The Old and the New 'Prayer' Writing 10


... "Look at the whole first sentence of the old 'prayer', I suggested, 'Our Father in Heaven, hallowed be Your name'. You see that in three ways the unnameable first aspect of My fullness is stated. The concept 'father' indicates the impossibility to go back into your origin on the physical level. 'Father' is a given. It comes from a point before your appearance, even if in some way, in the seed of your ancestors, the potential of you coming along is coded as a possibility. Parents, one has, without exception. The movement of life is from them to the new generation and not vice versa."

"On the spiritual level, 'time' as you know it loses its value since everything is relative to Me and therefore eternal. Past or future, all is connected by My nature, which is not old or recent but 'always'. The concept father says that you will never 'be' him. Well, so you will never 'be' Me. Yet more important than this rather superficial analogy is realizing with great joy that it is I Who has an inaccessible part. My being One Holy is not something hidden or secretive. It just states that I am the absolute I AM of life in all its known and unknown aspects. What a freedom it represents for the universes that the origin of what caused their beginning does not have to be figured out but is a daily presence Who participates in their abundant living! Being in life is so secure. Your ancestors tried the impossible. They tried to become 'fathers' of a world separated from My being the 'Father' and originator of existence itself."

"Then, secondly, there is the idea of 'heaven'. This points at the whole of the real reality, at the Positive State. On your spiritual level, some of it is accessible for you. But the word also has in it the distinction as opposite of, or at least out of reach for, earth, your present dwelling place. Its ultimate meaning is that the full reality transcends all describable dimensions. Heaven points at what escapes all comparison. You can go so far that you see all inhabitants of the Positive State as standing hand in hand before Me, praising Me for being My first name. Actually, you experienced and described that yourself in Visits into the Real Reality, (Writing 4). It is the greatest honor they bestow on Me, because there is no desire or need to know more about it. All that is to be understood is available. All existence is one in its fundamental being connected with Me as life's all-ness."

"This becomes even more personal and comprehensive for your understanding when, thirdly, you say, One Holy. My seven names, spirits, aspects, candles, are the seven faces of the One I am for Myself and for all that emanates from Me. They cover My reality. For you, it is the ultimate in terms of using words for Me. Your and the universe's reaction can merge in a triumphant harmony that leaves nothing up in the air and gives everything its wonderful place in the family of life. The only 'normal' reaction in approaching the depth of My nature is filled with gratitude and joy for being a participant in such a limitless world. In this vein, every occurrence, thought, word, gesture or action does hallow My name. It glows with joy."

"So here you have the true nature of the sixth component of life, connectedness. In the act of happily reacting to being relative to Me as My first name, you have the most firm, fundamental and enjoyable connection with all that exists. You are on the same page, as you say, with the rest on the universe and with eternity. Everything, in its own unique ways, participates in bringing about the splendor of life."

"On earth, connecting is undeniably vital for any functioning. To what extent do galaxies touch? How do cells interact? How much are you part of one organism? What I offer in this 'prayer' is that you can start at the other end, so to speak. Begin with singing My praise. The secret of how all connects is in adoring the being connected. All comes from love. For those living in isolation as you do, this is the key to understand that and how the universe is one. Lifting up My names and daring to proclaim My three-fold nature, sets the tone for whatever you want to discover about life. All you find will blend with themes and rhythms from elsewhere in the universe. Living is a song of love and happiness for being in an ever unfolding world. All connections highlight My being active."



... "If there is one thing that universally shows the joyful quality of connecting, it is love. Even on earth not many will disagree with this. There, love comes as attraction, desiring to be close, touch, in the same space and being intimate. Love for self does show this, even if it is mostly automatic. Caring for others or things in general may show less emotions, but it still portrays love. Making love physically seems the epitome of connecting. This sixth element of life is fundamental for the universe's functioning as one organism, in which all parts have their unique distinct place. All are in it together on the basis of wanting to be in the flow of love. It is an ingredient in you, because it is in My nature to stay connected with all that emanates from Me. Therefore, as I say so often, 'Nothing that exists is not relative to Me'."

