Part 2


Introduction Part 2

After editing the notes of the first part of this manuscript I felt ready to confront the question if this would be all, or if more 'adventures' would be coming. I know that at any given time I can, on my spirit-level, visit the real reality. I have become quite familiar with it but I do not feel tempted to go there just for the sake of being in that open-ended world. I live here on earth and have enough to do. I see my position solely as a witness and reporter. That this enriches my personal life is a wonderful side effect but clearly not the purpose of all of this. Although I should not separate the two.

The character of the visits described in this Part 2 is quite different than in Part 1. (The content of the last visit was so dramatic that I still cannot fully grasp its meaning.) In this Part I edit my notes more or less by subject and not in chronological order. As in Part 1, I print my personal reactions in Italics and between parentheses, but I stay away as much as possible from interpreting what I heard and experienced. The main reason for this is that what is offered here is not a model to follow or a standard by which to compare the reader's own spiritual journey. It simply is first hand information about a dimension of existence hardly any of us is aware of. Yet, as my case shows, it can be accessed by anyone who honestly desires to 'see' and personally 'experience' the full Reality we all on our planet belong to. The content of what was explained to me here covers basically what the three earlier Writings reveal. Except that it is given in a fascinating context.