You ask my attention for confusion in my mind. You remind me that what is revealed to

me is the full scope of Your nature, considered impossible to acquire by earth humans.

When You appeared to Me with Your sixth face, Manifestation, I felt distracted from

Your presence when to my surprise my other self was introduced to me. In addition to

this, how I did see him differs much from how I see You: his armor, the flower, taking

my hands, it had for me the flavor of imagery that in one way or another was induced.

Friendly, You address it. You say I am absolutely right. Relating to him and to the one I

will meet, is technically quite different from visiting and talking with You. Yet, You do

want to correct the thought that they push You to the background. 'Why they appear

'shows that you're more widely involved than you realized. You being also them puts you

'for eternity in My presence. It is your living on earth that creates the false impression I'm

'not everywhere. Getting acquainted with your two selves here leads to seeing clearly the

'the realness of Me being Manifestation, also through humans. It is full Reality's picture.'

'I see your dilemma: should you try to get closer to the ones you are here or forget it?

'It is up to you how far you will go in meeting the challenge. I present you in fullness

'My being all life's I AM. Seeing them is proof that in a most personal and complete

'way you function in My totality. Is that clear?' You ask. You're laughing. I do feel

completely relaxed. Why should I ever not trust You, or doubt Your love and

immeasurable wisdom! Still laughing, You say, 'I'll show you My face as 'Energy'.

'I first introduce you to your feminine self - to use earthly gender differentiation.'

As earlier mentioned, I 'met' her, way back, as a 'spiritual adviser', as I then called my

contacts with positive forces while exploring my inner path. Of course, I'd no idea she

would return in this context. Then, she seemed a no-nonsense warrior, armed to a 'T',

heading an army on horseback. My path then turned to meetings with You in person.

You revealed Your seventh name was 'Energy'. Last week, I heard she would appear.

So I will meet her again. It hopefully imprints on my mind convincingly the reality of

being a part of life's oneness, whether I grasp that or not.

She was there. Said, 'I stand for power. You're surprised to see a young woman? Can she

'show life's primal and final force? Well, let me first introduce myself. We did not connect

'openly after you began your mission. I'm you as you're me, without awareness of it. Life

'is a power. Energy to exist comes from life's duality, male and female. Their interactions

'generate existence. I AM, as His/Her seventh presence, hurls all life into being. It means

'that all life pulsates with the heartbeat of the One Who is All, Being's I AM.

I take a closer look. Her disposition is of a professional warrior. She also looks a young

lady, actually almost a girl, playful and bubbling with life. 'What now you think,' she tells

me, 'is you dreaming me up, like a writer does with characters in a novel; not knowing where

'they come from.' I nod. I did think that. If she is a fragment of my imagination, this very

dialogue may be enlightening and deep, but it remains fiction. 'I don't think I'll convince

'you I am completely real,' she said. 'So you may have to live with this.' With a smile she

teased, 'Enjoy it while it lasts.'

Then You spoke and reiterated that a truth uncovered on earth is limited in scope because

of human mutilations even if it sounds or feels true. Words, symbols, correspondences, logic,

'visions and revelations, what points at Me does so 'adjusted' and it is inherently flawed. So My

'appearing and talking to you, and your sensing this is really real, true and direct, is subjected to

'an environment where My oneness is obscured.'

The young lady said, 'Your seeing us may get you up to speed. You're feeble on all levels,

'except on this one here, when you see us lead armies.' I do rack my brains to see how

I can identify with her. Is there a, 'Aha! I know you?' No, none. She's likable enough,

but how is she me? You speak and tell me my question isn't a relevant one. I should

accept my double existence and have that tell me that I share Your power. You say,

'Despite negative connotations as violence or control, power is Me, energy is, creating is.

'Your female self stands for it. She is power herself. My power is no threat. How could it?

'It is love. All life expresses facets of My vibrant oneness. All life is power. I have told you,

''don't think too small of Me'. Or of yourself!'

Later that day, watching the bay where I vacation and in my mind anticipating the

next meeting about You being Love as Energy, I felt a strong sensation. It seemed I

could observe any scene in any spot now happening on our planet. Not just on my

side of the globe. Wherever I was looking, I felt as if I was physically there. It also

seemed could go back to the past and visit any place, situation and any moment

of earth's and human history. The same seemed true for doing it in regard to my

future. I felt I as if can go to everywhere at any time. I ask why I have this sense.

You tell me that it's normal to be able and to be free to go 'all over the place'. 'It

'is,' You say, 'how your parts here approach their position in the oneness of all. There

'are no restrictions to go wherever they want. The only exception to this pertains the

'situation on earth. It isn't possible for them to access that directly. That is only

'on a special mission, with a specific task, after thorough preparation that they

'observe or even participate on a limited scale in earthly doings. The power to

'go anywhere is part of life's true nature. Look how you feel now. The potential

'is there. You cannot go everywhere physically, because of disconnected lines

'with the universe on your isolated planet. However, you now have, fleetingly,

'a distinct taste of your own full nature. I talk to you in the presence of 'you

'here'. You are part of humanity. There are worlds without any human. With

'those, the principles of mutual access are the same. But the connecting has

'different frequencies. For humans in the Positive State, no place is hidden

'or forbidden to visit. All have awareness of the crucial role the human race

'plays in challenging the roots and fundamentals of life. They realize their

'existence is at stake. They all see Me in the light of My choice to include in

'My one, undivided nature the experiences brought forth by the Negative

'State the human race founded. Honoring this is an integral part of loving

'Me deeply. So humans occupy a specific place among all other life-forms.

'And for you, being able to travel through time and distance is a positive

'reminder you are on your way to discover your own place in the family

of mankind and in 'the grand totality of My nature.'


'Perhaps,' You say, 'it's the most understandable aspect of life's real nature for

'the greatest number of people on earth. You will agree that without exception

'people experience love's energy: as feeling, all the way to the climax of orgasm.

