....... 'ONE HOLY'

... "I realize that my talking this way must sound preposterous to you. "Who is this megalomaniac, you must think." Jesus grinned. "I can't help it. It is the way it is. Most people live as if life on earth goes on forever. But it does not. Only a certain time is given to each person to show how living without the One Holy as source and center can look. That time is up. Therefore, I tell you not to worry about the past or the future but to 'eat' me. Digest what I say and expand your mind with what I offer, because only that gets you moving in the right direction and will bring you home."

- "Even if some call life an 'illusion', then still that illusion occurs and new occurrences are added to it."

- "Also, the word 'God' that you use implies by definition that you cannot step outside his/her/its reality or observe him/her/it from a distance. The truth is that all existence is expression of My nature. It reflects that and can function as such."

- "What comes into existence is not further removed from the center than what already is in life. I am the reality that is in a constant process of evolving. That what is new contributes to deepening, brightening and perfecting the fullness of what already is. So what was, is always involved in its own future."


... "Listen," Jesus admonished, "I mentioned that, theoretically, our family could reconcile with the tenants by going to them with open arms and forgiveness and so allow love to move things forward again. That very action is happening on a cosmic scale. The divine love embraces the enemy. Nobody realizes that, by actually becoming as you, the One Holy's very nature, and by consequence all reality, changes. Love now includes the products of its opposite! I ask you to think about this and join this new situation in which earth plays a crucial role. Don't remain the exception!"

- "I wholeheartedly enjoy the ever-expanding nature of love. Even you know that love and lovemaking have as transcending qualities being new, festive, exciting, thoroughly pleasurable, satisfying, creative, healing and so much more. Love is all-inclusive and all-involving."

- "By permitting love to become darkened and fragmented, and the consequence of this to take on a life seemingly by itself, My nature as love is been tested. Be assured that it will bring My love to a not-anymore-challenged state of absoluteness."

- "Once the progression in a negative direction has exhausted itself, nothing potentially negative occupies space anywhere."


... Jesus said, "Mary asked me if I would help evict the tenants of our family shop. I guess deep down she hopes I will pull off some miracle. Do you, mother?" Mary didn't react. He continued, "There are no magic solutions. Actually, there is no real, solid, healthy, lasting solution for any problem on earth. Remember the cracked jar! Whatever you do to fix it, leaking is likely to occur. Still, life moves on. Nothing is stagnant in heaven, so why should it be on earth? Forgiveness is the secret. It removes obstacles, lets go, helps you to move on. If necessary, you can go alone!"

- "On earth, lasting progression only takes place on the spiritual level when a person embraces true reality. Some of it can carry over into the mental and behavioral realm, but usually there it becomes right away contaminated."

- "What's hailed as progress on earth is not necessarily My nature shining through. Changes that seem promising can be originated by the negative state to distract from the full truth. What is hailed today, may be a curse tomorrow."

- "'Improvements' on earth can easily be used against Me while they seem to benefit mankind. What seems to be gain may not be its real effect. I say this to sharpen your capacity to discern. Lasting glory only comes from being aligned with Me."


... "Meaning in this case...?" Again the voice in the back. Jesus answered, "Meaning that, what I said already, one can never write off someone as hopeless. It applies to a situation also. All of you are part of what happens, whether you realize it or not. Do you understand that? You and your adversaries live under the same roof, so to speak. Bad situations or 'enemies' test how strong your system of principles and values is. They provide you with an opportunity to show your positive colors. Ultimately, they help you grow and be solid in the eyes of the One Holy."

- "The negative state, with all its doings and products, provides a showcase for how not to proceed."

- "The intense joy of achieving, discovering, taking on tasks and expanding in all directions is visible and happily expressed in all movements in the universe. Moving on, unfolding, is normal. The question for you is, in what direction?"

- "You have some idea of this when you say that 'beauty has no boundaries'. That is correct. Nothing is stagnant. Everything is all the time in a state of renewal and being perfected."


... There was a grumbling, 'Be practical', 'be specific'. Jesus began to laugh. "You heard the story that goes around about how I changed water into wine at that wedding party? People had a great time, right? Was that practical enough? Tell me, what is more important, having a good time or figuring out how I did it? I challenge all of you to follow me. Powerful changes will take place! Be on that kind of a journey. Be a healer, a traveler, a 'water-in-wine-changer', a believer that since in heaven life is as a dance, you can practice the steps already here."

- "You can say that what is called the 'past' is an invention of the negative realm. They want to give you the impression that some things are over, dead, inaccessible, stuck for ever, gone. I tell you, nothing is!"

- "What you call 'future' is as much a building block for today's reality as the past is. My expanding is in all directions. Your linear way of thinking focuses on just one of the many dimensions in life."

- "Not being able to understand this experientially should not stop you from refusing to buy into thinking of Me in a petty, cheap, narrow or distant way. Trust your closeness to Me. That factor can liberate you from so much confinement."


... Mary said, "I must say, you were not very nice to me when I mentioned the wine running out. But you did get the celebration back on track. Do you see that happening with the tenants also? Can you talk to them?" Jesus, still in a good mood, said, "I saw them and spoke with them already." He ignored the cries about why he didn't say that earlier. He continued, "Even if I had not spoken to them, they still would have heard me! My voice, my speaking, is in them as it is in all of you. It comes with life. Go for that hidden ingredient that gives you a fragrance of what is right and good."

- "You have the tendency to expect Me to manifest Myself at certain times, in certain places and under certain circumstances. When you are ready, I should appear, right? The truth is that at all times I am in and with you."

- "Religions plan and structure contacts with Me. Do not expect Me to be 'more' in those than I am here, right now. Good feelings they may stir up are mental and social in nature. So their spiritual value is questionable, at best."

- "In all of you life manifests itself. Manifests Me. Even if on earth this is hardly recognizable. Yet do not halt it in your personal life. And do not forget the good things in your past. What is good is eternal. It stays with you. It is your future."


... Mary still wanted an answer and insisted, "Can they change their mind?" "Yes!", Jesus said firmly, "and so can you. When moving on is the honest desire of all parties involved, they will work out something. If the communication breaks off, which I know often happens, it is their and, in this case, your task to stay on the road where the real power is. On that road, the One Holy will speak to you and strengthen you. My words will echo in you. They will speak about going forward, receiving my spirit, changing your water into wine and about being an agent of the real reality despite whatever."

- "My being Energy is best characterized with the word 'density'. The closer to Me, the more transparent, boundary-free and special you are. Right now, living is like breathing in air low on oxygen. But I am the breath of life. Refreshing."

- "From heaven's perspective, the hell's continuously deteriorate. Everything there is 'stuck in the mud'. Nothing is by nature elegant, convincing, perfect. Resisting what is negative sets you on the road to Me. You will not run out of spiritual fuel."

- "Progression, the seventh element of reality, always means sparkling and astounding growth. There is majesty in the unfolding of everything into more perfection."