"Not easy for you to grasp is that the connectedness relates to life's three levels. They form integrally the fullness of all existence. It leads you to the awesome realization that directly or indirectly, everything has to do with everything. And that not as something neutral or as a matter of fact. The word 'all' never comes at you more inclusive, powerful and totally literal than here. Do not worry about the myriads of technical aspects of how on all levels connecting and touching takes place. Just know that all life and aliveness establishes itself through those contacts. It applies to the one body of the universe, to your galaxies, to everything on your planet and all inner processes. Yet you can experience it most clearly on your spiritual plane."

"I share this information, not as a rather self-evident fact but as an invitation to treasure your value in proudly participating in the immense adventure of life performing. You can be the lead actor as well as member of the cast, the writer as well as the director, the stage as well as the effect on the audience. Your level of enthusiasm can soar when the scope and richness of what really goes on is recognized. This may sound exaggerated. But do you remember that in the other dimension you once looked at your feet and could not express what you saw? Without friction, they touched a road that seemed like glass. You walked effortlessly. Well, it is an example of the nature of true connecting being perfect and pure pleasure."

"Observing then the buildings you passed, their shape and material, didn't they all somehow exude a glow of pleasantness, a quiet pride in being there, without ever being in disharmony with the function and use of other parts? Well, this is what this 'prayer' about My kingdom is all about. It is not about rules, laws or politics. It simply is about telling you that all that exists is in the same mode, position and mentality of wanting to be a presence of love, respect, usefulness and joy. In My 'kingdom' all citizens are of one cheery spirit. They do not just share the air, the ground and life's energy; they share My presence in all of it. It makes all connecting into a feast."

"Saying that I, as Love, am involved in all, says it loud and clear. There is no hierarchy in the quality of love, apart from its varying density. The complicated power systems on earth that keep people, societies and individual bodies in check as well as the precariously balancing forces in nature create fear, unfairness and neediness. It is one of the most obvious signs of how far the 'Zone of Displacement' is alienated from the ways of My 'kingdom'. Nothing in it you can trust. Even love's desires easily turn into possessiveness, compulsion, loneliness or hate."

"Whenever you wonder about how to practically connect with your environment, or about your importance as single individual, learn to think in terms that all touching, in your mind or with your hands, is an opportunity to practice the reality that all connecting is meant as a tool for making love. No exception! In the real world, things do it, matter does it, nature does it, I do it! You doing it will prove that you belong to My world. All relationships are manifestations of this ingredient. In spite of fear, phoniness and imperfections interfering with the joy of seeing lovemaking as model for all other connecting, it puts you firmly within the flow of reality. Despite what earth shows in its past or future, everything falls under this glorious adage that it is love that keeps the world together and makes life into a happy dance of all-involving proportions."



... "It is all over creation, the happy awareness that I, being the origin and fulfillment of the ongoing adventure of existence, want and desire this. It is My will. It inspires and colors the music of all that exists. Only on earth as part of the 'Zone of Displacement', My will seems confusing. In the rest of the universe, it is not a matter of trusting My will, but of the self-evident reality that I am happily involved as life's sole realness. Therefore, every piece and parcel in life approaches contact with others from the correct premise that connecting only enriches."

"On earth, 'praying' that My will be done is an invitation to accept this fact and to experience personally the results of it. One can relax, knowing that even what escapes the reach of our understanding is equally safe and sound. In other words, being in life means unequivocally being part of the one family of all that is in existence. One aspect of this is that all volunteer to be an addition to the household of creation. All represent My will with their particular individual appearance on the world scene. Your typical earthly nature seems to make this impossible. It is second rate, you could say, it is a faulty product. There is no perfection in it. So experiencing being happily connected as representative of My will for life shows up mainly as correspondence of what is reality's true shape."

"My will is not offered as a rule to obey, like a traffic sign. My will stands for the substance of life. It is the core of existence. In terms of this sixth element of life, it says there is no isolation, separateness or not being part of the whole. All is connected with all because it is the way I am. Do you see how this makes all codes of behavior or 'morals of the day' irrelevant as criteria for doing My will? Pious sounding or not, any judgment based on human ideas fails the test of wisdom. Those who judge on the basis of a piece of truth they happen to believe in are as wax in the Negative State's hands. No, the only criterion for being correctly connected with the Positive State lies in the peace it gives you when you approach all and everything from the desire to love it."

