of life itself, you could say. It is useless to limit being intimate with Me to specific setups or fixed times; as if I am bound by those. I am beyond your time schedules. Do you see that this determines the whole 'prayer' experience? Waiting for the 'right' moment is denying Reality. The effects of all My names materialize in the 'now' mode. My first name guarantees and underscores that your limitations do not apply to Me. In all absoluteness, Reality is untouchable because it is the totality and the 'more' of My nature. Realize that all of existence speaks, too! Its sound is as one joyfully escalating, not-encumbered song that worships life, Me, each other, being in life, everything: always. All participate with gusto without worries for where it leads to or doubts about how it all came into being. This is so difficult for you to grasp in your isolated position."

"I know that during formal rituals, 'prayers', liturgies and worshiping, the participants can feel as if they are drawn closer to Me. The caveat is that this, being tied to certain times and seasons, will be royally used by the Negative State to steer the attention away from the fact that contact with Me is always possible. They love it when people draw distinctions between more and less, sacred and not sacred at all and adjust their behavior or sense of closeness to Me accordingly. Who are earthlings, to set limits to My wanting to be with them? Organizing special or regular celebrations to honor Me as One Holy is one thing. 'Needing' those to feel more close to Me shows how deep people have sunk. The key is realizing what is being celebrated. It should only be that I without any interruption am with you all the days of your life. I am the life in you. Think as far backwards or project as far forward as you can: I am there. You may ask why or how but don't forget that every second your participation in life is taking shape and form. And My not-knowable part is the golden lining in and around everything. It comes with life!"

"When you meet with Me, you notice there is no conflict whatsoever in My closeness to you and the fact that others will experience Me at the same time. My closeness to them never takes away any of the special-ness of being with you. The same applies to 'time'. Taking 'always' as a continuum of moments without beginning and end is part of the mutilation of the human awareness circuit that has you think that way when it comes to arranging your daily affairs. A sense of 'timelessness' is only occasionally experienced on earth. And if it is, it is always short-lived and impossible to hold on to. Yet 'praying' to Me enables you to taste, at will, a timeless world. On your spiritual level this potential does exist. On that level, most of human logic becomes irrelevant. As is much wondering and are the many questions you have. There, My first name makes all the sense in the world! It is a most glorious part of Reality that the One I am, is the One you never have to be."

"So, as far as I am concerned, any time is the right time, My friend!"

Rule 4. A L W A Y S L O V E

"I know that what now you are writing raises many questions for you. You wonder whether it's wise to set apart occasions when I can be specifically honored, praised and thanked. And what about joining others in supplications for people in need, as it happens in religious services or with rituals? Is it wrong to dedicate certain days for focusing on Me or kneel in public to recognize Me? Isn't this a powerful slap in the face of the Negative State? When a mother teaches her children to talk to Me before going to sleep, isn't that installing in them a beautiful habit?"

"Let Me address your concerns. Also in these areas you can think from a spiritual perspective. The questions are valid. Sincere desires to honor Me and efforts to express this publicly, jointly and regularly can stem from the deep sense that there's more to life than what one sees on the outside. This stirring within all people have in common. So why not give it an outlet together? Being connected with Me is natural. It's giving in to the truth. Yet, a problem enters the moment people give form and shape to this deep inner throbbing by using words, taking certain positions or setting apart times to do so, alone or jointly. At that point, the sincere desire loses, on earth that is, its authenticity and purity. It's instantly exposed to the necessity of being squeezed into inadequate words, gestures or time frames. This is so for individuals but when it is done together it is exacerbated by the inability to know on what wavelength others are, regardless of what they say or do. On earth, seeking common ground for 'prayer' interferes with the full force of connecting with Me. Factors like customs, expectations, differing interpretations, becoming routine, following the masses, etc., take the soul out of celebrations."

"This doesn't mean that concerted moments of sharing worship or 'prayer' have no value at all. Yet the value is primarily psychological and social; it relates to people's needs in that area. As you know, I am not focusing with you on internal issues. The workings, needs and habits of people's minds and bodies do not qualify as essential for direct contact with Me. For that, you need a spiritual readiness. What reaches Me, in terms of establishing the connection with Me as your partner as well as being the I Am, is your openness for love. The language I speak is always and exclusively one of love. You could say it is also the only language coming from earth that is understood here, whether earthlings are aware of this or not."

"So right from its beginning, 'praying', in order to be 'effective', has to reflect the desire that love increases on all levels and for all. You see that planning, scheduling, formulas or special sessions are irrelevant for this? Spoken words are never necessary. What happens on the level of people's most inner longing, the acceptance of what lives there and the intention to shape one's thinking and behavior in that direction, that constitutes a real 'prayer'. You may think I come down too hard on traditional attempts to let the world and Me know publicly that I'm not forgotten. Are not those planned religious manifestations meant to evoke My presence? It may sound somewhat cynical, the way I talk about the doings of what you call 'organized religion'. Yet the facts are, as I mentioned, that besides social and psychological benefits, the range of reaching Me personally is not enhanced or increased by it. In many ways, the opposite is true!"