'It's tragic that often love turns into hate, feeds revenge or can cause mindless

'killing as ways of satisfying desire. Most people do agree that where they are

'in time or situation, love transcends other human dynamics. Love is all over;

'It is the energy in and of all life, it always moves and creates. As My external

'Self it never decreases. In the other dimensions it's very visible in all aspects

'of life that love is the dominant feature of whatever is going on.'

'Humans tend to think that love is a sentiment, a sweet feeling, like being in love, or

'a desirable mode of happiness. It is, but it is so much more. It is the deepest, most

'powerful moving force in all of life, My nature included. That's why you see as first

'image of My externals you yourself, at the head of armies of love. Love 'is' power.

'You now see you are that young lady. What could be more vulnerable while still

'power's apex than innocence? You said that you decided that your main goal is,

'for your time being on earth, to act upon your desire to be more caring. That is

'pure' wisdom. I can 'happen' through you that way. My being Energy is then not

'wasted or'used for negative things, which is your planet's tragedy.

'Let me continue to say that, as energy stands for existence, all life runs on it. With it,

'comes its core nature: love. The Negative State can't suppress that fact of life. They

'only can encapsulate it or forge it into its opposite. Alert, also with some paranoia,

'they see to it that love becomes possessive, self-serving and turns violent or hating.

'Their efforts won't always succeed. Life's truth proves mightier than its lies. Amidst

'falsities, love can blossom. Very often love gets perverted by being spoken but not

'done. Or done and not received. Or rudely ridiculed. In children, love is purest; at

'least at certain times. Innocence belongs to love as its basic color or finest sound.

'Love is all of Reality. It cannot die out. Conversing to it and resurrection is the one

'way out to quit the negative domination. Many artists and sensitive souls, or old

'sages and young lovers, are very aware of it; they are breathing love's strength.'

'In all daily survival routines, in high tech or rural settings, the issue of love has a

'strong impact on life's shape. It seems a lost cause when your societies blatantly

'ignore their task to care. You did it in the past. Your planet won't see better days

'even when negative forces improve externals, creating illusions of normalcy. It

'backfires. It enslaves people into increasing dependency. Except for contacting

'Me, there's no escape. Think: the drive to in earnest overcome evil and coldness

'by promoting love or honest caring, what force is that? The moment did arrive

'that all 'hell's' are invited to convert. Love's currents penetrate their darkness.'

I look at 'myself' as the young woman, sitting quietly on the ground, listening. At times,

I see she nods. Eyes bright, as in a woman with child. She does mention thoughts I have,

but don't know how to express. It is about those raw cosmic powers exploding and/or

expanding. 'You do now think about the orgasmic forces,' She said. Hearing a young lady

'say this felt not right. But then, who is the frustrated one? She laughed, 'It is beautiful;

'Love always produces newness. As desires and consummation: true love isn't ugly.

'Sexuality on earth is quite different. It is polluted or self-centered. Yet all-out love-

'making is for you on earth at least a good start. In the situation of being you, I love

'my masculine side. I, you, operate as a unit, as in love is our origin as well as our

'summit. You'll experience this as I do when you're fully here. Yet you can activate

'love power in you and radiate it now. This brings us closer. The raw forces you see

'exploding as cosmic events are correspondences with the core passion in all life's

'creative dynamics. For you, they are mind-boggling, too gigantic to grasp. They

'function as protection against contamination from the 'hell's' and show what

'mighty forces are available for the workings of love and truth in those who will

'choose in honesty to utilize them.'


'Not many people on earth deny there are prime forces keeping all things going.

'From the earliest times, humans were aware of this. At the present, with your

'technological advancement and new insights into cosmic forces, knowledge is

'fast expanding. From their early days, humans, surrounded by mystery space,

'have tried to placate the forces at work by giving them names. Religions and

'rituals, sacrifices and worship, laws and morality can give them a false sense

'of security and possible meaning. The Negative State, your fabricators, feed

'you, without revealing much of themselves, all kind of false information. The

'more people rely on external sources for insight into life's meaning, the more

'the 'hell's' rejoice and savor their success. They cheer on religions practicing

'ways of hierarchies and lofty doctrines. They see to it that religions prosper.

'So it is with science, arts or politics. It is a sad story that nothing of it works

'because of the focus on externals. I'm the only drive in life, its one 'engine'.

'Well, what I am saying now is what you've heard Me say so often already.

'All happens within Me. Besides, I'm more than the sum of what I emanate.

'Now you saw Me, heard Me, are aware of My appearance as one of seven.

'It means you can't be better situated. Not that you grasp any mechanics

'of 'life's start or flow. In 'heaven', insight in these is infinite times greater.

'Your ancestors did experiment with solar systems and earthly life-forms

'till they settled on the human mutants. Still, I am the One transcending

'even the first move and origin of life as I 'am' life. And only I can say this.

'Your human species is meant to challenge whether it's possible another

'source of life can be found. You've heard the story. There is just one life

'that happens. You and all are a part of it. It contains all what'is needed

'to have it function well. You can see it in your other self as the young

'lady. On earth, you are far removed from it. Temporarily! As Energy I

'am life's driving force, charged with a constant newness and a zest for

'joy. Nothing old in Me! You saw the army behind her. Well, so solid is

'existence: united in gracious evolving as the power elite of love. Now

'you see, do you, how crippled and fragile living on earth has become?

'Yet, inherent in life is its drive. You see people who live by it, sense it

'and don't hesitate to put their trust in Me, in My passion. You don't

'need religion for that. It's a choice originating in your spirit turning

'your attention to Me. At that point you can grasp life as it is, seeing

'external things as flowing from the spiritual source. When you turn

'away from the 'outside' and connect with Me,spiritually, thoughts

'change, guided by My light. In their way, religions say this. Yet the

'Negative State promptly confiscates this truth so it'll serve them.