"If My will is not done, the truth not lived or the love-connection with all not honored, then one runs oneself into the ground; even if this is disguised as pious, as human progress or plain necessity. I do not condemn those that amputate themselves. They provide an example so others can learn what road not to take. Those who know about the inter-relatedness of everything as you do, will not judge people who do not think and act inclusively. They will not point fingers. The sixth component of life connects one even with 'enemies'. It is useless to think you know Me and then act as if I am less connected with others than with you, or think that you are more part of My family than any other person. This will keep you happily humble, don't you think so?"

"On earth, many 'problems' as you call them arise from this element being ignored, twisted around and fragmented. All connections are potentially painful, scary and can cause friction. Nothing fits perfectly or for ever. In this sense all human societies, families and individuals live a lie and are false representations of the pleasant and always productive togetherness in My world. Your statement that My third name, Truth, contains the universe can place everybody that sees this on a mountain top from where they can see the full glory of life. It is from this vantage point that you see through the truth-obscuring clouds and My will-perverting dysfunctions. As in your jigsaw puzzles, one piece missing makes the picture incomplete. Asking for My will to be done, is saying you do not want to be that missing piece. Realizing you are from My will is like touching 'heaven'. Nobody can take away your being connected with a world that welcomes you with open hearts and arms. The issue is, do you want to be in My will?"

"Regardless of what a person makes of his or her life, she or he belongs to the universe. I told you that I as Truth am the substance of all existence. Where your physical 'outside' touches others, where the currents of your thoughts and words go or where you are touched by what others radiate: see all communication, making contact, touching, etc., as signs that can validate your place in the whole. You are a part of an unlimited grandness. You are less confined than you think when experiencing physical and mental limitations. The truth of life, My will, is that all are free to dance, to partner with Me personally and with others that desire so. This is the core of connectedness. It is universal. It enables Me to see My creation as one harmonious display of love flowing in all directions. You could say, the only truth is My will to dance with all."



... "That everything is connected with its environment you do not have to reflect on much because it never changes. It means that indirectly, everything touches everything as it belongs to the same occurrence of existing. Even on earth, with all its aberrations, this is not questioned. But, how it happens, or why, that is another story. I simply say that evidently you received a place in life. Receiving sustenance is part of it. For humans on earth, it means they take care of both."

"It is the challenge of this 'prayer'. As the air you breathe, I am the force that keeps life alive. Food and air are examples of existence being shared by all. All living creatures are connected by the common source for survival, while at the same time they're all different and distinct in form and place. This is indicative of the nature of life's sixth element. Connecting never takes away from each part being strictly unrepeatable and unique. Connecting means, adding to perfection and beautifying life's fullness. Being a separate entity and an always connecting one, are sides of the same coin, as you say. Receiving the bread of life, My presence and spirit, does not cause dependency. It makes you like Me, all-nurturing, giving of yourself, sharing, working together in the community of the multi-verse."

"Therefore, saying that the structure of life's edifice is right in every way, is correct. 'Proper' is My fourth name. Proper means, of beauty, right, magnificent, well put together, healthy, positive, just, happy. It indicates that all in life form a 'happy' society, in spite of the for you overwhelming differences of the parts. It reveals the nature of My inner workings when I say that I am the structure of the reality to which all that exists belongs. Nothing operates in a vacuum or is alien to another. All can relate. Wherever meetings take place, of minds, spirits, bodies or matter, it always is a joyful occasion. Be it the touching of atoms in the nucleus of matter, as organs in bodies, thoughts in sentient entities, as neighbors in the fabric of society or in 'chance' meetings, connecting is always positive. And that is so unlike what you observe on earth."

"Being indirectly connected with all in the universe is a given that can be treasured without overseeing the full scope of it. This shouldn't surprise anybody, because in the private world of one's own body and mind this also is occurring. Yet in the universe, nothing 'hangs together' in the fragile and temporal way as it is in all earthly structures. Knowing of the innate universal connectedness can make your inner chuckle a permanent fixture. You can have a clear vision of how things 'should' and could relate, if they chose to follow real reality's construction. A big difference between connecting on earth and in the rest of the universe is that on earth it always has somewhere an element of 'sweat and tears' associated with it. This is because it is done from neediness and not from mutual fullness."