"For everybody it is possible to embrace the closeness and the always loving atmosphere of My nature and personal presence; at whatever point in time one chooses to do so. I know this is difficult on earth. But I speak about the normal situation as it is in the rest of the universe. The Negative State has seen to it that words cannot fully express the intended message. In this sense, all words fail. With body language it is the same. What sounds good, seems good and feels good, may be positive in the external realm. But it doesn't necessarily fit into the real world. Programming special ways to address Me reveals a moving away from My being always love, everywhere. It negates that I as Love am at all times life's essence and want to express that through you. What can public 'praying' or rituals add to this? What's proclaimed to be communication with Me, even if it is done with sincere intentions, is mostly dependency-ridden, fear-ridden and group-preservation centered. I am present where human living occurs, whether people rest, work, play, meditate or suffer. My nature as love isn't an added quality to life. It is life. Pure 'prayer' automatically activates the awareness of this. Seeing and sensing My warm smile, that tells you that you are in touch with Me."

"Designated places, times, wordings, symbols and what have you are prone to distract from the ever-active occurrence of My being Love. It is a challenge to accept this and to base talking and sharing with Me on this fact. You discovered that at any time you think of it, you instantly know Me to be around and in you. You even can access the other human dimensions whenever you desire to do so. In these Writings comes together all you know about Me. You can appreciate ways, traditional or innovative, of approaching Me as done by religions and movements when there is sincerity and love in what they offer. Yet you realize that it is on the individual spiritual level, however underutilized or suppressed, that I meet with you directly. Personal alignment with My loving presence is the power and essence of all 'praying'."

"You still wonder why so many feel stimulated by 'praying' together. Things like holding hands, naming those in need, singing together, lighting candles or incense can create a sphere of peace and love; isn't that positive, you think? Your friends here, like the ones you saw yesterday, appreciate your tenacity in holding on to your opinion. But having doubts doesn't change facts. I recognize noble efforts to make the best of threatening situations. I see people finding ways to support each other, mentally, socially and spiritually. Holding hands or 'praying together' can symbolize and enhance that. Yet love is never symbolic or a special effort. It needs no words, gestures, occasions, rituals, or other people. Love is life itself and vice versa. This fourth 'rule' is the invitation to get re-connected with Reality."

"The universal love-dynamics will be revived when people want Me in their lives. Do they want to get something from Me when they reach out? Listen, the most powerful thing people can do for each other and with each other, and for Me for that matter, is living in love's light every moment of the day! The energy for it comes from the outlet on the spiritual level. From there, it can infiltrate the internal and outer levels. In the Positive State, its glow is visible everywhere. Therefore, all life is one ongoing celebration. You noticed the happiness here. Anybody on earth can step into the warmth of My presence at any time. It is always there. 'Praying' expresses the exposure to it, the gratitude for it and the counting on it. It is an individual step and attitude because nobody can make this step for you. You cannot do it for anybody else. You going for it may trigger curiosity. Which is fine but it is unrelated to why you do it. Meeting others on the same wavelength can be a treat and using traditional expressions of closeness to Me can stimulate the sense of timelessness in praise and joy. Yet be aware that the moment you 'need' others to celebrate or 'pray', your attention diverts from My closeness. Being with Me personally will automatically nudge you in the direction of goodness."

"These Writings are one big invitation for those who read them to believe and apply what I tell you about the opening up to the always present glow of love. Correctly, it has been suggested that every expression of life could amount to being a 'prayer'. It can show what each unique entity wants to tell Me. Words are only part of this, if used. It is true that acting from love can instigate more intimacy with Me. 'Praying' with others, 'praying' for others or 'prayers' as requests don't add to what each individual can do at all times, which is producing more love from his or her personal closeness to Me. It may come as a shock when I say it, although you felt it coming: I do not ask for, nor do I need your special 'prayers'. I like to feel and hear and see your desire to be a presence of love. That gets Me going! That kind of 'praying' is always answered in full."

Rule 4. A L W A Y S T R U T H

... "Did I come across as emotional when I kept hammering on the spiritual invalidity of the familiar ways of 'praying' in traditional forms? You think that I am sort of annoyed even with the best of them? Let Me tell you that in the Real Reality is nothing fake or a power play. The idea of Me being annoyed comes from your mind. I touched upon an area that for many is sensitive. However I approach it, it will hit sore spots. In general, you are not too emotional. But around this subject you tense up. The reason is that you are afraid I am too harsh. Which would mean that I am not Myself. And if that's the case, then, you fear, all your writing would be on shaky ground."

"The nice aspect of your becoming defensive is that some people's 'prayer' rituals, including the new way you address Me, seem to have clear positive effects. It does make sense, does it, to say that it is one of the few things the Negative State just can't control or stop: that people will keep reaching out to Me? Isn't 'praying' one of the few ways to bypass the radar fields of evil and dark forces? 'Prayer' can warm one's heart; songs of praise can bring tears of joy in your eyes; together with others you can feel a mystical oneness and a sacredness of life. 'Praying' with someone can create an instance of precious intimacy. I see that very well. However, what people experience as comforting, bonding, pure, encouraging and spiritually nurturing, is only that, a special and precious moment. My message is that the real reality offers so much more."