'I expand on this, because you have been involved all your life in

'a religion. You saw the good and the evil of it. There is no true life

'outside My direct presence. The denial of this creates a world of

'illusions. It means, indeed, that all you think and touch has to be

'treated as within My Reality. Nothing is neutral. All existence is

'connected to Me, in its essence, its substance and its structure;

'it proceeds like I do. Avoiding loving life is no solution; love's too

'deeply rooted. I did not disconnect from your planet. As nobody

'should. The link with Me is fragile but it is functioning around

'you as well as within you. My energy 'stolen', is still My energy.

'Through your other selves here, whatever you call them, you're

'fully alive. Everyone is now invited to trust Me in this explicitly.


Most of us on earth are deeply impressed by the violent forces of nature.

It's sure a miracle that while we can't control it, there are still moments

and places of calm and peaceful safety. We have to accept our place in a

space that hangs together by its monumental pulling and pushing forces.

We're minuscule objects of their fury. They control all external sides of

life. Our sun, with its magma within, the oceans and storms, thunder or

earthquakes, they show signs of the fierce nature of all external driven

movements on our planet. I mention this, as often this really pains me,

the futility of us human beings when they try to penetrate the endless

power of cosmic forces. Theories are just that. But I do include missiles,

mines or guns that kill, and of the burning going on in bodies, though it

sustains our lives All is fire indeed, literally so. So, now You stress that

You are energy I think it is proper to start with that awesome all-over

often destructive primal power.

You nod, point at the beginning of our planet's history. The humans, as

those in other dimensions, had full knowledge of the intricate forces in

all Your emanations. They investigated the most external regions and

experimented with ideas that eventually resulted in threats to the rest

of the worlds. Their operations were placed at a 'safe' distance. There

are in place shields, impenetrable for any amount of negative attacks

or radiation, protecting 'heavens'-dimensions from contamination by

all evil and its products. There is little contact between both spheres.

You smile. 'You should not take this as if the two are equal! The shields

'provide, practically, protection for now. The 'Hell's' originators do know

'how to use the dynamics and laws of nature, physics, space-travel and

'of a genetic engineering that is far beyond the reach of earthly humans.

'Their machinations created an upside-down world; Reality's opposite.

''Most of the original fires they extinguished. Some of their efforts got

'out of hand and created misery. They manipulated earth's conditions

'by violating My nature. Yet they couldn't create life from their within

'as I and the first humans did. They learned to pretend, borrow, betray.

'Therefore, the fragile balance in their realms is barely under control.

'Telling you that it is natural that all of life is this way,became one of

'their successful lies. So learning the positive situation is very strange

'for you. Yet, do know that nature's forces can still cooperate igniting

'or feeding fires forming things of beauty or joy. My spirit is the drive

'in all those. In Me is the flame and warmth of love, the never-ending

'feast of exuberant perfecting. Why don't you see the Real Reality as

an all 'involving passionate dance?'

'You know how energy is used to destroy, feed ego goals and for other

'negative endeavors. Well, you yourself abused your fire regularly for

'quite un-holy or un-healthy pursuits. There is no escape from those

'on the external level while you're on earth. I introduced you to 'you

'here' to convince you of the full extent of the power you are. 'You',

'as all in this realm, can spread your particular and pure individual

'light. As 'them', you're wonderfully productive. You see their glow!

'Never in the real world runs passion out of fuel or isn't able to

'replenish itself for expanding. The flame of love is infectious.

'Love will always sparkle. Fire is making love. It creates ideas,

'it lets life-forms grow My fire energizes, within and without.

'No cooling off, no dead-ness is in My world. I stay the energy

'that allows for life. This is manifested in every corner of life.

'It comes, I come, with fresh insights. My closeness feeds your

'eternal flame. Eventually, forces and energies, used to carry

'the present earth situation, will be recycled into the cosmic

'total to generate beautiful light for being fully useful again.'

I ask about 'fire' as an image for Your spirit. Must I grasp this

aspect, how spirituality and energy relate? It seems You take

a moment to think. Then, You say, 'The word 'spirit' can evoke

'something intangible, sort of 'iffy', vague, from another realm.

'Or it's seen as being an extra, a luxury for some. But I'm the life,

'the drive, the spark in all My aspects; like a wind or unseen air.

'I'm indispensable and the prerequisite for anything to function.

'All is, because I am. Yes, I am 'the' Spirit of and in all that exists.

'I impress on You and on anyone reading this, that nowhere in life

'My presence is not the spark that ignites the flames of existence.

'Think how you see yourself as 'those here'. They come across as

'ghost-like beings? I am never abstract. Everything mirrors My

'being lively and powerful. You saw rows of soldiers with 'them',

'fiery horses, the shining armor. Let this encourage you. It's your

'position in the Real Reality. You're living a 'warm-blooded' life!'

A question stays on my mind: what about the 'hell's' being portrayed as a

torturing fire, as an utterly miserable state? You say that as the Negative

State is self-imposed, all those involved in it are accountable for the pain

'caused by violating Reality. 'The rulers of any 'hell' can hold on to their non-

'love features until I withdraw My Spirit. Then, they as it were never existed.

'Earth, the fallout in lost-ness, is now discovering its fabricators. The choice

'is: desiring to be cleansed or continue the lie of life without Me. If earthlings

'decide the latter, they lose all life's energy. Their history evaporates. No

'germ of 'hell' survives.'


'Whatever is, exists in a space. It occupies a spot, a place. It is, as you could say,

'geographically determined. It is so true that I as Energy am not a primal force

'or an undefined power. I am personally involved. Which means, I share Myself

'with what from My desire comes into existence. So all space is filled with My

'presence. You're aware of only one cosmos, yours, and that's overwhelming

'already, to be in one galaxy of the trillions. That only shows My external side.

'The internal and innermost levels are, for you, even more totally mysterious.

'One lie your fabricators spread, is that I am just the sum of all that exists. It

'would mean I'm stuck within My own totality. No, space exists because My

'Person 'is' it. My energy forms, shapes, moves on all three levels, meaning

'that I 'happen' everywhere. Indeed, it is true that I Myself am not created.

'I have no beginning or ending. I transcend everything. Your ancestors did

'isolate a piece of space for establishing a place for autonomous living that

'responds to their rules. For this to be successful they must produce proof.

