The Old and the New 'Prayer' Writing 10


... "What would be the pleasure of being in life if there is no purpose or no awareness of it. I told you that the third component of existence is 'life'. It is the 'ingredient' in you that makes you into someone or something; it gives you existence. Being alive is for entities that know this via consciousness an ongoing adventure. Life is the heartbeat in the oneness of all. The essence of the oneness is love. Its substance is truth. From there, where else can one go than full speed ahead and living it up?"

"The first 'prayer' gives life a spectacular perspective. Beyond, around and within life's fullness as manifested in you and everything is My first name. In the 'old prayer' I used 'Father in Heaven' to indicate one does not have to be concerned about the solidity of existence as far as it may spread. 'Father' stands for that. Babies do not have to create themselves in order to be born. Parents are the instruments for it. Creating one's particular role in life is another story. Living is what all existence does with its potential and from its specific position. Any not-knowable and not-nameable aspect of it is covered by Me. What more can one ask? It is a monumental start for all that comes into life."

"Treasuring My names, starting with the first one, is not a necessary act of worship or a special contribution to honor Me. It is the act of living itself; it is accepting your place in it. Life is one great act of occurring happiness, beauty, joy, fascination and deep satisfaction. Please, do understand this clearly. The universe does not have to figure out or come to terms with My transcending nature. It is the other way around. Everything that exists, that finds itself in life, is in awe that it flows from My not graspable One Holy. The issue is therefore, not to figure Me out and come to certain conclusions but to figure out what to do with so much security, abundance and inexhaustible newness. What a grand reality you participate in! In your Writings, the focus is on My seven-fold fullness. My first 'face', One Holy, is beyond your ability to conceptualize but not beyond the fact that I, your lover, am 'it'. Be assured that life, even if only known in its cracked and broken form, is well founded!"

"For a while you took it that My first name indicated the mystery of the divine and of a for you hidden side of Me. Yet nothing about Me is a mystery. I am as much in life as you are; life is as much part of My nature as it is of yours. I hide nothing from you. It is just that there is nothing in the totality of life that corresponds with My being One Holy. My fullness as you can experience it lacks nothing. Knowing Me, in terms of treasuring My first name, under-girds the trust, the joy and the ever fresh excitement of being allowed to participate in the unrestricted adventure of being in existence. Yes, I am to be trusted. But so are you! Do you not participate in living? Is not life a, or rather, the component of your very being?"

"I know, also this may sound vague, impractical, theoretical, as a pious sounding speculation, if not esoteric. It caused you quite some brain-scratching before you understood that I am as much a part of reality as your fingers that type or the screen of your computer. All that exists is alive and in its own way choosing to be in tune with My seven names. All decide what is going to be done with the entity they are. All are free to make choices and shape themselves as part of a unit and as a particular singularity. All find, with their means and on their species' level that treasuring My names is as breathing fresh air, as being in love, as accomplishing endlessly more than they thought possible."



... "When people 'pray' with their 'soul', from their 'heart' and with a deep desire for realness, it ignites right away the spark that fires meaningfulness; it inspires and makes life a personal adventure. 'Praying' that My nature infiltrates and marks all particles of life, like in the old days a sovereign put his or her stamp on all aspects of society, is 'praying' to be completely 'with it', to be in all respects a worthwhile occurrence in life's totality. Instead of comparing notes about what is the best or what should be, this 'prayer' goes to the heart of what makes you tick. It names life's full scope and includes all realms of reality."

"First of all, My 'rule', My 'norm', My 'system', is love. Living takes place as a happening of love. That is My nature. So it is yours, too. In everybody it is their essence. There are no exceptions. It is the core value of life even for those that lost awareness of it. If anybody wants to say of him or herself 'I am who I am' that is perfectly all right as long as it is understood, or at least not denied, that she or he is from and towards love. Only that represents true nature. Life comes as an ideal kingdom in whose glory and strength all citizens participate. It radiates in all aspects the glow of goodness and joy for all. Let nobody approach Me with the thought I may compromise. I have no part-time lovers. Holding back on love means holding back of true life."

