One Holy

"Hearing Me say that all living amounts to loving will be met with more than skepticism.

It has no bearing on earth as a practical or visible reality, so most people do shrug it off.

If I would say that living 'should' be loving, that statement could stir up a slight interest.

I speak to you as the All Who Is, the force of life, Life Itself. I do speak now on your level.

For Me, life and love are two facets of the same occurrence: the fact of Me 'happening'.

For you, it would be a good idea to take what they represent simply as interchangeable.


"Most people accept love as only a quality of life, giving it color, meaning and flavor.

Clearly, love is instrumental in producing offspring, partnerships, art and activities.

It seems life comes first, then comes love as 'dressing' and also for a reproducing it.

Yet you notice I present life as the third component of being, after love as second.

First is the oneness of all, life's totality. Then comes the core or essence of existing.

This third element, life, is being's realness. Only facts exist, truth, Reality, My I AM.


"In general, there's no controversy about being alive among those who are aware of it.

But I consider all that exists to be alive. It includes everything, everywhere, whenever.

This is the way you can approach all that is in your world. Whatever will occur in it, 'is'.

Matter, immaterial things, unseen entities, thoughts or illusions, what takes place, 'is'.

This I want to stress now. You, like all that exists, have 'life' as your third component.

Being alive is more obvious than being love. Yet it stays riddled with misconceptions.


"At one time or another, the question will disturb people's minds: 'Can life ever end?'

Also, the issue of where life originates or its purpose is a logical part of speculation.

You all must face what you know as 'dying', which tells that your body is not forever.

Yet, seemingly dead flora bounces back to life in spring. Seeds produce life by dying.

In this sense, you're familiar with life-forms continuing by shedding temporal shape.

Your science teaches: nothing ever gets lost; things just change to other formations.


"So narrow it down to whether you will continue as a conscious entity after your dying.

I tell you, you did go through a momentous transition already when becoming human!

What were you before birth, a spirit, non-existing, a potential or a dormant seedling?

Many people think they must reincarnate, forever or until certain goals are reached.

Religions present many sorts of solutions for mysteries surrounding living and dying.

And eventually, all humans themselves do find out what dying as a part of life is about.


"I speak with you, not in order to give answers but to simply state the facts of life

'The' fact of life is My I AM. See this, and everything starts making glorious sense.

For you this is on a restricted scale because of earth's totally abnormal condition.

So what about it, that 'the' fact of your life is being relative to Me, the ALL of being?

Well, for any other dimensions in the universe, it isn't a pertinent issue or question.

Their closeness to Me and their reflecting My nature gives their lives total fullness.


"It can be clear to you by now that My standard is the same for all the universes.

All is one. All is love. All is life, even while 'all' is uniquely distinct in its appearing.

Being a construction of My nature's elements enables all to mirror My splendor.

Each particle in the universe processes and experiences that in a specific way.

'All is life' means that all do participate in making love happen as a chosen goal.

Each particle or entity 'becomes' itself by way of a responding to My being Me.


"I answered indirectly the question whether life can end. Well, it cannot, as it is Me.

But what about death, transitions and mutations you know to happen everywhere?

In laboratories, researchers zero in on duplicating life-forms or creating new ones.

It can scare you but it also can give you some idea of how life on earth came about.

It is - you, too - a product of manipulation by creative forces I am telling you about.

I don't say you are a victim or without power. There is no 'doom' in your situation.


"Can you accept that I knew you before you came into being on earth as your person?

If so, it makes Our talking even more personal. You can say, 'Haven't We met before'?

You don't know this and can't remember. You are manufactured so you cannot know.

In your spirit is only an infinitesimally tiny opening left to where you did come from.

It's My nature, is My image in you, though badly deformed that constitutes true life.

In other words, why worry about a life after death while having eternal life already?


"Behind the quite common fear of complete annihilation, something else lurks.

It's the frustration that you cannot really fathom the absence of any boundary.

Theories abound, but what's the impact of being eternal or becoming 'nothing'?

People formulate opinions or doctrines. But who can guarantee they are valid?

Believing in 'gods' confuses also because who will tell where those originate?

Yet the answer to this is so simple that in the other dimensions it's a non-issue.


"Nothing is more self-evident than that I am alive and well; and that forever.