'They do. The pain of it is still felt. Yet, the wounds are healing. Revealing

'Myself to you or others in My new way parallels My reality closing in on

'all positions of the Negative State. Your earth burst with 'scientific and

'technological 'inventions'. Those relate to My new nature affecting life.'

'The abuse of space is coming to a halt. All energy will flow back, purified, to Me.

'All is changing, as I overcome My denial. It is affecting space right now. You are

'part of this by disowning your lifelong negative burdens, by being honest. In all

'the universes this change is greeted with excitement and awe for My love. All

'adjust gladly to earth's isolation ending. The Negative State 'smells' its defeat.

'It doubles its efforts to lure you away from recognizing their losing. It supports

'efforts to improve the quality of how life functions, as long as that drive leads

'away from contacting Me. They still hope against hope that their quest is not

'futile; that they can prove there is a place in space where I am not the center.'

'Coming back to your person, to what you think, do and wonder about: When it

'includes Me, you're a mighty occurrence. Being honest about your limitations

'and negative choices helps you to avoid wasting the good energy and positive

'power. You lead an army! All power is Me. All that occurs forms and fills space

'that emanates from My love in it. With Me you can be a true giver and mover.

'I'm happy for people on earth who realize this and share this verbally or with

'actions. They're always humble about loving Me. Of course, negative forces

'keep doubts and fears active wherever they can; so people keep hanging on

'to their own enslaving 'truths'. You now see the full reality in which you live

'yourself with your potential. You'll never run out of energy, since that is Me.'

You mention I do fill and 'own' my sphere and place, though being space is a non-

measurable component. You say that all can profit of the change in Your nature.

Spiritual and mental areas are all inherently and gloriously affected. Yet, all the

journeys of people are monitored step-by-step by negative forces that will pull

them to their side. Only our honest desire to belong to You and Your world for

love's and truth's sake will escape early detection by their sophisticated radar.


That all is connected is rather obvious to people who think about the nature of life.

Nothing like a vacuum exists, as the vacuum itself would always have a container.

You say,' Your body consists of a grouping of many parts. So does your planet. So

'does the universe. Pleasantly operating together is a universally normal situation.

'All parts have their place and function within a bigger total that happily pulsates.

'You cannot prove this setting, because you are separated from it. Still, you must

'know that it has been My choice that all in life are connected and fully function

'together. It gives them a chance to express My nature. In the external world you

'know, this connectedness became also the source of frictions and breakdowns.

'You have the question, 'How is this in 'heaven'?' My answer? Touching or being

'touched is never ever problematic. On earth, connecting always has threats of

'abuse, of not fitting in, of dysfunction or failing one way or another. This never

'happens with contacts in the universe. You do recall My dance as the mingling

'stripes, presenting such a pretty picture? It shows how I chose to be a mirror in

'which you're seen. Everyone can join that dance conduit for all-over touching.

'My energy is always ready to create. My being Love and Truth cause it by acts

'of My inner embrace. Energy flows, ideas become reality. All parts share life's

'richness. As 'the' life force, I'm in your life, thinking and actions. It's from Me

'that all exists and moves. It's from My drive or passion that, when you touch

'externally, you can as an individual free up My radiation so you can take on

'a significant role in life's grand play. You're aware that energy can always be

'positive if you use it with love, goodness, humbly and respect, trusting Me?

'You can conduct yourself as here your two parts do. They're a whole person,

'even minus you. You contribute the experience of your earth mission. After

'purification, you will be complete. Meanwhile, starting on your spirit level,

'you can identify with your parts 'here'. Not to escape from earth life, but to

'fulfill it by showing how My energy and spirit do work through you. It may

'sound strange, but each cell in life's totality has this natural, positive wish.

'Everywhere that is acknowledged, except in the realms of your ancestors

'who manufactured earth's 'pseudo' reality.'

'Humans' instinct and intuition carry inklings of another way of connecting, one

'with no tension, force, pain or hesitation. You do see people who touch to heal

'for beauty's sake or to show they care. At work, at home, in cars or in your head

'you touch all the time your surroundings as who you are, with what you radiate.

'This provides you with the opportunity passing on My caring touch around you.

'For the Negative State, connecting is a prime target for perverting. It enhances

'dependence and creates a need for validation. Both, too much of it or too little,

'can cause dissatisfaction; which then is conveniently blamed on Me.'

'You often wonder how this talking to Me and My talking to you affects your overall

'functioning as a person. Let Me assure you that you're connected with Me on levels

'you cannot register, as much is still numb in you. Sure, there are people more clever,

'intelligent, wise and sensitive than you. They see and grasp things that you do not.

'But that is rather relative. All its threads form a dress, all its timbres a voice. So, no

'fullness without you! Also in the wide world of the multi-verse, connecting can be

'seen this way. And people who desire so, can ask to understand more; they're free

'to learn about any aspect of life's dynamics. Nothing is kept a secret, for nobody.'

You smile so friendly at Me now I finish this. You know that, at times, I worry that

this writing leads to nothing, that I am just on some idle trip for my own spiritual -

or perhaps just mental - satisfaction; sort of patting my needy ego. Deep down I

know this isn't true. The truth is that increasingly I see that my connecting, the

good and the bad, throughout my life, contributes somehow to an 'importance'

of me as person You clearly are close to. That keeps surprising me!

'I like to surprise you,' You say. 'I like to see your happy smile. I like to hear your voice

'saying that you love Me, that you trust Me and desire to be touched by Me all over.

'The energy for saying this, and for it to occur, is Me! in you.'


Progress equals moving. In many ways You give me to understand that all You are and

do is bristling with change, newness and steps towards 'more'. All is progression: more

love and wisdom, goodness and truth, beauty and wholeness and more visible power.

I observe You when You're stating that You are all energy, life-giving and galvanizing

power. Nothing anywhere can stay stagnant or can become less as Your desire is to

enable all life to mirror Your own joyful expansion. I do listen to what you mentioned

of the Negative State stepping out of the movement of eternal progression, turning

it into the opposite, as illustrated by their invention of forced or degrading modes of

death. You point at several results of their uprooting true nature of universal being.