"Your statement that I, as Love, am all-involving states indeed what existing is all about. Looking at what happens on earth belies this. Therefore, many take it that My kingdom still has to come. It makes sense, because the isolation and not-love situation in your galaxy is all over the place. It has been this way from its beginning, as it is the showcase for the Negative State. In general, all that you observe is threatened, not safe and secure. So saying that My love is all-involving ends for most people with a legitimate question mark. All life on earth has this question mark. It is only when you realize that living is, by definition, a component of existence, into whatever dire state it may have deteriorated, that 'all-involving' begins to make sense. More than that, My entering the most inner sanctuary of the Negative State by incarnating in their true-life-denying systems leaves no life-form untouched by who I am."

"In other words, My kingdom has come in the 'Zone of Displacement'. Your ancestral creators with their illusive independence from Me cannot escape life, however hard they try to disconnect it from Me. I am life. My 'rule' of love reveals its meaning and joy. The Negative State, started by the earlier humans, has a hard time completing their project. They will never succeed. Precisely because life is in them. Its indestructible quality will keep them on their toes. Many people think I gave this 'prayer' so they can expect a nicer life or are encouraged to make their world a better place. It means so much more."

"My 'quarrel' is not with the present human beings on earth. It is with the powers of the Negative State. You and all other humans, although being their product, may realize that the very fact you are in life amounts to having access to Me. I am waiting to show Myself as I am, as only Love. Not in an abstract way but as a personal experience for whoever wants it. From My desire to share Myself all existence comes into being. The distorted way in which this shows itself on earth is not prohibitive to connect with it. My nature resides in you; you and all belong to life's fullness. To activate this ingredient has no condition except that it has to come from one's honest desire to be real."

"You say, 'Your love is all-including'. This correctly points out that love is not a certain color or quality of living. It is the essence of being in life. In the same way 'My kingdom coming' does not indicate a certain type of 'rule' in contrast to other rules. It means that the very fact of being in life has all My power and glory in it. You could say that the second 'prayer' reveals what is in My heart. By consequence, it shows what the range and life force is for all universes. It is living to the fullest, living from freedom, living to love and being loved. Often I have stated that living amounts to being invited to the wildest and most elegant dance that leaves nobody on the sidelines. Living is one big inspiring, beautiful and satisfying love affair. For all. Including Me."

L I F Emmmmmmmmmmmmmm


... "Is seems obvious, isn't it, that all that exists, moves, is in life; it is there because it somehow was not against the 'will' or nature of the prime mover, the cosmic trigger or whatever name you give the force that kicked life into existence or allows things to happen. Yet what a problems arise for human minds here! Instantly, when My will is mentioned, you think of something imposed, a law, a rule, a fate. The irony is that I bring up My will for the opposite reason. 'Praying' that My will be done on earth as much as elsewhere in the universe means that people can step into the reality of My I AM, and so be freed from all limitations that seem imposed on them. Even the puzzle about the origin of life is resolved when one gets to know Me. In other words, My will contains the eternal reality; it is the truth of existence in all its becoming; and of its past, for that matter."

"I am Truth, the actual, factual, only and total reality. Nothing is outside My range or does not reflect My nature. That is My 'will'. It is the substance of all existence. It is the life, the aliveness, the happening of Myself as much as of a leaf on a tree or a molecule in a stone. Reality is, because I am. I do not set rules and regulations about how things should function or behave. What emanates from Me is free to use My features in their nature. They develop under their own leadership as it were. Life as their third ingredient enables them to do that. So forget the idea that certain rules are imposed. All that exists originates from Me and has the full freedom to develop their own directions or patterns in whichever way they want."

"The Negative State is the only segment in existence that chose to turn freedom around and introduced controlled settings, which is non-reality, is pseudo-life. Yet it still dominates life as you know it on earth. It is this 'abuse' of freedom, making it a goal in itself, that leads to slavery and servitude. 'Life' in their pseudo-creation hangs together by rules, laws, conditions and dependencies. Seeing life in the other dimension you visit, you figured out fast that nothing there is subjected to anybody's 'will'. Nothing - people, nature or matter - shows any sign of following orders, or of inferiority, or of neediness. It all is vibrantly alive, available and freely participating. That world reflects My nature as truth. It is living a non-restricted life"

"Life's third element, in order to qualify for the name 'life', is to be experienced in all its exuberance, universality and unlimited freedom. When you do that, 'We are talking', as you say. This, the third 'prayer', offers that also on earth My reality is enjoyed; that My glorious substance in and of all is recognized. It enables people to see through the lies of what seems so 'normal', like having to obey powers and 'wills' not your own. It promotes using the time you have on earth for 'living it up' and for exploring all potential to get one's rhythm in tune with the universe's most invigorating and peaceful beat. Which is the heartbeat of your true nature."