"Eating bread, which stands for consuming life, is a 'daily' celebration in all of creation. No frictions exist. I talk about the spiritual, the internal as well as the external level of living in the real reality. Within each category as well as in their interacting, all is done and experienced in good cheer. Living is existing in a world of plenty. Wherever is richness and abundance among people on earth, the sad thing is that, as I just said, somewhere along the line, injustice, inequality or greed surface. It does not mean luxury cannot be enjoyed when it is the result of personal labor or wise use of resources. Yet all prosperity, health and success remain correspondences of the fullness and fitting-in of all. If My nature does not glow in and through each asset, it becomes poisonous. The all-around suffering and breakdowns on earth keep reminding you of what an unnatural situation you live in."

"Treasuring any morsel of food, freedom, health, friendship, beauty, and fighting human misery, poverty, illnesses as well as unfairness and injustice, is completely in line with what you experience already on your spiritual level. Blessed are those who are a source of nurturing for others, who solicit smiles and, as you say, put their hands where their mouth is. Not because they have to, but because they feel it is the right thing to do. It is proper. All that is ugly, dirty, crummy, selfish, discriminating, mean, hypocritical or phony is temporal. My beauty is not. My abundance is not. My touching all with love is not. Acting as My handyman has you not waste the bread I am."



... "The mystery remains for your thinking how I, or the universe, can keep expanding. Into what spatial area? Whatever it is, was it empty till that point, not occupied by anything yet? But then, how did it get there; who put that 'nothing' or that 'potential' there? Whatever it is, it cannot reflect the sixth component of My nature, can it, which says that all is connected? How can I touch or have a connection with what does not exist; not yet at least? Well, should you dismiss these questions as useless speculations and not even wonder about it?"

"I like you to remember that when I gave you My fifth name, Healing, I added to it, the One Who builds Bridges, Pontifex. You never knew exactly what to do with this name, except that it sort of fitted the image you have of Me as a happy traveler to wherever I want to go and who invited you to come with him. For you, it meant that you entered territories that seem to be located 'on the other side' of your world. Evidently they were there. You even try to bridge very carefully the gap between you and your other self."

"This 'prayer' represents My internal self, or in other words, the process of all life. It suggests to ask for forgiveness of one's debts, trespasses, sins or whatever word you want to use. I added that the same can be done to those who wronged you. Hold on to the image of traveling. Healing is moving towards more wholeness. My wholeness unfolds, you say correctly. Well, My nature includes what you would call the spaces 'in between'. My wholeness, My presence, is nowhere not, as I said before. But this is not something static. Even what you call 'nothing' or 'nowhere' is in the process of connecting in its own way. For you this means an invisible way. It has no equivalent in your world. Within Me is what exists, including the potential for what can become. Everything is part of this and contributes to My wholeness. When traveling with Me, you will not see or experience nothingness, as you, wherever you go, create your world by just being there."

"The 'not yet' is as present as the here and now, also because of this sixth element. In terms of the time-separation in the Negative State that caused the 'not yet' to be a problem, in Me is the bridge over that illusory abyss. There is no separation in the sense of unavailability in time and distance in the real world. The closest you can come to understanding the impact of My ever expanding is by saying that My all-presence equals the potential as well as the process and outcome of life. Becoming a life-form always means being right away actively connected. You live within a dysfunctional system. Nevertheless, you can be spiritually well-connected."

"My unfolding is not limited to rising up out of the darkness and stagnation of the Negative State. It as a component of life that makes what you call the future, the 'not yet' or life's potential, connectable. Nothing is in hiding, secretive, a mystery or a privilege for some happy few. You are familiar with the saying that the more one knows, the more one realizes how much more there is to know. It is a good way to look at this issue for those on earth. In the rest of the world, expanding is a familiar and normal phenomenon in which everyone is pleasantly involved."

"Look at your own life. It is the 'traveling' with Me that provides the answer about there being no vacuum. Now that you personally experience My presence you could say there' is no dull moment in your spiritual life anymore, am I correct? Do you really think this will stop? That at one point I have nothing to show you anymore; that I have exhausted Myself? This thought makes you laugh, because you have a taste of the infinite; and you just know more is to come. Besides that, you realize that the real reality operates not as a linear or multi-linear process but as an unfolding in all directions from the center I am - and towards the center I am. But that, your brains cannot figure out, but it is happening with you; you do not have to wait for it to start."