'Their fabrications depend on life's energy. It's difficult to observe that universally

'nothing 'has' to exist or that the life force by which all lives, is as an 'hug' from Me.

'Negative forces tamed progress by having you measure life's moving by confining

'features like your time and distance. In Reality, these words mean understanding

'and knowledge of Me. Your concepts of hours or miles do not capture Reality. As

'one example: that getting older is fate, not the increasing joy in moving forward.

'By My light, you learn that what is earth-bound progress is spiritually irrelevant.

'If there are social or ethical improvements, they can cloud or pollute a learning

'more about Me. Their value may be hollow. Not relying on Me as 'the' life force

'means you are stuck. When you join as much as you can forward movements in

'your heart, with your thinking and style of behavior on all fronts, then you get

'an inkling of what life's real purpose is. You then may sense that you're clearly

'acting with the full support of the might of the universe.'

Now, You tell me that You like to bring up an issue, or rather a word, that in

religious traditions plays a dominant role. It is 'forgiveness'. To be forgiven

seems the decisive factor in all progressing. Many earth people plead with

their gods or bring sacrifices to them. You stress now that, indeed, being

forgiven has everything to do with moving on to more fullness, joy, beauty.

'Why should anything ugly burden traveling forward? It would disturb the

'joy of it. Therefore, it must be left behind. Let Me say that also in 'heaven'

'is something like this, in regard to life as a given and being performed. Life

'is no package deal or a 'ready to wear'. It is to be explored, wanted, tried,

'integrated; all in a personal way. During that process 'mistakes' are made;

'hesitation occurs about how to proceed. Entities disagree with each other

'in lively discussions. Yet, these 'orientation-stops' while progressing are

'handled with much laughter and respect. Afterwards, appreciation for

''opponents' is expressed. Love is extended to those 'failing' a test or task.

'The joy in reconciling is as making love. It creates new, surprising venues

'from which all sides happily profit. It's the reason I am seen as forgiving.

'I let go of your past, since your past equals a 'lesser' degree of closeness.

'My happiness grows when that's gone and you and others can connect

'directly with Me. I 'live' in the eternal present; in that, negatives cannot

'possibly be permanent. When on earth and in the 'hell's humans learn

'My nature, they find I forgave them already and equip them to change.

'Forgiving occurs by My presence when My closeness is realized. All rituals, rules,

'laws, sacrifices or symbols in religions, traditions and cultures are worthless and

'usually evil tricks to keep you focused on externals, instead of always traveling

'the road with Me. Of course, forgiveness isn't the actual purification. That's its

'result. Forgiving is moving on. It starts within and proceeds by taking practical

'steps to live as a model of forgiving and moving on. It can facilitate greatly the

'earthly dying process. A stage you ans many passed already!

'Let Me clearly state that I never ask for gifts or sacrifices I'm supposed to 'need'

'in order to be able to forgive or to reconcile. Even sincere people are misled by

'negative forces into thinking I'm associated with things like killing, bloodshed

'or violence. What stories in 'sacred scriptures' tell you about killing people or

'animals in My name, to My glory, shows the level of perversion evil stooped to

'in vilifying My nature. When I use human analogies, they're taken literally or

'are being robbed from My love message that is always the essence of them.'

Friendly, you warn me to never use in my mind this information to judge,

criticize or compare. 'What's done by you, by a group, nation or culture, has

'its own place in the drama that turned humans against themselves and Me.'

I feel a desire to practice what You say.

I want to move into Your energy field

and keep traveling as a forgiving one,

refusing having negative thoughts

detaching from dubious situations.

While on earth, I want to transcend those.

I think it's the only way my mind will avoid

clutter and can expand. Your frequencies

can be accessed. In Your Presence it's not

just moving forward: I've arrived and it'll

allow me to rethink the past and future.

It is as joining the person You see as me.


'You write about My seventh face, representing My externals.

'That is Me as all-Manifestation. You have, correctly, a sense

'that in this you play a role, since it is also through you that I

'express Myself. Indeed, as you, My energy flows to visibility

'in the vibrant pulsations of life. Therefore I introduce you to

'your other selves here in the one and only Reality, where all

'participants in the dance and life's process are recognized.

'You cannot draw any right conclusions from your isolated

'position about the always all-over materialization of love.

'I am the beginning, the thought, the word, that will trigger

'effects in trillion directions. All are distinct, opening new

'territories for existing. All those become life-forms acting

'in their own unique personal way as Me: by innate power.

'On earth, you take as fact that everything influences all.

'How neutral, void of a meaning is this statement. Think

'of evolutionary processes, from earth life's beginnings to

'what societies portray today. It is obviously the result of

'countless interactions. Yet, people on earth have no clue

'as to the 'why' of this all. There is no insight in the tools

'the manipulating force of the Negative State utilized in

'fabricating what you see as the one life of the universe.

'The crucial power I am has been efficiently obscured.'


'This statement from Me will be ridiculed as irrelevant or

'primitive; to the great joy of those that set out as course

'that whatever earthly people observe or whatever force

'they embrace, they relate it rather to something else or

'a mystery than to My person. In a way, people are right.

'All that happens on earth is interwoven with negative

'influences. Only at times, by some deep and seemingly

'strange urging, the right questions surface. This can for

'sure occur when people take seriously their cry for Me.

'The thing for you to do at this point, is going back to

'My appearance as Truth. It came with the wonderful

'silence of not grasping, yet being filled by awe for life

'taking place, and for seeing yourself as a conduit for

'forces you and I share. At such moment of awe, you

'are aligned with all other universes in existence that

'also don't grasp where I'm from, yet they translate it

'wholeheartedly to a not diminishing sense of being

'privileged to belong to this majestic eternal whole.

'All that is depends on life's prime forces. On the road to resurrection

'all are invited to grab any opportunity to see life's only energy is Me.

'Seeing themselves in it, they restore access to true blessings' Source.