"I appeared to you with pulsating sounds, remember? Those vibrate in your system; it is the 'feel-able' heartbeat of your physical and spiritual life. It's life's rhythm like in all the universes. Aligning yourself with that rhythm is doing My will. Aligning means mirroring Me, or if you want, following My approach to 'everything'. I experience life's content as only desirable and good. Let your person come out of its dark closet and exhibit the special, unique and happily contributing life-form it is. Wake up from falsities. Aligning inspires to being honest about your own 'will', volume and potential. It has you come alive, stand up and act as the unique and wise life force you are. This can be done while still being charred in so many ways by the deformities within and without."

"You are witness to the fact that My presence has nothing restricting in it. To the contrary. By leaving the word 'will' out of the 'new' 'prayer', you lift it up above the controversies on earth. Saying that I, as Truth, contain the universe, means you place yourself squarely within it. This is the only proper basis to operate from. It's not that your will and Mine, your thinking and Mine, are one and the same. In this sense, do never surrender your will to Me! I do not want a nobody as lover. It has to be your decision to use My aims and give those your personal touch. Together with all others you form, as has been said before, the one great human lover I have. Or, if you want, the one that has Me! We are of the same nature, intention and realness."

"All life shows My truth. Being of My nature has nothing restrictive. Only in the Negative State limitations are all over the place. Distortions and lies rule there. Since living is loving, all in bondage on earth can now know in what direction to think and act. Doing My will is setting one's life free, even if this only has direct practical consequences on the spiritual level. My truth contains all, including the denial of it. This 'prayer', therefore, is a mighty appeal to all in the Negative State to dare to be honest and to ask the potentially painful and scary question whether darkness and control are what they really want. The truth shall set also them free. No exceptions. My will is the atmosphere in which life is lived to its fullest; it includes everything and all."



... "You have been thinking about what it means, not Me 'giving' the bread of life, but that I am the bread of life. Indeed, the focus of the prayer for daily bread is not asking for food for the day. The food people eat comes from the earth. Whether it is available depends on the fertility factor and the way the soil is worked. Then, of course, is crucial the way society regulates the distribution of food. Whether people receive a fair share depends on these factors. So why ask Me?"

"The 'prayer' definitely is not meant to keep earthlings on their knees, in the position of petitioners looking up like children to an adult who can provide. All dependency is an abomination, only brought about by the anti-life machinations of the Negative State. Still, life is as an organism; it is formed and shaped by interacting; it does not just happen to be there, nor can it survive by doing nothing. Fact is, that in the composition of existence, life is one of the twelve elements. You are tempted to say it is the only component that counts because without it, existence, and even I, would not be possible. How wrong!"

"All twelve elements of existence are real, essential and normal. In every sense, they're equally important. I told you already that the sequence in which I revealed to you the twelve components is significant. All are in perfect harmony. After oneness and love, this element tells you about the aliveness, the vitality and completeness of life, simply because it is of Me. My nature has no flaws. The viability and work-ability everywhere relates to My fourth name, Proper. The whole structure of life and the way it functions reflects this. Therefore it is proper, right and of beauty. Me having this name tells you that all life is perfect as much as perfecting, complete as much as expanding."

"'Praying' for daily bread invites you to recognize that I am life's core dynamic and its quality. It 'works' by following the blueprint My presence provides. It is not enough to see that everything originates in Me. That is too passive. It is more precise to say that everything in life is relative to Me, as it is of My nature. This points to your ability to choose what you do with it. Seeds and products, galaxies and atoms, the whole edifice of life is related to Me, to the life I am. Nothing is therefore not in its own way 'of beauty and right'. From this perspective, you can see that My being life's 'bread' and structure contains all the functions of what is involved in existing; which, of course, is everything. 'Praying' to experience this comes from desiring to be fully and truly real."

