One Holy

"The eighth component of all nature is 'being effect'. Expect intriguing features.

It indicates that nothing is just there, by accident, by itself or inconsequential.

It points directly at you: what do you cause, what causes you, and, why caring?

All-being-effect includes Me. Your effecting and 'causing' can reflect My style.

All clever and not clever theorizing about this away from Me leads to falsities.

You notice changes in you when you take full charge of the nature of effecting.


"Can you imagine having the power to change your environment any way you like?

What world would you create? What would fully satisfy you and make you proud?

I tell you, much more than you realize, you are in a position that you are affecting.

Nothing in all of life does not touch or influences its surroundings and vice versa.

It's the way My nature is. I am never idle, though also not restless or hyperactive!

You're a part of an interactive universe and can, like I do, make happiness happen.


"Let it sink in that everything in and of you creates reactions, willed by you or not.

At the same time, you are exposed to and are a result of influences affecting you.

A legitimate question is, what's 'you' and what's part of others' doings or impact?

At this point comes to you in full force My statement that I am first the One Holy.

You cannot grasp what this name covers; yet, all reality is founded on Me being it.

The name means that the Me you do know is splendidly transcended by My Holy.


"The idea of affecting others may scare you. You may not want to have that power.

Or, you may not want to see yourself as just a product of other whichever forces.

Listen carefully! From My unknowable 'part', I present Myself as Love and Truth.

It means for you and all My other emanations that in this you do have no choice.

That on earth so little gets reflected of love and truth says not it's not My reality.

These words come from outside the reach of ill effects. Yet, they're rooted there.


"I will use the familiar example again. How do people relate who are deeply in love?

Are they sensitive to what pleases the other, and try to show how much they care?

Are they happy with the power to affect? Do they crave a touch from the beloved?

When this desire is mutual, all-out giving and receiving makes both lovers proud.

If this sounds too sweet for you, then watch a parent and child, or artists creating.

Such having and being an affect is a beautiful representation of the totality of Me.


"It's logical that you perceive unknown, hidden or unaware-of powers as intimidating.

People have to accept there's something over or above earthly ranges, divine or not.

Scary are the galaxies' silent thunder or the awesome mystery of their endless orbit.

Yet categorically I say that in those is no threat whatsoever. Fear will come from lies.

I am as I reveal Myself in these words. All life is the fruit of My being Love and Truth.

As these two I do reveal Myself in fullness; My Unknown is as a logical confirmation.


"Unraveling the complexities of what has caused what, no outsiders are able to do.

The irony is that only outsiders approach existence as mysterious or bewildering.

For all the other segments in the universe, My being the unknown side is normal.

For them, existing has no source. It 'is'; it is exclusively Me, and Me they do know.

This eliminates all the frustrations about the endless scope and potentials of life.

You're an insider when you choose to join the universe in treasuring My all-ness.


"Whispering the words One Holy can be the password opening the door to Reality.

Seeing the name as an halo around all life effectively removes a possible fearing it.

From this position your creative powers can be activated and reflect My effecting.

Nothing exists that doesn't originate in My being the All Who is. It is life's context.

Realize that whatever can affect you is also relative to Me; any power is from Me.

Poisonous or destructive forces can't dim the source of effecting; it is beyond all.


"Except in the negative state, I'm loved and praised as life's only reason for being.

This unrestricted joy is directly related to My self-sufficiency as being One Holy.

It elevates what all around do and cause; it will always radiate endless newness.

Exposure to others' actions leaves no trace of fear, as all gestures are from love.

This kind of innocence is completely lost in the present human generation's life.

You can't trust others, cannot trust yourself. You see the hopeless abnormality?


"My first name surrounds as an aura all that lives. Nothing can compare with it.

Naming Me One Holy acknowledges My being 'more' than even My 'All Who Is'!

Life as such happens as result of My nature, which exudes glory in all directions.

The fullness of Me includes you. It's your 'sacredness'. It grants affecting power.

My names, aspects, faces, cover all in life. Together, they're life's unifying factor.

You're covered by My completeness. That allows you going all out in being you.


"Of course, it is a pure personal choice how deep you will think about all this.

Many don't have the time or interest in issues that're difficult to understand.

Specifically, many don't want to hear too much about Me as there's no proof.

Scientific findings keep changing ways of looking at life's ever-evasive limits.