'Yet there's, especially for humans, more to the eight's element of life.

'What your ancestors did, breaking away from Me, also did impact

'the rest of the universe. They'held their breath'. An obvious option

'was to use a power to destroy once and for all the 'pseudo-creation.

'All falsehoods, lies and pollution could reach the critical point that

'existing itself was threatened to its core. If I had retaliated with a

'weaponry they did invent, like violence, control or threats, I would

'have sold out My principles or invalidated My integrity. My world

'would have collapsed or been annihilated. You know I reacted by

'infiltrating their world with My love presence and experience the

'pseudo power. So I gain access to their upside-down world and

'initiate the 'turnaround' by opening a route for them to return.

'Unbeknownst to you, the effect of My action is felt in 'heaven' in

'a most glorious way. In your terms, they're relieved the threat I

'would not remain Myself was gone forever. My choice proved it.

'And even more so, as My nature changed by including humans'

'lost-ness' experience, everything now in life gladly adjusts to it.

'A new cycle of life emerges. Answers to the challenge come in.

'The reaction of people like you is crucial for earthlings' future.

'No achievement or product of the present 'hell's' will survive.

'It means all their manipulated dysfunctions will be replaced.

'You all are still free to consider all life's energy as a gift of My

'presence, even if failing hopelessly when claiming perfection.

'Don't let it stop you. Let My influx of love enrich you happily.

'The memory of the human era, the Negatives, will be saved

'as in a library. Those who were in it, if they want, will be cleansed,

purified. Those who refuse take themselves out of existence's flow.

'Never forget that My nature, your seven-fold source of light, life and

'purpose has changed fundamentally. It now includes forever, within

'My person's oneness, all people, after they have been purged. I tell

'you again that the universal nature of effect as a component of life

'isn't something you should feel threatened by. Your limitations do

'not harm Me. And seeing Me directly, like now, will only empower.'


I like to focus on who You are as energy, the life force and sustain-er of all that

exists. I sense that is what You want me to do, expressing in words the glow of

Your presence. It is easy to get caught in discussions about freedom issues on

earth. Although I act as free agent, I wonder about a hundreds of factors that

determine more who or what I am or do, than the I who's making all decisions.

Maybe I'm more a product of 'radiations' from outside, including the invisible

other-dimensional ones, than I care to be aware of. A robot performs or looks

an independent entity but stays a robot. Its freedom to move is programmed

by others. Am I that way?

I notice You're not concerned with that now. You simply say that it's a problem for

me as I live outside Your full presence in the displaced zone earth (or planet zero)

that 'hangs' between' the 'heaven' and the State that sees itself as alternative to

Your reality. You do grant me in these meetings a peek into Your full nature. It is

a chance you offer. You do not force it. My desire to see You is the one condition

allowing me to do so. I perceive and get a sense of Your seventh face as fountain

of life's activities, as power enabling life to be alive and to keep perfecting it, so

it becomes more whole and more happy.

The looks of Your face flash brilliance on all the universe.

They provide what is needed to let materialize what all-

Love and -Truth contain. Your face is as our earth's sun,

except that it is not fierce or too hot, happily twinkling

with thousands of smiles in all directions. It is spreading

multi-faceted goodness and all-penetrating enjoyment.

It is what for You freedom is. You cannot be stopped as You don't stop Yourself

in all-out sharing Your nature with what is in existence. You are so mighty, yet

You never push a thing on anyone in any way. You simply ask Your emanations

if they want to share Your life and be for You as Your partner. You rejoice in it

when freely all that originates in You, indeed, responds to You in kind, loving

You without hesitation, gladly using their freedom to only put You as number

one on their priority list. It thrills them; it vibrates within and around them, a

pleasure of responding to the glory of Your nature of which they're a part. It

triggers in them openness to new ideas or efforts. It is by free choice that all

entities encounter partners in making love and giving birth to more beauty

and love. All their products are 'children' of a sacred universe in which You

are close; making love is always You sharing Yourself. You're not obliged to

do so! You want the same for us. Everywhere freedom bells ring. They also

tell stories that on earth, in societies and our mind slipped in caricatures of

true freedom. Slavery, conditioning, repression or control are here all over

the place. It's not Your style to forcefully step in. You now announce to all

negative powers there's a way to be freed from bondage, if those do allow

their badly twisted knowledge and beliefs to be shredded, and healthy goals

are set. The ones still choosing to spit on You, will use our situation on earth

desperately to turn the tide of Your already victorious journey. They, often

in Your name, impose threats, inspiring hate and fanaticism. They hate true,

real love. They kill, attack, confuse, imitate, ridicule, claim or spoil all of the

workings of Your energy, thinking they'll somehow reverse life's direction.

I saw it happen within myself that freedom I like is constantly attacked. I feel cowardly

now for being not more honest about toxic lies in myself, bowing easily to what others

expected of me. Whatever future our human era is still in for, I know that turns taken

in freedom will bring us on the road back to You. It remains our human task to expose

the ultimate consequences of freedom used against You. My other part, representing

my person with You, surely identifies not with any form of slavery. 'I here' may see my

doings, but won't judge and won't relate to what on earth I do as it's alien to Your way

of life. Similarly, I can't understand how Your nature endures boundaries like in me, as

You know from being human. You really expect that we will emulate Your style in our

circumstances? It is incredible news that we humans, for whom full freedom is a farce,

are still all invited to be re-schooled and become enlightened. Well, I now know, it can

be done. I'm still ashamed when I back off, am timid, conform instead of speak up, give

in instead of risk. The colors of my freedom have so often the color of gray ash, Yours

are a bright and happy yellow. My sounds are heavy or shrill, while Your music is ever

uplifting. I can really become annoyed with myself when I forget to think of You as

the One, Who has been so gracious to revealing everything of Her-Himself - to all.

It's by Your grace that I'm in existence. I like to honor this and show love

and that I do care. I want Your energy as drive and passion in my head's

activities and in my behavior. I fall very short, I know. But I am not going

to stop now. I want to be part of the glory having freedom to react my

way in any circumstance. I do step under the shower of liberty's happy

tunes. I want to march on as one of the number of those who treasure

to live solely inspired by You.