"You can honor My fourth name by not using it as worship detail or as compliment, but by joining the universal vibrancy of loving life. The 'new prayer' says it head-on, that 'of beauty and right' is My structure. My sparkling cohesiveness is 'built in' in the edifice of all existence. Some people would settle for calling Me the spirit of life. But that's too vague. From a person's most inner spiritual experience to the function of the most outer 'inanimate' particle of matter, in everything My nature shines. It comes with being relative to Me. Living is not restricted to where there is awareness of it. Everything is from Me, before Me, with Me and in Me. Speculating about life without accepting Me being alive in you and in all you touch is quite futile."

"When you say that 'right and of beauty' is My structure, do include yourself in it. You function and occupy space because you are in life as is all else. Your statement is not a request for that. It is an exclamation about the greatness of what you know to be the secret of life. It is an invitation for all to 'own' their happiness for finding themselves in such an awesomely grand dwelling place. The banquet of life is sumptuous. How could it not be, considering who caters it; or, if you prefer, who is at the head of the table?"

"What you see happening on earth belies everything I just said. On all levels, imperfection is the rule. Dependency colors the relationship with nature and inequality is the flavor of human societies. You are in the midst of this. The reason you write about 'lofty' things is to make clear that nothing of what you see around you is 'normal'. Stating the true facts of how reality is constructed is the wake-up call for those that tend to accept, excuse or even promote the brokenness, corruptness, dirt and inefficiencies of the way life on earth is manifested. The true features of life are hidden within each person. The first act of uncovering them is admitting one is alive. Opening up to one's spiritual innermost dimension lets one experience directly some of life's true proportions. But on the other levels too, choices can be made in the direction of what is positive, enriching and of eternal beauty."



... "'Forgiving', for you, means restoring wholeness, removing roadblocks and dams in the river of life so that it can freely flow. Having to be forgiven reminds people on earth that their situation is not normal and that unless certain actions are taken, life's illnesses increase. This situation in the 'Zone of Displacement' will not change. The brokenness is a fact. The products of the Negative State have as such no potential in them for perfection and wholeness. They all have to be replaced. But since you live in the midst of it, can something give you a sense of wellness, of improving or being of value, regardless?"

"It is an uphill battle for most human beings. This 'prayer' suggests that all the time in all aspects of one's life when something negative hits, one can refuse to honor it by responding on its evil level or to suffer it without at least an inner protest. The 'prayer' offers the possibility to be constantly in the process of rejecting what is negative, of not fearing its all-over-the-place power and its being accepted as normal by others. Anything that obscures or obstructs My closeness to you and My traveling with you, is negative. Do not buy it."

"Removing oneself from the earthly scene, directly by suicide or indirectly by not taking care of oneself, amounts to regression. Everyone carries the kernel of true life when born on earth. The challenge is to work with that. Keep in mind that you are traveling, always moving on. For you incomprehensible, yet this includes your past, presence and future at the same 'time'. For all practical purposes, you can see your mission as a continuous choosing in what direction you want to go. Forgiving and detaching yourself emotionally from those that interfere with your closeness to Me, from those that represent non-love and fear and from all that is destructive and self-serving, enables you to keep moving forwards by the power of your well-connected spirit."

"Forgiving, or not letting the past influence you, is seen by many as cheap and as letting injustice and other wrongs fester. Shouldn't one fight the negative and demand punishment? The answer to this question lies in the fact that all in existence have life as third element. This component cannot be destroyed. It is My nature in your 'enemies' as well as in you. This provides you with a compass. It prevents you from focusing on evil and its ugly manifestations, on hurt and the pain it causes, on getting even while it activates the passion of healing in you that can't be destroyed. It has you see the life-part that cannot be destroyed in the evil forces themselves. Those that flatly reject this and act accordingly, as parts in you may do, engage in a pathetic effort to defend and honor a standstill. It is the walking backwards of the Negative State. Forgiving them means you don't fall for their arguments and move on the best you can while they are stuck, playing the role of showing what real life is not."

