9. No Distance


Rule 9. N O D I S T A N C E ....... 'O N E H O L Y'

... "It is such an interesting issue to bring up. And very necessary in order to have proper access to Me. Many speak to Me without giving any thought to what is happening. They call Me names, including My first one; some tell Me that I am in 'heaven': evidently My most notorious characteristic of being 'more', non-earthly and far removed from where they are. Still, they don't raise their voices or try to penetrate the outer layers of your galaxy to hopefully have their words reach Me with the speed of light! They obviously take it for granted that I am within hearing distance, or within them somewhere. How right they are!"

"But then, isn't it amazing, the popularity of things loud and big: religious demagogues yelling and shouting when addressing Me, music that deafens and masses of people sucking up individual thinking? I can tell you that thoughts 'spoken' in silence, in alone-ness or softly mumbled are endlessly more effective as communication with Me; they recognize and respect My closeness. My transcending aspect, One Holy, nobody needs to address as such. It is present in the whole of Me you encounter when connecting with Me. Unlike My other six aspects, spirits, candles, names, you cannot identify with its sphere. Yet it is all there when respectfully you mention the name."

"Instead of raising volume or have others tell you, it is wiser to lower your decibels, clear your agenda and move out of other people's space if you want to profit from conversing with Me. And since I am on the subject, I tell you that many forms of 'praying' together are a contradiction in terms. Singing together or dancing and sharing meals, yes! But nobody hears Me speaking except the person I am speaking to. Nobody can hear Me 'for' you. It is the other way around, too. I do not 'hear' words spoken for someone else. I only see what is in the hearts and minds of each individual. Apart from perhaps psychological and emotional benefits, having someone speak for you is useless spiritually. You have to be with Me yourself. And so does anybody else. When people find Me smiling at them and comforting them, do you think I needed the prodding from others to do so? Joint 'praying' creates distance, is unnatural. It dilutes My closeness, contrary to what people feel or pretend to feel."

"Of course, I know that many humans crave support. The dynamics of the human need to interact and draw strength from others are powerful. These easily interfere with your spiritual authenticity. They are suspect in regard to communication with Me. They distract from rather than contribute to Our personal friendship. However, when to your great joy you learn that others experience what you do, it is a good reason for celebration. It points at all creatures' belonging to the one family of life. Worshiping Me can only come from each individual's heart. Celebrating My presence, that you can do together."

"Also know that there are no 'beautiful' 'prayers'. Connecting with Me is what is beautiful. Words, formulas, settings, incantations, etc., keep you away from Me. Arriving in My presence you do within yourself, on your spiritual level. I am there, since I am the life in you. There is no distance to overcome for direct communication; even if in the realm of the Negative State I seem everything but close. For people who find Me, obstacles to closeness they keep experiencing are irritating and annoying, more than they are important. The same applies to My being One Holy. With all the worship practices on earth many come not even close to seeing the true awesomeness of My having this first name. But once with Me, there is a simplicity to it that lets you happily smile. If you use the word 'worship' for how the whole universe praises Me, then worshiping Me has the quality of a children's party where all are excited, engrossed in its magic and without any worry about who puts it on."

"When you sit down to visit with Me, you in one chair and addressing Me as sitting in another, you look in My direction and 'see' and sense My presence. When you close your eyes it doesn't interrupt your contact with Me. The space in which I appear seems somehow in your head. It is part of the human mind's potential to create worlds within. You can play and hear music in your head, 'see' a person who is not there or project a situation. It is real for as long as you let it last. So in this sense, 'distance' is a relative concept. What one experiences in being with Me is nothing out of the ordinary, technically speaking."

"What's 'abnormal' is that My speaking and your talking to Me and your being in an isolated dimension is happening not as a projection of your imagination but as a temporary moment of normalcy, of sanity if you want, that bypasses the built-in obstruction to this kind of direct contact with Me and the real world. It has to do with what I hinted at in several of your Writings that distance in the Real Reality is not a measurement between two points. It is an assessment of the density in understanding Me. Your idea of time and distance has only marginal use in the universe."

"As all being-one-in-Me is impossible to experience fully in the dismembered earth atmosphere, the idea of time and distance krept up in human thinking. In terms of communication with Me, the ninth 'rule' assists you to rethink the concept of 'seeing' and 'hearing' that imply overcoming disconnectedness or distance. The way you experience Me or My world is less far-out and more 'normal' and natural than being stuck with your present inadequate system of observing with senses or imagery. It is worthwhile to challenge the big central lie on which the whole negative approach is based, which is that the truth and knowledge come from the outside, from external 'facts' and observations. In other words, from turning your back to Me in you as life's center."

"The wiring of the human brain is messed up. Tiny fragments of how it should work can come through as flashes, premonitions, intuition, 'peak experiences', visions and other mostly spontaneous but short-lived and unrepeatable breakthroughs. These moments are often cleverly used by negative forces as channels for false information. Most people know not what to make of them, anyway. Still, what I invite everybody to experience is that My Reality is within their reach. It is within the life that one lives that the lights can be turned on, so that the full Reality can be sensed and, to a point, seen and heard."

"Overusing My first name One Holy is a favorite trick to keep My direct presence at bay. Let Me say something practical. All information about Me, from whatever source, be it parents, teachers, science, artists, trusted ones, sages, holy books, nature or personal experiences, should be screened, tested and scrutinized. Not so much intellectually but by your inner sense of truth and via your intuition. Above all it should be held up to the light of My presence in and with you. If this presence is only by 'hear-say' or by a belief you plan to fall back upon in case you need it, this suggestion doesn't apply, of course. The ninth 'rule' is crucial as guideline, because it says that 'am' the distance between all that is in life. In Me is the oneness of all. From this basis healthy thinking and full vision starts."