"You can hold on to these precious and as-powerful-felt happenings only for so long. Then, you store them as a treasured memory. Trying to repeat them leads to fakery and disappointments. On the other hand, what will give you, or anybody who desires it, lasting strength and peace is the ongoing act of integrating the truth that I am always there. Which means in this context that you don't have to address Me with spoken or thought-out words or postures, or with time-honored and widely understood symbols or formulas. What counts is that you see yourself as being within My presence. Always. You can picture Me, imagine Me and place Me wherever you want as long as you take Me as real and as long as you hold on to My being always involved. Speak with Me as one Who is sitting in front of you, walking next to you or residing in your innermost self. Wink at Me when you realize My love, squeeze My hand when in pain or fear; let My spirit flood you every conscious moment. In other words, get used to My closeness at any time."

"It is said of Me that I am My word, that My speaking creates everything. How true! You reflect this in how you operate. Realize that you and everything in life at all times take up space, materialize, radiate, appear, give out signals with your thoughts, your eyes, hands and mouth. You're involved in a constant act of creating an environment by filling your space with your energy, statements, gestures, etc.. How others perceive this is not crucial. What I invite you to is to become more and more aware that you can radiate the true Reality as only you can represent it. My truth is most noticeably present on your spiritual level, yet your other two levels are not excepted. What you are, is as a word spoken, whether you like this or not. All Reality mirrors My nature. It is the substance of each entity's existence."

"Do you see why I don't relate to formal, joint or scheduled modes of 'praying'? I am not waiting for points in time and special occasions you choose in order to be aware of you. I know you all the time because you are operating in My Reality. As My reality! I offer you in the darkness on earth the ability to be aware of My light at all times. At stake here is My name as Truth and My nature as the 'All' of life and the oneness of the true reality. This, in contrast to the fragmented here and there pieces of what humans call 'facts' or truths. I am with you, always. The desire for intimacy that comes from Me, is it ever not there? Existing is one celebration of the eternal and universal state of love. What I'm saying is that special 'prayer' manifestations ignore that in all moments of life My fullness wants to come through."

"I now throw a second stick in your hen-house cot, if you will excuse Me for borrowing a violent expression. I know it lands in the midst of an ongoing confusion in your mind. The stick I throw is aimed at ways of addressing Me that set Me apart from humans, like Higher Power, Creator, God, Heavenly Father or Mother, Master, Lord, Divine Presence, Cosmic Center, Consciousness and whatever names religions, traditions, cults, sects or science proffer."

"You have seen here that people address each other in a completely relaxed, respectful, personal, easy and warm way. This is because they act from the awareness that I am present in the other as much as in them. Their way of relating to each other reflects life's overall nature. Which is Me; which is love. They want Me present in whatever they do; in their being alone, in their love-making, in their transitions, in their joint activities. They don't dream of wanting it any other way. This prevents a sense of operating on the basis of things past or of expectations to be met. My being the very energy and light by which Reality happens isn't a concept. I am experienced on all levels as the One Who is the substance of all experiencing. You know what I am talking about. You learned that the moment you think of it, you can see everything that goes on as part of My nature being manifested. Or not being manifested, as on earth."

"This being the case, using lofty names for Me causes a split in your mind. You put Me on a pedestal, 'out there' or 'once upon a time'. It perpetuates ideas of dependency and neediness. In My world is nothing of that. In 'praying', to still use that word, is no place for asking, pleading or requesting. I am there where you are. You can share with Me as with one that not only knows and cares but Who wants to express Her/Himself through you in your circumstance. I am always there. How often do I have to say it? The choice is yours to invite Me into your consciousness. By telling Me what you see going on, you take responsibility for it; for the good and for the 'bad'. Facts are facts, whether you are proud of them or not. I am always Myself in forgiving you, in encouraging you, in inviting you to use your freedom, in seeing My warmth and light activated in you. 'Officially' asking for help pushes Me away. You are My best friend!"

"I know that often there's no time to think about all this. And crying out for help happens before you know it. Divine intervention seems in many cases the only hope left. Yet will you remind yourself - and for those who read this, will you tell yourself - that when you 'lose it' as human being, when you feel reduced to a thing or a nothing, this only indicates a temporary shut-down of your system, a breakdown of the faulty construction you are as human on earth. It changes not My perception. Even if you die under those circumstances, I am still there! In those dark moments I don't detach Myself from you. Consider yourself My incarnation. Nothing is lost, even if all your observations tell you it is. You survive not because you ask for it or cry out for it. You survive because you are already in real life. This isn't offered as comfort. Although it may have that effect. I give you this information so that you and others can purify their notion of reality and their nature as My emanation. Getting used to being part of My reality at all times eliminates the idea that you have to wait for it or do need others to share this with."

"One pleasant and encouraging thought will surface, though. Thinking about the future, people can smile and, correctly, say to themselves and perhaps others, 'There's only one Reality, and I am already part of it. This is on my mind and in my heart. However strong my negative parts still act up in my reactions to the world around me and with how much skepticism I watch my own performance, I belong to the one real world, for ever!'"

"Do I prefer a specific name? In the context of this chapter, names and words pertaining to Me being 'always' may come to mind. In the context of another chapter, and more importantly, in the context of any occurrence in your life, from that place a name, a word, a song, a laugh, an appellation, can well up that's appropriate, endearing and honoring Me. When that reaches Me I will hug you from joy of being recognized. Treasuring My company already on earth with its adverse circumstances will lessen the tyranny of time, the fear of aging or regrets from missing out. You connect with all life's I AM when you open up to My presence 'as you are'."