"I say in this 'prayer' that I forgive. I set the course through the labyrinth living on earth presents, with its missing, confusing and contradicting signposts. My nature moves to 'more'. I expand and explore through what is before Me. The occurrence of the Negative State as endeavor of your ancestors came from the freedom to travel with Me or not, and to create with Me or not. The consequences of the latter choice are disastrous. Abusing the third element of My nature, life, leads to getting shipwrecked. I do not judge. I forgive. I show that the anti-world is still part of My world and therefore loved and invited to turn around. The breaking up in pieces of what is gloriously whole, as the fragmentation of life your earth situation shows, I experience personally. I experience it through you and through everything in the Negative State. It is no pretty picture. But it is a picture. Life goes on. My nature is indestructible. Denying this, is denying oneself the joy, peace, companionship and progress that comes with being on the path real life provides."

"You know that to My fifth name, Healing. I added, 'Builder of Bridges'. There are no limits to My forgiveness. It is the way I am. My path to ever more fullness doesn't stop for anything. It reaches to everywhere. You saw some of the beauty of real life and sensed the joy and freedom with which individuals, units and particles participated. That is normal. Healing, unfolding and moving on isn't a thing of the future. It is life occurring: past, future, here, there, now, in time and in no-time. You can stand in that occurrence by being a forgiving entity in every direction you think and act. Then you expand immensely. Leave the process of your transformation and renewal to Me. But see Me as the one Who already is the way to everywhere, over whatever abyss. You may live as one in the process of being liberated from the burdens of what is not wholesome. It is My nature in you. Whatever river you have to cross, I am there as your bridge."



... "You could say that life itself poses the greatest temptation to fall for. From early on, children are taught what to expect, how to judge and behave. This means that later, they treat all aspects of life heavily influenced - to say the least - by what their, by definition, imperfect environment infused them with. Yet somewhere among all the voices from the outside and society's molding efforts are moments of personal evaluation, desires, hopes and dreaming. The life component nudges an individual to take a personal stance and ownership of these. The temptation life itself presents is in avoiding to sort out the voices and manifestations it comes with. Nothing in it is perfectly clear. Choices have to be made, consciously or unaware."

"It is a challenge for every sentient being to be alert to what direction one chooses: the one leading to more alignment with Me and My nature, or whatever else. This 'prayer' points at that all expressions of life are based on choosing. Every subject pondered, including the pondering itself, every action, including its motivation and its mechanics, comes with the temptation to not hearing the voice of real life in it. That voice, or more precisely, your deepest intuition and longing, speaks exclusively of harmony, happiness, beauty, togetherness in peace, and that not just for yourself but for all that's around you. Staying tuned to it activates My nature's life ingredient. It is present in you and you can manifest it. Not acting on it also produces expressions of life but those are disconnected and in this sense waste and illusory."

"This 'prayer' relates to the external part of life, its observable, practical, visible, outside part. Treating this aspect of life as if it doesn't have to do directly with Me and the glory of the universe is the path on which the Negative State conditioned you to go. Your brains and senses are wired that way. 'Praying' that I do not lead you into temptation is meant to challenge this. It does not say that I test or seduce anybody to see whether they do something against My nature. That absurd consideration is, in itself, the result of sick thinking. It comes from the upside-down or inside-out way human circuits are arranged by your fabricators."

"I invite everybody, exposed to the overwhelming barrage of Me-denying ways of looking at the options for behavior, to focus on their own personal life as a given; one can take hold of and steer towards what aligns with what true life is all about. You say it clearly, 'Everything manifests Me'. My sixth name is Manifestation. I am the all-presentation of life as it can be observed and shared. I speak with you as you are on your spiritual level. Seen from your earthly externals, the Negative State and their products seem real and concrete. Calling it a pseudo-reality does not change this. Yet, proving that it represents a false picture of life happens when you think from your spiritual self."

"Everything manifests that existence takes place. In the rest of the universe this is self-evident and reason for immense pride, gratitude and waves of creativity. It is not a challenge I put before them. All recognize the potential they have and go for it, because it is most exciting and satisfying. It shows their love for Me and for each other; for being in life, period! The stirrings of life in their inner core they follow up on. They allow them to flow into all external segments of their particular life-form."