If questions would be raised about My being Life Itself, it's causing yawning.

But the'y're not raised. Living is too gratifying and transparent for everyone.

For all in life, their individual identity starts by knowing they're loved by Me.

My origin is never questioned. I am the I AM. Life is Me. It is also you. Life IS.

Why doubting if light exists with your eyes closed? Does life not engulf you?


"You operate within a limited range of observing and experiencing things in life.

Human intellectual capacities are defective. Isolation and mutilations see to it.

Emotionally, the scope to feel and sense what is going on is erratic and shallow.

It makes My presenting Myself as the One Holy beyond knowing bothersome.

It seems a blind spot in picturing life that you can't pinpoint its very beginning.

In the other dimensions the reaction would be: 'What is a beginning? Life 'is'!


"Fact is that I am universally recognized as the All Who transcends everything.

It causes great joy and pride, a belonging to such a reality, with such a Center!

It is not that they do not wonder because they're too busy doing better things.

It is also not so they just trust that where I came, or come, from is a safe place.

They'll never think of it as resigning to that they'll never know My ins and outs.

No! They'll treasure every bit of how great, boundless and not knowable I am!


"Those in the other dimensions marvel endlessly about My nature's grandness.

Life for them is a wonderful, ever-exciting adventure of an all-out creativity.

What they can't grasp of Me, they do 'know' because they know My fullness.

Do you see that the difference with all on earth lies in your isolated position?

They are in the midst of open-ended living. You're caged by the negative state.

All that you contribute to life externally won't last. It cannot show a full living.


"The universes sing My praise for being One Holy, the One even beyond life itself.

How higher can you get in all-out living than having the One Holy as your friend?

My unknowable part, My being before being, isn't problematic - on the contrary!

In My presence the questions evaporate, as the Answer stands right before you.

That is what I offer you, whoever you are, when you do read or hear these words.

They're My embrace, encompassing all of your life, now, past and future - all of it.


"Your ancestors, generations before you earthbound humans, tested freedom.

Finding they can't even think 'beyond' Me, they 'threw' themselves at externals.

There, they guessed, parts of life can be isolated or built as independent worlds.

They explored if existence, living, can happen without Me being direct involved.

After many experiments, failures and abandoned projects, it seems successful.

To reach full independence they have to eliminate the impact of My One Holy.


"I give you this information so you can see that much more is going on than 'fate'.

Life is an ever-vibrant occurrence, even if it can derail into its negative opposite.

All pieces of life, you included, can honor being relative to My absolute All-ness.

Your third element cries out for you to do so, so it can show its vibrant potential.

Do listen to the deepest desires in your innermost self and honor their craving.

My first name evokes life's non-restrictiveness. It marks everything as 'sacred'.


"Ideas about Me causing irritations or wonder are based on blurred perception.

Nothing in Me is dark or difficult. Not grasping My origin triggers celebrations.

It says that the life and the universe you live in have no threatening boundaries.

From Me flows all life. And with Me all share their life and their love, forever.

This translates into an invitation for you all to 'do' living My way from now on.

My way can be your way as the 'all' in 'all being life' is pertaining to both of Us.


"The deliberate cross-wiring of the human brain causes your bothersome limits.

You may try to organize life's workings in some orderly, clear and exact fashion.

Still, an overall insight in life's three-level scope will stay sketchy or incomplete.

Yet several true facts you can, in your spirit, experience as a full 'knowing-now'.

These words will give you a taste of this, as they come to you directly from Me.

'All is life' does mean that I am present in you on the human level: as one of you.


"I said: through these words you read, I'm close. I also could turn this around.

This would mean that you, with all you do and are, are like a book I can read.

Why would I be interested in following how you or others write their stories?

I do care, because living is no neutral fact but is participating in lovemaking.

All that is before Me gives Me enormous pleasure, as much as I give it them.

The heartbeat of all living is love. Life has no boundaries, only wide horizons.


"My unknowable part has for earth humans uncomfortable connotations.

Your ancestors are keenly aware of the impact of My first name, One Holy.

They shared life's fullness with Me, but then initiated unnatural isolation.

They chose to obscure in themselves and their products My loving light.

Yet 'all is life' is applicable to them, too. Take heart: they are challenged!

In living nor loving am I restricted. In your spirit, you all can witness this."