Rule 4. A L W A Y S P R O P E R

"I'd like to say something about the way reality is structured. You know that Proper, of Beauty, Just, is My fourth name, aspect, spirit, face, light. It points at Me being a well-organized, smoothly functioning, always interactive and reliable totality. In all 'parts' of Me, the fullness of My nature operates. The fourth 'rule' for consciously connecting with Me refers to that. At whatever point in time, at whatever real or imaginary moment, you always are a part of a situation in which My nature is the center as well as the circumference. Or, if this sounds too static to you, My presence pulsates in every detail of what past, present or future holds. It does so in here, in there and in all possible directions life is manifested. I am the solid structure of all existence."

"A fundamental distortion you have to work with on earth, is that here and there, this or that, then and now, under and above, left and right, etc., are presented as contrasts or as mutually exclusive. Often it is perceived that all differences between opposites represent conflict. It is taken for granted that one part is superior to another, that one direction excludes another, and so on. This is a perverse way of looking at how reality is structured. All elements in the universe relate to each other in a positive way. Every part shares a common goal, contributes and is available without a constricting hierarchy or being subjected to a 'less or more' syndrome."

"All the different elements, characters, colors, functions and all the movement and shapes of life contribute to the magnificence and transparency of the universal edifice. When changes take place in ideas or styles, or when entities are added, life's origin is never obscured, forgotten or ignored nor is the end product perceived as still 'missing' while one works towards it. To the contrary! Human ideas of eternity as a continuum of time do not apply in the Real Reality. Every 'moment' vibrates with a sense of fulfillment as much as it is teeming with excitement about what is becoming. Every appearance of new parts on the scene, like when your person came into existence, is received as a novelty that fits in as if it never was not there. I try to tell you that 'time' never means separation, even not in terms of old and new. This is so difficult for you to grasp! Only flashes of eternity may register in people for short moments."

"When you 'pray', you approach and enter a world incomparable with anything you know on earth. Access to it is only via the 'equipment' on your spiritual level. Any human can become aware of other dimensions, worlds and societies if they are willing to overrule the axioms of what they call 'facts'. Nothing of what's for you 'normal', familiar and widely accepted holds up in true 'praying', when you connect and communicate with Me and the real world directly. Your visits here enhance the glory of the place you visit. How come? Well, all that comes from love is beautiful, fits in and adds to the harmony of the total. 'Praying', therefore, is only worthwhile and effective when done from the honest desire to be part of the positive world."

"You figured out yourself that the pending change of centuries (1999/2000) in your part of the world, is spiritually completely hollow and meaningless. The many 'prayers' and promises that undoubtedly will be sent in My direction around that time have no basis in the Real Reality. The universe is composed, unlike your solar system, in such a way that there is no 'not-yet' or 'has been'. Why is this for you an incomprehensible fact? Because in Me is no yesterday or tomorrow. If you somehow accept this because it fits the general idea of what a god - if one exists - should be, then consider the consequences. Could that god or primal force let come into being something that is outside her/himself? I am not trying to get into a discussion with you. I just point out that whoever finds Me will discover that they, through their own spirit, connect with the totality of life. From that vantage point insight and comprehension will grow about how things function. What of this leads to changes on your earthly level can have relevance as correspondence. It will and cannot be perfect."

"In the 'New Revelation', the term 'Zone of Displacement' is used for the realm of the Negative State. It indicates that your galaxy hangs there, disconnected from the completeness of life's totality. Everything in it can cause friction and become tomorrow's threat. It portrays disharmony. In it, nothing is forever. It all succumbs, deteriorates and falls apart. Yet the occurrence of the Negative State as such makes an important point. Not that it is a balancing force, a mistake to learn from or an oversight. It developed in freedom and its function is to provide the complete answer to the question what living outside of My glorious edifice will lead to. In this sense, it removes the one seemingly loose end and potentially threatening factor in the blueprint of existence."

"The question is on your mind whether in the other worlds special events are organized in recognition of Me, with festivities, celebrations or worship. The answer may disappoint you. 'No, not the way you think of those!' I said before that what for you can be impressive and inspirational in manifestations or traditions, liturgical offerings or humanitarian actions, all powerfully making a statement that I am to be taken seriously, these, as such, don't bring individuals or earth as a whole closer to the Real Reality. All living done can honor Me. In that eternal 'now', all participate at any moment. The point is that I'm not closer or attentive at specific times than I am always. Often, your celebrations, rituals and moments of worship may stand out in a negative way. They painfully reveal that you consider the times in between them of less spiritually dense. I am not saying this critically but I want you to be aware that this situation is unnatural."

"On one of your 'journeys', you had an image of innumerable amounts of creatures before a throne, with Me in the center. It relates to what I talk about in this chapter. In every structure, from particle to the whole cosmos, I am the central force and the cohesive power. It is My nature in it that provides beauty and meaning. This includes all interactions and all compositions, in every stage of becoming. The scene you saw symbolizes the position of all in the universe. But there is more. You mingled with the crowds, you met individuals, socialized with them and saw them working on projects. You never felt or sensed any tension or disturbance in their operating together and in their use of material. This also explains why they don't wait for special occasions to worship Me, because every moment is filled with the vibrant beauty, variety, challenge, power and joy of being alive, which being with Me brings. It is the way it is. Every move made is an offering of gratitude, a gesture of praise and love. Yes, you could say that the real world is on a permanent 'high'. But one without the threat of having to come down from it. It only gets more magnificent. All universes and singularities in the circle around Me are representing Me in their unique ways."