Religions do stick to their doctrines, rituals and god-stories, often arrogantly.

And many don't get involved in speculations. They rather let unknowns rest.


"This doesn't mean, however, that people aren't influenced by the 'issue' I am

I'm the ALL. Nobody or nothing can avoid facing this, or that it has an impact.

Human's reaction is unaware or planned, negative or positive, bitter or joyful.

These words clearly state that all life and all living evolves from the One I am.

That it's Me, Who grants you a life, is your story in a nutshell. You are living it.

Thinking or not about life's origin, or Me, you are an active mover and shaker.


"The nature of life is such that literally everything in it has an impact all the time

What you call passive, dead, not-involved, just matter or unseen, is no exception.

You do react to them; they've a place and use in addition to their own dynamics.

As are the other eleven ingredients of life, the eighth element is a universal one.

In a sense, you, as everything, are as little gods, affecting the worlds around you.

Yet, what I offer you is so much more than confirming what life's outside shows.


"Throughout your human history, people project life's mysteries into their gods.

Growing insight in laws of cause and effect pushes gods to the ethereal realms.

Do I try to reverse this by stressing I'm alive and do work in everything that is?

Don't I state all things reflect Me, have My presence and manifest some of Me?

Well, no information I give will ever dull your inquisitive mind or longing heart.

You'll learn that meeting with Me in person eliminates mysteries' frustrations.


"The word mystery is misleading. I have no secrets, no power or plans I am hiding.

When you visit with Me and sense, or kind of 'see', My presence, that's Who I am.

In fact, it is the ultimate of what you can experience: your and My spirit merging.

Not that questions about My 'beyond' disappear. No, something new was added.

With Me, you sense belonging in the universal Reality that My One Holy crowns.

The intimacy with My all-effecting nature satisfies completely, mysteries and all.


"Relating to the gods, people use names like My first one, but that isolates them.

In songs, rituals and doctrines they honor them, yet not so in day-to-day doings.

Non-believers in divine beings may see the 'beyond' as worlds yet to be charted.

Whatever people think, I, as the I AM, won't disappear. All will face Me directly.

Will rejecting these words add to more wisdom and more positive all-affecting?

My affecting put you on eternity's map. Now it's your choice how you'll happen.


"All people face life's facts sooner or later. See it as a privilege you know them now.

My words say it's natural to operate as your world's center and to have an impact.

Also, how you affect can be inspired by honest wishes to promote love and truth.

And more, you're just you. You're not someone else. So My loving you is personal.

The best is, you can always turn to Me for enlightenment and spiritual fulfillment.

And above all that rises the fact that because of My 'One Holy', everything is well.


"During earth's history, My presence was sensed by the humans, not surprisingly!

All existing, also in the negative state, is the result of the activities of this element.

Your ancestors couldn't stop the dynamics of affecting, so they manipulated them.

But in their pseudo-creation's core, My nature survived and many stumbled on it.

And apart from concerted efforts to probe life's secrets, individuals searched too.

And they did find Me! Without the help of words like these. Why not? Life 'is 'Me!


"When intuitively humans turn away from negatives, it's because of My nature.

No one has useful arguments to question, doubt or add to My being the One.

People may argue about adding more to an already full jar: yet, you can't do it.

So, when in one's mind My beyond-all comes up, it'll trigger the desire to sing.

The ability to do so is lavishly provided by My happy spirit Who dwells in you.

Your song is more than just sounds or words. It's a person growing in stature.


"'All is effect' equals 'being' effective. In the real world is no weakness or failure.

The reason is not even because of efforts, determination or a hanging-in-there.

For you on earth, being suspicious of effects people's actions do have is a must,

unless you like being abused or fooled, or let others spoil what you've achieved.

My other six 'faces' evolve from My being firstly the One beyond all that is 'all'.

It eternally results in life being of a fathomless, intricate and never-ending joy.


"The gap between human efforts and what cosmic forces fire off seems staggering.

Don't even think of the hidden furnaces stoking those powers. It's over your head.

I say, it is not. The purpose of the booklets is that life's complete picture is shown.

You wonder about your achievements, what impact you'll have and if this matters.

Yet, I say that being truly effective only comes from letting Me work through you.

Overwhelming realms or your tiny person, all that does live will have My 'stamp'."