"So, again, how does the name One Holy fit in? With all in existence you have in common that there is no word in any language that covers My first face. ONE HOLY makes do for you. It thrills all in the rest of the universe that being with Me means being within the absolute Totality of all that exists. The 'more' of Me they cannot know defines and crowns the Me they do know. Only praise, jubilation and unqualified gratitude are part of their adoring My One Holy. You noticed that questions you had about the technicalities of how, where and what happens when I speak to you or you 'see' Me become irrelevant and not crucial at all once We connect."

"If anybody reads this, he or she may stop here and think for a moment how their personal reaction and attitude is to the unknown element in life and by whatever term they name the all-human-understanding-transcending part of Reality. Thinking about it in a personal way leads to realizing - and being thrilled - that one is already operating in the midst of it. The invitation is to wholeheartedly enjoy the ultimate safety of life. I can say, the ultimate 'sacredness' of life, but that sounds heavy and solemn. Knowing the fullness of My other names, which includes all aspects of your existence, can you imagine a more interesting setting for being in life?"

"It may give you comfort and strength to realize that while you are pressured by time and limitations, in your future is not one moment that I am not what I am now. Capitalize on this fact! Don't think about others. It is the same for them. All are in the same boat. Once a while, when you see Me sitting in the chair opposite of you, you wonder about the visual distance. Why seeing Me 'there', while you know you could see Me within your head, too? Remember, I didn't ask you to make this arrangement. It developed for you in a natural way; it feels comfortable and it enables conversation. Also, as I say all along in this chapter, distance is a human complication. It doesn't go away, regardless what method of relating to Me you use. You saw that in the other dimension this problem just isn't there. Keep reminding yourself that you arrived consciously in My presence by sincerely wanting it. So will all when they desire to be part of the Real Reality."

Rule 9. N O D I S T A N C E L O V E

... "This may be the easiest segment of all seventy to write for you, in terms of grasping what I say. It is the same for those who read this. The reason is that even on earth love has the quality of transcending time and distance. Few of you have no personal and direct experience of this. For a child, there is the magic of an all-present mother. Mothers can be connected with their children even when they are not physically around. You could call it mutual dependency but in the context of love it is a positive phenomenon. After the children grow up, some of the unique closeness remains. After their death, parents can remain a dear inner presence. Where do time or distance come in? Only on the outer, external level. It is not in the core of the relationship. Love doesn't know a here or there."

"Parental ties could be seen as part of a dependency syndrome, yet falling in love is dramatically personal and free, even if body chemistry seems more in control than the rational mind. One carries in one's mind the object of affection everywhere one goes. Also couples, together for a long time, seem to merge with parts of each other's identity. Experiencing moments of sexual delight and orgasms negate for as long as they last the concept of time and place. In spite of the ecstasy of uniting in love being contaminated on all its stages by the Negative State, it stands as an occurrence in which humans transcend their usual sensory limits."

"Lovemaking, passion and surrender to desire can be criticized as animal behavior, as overrated or underrated; it is considered divine as well as sinful or vulgar. It is true that the deformities in how it is expressed can be blatantly showing. However, your act of making love and all the positive sensations that can come with it is still a most powerful symbol and reminder of what human encounters are in the real world. Everywhere in the Positive State what goes on in interactions qualifies as making love. It is supremely refined, mutually satisfying, always creating newness, utterly joyful and never excluding anyone who likes to share in it; it will have Me as participant. You had a taste of it."

"So when people want to communicate with Me, 'pray', they may think of this. Since I am Love I am never without its dynamics, its potential and excitement. I do not hold back or restrict the effectiveness of My name to only certain times or places. I am not talking about a theory. For whoever reason one wants to come to Me, being in pain or preoccupied, I will lift up their spirits. Whatever goes on in their lives, I am there for them with all I have to give. I have all the time in the world. I 'am' the time. They don't have to travel to Me through rituals or formulas. My presence is within them. Any obstacle in the way of reaching Me, be it physical, social, mental or spiritual, is invalid. That is what this ninth 'rule' tells everybody."

"My being Love is the essence of all life's content, from matter to sentient entities, from energy to stillness. All vibrations of life are determined by it. Love is the binding force, the source and the result of all that happens. When someone sincerely wants to experience closeness to Me and wants to find peace, wisdom and energy in order to go on, they should be prepared to be flooded by this, My love. It is the core of existence. Even while often suppressed, it is what deep down human beings crave for. You all belong, are desired and are in My mind, heart and attention. For Me, no distance or obstacles exist. The handicaps on your side of the fence, so to speak, like spiritual blindness, being conditioned, fears for the unknown, dependency on the externals and the mutilations of your original nature can be overruled. Letting love in, initiates that."

"I know very well that applying this 'rule' will not automatically change the situation you are exposed to. Yet, finding the inner spots where your own love nature is waiting to be freed will give you, however light and tentative, a touch of the magic of the Real Reality. Those moments negate your concept of time and distance. You then operate, feel and think on the basis of your true nature. And questions about My realness will evaporate."

"When your ancestors turned away from Me they obliterated what had to do with Me. They became their own shadow and darkness in which they decided to walk. It meant, they didn't anymore see My loving face. They didn't want to remember it. They lost touch with their own loving nature in the process. When you or anybody wonders about what life's full scope is in the immense space around you, it may help to focus on this question, 'Do I want to feel loved, respected and desired by whatever the great and decisive powers in the cosmos are; do I wish to be fully part of a universal happiness?' And, please, don't make the insipid distinction between physical lovemaking and what you call charity. Love is love. Living is loving and the other way around, for all parts of your body, mind and spirit. If you think you have parts that are excepted, dare Me!"

"When you ignore or avoid your deep desire for being part of the universal love situation, it means you are moving away from Me. My second name won't change. The universe's show of love varies. It is as multi-faceted as reality is. It remains the soul, core and operational force of all existence. Aligning yourself with it on all your levels is a smart thing to do. It is the nature of what goes on in the universe, to be a response in kind to My second name. It is the only sense being in life makes. So, people should not daydream about the goodies of 'heaven' in order to escape the hardships on earth. To the contrary. I say this because My love is in your midst, in the midst of your Me and love-obscuring forces. I am in your very life. Find Me there. I am 'there'."