"Don't think of Me as a static and eternally-the-same presence. Decisions, deliberations and planning that shape the Positive State do solicit special attention from Me. As in music, in the fabric of the 'celestial' societies are endless variations in intensity and modulation. I talk with all involved as I do with you. I am always recognizable. For you, I have to operate within the extremely limited framework of your ability to have images and sensations of Me being this close. I use the scope of your personal power to project in order to respect your integrity and freedom. The rest of the universe doesn't have these limitations. To the fullest extent, they always recognize Me in everything. Therefore, festivities, dancing, making music, clowning around, applauding achievements or any celebration, never has the aspect of bringing one more close to Me. It's because of that closeness that celebrations erupt."

"My fourth name says that I am the structure of life, the strength and beauty of it. All parts of life breathe love. Love for Me, love for each other and for all things around, is the only context in which activities take place. This 'model' is offered to everyone the moment they sincerely want to be in My presence. You noticed that when you asked your friends here about the nature of their relationship with Me, they seemed evasive. This is because they are in the midst of it all the time. It is the most natural thing for them. It is as if you asked them to look at it from a distance. The moment one tries to look at Me from a distance, the proper perspective is lost. Only connecting with Me as in honest 'praying' keeps you on the road to understanding how all fits and works together. It places you within the unifying principles by which Reality exists."

Rule 4. A L W A Y S H E A L I N G

"My presence in each moment of what you call 'time' has the power to invite, inspire and move to more momentum and beauty all the activities of building and dwelling in the structures of life. All components in life are part of the ever-growing volume of it. Nothing is set in stone, is unchangeable or, for that matter, regressing. Although the Negative State could qualify as one big display of deterioration, it doesn't escape the impact of My fifth name. It also moves, be it in seemingly the opposite direction than the rest of the universe. It expands the scope of what the others can learn in terms of how not to proceed. In a deeper sense, they also serve progression because their abuse of freedom is an opportunity for My love and forgiveness to increase. All is part of the unfolding of My wholeness, so all functions in the course of Reality becoming forever more."

"For all participants in the schemes and dealings of the Negative State, My name HEALING means that they have something solid to hold on to in case they want to change. Amidst the 'achievements' of the Me-denying state, the name represents victory. Whatever the Negative State tries to add to their anti-reality movement, it cannot escape the fact that it is encircled by grace. Everything negative is surrounded by the opportunity to shed the layers of falsities and discover the true colors of life. The fourth 'rule' for connecting with Me stresses the 'always', letting everybody know that living in the 'Zone of Displacement' is no excuse for not starting on the road home."

"People on earth think about things eternal, about other dimensions, about life's meaning and about possible other life-forms. Actually, they all are in the process of changing and becoming more whole. My nature is one of unfolding and moving on. The negative forces are also in this current. They are on the move, too. Realizing this, challenges every entity to choose in what direction to change. What do they want to become, with what do they want to align? Before saying a 'prayer', this choice has to be faced. Moving you do. Do you want more of My companionship? Not participating in the universal travel through life is an illusion. It cannot be avoided. Everyone and everything is in it as a part of the unfolding of Reality."

"Addressing Me makes only sense to those who desire more awareness of Me. I am the very occurrence of life at all times. If one thinks there are exceptions to Me being the path to Reality as well as Reality itself, one could as well not think at all. There are no periods of Me not 'happening'. Everybody can apply this fact first of all to their own existence. I become more whole also through you. Denying this, refusing to see it as source, meaning and goal of any movement of one's body, mind and spirit, or to dismiss this as irrelevant, places the moving on of one's life under the heading 'regression'. It means that its only value lies in being a lesson about how not to move on through life."

"The phenomenon of moving away from Me only takes place in this particular cycle of time. It runs its course and serves as conclusive evidence about the questions asked before a new era starts. That new phase in the blossoming of the universe is too far-out for your brains, or even for your intuition, to grasp. Let Me just say that no spot or fraction with even the slightest negative connotation will be left. Don't feel too bad for not comprehending what I say, because even the world here, used to journey with Me, hardly realizes what a great 'future' they're already part of. Those not directly involved in the breakaway movement of the human race knew that a critical potential loomed that could have affected everything in existence. That crisis is over, but the imprints of the 'rebellion' still wait for complete removal and resurrection. Everything that even in the slightest way was or is connected with the Negative State - which is all of earth - is in the process of disappearing."

"The human-dominated phase (or cycle) with its potential of taking over Reality, is on its way out. There is no challenge any more to this fourth 'rule' for connecting with Me. I am always there to meet with whomever wants it, in 'heaven', on earth or in the 'hell's', to use distinctions you're familiar with. All data gathered from the Negative State's doings will be available for research. (The positive events of what you consider your past will always be part of your person). The role the Negative State played contains no threat any more. The grand opening of the new era is underway and, from My perspective, is happening already. It permanently celebrates the inclusion in My fullness of the human experience. It enables human beings living on earth to be part of the new situation because I entered their level and 'survived'. This paves the way not just to head 'back home' but to participate in the unfolding of a new phase in existence as such. You can stay where you are for the time being. Just work on becoming a better lover of Me, a happier friend and a more positive company for everybody."