"It is the defining character of the element connectedness that it flows from My Innermost Self. All life comes into being that way. Being relative to Me is the all-connecting factor. Not as a 'must' but as a happy jumping at the chance. The bridges I build are for one-way traffic only. Unfolding occurs from the center; in all directions. Holding on to anything that does not want to move on interferes with Reality. One cannot travel on when stuck in the earthly mud of not forgiving and not letting go. There are no limits in terms of becoming what you want to be. Holding on to the past or wanting to go back to it, creates emptiness. You do it to yourself. In that emptiness I am not, as it is a delusion. Not forgiving is extremely unwise, unpractical and counterproductive. All may come aboard as you did. And enjoy the journey."



... "You know that on earth every act of connecting can cause instant problems. Irritation and misinterpretation or wrong timing, it all can lead to rejection, fighting or even murder. Connecting, in other words, is prone to turn into something negative. 'Praying' to not be led into temptation alerts everyone to this. No contact should be taken for granted. Nobody and nothing is an island, as your saying correctly goes, so escaping into isolation is not possible. It is wise to check your personal connections."

"It is in the very nature of life, this all-connectedness. This element can also open up your system for the influx from the Positive State. The all-touching nature of life seduces people to focus primarily on what comes from the outside. Being involved with the environment easily becomes your main concern. It is one little step removed from making these contacts a goal in themselves. Right there, it creates dependency, which is slavery. You see the thin line between reaching out, desiring to connect as positive interaction and 'having' to do it, otherwise .....! Your sixth component is meant to increase the exquisite positive flavor of all life's ingredients."

"On earth, most connecting obscures its natural color. Take the example of touching other people's life, or they yours. Even when this is done with positive intentions, there is no guarantee that the outcome will be as desired and will last, or that the gesture will not be misunderstood. You have to be alert all the time in order to protect yourself, family, group or country from perhaps well-meaning but nevertheless potentially disastrous influences. Add to this that your contacts with others, at work, as friends and in taking care of things like your house, garden, pets or whatever consumes most of your attention, time and energy. You do not have much choice in this."

"It is a trump card of the Negative State that they made the entanglement of all life's segments so dominant that connecting with Me became a luxury, something one can do without, or can reserve for special occasions like disasters or times of sorrow. Do I sound sour or jealous? I want people to realize that the formulation of this 'prayer' was deliberate. I suggested to ask Me to not lead you into temptation. This, not just in general. I ask attention for My position as the all-Connector. Following and expressing My nature is the key for independence, freedom in reaching out and productively touching each other. Not seeing that you are meant to represent the all-manifestation I am has you trapped and causes uptight-ness and being unfulfilled deep down."

"Many pretend that a broken situation is corrected, 'healed' and is perfect again, by ignoring the negative glue that holds the pieces artificially together. It is a great temptation for earthlings to do this. They then miss the boat of what really goes on. You met yourself as the fullness you are with Me, but even if that had not been granted to you, you have seen - because I showed you - that I do not criticize humans for their situation. Having become human Myself - via you, too - proves how deeply I care. Yet all manifestations of life as you know them, are in need of being replaced. It is as simple as that. A first step in this direction can be to give up rationalizations, defensiveness and the focus on only the outside of things. A second step is discerning your motivations and intentions in connecting and being touched. A third step is, connecting with My spirit in you and letting that show that being My manifestation can come through. This will lead to an extensive re-orientation for any person. It starts with approaching life from the spiritual plane."

"The issue is not whether I manifest Myself in the evil things of the Negative State. I talked with you about this elsewhere. The issue is that when you do what I show as option and not let anything become a distraction from My loving presence, you can embrace yourself as a true manifestation of Me. Something will start glowing as if a light is switched on. And in a way it is, because then you no longer block contact with what is positive. This makes the question whether I express anything negative a mute one."