"I don't scrutinize how far you get in allowing love to penetrate your whole person. It is different for each individual anyway, the way she or he is corrupted and mutilated by the manipulations of the Negative State and by continuing being imperfect. What counts is holding on to My all-loving presence. Because it is the truth. You can whisper your response to Me so softly that your personal demons and negative parts cannot hear you. They may suspect that something is going on they don't like. Let them guess. Expect them to turn on you. Yet keep speaking to Me in the stillness of your heart. It is an area they can't reach. I hear, as My ear is within your thinking. Your longing for Me is My nature acting up in you in the first place. I love to be loved."

"Connecting with Me, 'praying', is such an intimate occurrence. It is not necessary to go to sanctuaries or holy places for it. People say it stimulates their quest for Me when they worship, bond with others, light candles, etc. That may be so on the mental, social or emotional level but in terms of My directly relating to you it distracts and dilutes the passion of My love. Also, saying that focusing on loving others is the way to show love for Me is not correct. Loving others will automatically work its way through your system once the warmth of My closeness ignites true living."

"When loving others is proclaimed to be the goal in life it amounts to a trap. The goal of life is to be what you are, a mirror image of Me. You don't necessarily prove this by loving others. You prove it by returning My smile, by hugging Me, by allowing yourself to be hugged by Me. This is your 'salvation' and greatest moment while living in the 'Zone of Displacement'. With Me by your side, within your spirit and mentality, how can you not radiate love towards others? This applies to everything in your life: things, nature, your body, society and all that you are part of. You cannot step out of the context in which you operate. Realize that the context itself is supposed to mirror My second name. If it doesn't, as is the case in the Negative State, are you willing to stick to what you know about Me and the Real Reality? Are you willing to apply the ninth 'rule' and approach everything in your life: your thinking, dreaming, judging and acting from your loving self and from seeing all as meant for love, however far-fetched this may seem? In love is no distance. It is the essence of everything."

"You didn't think of it, but your ability to make your 'journeys' is triggered by this. Love is not just a quality of relating to others. It's the way matter, people and all systems relate within themselves. It is because you see and accept this that you can access and fit in a bit in the other dimension. Not that you are the world's greatest lover of Me. Don't ask Me to rate your performance! But not keeping Me at a distance enabled you to return to Reality. 'No distance', everybody can take this literally. Your eternal Lover tells you!"

Rule 9. N O D I S T A N C E T R U T H

... "What I tell you today is critical for proper thinking about Me as well as for the way to shape your desire to be a full-blooded person. Every position on earth is based on distance: here and there, you and me, now and later, etc. Talking about Me as being up there, in 'heaven' somewhere, is just one symptom of it. I am made into something or someone outside of you - if existing at all. The Negative State has been very successful with this deception."

"But there is more to this than being one of their inventions to keep Me out of the picture. The inevitable consequence of this lie is that everything loses its focus and normal orientation. This is manifested in isolation, loneliness, privacy problems, separation, confused priorities and the like. In other words, entertaining the idea of Me being at a distance, if a factor at all, became the message of non-truth from your human ancestors. With that they hit you. It led to that nothing in their world is in its proper place anymore or freely accessible and non-threatening. All became dependent on measuring every step and dot by comparing, labeling, setting up boundaries, hierarchies, all the 'here or there' issues. Ironically, the Negative State's rulers were forced to impose all kinds of rules to contain the self-induced chaos."

"I do not analyze your world. I only like you to approach what you see happening around you from My perspective, from the position of the truth and the Real Reality of which you got a taste. Just before you started to write this chapter you told Me that you were still puzzled by the nature of you and I sitting opposite of each other and what sort of distance it is between you and the others next to Me. The 'distance' between you and Me you understand somewhat. You realize that it is a matter of Me adjusting to your human level of awareness. You see Me a few feet away and you hear My voice reaching you from there. It is comfortably clear to you that actually I am not only 'there' but also within you and 'everywhere'. It doesn't complicate your sense of My realness. By the way, you don't doubt that what you see on a television screen is somewhere a concrete reality: in a studio or outdoors. You could check it out if you want to. Well, aren't you right now checking it out and accepting My realness and that of the existence of another human dimension?"

"It is the temporary earth situation that creates here-and-there issues. For all practical purposes everybody should know that as far as I am concerned this issue is irrelevant for reaching Me. There is no bridge to cross or road to travel. I am with you already. It also doesn't matter where you see or from where you hear Me. I respond to your desire to have Me close. It is My nature. It is as with the part of your person that is here. When you think of your 'parts' here, even if you have no idea about how to establish a regular contact with them or know what to do with that knowledge, you now accept the fact that somehow you are also here. This, of course, defies any earthy conceptualization. But you experience it as real when in your thinking you operate from My being the all-reality. When you do this, you operate in truth time."

"All those wanting to reach Me have to meet Me where I am, which is where they are. Where is that? Not necessarily within the confinements of their body. It is where their truth is that moment; meaning, where their heart is at, the source of their thinking and feeling; it is where a person is honest. 'True' is what actually happens at any given moment. You learned that I don't relate to playing games. Wishful thinking about yourself, pretending or avoiding is a complete waste. It is difficult to know what is sincere in you and real or what is your authentic self. Being conditioned to not see the oneness of all and therefore being stuck with only your perception of reality is a tremendous handicap. Your 'truth' potion is thoroughly poisoned. It needs detoxification on a minute-to-minute basis."