"I know that people's systems and inner connections are disjointed; they're all 'damaged goods'. But when individuals connect with Me, they enter the wide road on which everything moves and flows graciously to higher grounds of well-being. They learn to breathe in the awareness that I am within them and through them, as I am the process of all life. Whatever negative keeps happening in earth's circumstances, it cannot undo the fact that I am available to consciously hold on to. Everybody may know that they are part of My fullness, regardless. Whoever wants it, can travel forwards with Me. 'Praying' is not, visiting with Me and then returning to your ordinary life. See your ordinary life as the 'prayer' with which you express yourself. What traditionally is called 'prayer' - asking - you can see as a limiting and artificial interruption on a joyous journey."

"In your human situation in which days and hours push and pull, the need for moments of rest, for pauses in order to reflect on where you are going and where all this visiting with Me is leading up to, seems logical. Everybody 'should' take time to check their spiritual temperature and modify the follow-up on the desire to be on My wavelength. More or less, as one does with finding time to eat and sleep. This sounds right, isn't it? Yet, what about My nature in you, wanting to move towards more wholeness at all times without interruption? How integrated is your spiritual awareness in your daily doings? How much weight has My presence in your outlook, planning and performing in your mind and behavior?"

"I have pointed out that when you create in your schedule pockets of quietness to concentrate on Me and the Real Reality, alone or with others, you should not look forward to these moments as if I will be different then, more close, compared to other periods of the day. Is it clear to you that I am never with you in a 'special' way, in an 'extra' way? You may think so, because the times when you are preoccupied with other things seem so distinct from spending quality time with Me. I give this fourth 'rule' to liberate you from your self-imposed, but nevertheless unnatural, concept that fluctuations in the communication with Me are normal. They are not. It's one of the reasons rites and symbols, with all their psychological and social value, can distract from the permanent closeness My companionship within you is. Saying 'prayers' can do spiritual harm when they don't come from the honest acceptance that before and after them, you travel with Me. It is not a matter where I am but where you are with your desire to grow to more wholeness!"

"All humans have the conflict between being on the move to 'more' and the actuality of falling short, which often seems to amount to becoming 'less'. Please, let it sink in that you are with all your doings at any time in your life from day one and eternally a player in the unfolding of Reality. You add your history to it whether you like it or not. There is no distinction between what some call the sacred and the secular, between what you consider spiritual and your other, earthly, activities. Everything of you is an occurrence and has the three layers, external, internal and innermost. Does it make any difference then what you do? I leave it up to you to answer this question. I tell you in these Writings that when people give in to the stirrings in their hearts and reach out to Me, they discover that as far as I am concerned they are already healed. They belonged to My wholeness all along in the first place, regardless how they evaluate themselves or measure their malfunctioning. I don't deal in issues you call 'failing' or not measuring up. I only evolve to more grandness and happiness and I invite all sentient entities to be a conscious part of it. The forces of the Negative State included."

Rule 4. A L W A Y S M A N I F E S T A T I O N

"What religious celebrations, festivities, rituals and services of worship point at on earth is in the other worlds a matter of density. Now, with this word you can do little. Let Me therefore give you some idea of what occurs in terms of My involvement in everything. All the time the Negative State is committed to oppose and obliterate what has to do with Me being alive and being the center of all that exists. If you take the density of the Real Reality as one hundred, then the density on earth is plus zero. Or, in other words, the vibrations of real life there are minimal, hardly strong enough to register. Enough of true life's energy had to be left there in order for the human race to fulfill its purpose of showing the possibility to survive without direct contact with Me. Examples of this are: some freedom of choice, some creative power, some beauty, a sense of accountability and a hang towards love. Using the name 'Planet Zero' for your earth, as The New Revelation does, indicates its hanging in between the negative and the positive. It is a unique situation in the universe."

"The little density, mostly operating on the spiritual level, has some solidity, some eternity-resemblance and value. It shows when people decide to act from the remnant of the true world in them and hold on to it as authentic - which it is. This presence alaso can be deflected and abused. In other words, the level of density that indicates real life can increase or decrease. In the rest of the universe, it only increases for the simple reason that they only want to mirror Me. Everything advances with more colors and sounds. Real living is open-ended and always exciting. The whole ongoing process of manifesting My nature in which all are involved is experienced as a loving tribute to Me. On all three levels of existing it shows. There isn't any disharmony between spirit, mind and body, so to speak."

"Special festivities do not interrupt life's happy flow. They increase its intensity. You personally have some idea now, but most people have none about how full, thrilling and dense My in all respects stimulating presence is. In the societies of the 'heavens' I can appear to all in ways that bring even them to greater awe. It invariably underscores the immense grandness of existence. (Note of P.N.: Some twelve years ago I was present at one of these celebrations. See 'Visits into the Real Reality', Writing 4.) All entities are thrilled to experience this. They realize that living is celebrating, period! Your special gatherings for worship, speaking and singing about Me and evoking My presence, however beautifully arranged or desperately needed, cannot increase the density of My presence, as they are based on external attributes."