I put my mind to this issue. It is a simple one; joy is something all people like.

It's part of my nature to feel sunny at times. It's a gift; it's capable balancing

negative pressures. It's a mood, a sensation, a feeling well. It has to do with

others, circumstances or chemistry. Many things do trigger a lighthearted,

fresh wave of happiness. I guess each human entity will spend consciously

time fantasizing, dreaming or projecting a world in which they'll be happy,

where everything goes well and where are absent any disturbing illnesses.

Deep rooted is a desire for peace, for health, for freedom, success and for

opportunities to laugh. It's part of human nature. This side of us shows up

in stories, myths or fables about paradise, heaven, ancient god characters,

future nirvana's. In arts, poetic dreaming and politics we tout many ideals.

We have a tendency to compare and to dream what we rather, and what

could be better, what hopefully improves and then brings us the ultimate.

In many ways this desire is cheapened by the primary focus on externals,

by excluding spontaneous sharing, by serving our ego goals. Possessions

are supposed to give us satisfaction. Even laughter can be bought. Ideas

of joy are produced by mind-altering drugs or commercial entertainment.

It passes as having a good time. True joy, the tenth element of life, erupts

spontaneously. It is a part of life's currents in us that'll make us real and

enhance our quality. The Negative State is not able to eliminate this joy-

part of Your, and therefore our nature. It surfaces in unexpected places.

Unbeknownst to us, it is Your smile, breaking through layers of clouds.

While I put this on paper, I know You're watching Me. I have told You how

fearful I am that the reporting I am doing may be fake, made-up from a

artificial and not-to-You-related happiness. I would consider it a personal

disaster if in my writing this down I am dishonest, pretending it all comes

from You while it's just my trip. Well, I really honestly try to be accurate.

Your smile is warm. You say I should not worry too much. Of course, as

all humans on earth, I fall in the trap of measuring my joy by what are its

earthly norms. Very often joy relates to despair, as manic counterweight

needed to maintain some sense of balance. 'But,' You assure, 'That is not

'Me. Pure joy has not a single dark side.'

You ask me if I can focus on whatever comes to my mind, and use that

to picture that it all is a production, and runs on, some kind of energy

that enables it to function. Also rocks or winds consist of inner forces

that make them what they are. So wherever I look, within or without,

I should realize that forces are at work; whatever name I'll give them.

'I showed you My last face, Energy. It's the one driving passion through

'which existence happens. I am the source, spirit and meaning of it all.

'Nothing exists that's not My emanation. Directly, indirectly, I invite it

'into being. It gives Me great pleasure to do what I am doing. I enjoy to

'share with all. Nothing is excluded. People on earth will discover that

'their deep desires are legitimate; that happy stories aren't fantasy but

'point at Reality. In the 'hell's they're not tolerated. All humans there,

'smart as they may be, have closed off spontaneity and are all forced

'into phony celebrating. All 'hell's' are tensely dense with gloominess.

'What on earth reminds you of this, is hellish. You've been set up with

'their sham as a model. Since they fabricated you, you can't just drop

'it. They wired humans for this deliberately. Still, whenever possible,

'go for lightness, smiling or a good laugh. To grasp the techniques of

'how My being Energy inspires your brain to obtain true insight isn't

'required for living well. Yet the results of treasuring joy will enrich.

'Stay alert, learn from people who, in a hundred times more misery

'than you, dare to trust My loving, uplifting, soothing, happy power.'

'When arriving in 'heaven', you decide whether you like it. It'll take quite

'an effort to shed heaviness and negative conditioning. Yet it can be done.

'You'll find freshness in encounters and cheerfulness all over. You notice

'happiness and hear laughter. It will take time to trust this all-niceness.

'It's hard for you to grasp there's no negative side to anything that lives.

'It all evolves and blooms, spreading cheer. Plainly, the direction of life

'heralds ever deeper gratitude for being part of existing. As you noticed,

'your sides here, your whole self, appear as happy adventurers. You are,

'you can say, wholly involved in being energy. It is your authentic status.

'Allowing yourself to be tickled to lightness and laughter isn't cheap or

'avoiding hardships, so familiar on earth. Don't be misled! The paths of

'My 'walking with you are uncluttered and their solid firmness is a joy.'


You ask me to remember Your appearance as Love, with squares in

the most diverse colors and exhibiting a literally all-differentness.

'You saw the colors as distinct and in a certain location in the universal

'palette of My nature. All of them were equally precise, special, unique;

'you can say, designed by Me as expressions of My all-faceted splendor.

'They glow also in the externals and the glow they mirrored back to Me

'is gratitude for being free to be themselves, special, colorful, of beauty.

'You now are seeing Me as Energy, as the force of a love, prompting Me

'to have emanations before Me as beloved, as lovers, as partners in the

'creation of life and sharing its goodness. No other type of life exists or

'will ever be, because I am the source, the center and the totality of all

'of existence itself. I am the driving power, never to repeat or conform.

'Like a painter, I enjoy thoroughly the passion to bring on more colors

'and perfection to the artwork all of My manifesting will always show.'

'How it affects you that all is different? That you're not a flower or

'stone; or not being the sky? Well, why not stay in a constant state

'of wonder about all everything showing an unique place and color

'Take 'all' literal; also 'everything'. All that arrives in life, all 'being'

'in whichever dimension or form has its own shine. And products

'and actions of love channeling energy all testify to My presence.

'Adoring this fact sets you really apart as I showed Myself to you

'despite the severe limitation in grasping it,because I do it for you

'with plain words in your language. Truth remains truth. Let this

'always inspire your efforts to be honest. It helps you to unmask

'lies or pretense. Yet the most important gain is not your private

'enrichment or the Writings being read by many people. Be glad

'to know that this information I give all is a solid beachhead for

''heaven's invasion. Thinking in terms of evolution, you can see

'variety as the genius in changing the tiniest to the plethora of

'life now. This thought, or going back to before the birth of the

'universe, could imply I must have a simple, humble beginning

'in whatever it was that 'begot Me. Let Me tell you, it is not so!