"Let Me bring up something else that has been puzzling you all along. It is Me hugging you or you hugging Me. You are from a culture where adults hugging each other is not generally done. In addition to this, you have your personal reservations about it. But from the very beginning of Our personal direct contact it became a custom to hug. At times it feels physical; at other times it is done without producing an observable sensation. It is purely spiritual then, you could say. This is an illustration of what I am talking about. Hugging is part of making love; it expresses a desire to be close and merge; it feels safe and whole as there are no reservations or hesitations; it symbolizes the purity of trust. In this sense I am always hugging, embracing and warming with My presence all in My world. It manifests the substance of being in life."

"To you, it is a moment in time, with a certain duration, in this or that place, in always distinct circumstances. From My perspective, hugging shows that all belongs. Through the love flowing from within Me to the most external reaches of life Real Reality takes place. This is the way existence exists. I am the truth, the happening of it all. Anybody may apply this to themselves. All operate from My being all-present. Wanting to know who you really are, who your true self is, starts there. Wanting to be a 'real' person starts with taking Me for real. You can't get close to yourself if you are afraid or unwilling to be close to Me."

"This line of thinking increases your clarity of mind and diminishes heaviness in facing life. You wondered about the others on My left and right, what distance means to them also in terms of where they normally dwell and why they now are in your space. With this question in mind you looked at them. They smiled warmly at you. They didn't say anything but clearly gave you time to have the solution to this grow in you. You started to see that they are different and distinct entities with a certain appearance and character, but not stuck with that. While treasuring their personal identity they can what you can not: be in different places at the same time. They never are stuck with their external side in terms of being limited in where they are or want to be."

"You consider it a matter of distance when you see them sit next to each other, talk to each other or to you or walking in different directions. But unlike on earth, nothing is imposed on them or is, for instance, limiting their freedom to be somewhere else also if they so desire. No factors against their will are present. Whatever they choose to do, it doesn't conflict with the interests of others. Therefore you know that when you see them they want to be with you. It is a part of 'normal' living that each entity can materialize elsewhere, wherever an occasion arises that makes it desirable and pleasant to be. This is the reason you can speak with them whenever you are ready for it. You don't have to make appointments!"

"Of course, the 'how' of this is far out of your reach of understanding. Let Me approach it from a, for you, more relevant angle. Why is there in the real world no distance with its complications like, 'out of reach', isolation, traveling time, bridging gaps, waiting periods, etc? The simple answer lies in that My nature 'starts with' oneness. In Me, in My realm, all that was, is and will be, is always there because it is relative to Me, the one Who is not bound to any time or place. In the present cycle of existence, seemingly darkened by the human experience, I subject Myself to being experienced as One Who has a past and a future. The rest of creation sees this as adding more glory to Me because of My entering the human situation. Can you see that this invalidates on the deepest possible level any idea of a separating, painful or unfulfilling distance? In Me, with Me and in coming to Me is the all-connectedness of life, of love happening."

"This means there is no disappointment in what is not achieved; there is no pain in letting go; there's no desire unfulfilled and no journey burdened. I talk about the Real Reality, not from your isolated position. My presence marks any point on the continuum of life, if you want to use that concept. Once more, take hugging. It is not just a ritual or custom for certain occasions. It stands for that all is included, is one and wanted and that all participate in making love and perfection. True living is living My reality. Having Me hug you means, 'So glad to feel this close'. Well, that is what it means to Me."

Rule 9. N O D I S T A N C E P R O P E R

... "All I said up till this point about there being no distance as fixture in the real world will be met with great skepticism and doubt to say the least. As humans you cannot imagine a world with aware entities, forms and shapes without distances to cover, time to bridge and boundaries to negotiate. Moments of not experiencing those, as in dreams, while having high fever, in deep trance, in altered states or under the influence of drugs are exceptions to your 'normal' state of operating. You could call those the 'special effects' of the human mental potential."

"I know it won't make Me popular when I say that the opposite is true. The dream state, trance and altered states of awareness may point in limited and twisted ways to some of the functioning of the Real Reality. Your thinking on earth, as developed throughout the ages, is now mainly based on and dominated by ignoring Me, not starting with contacting Me and lacking insight in what is 'normal' and unpolluted. Therefore, human thinking, however deep, clever, brilliant and colorful can't come up with conclusions that hold up in terms of having eternal value or having insight into other dimensions."

"When starting from the wrong position, whatever you do, will not fit in. This is even clear on earth. There are those who try to build a better world and do not take what is around for granted. Writers, prophets, mystics, visionaries, revolutionaries, statesmen and -women have given voice to what lives deep in people's hearts: the longing for something better, more beautiful, just, true and safe. It is the reason 'success' stories, myths, fairy tales and 'holy' books keep inspiring people. In some of these, an active divine source is often part of their message."

"Besides the wrong use of those flashes of truth, they can be seen as corresponding with what indeed is feasible if My presence is integrated in daily doings. They can solicit and stimulate an idea of fullness or perfection, of enduring strength and beauty and of seeing life as a universal love-offering to Me. These sparks of true reality are guideposts and road signs as well as healthy interruptions in the midst of ugliness and confusion. They can be little kisses from 'heaven'."

"In those, My nature speaks. The architects, builders and supporters of this kind of positive structures are inspired by an inner passion, consciously or not. With it come humility, sincerity, accountability and a trust in being on the right track. They speak to how on earth society and individuals, human beings and nature should live together. Each in their own field, children and philosophers, believers and nature lovers, artists and laborers, disadvantaged and higher-ups, all can contribute to some true harmony and propriety in interacting and functioning."

"Without exception, representing My world puts one on a collision course with the controlling negative powers. No perfection, permanency or profiting-all can ever be achieved on earth. The tools for achieving that were destroyed in the process of putting earth together. The Negative State sees to it that what comes closest will be infiltrated so that it starts serving the opposite of what originally it stood for, namely mirroring My features. I don't mean to discourage anybody who stands for positive causes, but I warn that every step in that direction will be undermined, attacked and obstructed."