"On earth, you are aware of the routines, habits and adjustments you need in order to accommodate its brokenness. It amazes you how many 'embarrassing' or 'out of character' thoughts can pop up in your mind. It is hard to trust your own impulses and desires. Using My nature as model in all circumstances seems an impossible task. It is! It is not feasible while living on earth to step out of your thoroughly contaminated existence. Only on your spiritual level can you substantially act as the agent of Me and My world you want to be. On the other levels, your doings can be a correspondence or pointer to what is real, eternal and true. Treasure what you can achieve in this respect and rejoice when seeing also others portray it."

"Saying that everything manifests Me means, you can take any positive breakthrough as an affirmation of and an correspondence to My reality. Again, anything that does not correspond with beauty, goodness and wisdom is a falling for the temptation to turn one's back to Me and to one's own nature. It requires a constant vigilance to not buy the lie that life is what it seems to be on the outside. It is not. Much what nature does, and what people and societies do, is a caricature of what they are meant to do - namely clearly manifesting Me. I do not say this critically or lightly. It is My deep desire to see all united in one spontaneous expression of love, oneness, liveliness and joy, coming from all the components these Writings reveal."



... "The purpose of what is called 'praying' is to position yourself in such a way that it facilitates the real reality coming through. Many obstacles are in the way in the 'Zone of Displacement' to which your planet belongs. 'Deliver us from evil' is a statement that places you right in the center of its upside-down, inside-out pseudo-reality that you consider normal. I do not use these words in a cynical or measuring way. It is the way it is. When I use the word 'evil', I want to indicate that the earth situation is serious and not just a temporary or easy-to-correct mishap or mistake. Life itself is at stake and the very existence of Me as the I AM."

"At one point, the unfolding of life as joyous freedom had to include the exploration into what being free from My nature and going by one's own principles would result. The situation all on earth are familiar with provides answers to this question. I said, 'had to'. This concept of something 'having' to happen is only logical to those in the Negative State. I use it for your convenience, to indicate that true living is open-ended. It includes the freedom to test the possibility of living outside My realm. From your perspective, the 'rebellion' had to be tried sooner or later."

"When people 'pray' for deliverance from evil or from darkness-blocking light that deprives them from life's healthy energy, they are on good grounds. Your statement says that the deliverance is not an event if the future, but the fact of your present situation. All people, without exception and at this very moment, if they want to, can do what you did and re-connect with Me. That this is possible has everything to do with the inclusion of the human nature into My person. You cannot understand the technical aspects of this, but understanding is not a condition for having My closeness light up your life. Realizing you are part of My all-power has you 'know' that I am real as a Person on your level. Wondering about the changed nature of living on earth because of the change in Me can be turned into a serenade to My love that brings all life's fragments together again."

"Deliverance from evil is what you would call a 'here and now' experience. It is accomplished in full on the spiritual level. In your internal workings and on the level of your behavior, the brokenness is irreparable. Don't get Me wrong, the three levels of life - innermost spiritual, internal and external - are integrally connected. Everything and every occurrence has this threefold nature. The most external part of human minds and the body will be replaced after you die. But on the spiritual level, resurrection can take place already now."

"Detaching from 'evil' and seeing anything that is not love- or life-enhancing in whatever shape as wasting energy, happens when people align their lives with positive forces; it happens when they expose themselves to My radiation. Moments of feeling good, empowered and 'great' are no guaranteed to coming from Me. Sensations like these can easily be caused by chemical reactions in your system or by external circumstances that have nothing to do with the alignment I talk about. But when there is an honest desire to be a positive presence for all that comes your way and an attitude of humbleness, gratitude and openness, then you can correctly testify that restoring real life's flow and plugging into My power is working wonders."

"Life is My energy. Whoever denies this lives an illusion of reality. You operate in the midst of efforts to eliminate the connection with Me. How come you found Me? Why should people search for meaning, for 'more', for a sense of 'home' and for higher powers? Let being on earth not discourage you. It is your mission. All people can find Me. Though every aspect of your life is tainted, this does not mean that pieces of real life coming through cannot be tasted with gusto! Enjoy the energizing smell of what is good, happy, loving and beautiful. Life in you is Me in you. Do not relate to Me as to an anonymous cosmic or divine force. For you, I am as much a Person as you are. And I love to see you acting like Me."