"In the rest of the world, the all-interconnectedness stimulates tremendously, it leads to new and surprising methods for giving and sharing. Community projects, individual creativity and entertainment are all over the place. There is not one fragment around that does not feel appreciated or does not pleasantly connect. It is the result of this sixth element. So, in a way, I do seduce you, My friend, My lover, My partner, My companion and My reflection by your own choice, by showing Myself so majestic and personal that even some on earth want to react by way of a love affair with Me. How is that for being tempted?"



... "Evil is everything that tries to disconnect. All that exists has its valuable place in life's totality. Try to lift out only one particle, isolate it, discriminate against it, and the whole structure of existence is violated and collapses. The element of connectedness is the beautiful fabric that holds everything together, not in a passive matter-of-fact way but as an impulse that never ceases to excite. It is Me operating and showing off My all-involvement and external beauty. You see that the name for the territory of the Negative State, 'Zone of Displacement', is a correct one. It does not mean those in it have no connections. It means that where they touch, they cause, instead of joy and power, fear and friction. So connecting is a prime tool for abuse."

"Connectedness is distinguished from life's first element, oneness, in that it relates to the workings of the parts in it. The functioning of all parts as mutually enriching and complimenting is as in a successful partnership. Even what you would consider a vacuum has its container. Each particle in life has its direct environment. My life force flows freely through all. On whatever level, in whatever shape or for whatever duration it happens; mutual empowering comes from this component of My nature. Energy, which seems to you impersonal, is bristling with My presence because it loves to connect everything in a positive way. In this sense, it is much like sexuality. It involves and excites the whole of those who engage in its play."

"To the chagrin of the Negative State, they cannot get around this. By isolating their pseudo-creation from Me and the different parts in it from each other, they tried to undermine awareness that each part is co-producing life's happy whole. They polluted physical lovemaking in every possible way because, as in the rest of the universe, it is the epitome of all connecting. Yet something in it remains a reminder of My always creative and enriching embrace. This, in spite of your physical impediments and the animal-like features they infused in lovemaking. Not to mention the insulation between the spiritual, internal and external levels of uniting, which causes sexuality to be so controversial and frustratingly unfulfilling for most people. Still, it is correctly revered as life's most exciting drive."

"Asking for deliverance from evil has only marginally to do with ethical or moral issues. What is good, strong, alive and positive on earth will never reach the fullness it corresponds to. It does not mean you shouldn't use all your power to side with what is of My nature and withstand what is dark and non-love. This 'prayer' was meant to have people 'own' their being healed, being re-connected and being free not to focus on evil but on the all-power of My love. Realizing the true nature and source of power reduces the evil doings of the Negative State to the position of a 'has-been', however much earth still suffers from the abuse of life's energy."

"As Energy, My seventh name, I indeed am Life. The aliveness, the fire of it and also the efficiency of it, is Me in it. Talking about ethics, you can see that any form of violence is an abomination and perversion. People tend to make excuses and accept as 'normal' that there is a negative and a positive pole to everything. Is that not what all power on earth is, a balancing act of pushing and pulling forces? This is such a lie. I am only positive. My energy and all that flows from Me is only love power. It touches, but it never destroys. It never is 'here' at the cost of not being 'there'. It never forces itself on anything. The power involved in running and unfolding the universe is freely offered for the taking. This explains why your ancestors could confiscate and misuse some of My energy."

"You can draw much strength from knowing that I am the energy of life. For instance, you may realize that your dying one day consists of a rearranging and revitalizing of the forces that hold you together as you are now. You will become reconnected with realities, personal and environmental ones that are unrecognizable and even unimaginable now. Having spiritually woken up, you personally got already some pictures of what is in store. Everything not fitting that picture is the evil you will be delivered from. Much of what you still think is normal falls in this category. Putting efforts into making your present contacts positive and taking responsibility for what your thoughts and your hands do, is a good investment for a smooth transition."

"As long as you live on earth, you cannot detach yourself from evil. Especially not on the external and internal level. Still, since you have as component connectedness with all that exists, operating in as many areas as possible from My love-energy will satisfy you tremendously. Circumstances are not the issue. Being alive from My power is. Physical strength, status or success doesn't mean a thing. Welcoming My spirit of love makes for strong persons, invincible ones, alive ones, real ones. Knowing it or not, this activates the connection with universal forces. Your feet will not be of clay when the gate of real reality opens. They will dance. And all your then visible contacts will applaud."