"The greatest danger of falling in the trap of the Negative State comes not from outer influences, but from the distorted ways of dealing with yourself. For instance, the almost imperceptible temptation is to use your personal knowledge of Me for feeling special and a tiny bit above the crowds. It comes from the need to cover up or counterbalance flaws and failures and to give you something to show for. The beauty and magnificence of the cities and dwellings you see on your journeys to the other dimension eclipse the grandest structures on earth. When you are here, you have no problem to recognize the magnificence of it, yet the need to compare it with what is on earth is absent. Almost daily, you wonder what to do with these personal experiences with Me and My world. This 'problem' won't be resolved because being human on earth means being defective. It even affects greatly your ability to share this Writing. How can you convince anyone I am real? And how do you catch Real Reality's awesomeness in human words?"

"Seeing the magnificence 'here' can sharpen your insight into what on earth negates distances between Me and those living there. Comparing earth's accomplishments with each other hardly leads to wisdom or true improvements. Judging on earth remains a matter of opinion or preference. Yet all those who connect with Me when they see My nature come through even in feeble and hesitant ways are delighted. It tells them that My realness is discovered elsewhere, too. Beauty is. It is Me. It is everywhere. If it gets suppressed, chopped up in pieces, contaminated, abused and denied, so be it. This is the option which is being explored. My nature's functions can be dissected but cannot be killed off. They are still is there even when turned into its opposite. Therefore, holding on to being structured after Me is the only sensible way to see proper functioning."

"Being involved in the different aspects of life while sensing that you recognize, use and promote the true eternal nature of it can give deep satisfaction. It will be opposed though from within you and by others. Be assured that I am aware of this and that I do not set minimum standards for what you should achieve. Receive comfort from realizing that all in the Positive State that are somehow involved with earth rejoice in seeing signs of the full Reality piercing the you-surrounding shields of the negative forces. Again, what is Me, what is love, beauty, right and proper is not happening at a distance. What is done, thought and invested in from the desire to be real amounts to connecting with Me. It is coming from Me! Therefore I give you these 'rules' for communicating. It is when people treasure My fourth name that they are set free from futility and senseless performances. I am not talking about abstract or spiritual things but about all human behavior, about the works of your hands and minds."

"The nature of earth's productions is marked by violence, injustice and fragility. In order for you to survive you must participate in it; you are encircled by it. This ninth 'rule' states that the inner skin of what you are surrounded by is not bulletproof! The bullets of decency, sincerity, goodness, wisdom and all things proper are not fired from the outside. They come from within you. Joining My fourth name and spirit in you shoots holes in falsities and lies. The first target can be your self-perception, the interpretation of your history, your taken-for-granted viewpoints and your comfortable behaviors. I know you don't like the gun metaphor. But, My dear friend, no human words or images are adequate for relaying the truth."

"You have the saying that 'a thing of beauty is a joy forever'. It hits the right note. Expect the best when the wall for keeping Me at a distance comes down. In the other dimension you saw streets, edifices, furniture, entrances, exits, steps, etc. The difference with what you see as beauty around you on earth is not just the caliber of beauty but is also in the perfect use of everything. Knowing now that My world is closer than 'around the corner' can encourage everyone who fights diseases, poverty, crime, injustice and brokenness. 'Praying' to Me is placing yourself consciously in the Real World and being re-oriented by it. Even if it is for short moments."

"Living on earth comes with being subjected to the demands of time and distance. This is so 'everywhere' that questioning it seems absurd. What many forget is that on one level, the spiritual one, the slavery to it is not so total. There, getting rid of it is feasible. My presence is more direct there than on the other levels where the mutilations are so radical. Therefore, in each person's most inner self anybody who wants it can treasure being already in eternity's edifice. Do you realize you can interpret the concept of a macrocosm and a microcosm as both following the same blueprint of My structure? You can look at the endlessly deep skies above you and deep within you know a universe exists. To where do you want to travel? To the outside or to within, to the space out there or to your inner world? The truth is, of course, that you don't have to travel at all. No distance! No confinements spiritually! My presence is the 'heaven' above and the 'heaven' within. You can ponder this if you want. Your present internet connections provide you with a correspondence for it with their instant information.

Rule 9. N O D I S T A N C E H E A L I N G

... "It is obvious that traveling with Me and becoming 'more' all the time, as represented by My fifth face and name, presupposes something like distance and a going from where you are to a place where you're not yet. As you saw, in the real world are positions like above and below, left and right, etc. In addition, they have qualities you can't measure on earth, like density, space- and time travel and instant materialization. What does this mean for you seeking Me? Is your seeking itself a sign that you have to look around and when you see Me must move in that direction? Those questions are quite legitimate but only by human logic. The answer comes from stepping in the flow of My Reality. All is 'flexible' in My world. Nothing is 'set in stone'. Changing occurs as a way of life. Freedom to go wherever one wants, in spirit, mind or space is all over. The key to understanding this is that all traveling is a moving within the scope of My nature, in which freedom, no limitations, no real distances, liveliness and harmony figure."

"Seeking and finding Me is not a matter of overcoming a gap or a certain amount of space between us; it is overcoming and doing away with the resistance within yourself to be part of My all-presence. I am there where existence is. Let nobody worry about it. Everything moves; on earth, too. I am not a fixture floating somewhere in the volume of life that can be picked up or left alone. I am the gracious dance of life itself, stretching and unfolding. It is from Me and towards Me that 'everything' finds its ever-renewing position in the totality of existence. For you, connecting with Me starts with using your freedom to see through the false ideas of distance to Me as it is imposed on humans' cluttered minds."

"Realizing the motion in all directions allows you to see yourself as an evolving entity and full participant in the glorious adventure of existing. Don't let go of the inner glow that comes with it. It makes you aware that you are completely special and unique. It applies to everybody and all else. All is part in its particular way of My wholeness. It is useless to criticize yourself for whatever. Instead, when displeased with yourself, think of how available I can be for talking, meeting and expanding Myself through you; also in that particular problem area that bothers you. Allowing Me to be a personal presence in your system means that you are connected with 'everything', since in all else is also My presence. It means that all other people, places or times are within reach, instantly. For you on earth this being connected with all is very much 'in principle'. Although you are amazed how 'cosmopolitan' you became because of your journeys!"