'Other factors play a role. In your solar system, all evolves from

'one form to another. But it's not by accident that the celestial

'bodies are different. I often told you, you're fabricated being

'totally dependent on forces of nature, society and of humans.

'Your ancestors could create' you by borrowing of My powers

'and technical know-how. So do stretch your imagination to

'picture universal joy and pride in the desire to be unique as

'all units and particles have that. It is abuse, if joy is left out

of any form of power or energy. All is meant to represent My

nature's all-difference. Nothing in it is neutral. It contributes..'

'Being different on earth has the built-in problem of isolation, neediness,

'dominance over others, fears and dependencies. All of these are means

'to prevent the truth from being known. Which is: I love to see each and

'everyone as original and being proud of that. All in life must draw fresh

'inspiration from this. Your planet is supposed to show that without Me

'continuation of life is possible and that it could be sustained by itself.

'It would eventually render Me superfluous. The ones who planned it,

'had to use the powers of My energy to form your galaxy as a factory

'for the experiments that finally resulted in your type of mutant earth

'humans. They 'stole' My energy and the knowledge that is intended

'for all-around progressing. You know of love turning into hate. This is

'happening with them; they still try to prove the impossible. They do

'use the in-itself positive energy to dull its colors. To you it's confusing

'when you wonder why everything in existence is so fragmented. This

'wondering has no basis in how 'heaven' looks. There, being 'unlike' is

'a source of joy, of adventure, of learning and attraction, of trying to

'improve perfection. It makes for never-ending excitement. Life is so

'varied, so full, so fresh and always heading to the intriguing goal of

'approaching together My level of splendor and engaging with all in

'life in making love. Can you see that you are in the midst of all this

'happening? Eternally, I radiate My multi-colored might. The way on

'earth differentness is handled creates ongoing conflicts. Only some

'can shine through of My multi-faceted glory. This also can happen

'through you. Knowledge of Me can be utilized as comfort to draw

'courage from or to realize you're safe as a drop in the ocean I am.

'Realize that in all that involves energy, the drop you are is a part

'of the most intricate, unique waves.'

I don't know why, after writing this and going to the ocean for a swim,

the water looked cleaner than ever, despite winds whipping up waves.

I could see fishes at a great depth, saw the bottom as if I walked on it.

I sensed a message is in this, apart from that I immensely enjoyed it.

Recently, Your appearance sounded as big waves breaking on shores.

Well, each drop represents the ocean. Each drop is a miracle in itself.

I wish I could put in words or even thoughts, the 'mysteries' of water:

transparent, mass and weaving; humming songs of its moving colors.

With the abundance of water I did move. I did share energy's purity.

We are family, lovers and friends in Your totality's greatest scheme.


It is so easy for me to slip into thinking 'about' You, Your awesome nature

and being granted all these mostly new intriguing insights. Yet deep down

I know reflecting on this is not the purpose of these writings. It's also not

the purpose of my life in general. The essence of this writing is, as far as I

am concerned, that from free will I position myself for what You like to

tell and show me. I know You will never force me to observe You. Yet my

desire and Your sharing Yourself coincide and correlate. Being objective

creates a distance; it distracts. Therefore, I like to be within close 'reach'

when I write. Feeling peaceful, and responding to harmony or joy on all

levels, that'll correspond with Your strong pure radiation. The sparkle

of Your love-giving touch as such enhances the liveliness and beauty of

all forms of life. Your spirit erases distances that don't have to be exist.

I look at myself and wished that in all my functioning I can stay in line

with Your soothing yet also so immensely vigorous vibrations. I also

want it for my thoughts and my emotions, my instincts and intuition.

I wish them synchronized with Your rhythm. I know I made progress,

because I accept myself as Your manifestation. So now I trust that I

live in the Real Reality. I do wonder whether my getting older helps

to go through this. What is scary or strange is bothering me less. It

may be a factor. Yet also younger people have in them the seeds of

wanting to know You. Acting upon it, they'll find You! Your female

Self exudes only goodness, showing splendor and determination.

This gender part is Your image. No use to think of You in abstract

terms. Even if sort of right, they are wrong if a personal closeness

isn't in it. Any occurrence of life uses, or abuses, Your energy. The

choice is if we want or not to be in harmony with Your wholeness.

Negative forces can't stop free will yet may divert and pollute its

mechanics or hold up harmony itself as goal for looking for You.

There's always when You are with me a deep inner calmness that

I couldn't create. It is my system, reacting. I wonder if I changed,

behavior-wise. If so, it may not clearly show. Yet I feel my life is in

substantial ways aligned. I know of course, it could disintegrate.

We see as normal that what's beauty for one, is boring to others.

I'm sure this applies also to Your speaking! Yet, it's meant for all.

You say, that You are aware that most of Your energy is being appropriated

for dubious causes, thus thwarting Your intentions. In this sense evil will not

elude You or is condoned by Your patience. The tiniest part of it is offensive

to true life's luster. Yet no disturbance matches the fundamental harmony.

You say, 'Tell those who may ask you, that no discord will survive.

'That earth is still full of it, signals that not all the answers are in.

'All the currents of My energy do return to Me. In the universe, in

'heaven', its means joyful reunions, celebrations of life's smooth

'flow. You have now seen My seventh spirit. A 'face' that is also

'you yourself. All energy in nature stands for life's feminine side.

I gave you much information about universal dynamics. They're

'all Me. Your person exists by the grace of My passion that is life.'

I mention to You that all I wrote so far didn't come from thinking or

organizing my thoughts. I wonder if I'll do that later. I could take it

as my 'holy scripture' that'll guide my thinking and inspire My acts.

Yet, Your presence is surpassing words. You gave me the name of

your first 'side'. You now confront me with it as the last. I guess it

will reveal why You chose this sequence. I do feel fed to capacity!