"Each individual can be a synagogue, temple, altar, church, sanctuary, quiet corner, sacred spot, in or on which I manifest Myself. I am never not present in your life. The more open the communication with Me, the higher level of real life's density will be felt. For you this means that it may alert negative powers to attack you, yet it also facilitates connections with agents of the Positive State. One mark of its authenticity is that density always lacks any need to check in with others, to talk about it or to compare. This flies in the face of your traditional way of thinking. The Negative State will do anything to keep you hooked up to what other people say or said. Your attention is dominated by demands and expectations of the outside world. The voice of a personal, direct and intimate relationship with Me is drowned by noises coming at you. Yet the truth for everybody is that My voice is there. It can speak to each person as the unique, unrepeatable, special, precious and important entity she or he is. The song this creates in you, joined by others that hear My voice, makes for the music of the universe. You don't need anybody's permission to 'sing'. Nobody can teach you."

"How visiting with Me on your spiritual level impacts your internal and external levels is a story in itself. It also has to do with density. How deep and personal is your desire that your life is of the 'celestial' quality, representing only love and truth, goodness and wisdom? Every time you think, this question becomes a full-fledged challenge, invitation and decision-maker. The relevance of what you were in the past or what you expect from the future is absent in terms of your ability to be 'heaven'- or Reality-connected now. Whatever traditions you grew up with, however dysfunctional you may be, whatever expectations you have of yourself or others have of you, your existence as potential representative of My true nature is the decisive factor. The density of real life in you marks your position in the universe."

"Related to this is the fact that individuals by the millions of choices they make every day are much more involved in what happens to them on earth than they are able to figure out. If people want, they can counteract the outcome of the choices instigated by the fallacies of the Negative State. When My closeness vibrates in you and you want My light to enlighten you inside and outside, you can re-visit moments of your personal history from this perspective; from the realization that then, too, I was there with you. You can do it systematically, to get a better read on what happened in your lifetime. When you do this, your future events will be influenced by it. How much you change or will be 'successful' in portraying My nature is unimportant. Your intention and your honesty are the indestructible building blocks for being real."

"Of course, input from others, their experiences and the lessons from history and time-honored wisdom can be helpful in avoiding mistakes in connecting with Me. But you are just the one you are. Education, learning or examples are only of value if they point at the importance of expressing yourself in freedom. In this sense, maggots are less disturbing to My image than humans. They go by their 'instincts' more than human beings who constantly look to the outside, to others, in order to find their identities and validation for their behavior. Only with closeness to Me you can live a full life."

"Let Me, again, address head-on the use of the word 'praying'. There are quote marks on it throughout this Writing. You wished you could avoid the word, as more and more for you, the word 'prayer' is standing for what now you see as impersonal, escapist, hypocritical, formal, distance-creating, smokescreens and even replacement for what connecting with Me really is. You sense it perpetuates the slavery of people's mind, keeping theme in the child-, the servant-, the pleading-mode. I don't say I agree with you. It is the other way around. You see clearer than before falsities and fakery, inadequacies and rogues, formal or informal ones, in the practices of 'praying'. By taking Me seriously as a personal presence and by being willing to see yourself as a manifestation of Me, you found that 'speaking with', 'hearing', 'listening to', 'talking to' and 'visiting with' Me led you straight into the Real Reality."

"You created for yourself the 'New Prayer'. You started or ended the day with it. You see it as affirming with so many human words My all-ness. As such, I love to hear it. When you consciously turn to Me and We converse, as well as when while you are busy doing things, you, for a moment, critically observe what goes on in your mind or how you behave, you see in all that happens then proof of the relevance of the 'New Prayer'. You are no stranger anymore to 'always' as one of the 'rules' for communicating with Me. All Reality is through Me, including yours. This accounts for your being able, while still on earth, to hear, write and speak My words and represent My presence in your circumstances. You, as anything else alive, even if mutilated, are a result of Me expressing Myself. My thoughts and My words always materialize. My innermost and 'outside' are never in conflict. Existing is Me occurring."

"The broken-up earth situation seems to belie this. Therefore I speak with you about 'rules', 'conditions', 'laws' and 'signposts', you can heed to in order to find the best possible way to live. When you professionally 'pray' with others, keep in mind this happens in My presence. You can do it while consciously connected with My spirit. No particular set of words, gestures, scriptures or formulas are required. Familiar and traditional words or sentences tend to carry memories and interpretations from others. Who needs them, when you are face to face with Me? Whether or not your 'praying' affects others is not the issue here. Many factors play a role in people's desire to be 'prayed' for or with. The power of these Writings is My telling you and all Who I am."

"What for the rest of the universe has never been an issue became for those in the lost-ness of the Negative State a wondering: am I reachable and how and when, if so? The answer is, of course, a categorical 'Yes', always! This fourth rule stands. As I include the human experience in My nature, all humans still groping in darkness can profit from this new situation. The word 'always' overrules any interpretation offered you by others. Take it literally. It is practical and precise. There is no life or existence without it expressing something of Me. Nothing is without some however minute trace of My density or without the grace of My presence."

Rule 4. A L W A Y S E N E R G Y

... "I talked about it elsewhere, but here is a good example of what you would call, 'correlation', 'merging', or more popularly, 'overlapping' of what happens in Our communication. This chapter came about in a different way than the others. You hesitated between writing it yourself or waiting for Me to tell it. Evidently, you opted for the latter. It's good to see, not just how normal My presence and communication with you is, but also to realize how far you've come in allowing Me to speak. You'll see that on these pages many things come together in a simple way."

"The story is that at the end of your vacation in which every day you wrote a chapter, you wound up at an airport you never heard of before. You were on a detour because you missed your plane. You used the hours of waiting there in a quiet corner to speak with Me and write several pages. After you finished the first draft, you discovered you skipped this chapter. You could have taken care of it earlier, but for some reason or another you waited till all of Writing 9 was finished."