"There are many pulling forces in your life and many roads to choose from. Staying close to Me, Who is the process in all life's movements, will free you from much confusion, worrying or vacillating. You can become even noticeably a more positive factor and a qualified builder of bridges to reality and newness. This ninth 'rule' can be such a comfort and source of strength when holding on to it. Often people cry out to Me because of feeling lost in the complexities of life. They have it rubbed in that no human help suffices to heal their existential agony and vulnerability or the 'wounds' from being born in the 'Zone of Displacement'. People can feel so stuck. Yet that is not based on the truth. All living is part of My moving to more wholeness even when 'everything' seems to come to a halt. I will travel with you. We can hold hands."

"Something happens when a person connects with Me. Lies disappear. My light does that. If you want to be illuminated by it, so it will be. When people are in extreme sadness or pain or everything seems hopeless, then still journeying is going on in which they are completely involved. The journey is a safe one. It is more than being on a road leading to arriving one day. Accepting that you travel with Me means you have arrived. This stands for being on the royal road of eternal adventures. To many this may seem a playing with words but you learned that My presence negates the negative elements of the human concept of separating distance. The unfolding of Reality includes everything at all times. Nobody has to miss out on it."

"As I keep repeating, the human concept of distance comes with waiting, separation, not yet, how far, will I make it, what if I don't, etc. Not being together when you wished you would be can be very painful, worrisome and unfulfilling. Distance, partitions and unavailability can hurt. Nothing of this occurs in the full Reality. It is such a treat when people on earth start taking Me seriously. If they only knew that through Me they are part of the oneness of all and that 'needs', separations, 'wished that' and 'not yet' are on the way out. It applies to what you call the past as well as issues of your present and future. As long as you are in your physical body you are too 'heavy' to move freely through space and time. By 'heavy' I mean that you miss the needed lightness and transparency. The way you are constructed is deliberately chosen so that you are stuck on earth, physically, mentally and intellectually. You are so used to this that you don't realize how fundamentally it belies the all-accessible nature of everything else in the universe."

"An amazing thing earthly humans discover when they die, is that 'neediness' doesn't exist in My world. Can you think for a moment of what this says of your way of practicing charity and helping others? All sharing, giving and doing things for others should be based on the fact of journeying together. It is not a 'helping' each other out on the basis of their 'neediness' but on seeing them in a spot you wouldn't like to be yourself. Therefore, you offer assistance to improve someone's situation, if they so desire. The issue is not measuring the level of neediness in others but your sincerity of desiring to share. Charity, love or healing is not about helping others, it should be about being true to yourself as co-traveler with Me and realizing that all others do that also. Including the ones who deny or ignore this."

"A while ago, when you met with Me for this writing, you moved your attention from Me to those sitting next to Me. It came as a shock when you saw many more there than you expected; all sitting very close to you. It felt good, didn't it, to see so many friendly faces smiling at you, clearly encouraging you. In My world nothing and nobody is isolated. Privacy is possible as much as one wants but never is there the inability to connect with others when so desired. The volume of life is universally expanding towards more variety and greatness. It does include refinement and interest in details as well as exploring new designs; also in relationships. There are no expectations, deadlines or pressures. The boundless opportunities for everybody make for a happy society."

"One thing that earth and 'heaven' have in common in regard to distance and time is that all the movements always head toward more wholeness. The Negative State loathes this. They can't change it although they keep promoting the idea that time stops when you die and that what happens after that is irrelevant and for sure nothing of the kind of what I talk about. Well, you can say that they themselves are on the road to 'more'. To more evilness perhaps but also to what is beyond that. Which is the fact that I cannot be eliminated and that on their journey 'backwards' they have to face this. They claim your external realities as the only ones the universe consists of. How wrong they are. Through you and through all who decide to travel with Me, My light tightens around them. Pieces of their reign break off and cracks appear in their dominance when on earth or in the 'hell's' My healing smile is seen and returned."

Rule 9. N O D I S T A N C E M A N I F E S T A T I 0 N

... "When people come to Me, 'pray', open up to Me so I can be in their awareness, they don't meet in Me a stranger to their circumstances. They meet in Me the only 'Person' who is closer to them than they are themselves. As single source of your life I am at your very beginning. All that you become as an entity, as an individual with a name and a history is the result of your participation in My world and of the way you express the part of reality you are. Everything manifests Me. It is difficult to see this happening on earth because of all the clearly not-Me things around. What is crummy and imperfect belies the statement. In theory, one may agree but how it works is beyond understanding."

"Positioning Myself in the heart of your life and saying that you are a manifestation of Me could mean you have no real identity or independence. It could mean that ultimately you are just like clay in My hands, a robot, or, the other extreme, it makes you Me. You know that most people don't bother one way or another. Human beings take their personal identity for granted and each individual fights for his or her space. In a way, coming to Me isn't going to change this. To the contrary, the closer to Me the more specific and important as a single entity you will feel. The expression that all creatures are as 'before Me' indicates not a distance between Us, I here and you there, but it says that between us is nothing disturbing. Who could come in between you and Me? A healthy sense of ego, of importance and uniqueness, receives its glory from exactly this, that you are like Me: a portrayal of My nature and being My image."

"How to portray that you are from Me and manifest My nature is the challenge for all in life. The answers have to come from each entity's free choice. Being 'from' Me pertains to all three levels in you. This can be confusing as in your heart you may feel My loving closeness while your body may rebel against My nature. Moments of bliss can go hand in hand with gross inadequacies in other segments of your life. Just look at what your body does right after birth. It begins to deteriorate in some areas while the rest of your person has a long climb up to the summit. In this sense also, the idea that I am manifested in you and in all that exists seems immaterial. How could it be figured out?"

"The fact that I personally participate as a distinct recognizable 'entity' in the earth situation, and the fact that I don't annihilate it but accept it into My own divinity, means that, indeed, I have a new nature. The human products of the Negative State are incorporated in life's totality and find their place after the purification process. They are not outside of Me because there is no outside of Me in the strictest sense of the word. Negative doings occur in utmost isolation in the most 'outer' parts of the universe. Again, don't think in terms of miles or trillions of them. Outer parts mean, the least density and the most 'watered-down' version of My presence. Yet all forms of life marked by even the slightest deformity or contamination will be re-created and purified."

"Right now, what portrays the anti-reality is functioning as example of what true Reality is not. The cycle of life in which denying Me takes place will not be repeated. It doesn't have to. From this follows that nobody needs to measure the size of their own deficiencies before coming to Me. It is only from the light streaming from My closeness that insight in the role you play can be gained, anyway. Being able to see yourself from that perspective makes whatever you did or did not a non-issue. Not because I have seen it all or that the damage done will just disappear. No, but the excitement of recognizing Me in your own space will more and more penetrate your spirit and the rest of you will adjust. You noticed that your heart is increasingly less at home in negative things. You simply lose interest in them. With that comes a growing sensitivity for what signals My realness."

"Life is always in the process of being manifested and showing something. Anything can truly represent Me. It is not restricted to something pious or precious. All that is can reflect My nature if you let it. Also in this sense is there no dichotomy, not this but that, not now but then, not here but there. Whatever you express at whatever moment in time makes you into what you are. At all times you manifest, radiate and behave. What represents the Real Reality is in that I recognize you as mirroring My fullness. It delights Me. Not in a narcissistic way but for the reason that I see you coming into your own, becoming your full self. It makes you a better lover and partner for Me and everyone. And it allows Me to more freely unfold through you."

"Much of this translates into an in many ways lonely struggle for you. You don't know at forehand what will work. Resistance and fears abound. One of these is that listening to Me in such a personal way makes you realize that it affects areas you rather leave untouched. You, understandably, suspect that this Writing may alienate you from others. You are afraid it could make you too special for your own good. Also you wonder, 'How do I ever come to the point that My person portrays You?' I say, 'Stop!' You make a mistake with these reactions. I am not asking you to mirror My nature. I have no agenda for you. I simply say in this ninth 'rule' that nobody should overlook the fact that all life is Me, despite its deformation on earth. You are alive because of Me. Therefore you manifest Me in spite of what seems to contradict it."

"It is up to you whether you want to change any of your behavior. It is up to Me to be Who I am. And that includes you as participant in the expansion and unfolding of life's wholeness. You could say, in your terms, that I make Myself vulnerable by doing this. Well, will I survive you? I invite you to accept that also the negative manifestations of life, of which your earthy person is a part serve ultimately My glory and have the sun of My love shine brighter."

"Elsewhere, I used the word 'nudging' in the context of liking you to go in the right direction. This ninth 'rule' makes clear what this means. I don't push or shove nor do I interfere. People who so easily say that I healed them or 'saved' them overlook the fact that I don't do any of that! They make a shortcut to Me and ignore the many factors contributing to a particular outcome. These factors come from all levels in a person, from their past, from circumstances, from their mind's makeup, their expectations, human resources, etc. When people set Me up as a force that may at times show its teeth, in some natural disaster for instance, or as showing My caring hand in causing miracles to happen, they put Me at a distance. This is not how I invite you to experience Me. 'Nudging' and similar expressions mean that in your spirit I make My presence known. That very closeness in you, that being of My nature however fragmented or disfigured won't stop radiating. My speaking right now allows you to write things coming from Me. Not because I control you, take over your mind or let your hand move automatically. You choose that your ear is receptive to My whispering and your mind to My nudging. This enables you to form words and sentences in your language and in your frame of thinking that indeed represent My message. My nudging is everywhere where life is!"

"More and more you realize the unlimited freedom you have to manifest My nature. It opens up your mind and consciousness for the most beautiful thoughts, insights and vistas. Most of your thinking is still prisoner of the concept of distance in time and place. But its walls are cracking because you choose to take Me seriously. You found your identity as My lover. Or, as most people would prefer, as My 'beloved'."

"I' have no expectations of you. Of nobody, I have. But I don't stop being the all-manifestation of love. Any particle or any person denying this disposes of a truth that won't go away as it is the substance of everything. From Me being in all, My splendor will sparkle ever brighter, as you say. Coming to Me is becoming your true self. It says you are in the right place at the right time. True 'praying' is consciously giving priority to the few not-too-damaged remnants in you on the spiritual level and let these speak for you. But keep looking. On your other two levels you may find some usefully parts, too!"

Rule 9. N O D I S T A N C E E N E R G Y

... "How could there be an actual and measurable separation between My person and all that is before Me as all that exists moves and lives by the energy I provide and am? Because of Me 'being' Energy, the universe exists. My seventh name says that I am life itself. Can you imagine or conjure a place outside of Me? If there is, I wouldn't be what I say I am, right? And you would, correctly and instantly, not take Me seriously anymore."

"I begin this segment this way because so many people are afraid to accept Me as a personal presence. They rather see Me, if they consider a divine existence or mystery at all, as a cosmic force than as a personal entity. Let Me put it in another light. You are aware when you visit My world that many people populate that space. Yet, did you ever have even the slightest fear of bumping into each other? Or did it give you a feeling of being overcrowded? You could say that perhaps there are built-in mechanisms that like radar guide people between obstacles. Isn't it much more correct and beautiful to say that what fills the space in between you and others is that what fills others and you: My energy? My energy is in harmony with itself! 'Is' harmony. It means that the supposedly empty spots around you move and are brimming without for-you visible forms with My all-present vibrations of love, life and joy. That is the reason you don't need collision insurance in 'heaven'. You won't ever bump into or be in conflict with anything, since the one life force I am pulsates in all, in matter and 'open' areas alike."