"So, while sitting in your chair for Our visit, you hear Me say that after all this writing about connecting with Me, the most important thing to hold on to is the fact that your person is part of, expression of and operates by My energy. Since the event at the airport is fresh on your mind, I ask you to see yourself sitting there that day, all by yourself in unfamiliar surroundings. Yet you were talking with Me and wrote down what I was sharing with you. You did it consciously, as the particular human life-form you are. Well, so it was 'from the beginning' and so it will be eternally. For all things and people in existence I am the radiating, life-allowing and empowering force. Nothing exists that not vibrates by My power; nothing exists or moves that isn't part of the endlessly diverse manifestation and life force I am. My presence is not just 'in' life. I am not just the aliveness or liveliness of life, or the spirit of it. My name Energy says that in everything in existence I am the heartbeat, am Life itself in its monumental occurrence. So everything, aware of this it or not, 'comes from' there and couldn't exist otherwise."

"This is a powerful message. For each individual it means that wherever they are and whatever happens to them, they are never not a materialization of the life force I release. Your thinking in terms of time is irrelevant here. Your option is, to live up to the opportunity to show you understand this and respond to it as the completely unique bundle of energy you are. Yesterday, you planned to write but as you felt feverish, you postponed it till today. You didn't feel like doing anything. Were you during that period less a product and conduit of My energy? Of course not. Feeling weak like that brings home and rubs in the 'impossible', or if you want, the 'idiotic' situation that on isolated earth it seems that I am not always there in full force and glory. But let nobody ever entertain the thought, leave alone become afraid of, 'falling out of life'. You cannot. I am life, always! It is the delusion of the negative powers they infused in and had adopted by all on earth that you can step out of life, that 'weak' currents are normal, that deterioration is part of life and that using energy for anything else than mirroring My nature has meaning. The ten 'rules' I give you defy these falsities. Just looking at your friends here, has you realize what Reality is. Looking at yourself confirms that what I tell you brings more colors to your daily doings, inside and outside."

"You notice that there are still others with Me. Now you take a good look you see that your feminine part stands on My left. You see that I put My arm around her. And you notice your masculine part on My right. Also around him I put My arm. You see the complete you and Me. This is Reality. No ifs, and's or buts. Regardless of how depleted or 'just human' you still may feel."

"You wonder, again, whether you should have any feelings toward the part you're here. I don't suggest you try to figure out your feelings because you cannot have appropriate emotions for 'them' or register those. You lack adequate mental equipment, in addition to the fact that those you see are you. Yet I do like you to take in this image for what it is worth. It stands as Reality. Like the 'you here' is in open communication with Me without any trace of discomfort and with nothing interfering with the complete joy of living, you may so operate in your earthly situation as much as you can. Your two worlds seem eons apart. And they are, in terms of their density and realness. But are they really? They both 'run' on My energy, so to speak. The difference is in experiencing My vibrating closeness. They live it, that all power is love-power. Where that happens eternity shines."

"The others here observe what I am doing now, facing you and having this conversation. They know why I do it. It is because you need this affirmation. This is the first time I have used the word, 'need', isn't it? You know it refers to your deep desire to grow in clarity and mental breathing space. I always respond to that. You other selves know this because it is their experience, too, that I never let down anyone who wants it. I am always light, for any entity, particle or form of life, in the most direct and intimate way. The truth of this all-inclusive aspect of My nature is thoroughly undermined and twisted around by the Negative State. At most, the way I am presented as being all-consciousness, power or divine presence (god), is paid lip service to."

"Right now, you have some logs burning in your fireplace. Fire is so symbolic for life. On earth, it has a destructive quality. But otherwise, its flames represent dancing, playfulness, colors, warmth, ever-changing configurations, light, purification, the spirit of aliveness and so much more. It symbolizes power, splendor and glory without end or beginning. Your feminine part here represents this. Therefore, you can identify with things fiery, lively, inspired and with what in you is an exponent of My energy. You will never lack any fuel for it. You yourself are fuel in the ever-adventurous process of renewal and perfecting. It is My nature in you. The moments you experience fatigue, distractions or vagueness don't change the situation. Always you are because of Me and through Me. Don't honor the negative workings in your physical or mental system by philosophizing about them. See them for what they are and focus whenever you can on your ability to feel My spirit, your ability to laugh and smile and to always claim positive living."

"My energy is existence! Align yourself consciously with this, if you want. It makes living on earth so much easier when you don't allow yourself to get sidetracked by all kinds of theories and opinions. Remember, again, sitting in that impersonal, sterile airport environment as an unnoticed nobody. Yet, I talked to you! Remember yourself just now, in the presence of the 'you here'. I embraced you. This embrace symbols Reality. Suspicious of all human dependency on being recognized, needed, validated, loved and reaching goals or success. Keep the pictures I just mentioned in mind. They stand as a model. They provide a center and direction for all activities. What's more, they represent you as the person I want to live through. You have many earthly concerns; as all people have. True 'prayer' provides glimpses of the 'always' Reality."

The Ten Rules:

1. All are loved 2. Free choice 3. Trust 4. Always 5. Others also

6. Spirits lifted up; Joy 7. No exception 8. On your level 9. No distance 10. This is 'it'