"The differentness in appearances, personalities, backgrounds and directions - that on earth pose potential conflicts of interest - reflect My all-faceted nature. All aliveness and motion is driven by the same spirit of joy for being within My field of energy. This is a universal phenomenon. It doesn't depend on the consciousness of sentient entities. It is the way Reality operates. All power in the cosmos is My radiation, including the cosmos itself. I am life's I AM. Can I say it more clearly? By this light, look at what happens on your planet, in what you call nature, society and within people. The different parts are constantly in each other's way and resolve the arising conflicts by fighting, by giving in or by compromising. Any balance achieved is fragile, temporal and can easily be shattered."

"Getting their needs met is the prime motivation of all living on earth. Surviving depends on it. Each part has its own methods for this. Seldom is it in pleasant harmony with the other segments around. Even with those you love and like most, conflicts like being in each other's way are common. In every interaction is the potential for a collision. You have to be on guard all the time. The ocean of life has as many dangerous undercurrents as it has water drops. A steady pattern of spontaneous, continuous, undisturbed and productive moving on is unknown. This is such a 'normal' situation on earth that it automatically spills over into people's thinking about Me. Look at the many controversial 'god' ideas among you. Power is seen as coming from the outside and can pose a threat as much as be a blessing. Energy energizes good and evil alike, it seems."

"What is learned when coming to Me is that you step into a range of power that first of all is of a spiritual nature.This means, it's of a love nature. Most people start at the wrong end when thinking of Me. You did. They associate Me with the cosmic forces behind and in all that exists. They may credit Me with bringing the worlds into existence at some time in the past. Note again, please, the element of distance. It happened 'then'. From that awesome occurrence they try to draw conclusions about Me. What I am saying here is that for everybody it applies that coming to Me now, wherever it is that you are, is instantly energizing your person there where it counts most, in your most inner core, your spiritual self. There, you can be with Me, see Me, feel Me. In a sense, there and then you are re-created or resurrected to being Real. So what is the big deal about the 'past', or life's beginning? Or the future for that matter? The One Who embodies life is your friend, companion and lover! I daily give you the opportunity to create yourself and to decide how you want to align with this awesome situation. My heart beats in all. I am also through you the moving, happening, unfolding and all-unfolding universe of beauty and love. Where life occurs My seventh name is proclaimed. It is the ever-burning candle of aliveness. That makes that there are no real distances. All before Me is as one body, one unit. All perfectly equipped with love and wisdom. You are, they are and even so called empty space is that way."

"Anybody wanting to connect with Me is in for a rousing treatment, so to speak. It amounts to being plugged into the Real Reality; into the force that keeps you alive and allowed you to come into existence in the first place. In the earthly circumstance of being in your mutilated physical body much of My power is deflected and cannot shine in full glory. Which doesn't mean that when you open up to it transformation from within cannot take place. It does! Connecting with Me and realizing what type of energy is used to keep you together as a person enables you to show substantially the quality of real life. 'Things can fall in place', as you like to say."

"Whatever the merits of religious movements in reminding people of Me and supporting each other in being positive, caring, responsible and aiming at beauty, the one criterion for their being spiritually relevant is that they operate by the 'no-distance' principle in all their doings. Love is incompatible with keeping distance. Not accepting the irrelevance of separating distance is holding on to a lie. The act of not letting Me enter your awareness as the I AM is inspired by tricks, efforts, machinations and misappropriated power of the Negative State. It is woven in the fabric of your personality. For many, opening the door to Me starts an ongoing process of rowing upstream and constantly having to rein in old thoughts and beliefs in order to stay aligned with the truth. Fighting delusions is not easy, especially when they are shared by most others in your environment."

"Let Me point again at a thought that has you wonder whether Me telling that everything lives by My power means it is god-like. Do I teach you a form of pantheism? You see My smile that says, 'So what?' The truth is not true because people agree or understand but because it is and I let you in on it. Not as 'a' truth but as sharing of Myself. Let Me help you out. Yes, the idea of 'pantheism', taking everything as together being the 'All' and sum of what exists, is erroneous. Just think of My first Name! But in terms of you living from My energy, that you better take as literally as you can. For one thing, it will help you to see whether you misuse, abuse or suppress it."

"I am not just a supplier of energy, providing space and opportunities to evolve for all that is around and does its thing. Life and its power have a name. It is as a person like all My aspects, spirits, faces, candles. Energy is My seventh name. You consist of it; it endows you with an identity, an independence, a position and a potential of representing My nature. The life force is Me. Therefore, all that exists is connected with Me and is of My heritage. My image and reflection it is, in its own right, before Me, and in its fullness. I love all of it and can be loved in return. What emanates from Me and therefore is like Me in its having beauty, power, freedom and ability to create, can choose to recognize Me. Then it shares with Me and makes love with Me so that as in a dance We elegantly move and merge in pure joy and unison. These are big words, I know. Yet simply letting My closeness pulsate in your heart and thinking, will have you experience what mortally flawed human words cannot describe. Being within My field of power has indeed things falling in place, is making them eternal and is invalidating negative distance."

"I keep repeating that I don't take over your private space. Nobody gets overpowered by My spirit. It may shock a person and shake him of her when abruptly the truth dawns upon them. Sensing the presence of My power right within you with all its implications that debunk lifelong falsities, may feel overwhelming. But that discomfort doesn't come from the nature of the Real Reality but from the collapsing of the scaffolds and harnesses that kept you away from Me for too long. True 'praying' amounts to running your own power station and distributing the energy produced well."

The Ten Rules:

1. All are loved 2. Free choice 3. Trust 4. Always 5. Others also

6. Spirits lifted up; Joy 7. No exception 8. On your level 9. No distance 10. This is 'it'