One Holy

"That everything in life is different is so obvious, there's no need to elaborate.

But why is this so? And, more personally, why are you unique, one of a kind?

All being different is the eleventh element of all in existence. You know why?

The only reason is that it reflects Who I am. Nothing of Me is ever repeated.

And by the way, calling Myself the 'I AM' means not you should call Me that.

It simply points at My all-including and My still also all life-transcending self.


"I present Myself with seven faces. I am One; I am seven; I am all; I am more.

This sounds cryptic or unreal. It's not. It indicates My fullness without limit.

What your particular person presents, it's all 'covered' by My one Totality.

It means you can go all out in taking care of that specific life-form you are.

Your life is safe and open-ended when you operate from My nature in you.

You are relative to Me. This 'Me' includes being One Holy, the Beyond All.


"Talking about differentness, would you say its prototype is you not being Me?

I state all along that while My presence is in you, you're not Me, as nothing is.

You're not the absolute I AM of all life. Your identity is: I become through you.

To a point We are one when We merge in love, creating or being joyfully alive.

Nothing in Me is the same, also not what seems passive, absolute or eternal.

All in life have their different place or volume. Being before Me unifies them.


"When differentness and uniqueness are both portrayed reality is most lucid.

No happening, even on a most elementary level, is the same. It's an adventure.

That nothing can be duplicated comes from the event of My eternal unfolding.

Within My personal nature nothing ever gets old or tired. I am projecting out.

You can't imagine My being eternally new and yet, you are not a stranger to it.

Each new day for you is just that, new. It was not before. It won't ever return.


"You only get a comprehensive sense of life's scope when honoring My Unknown.

That places you in the open Reality with happily beckoning horizons on all sides.

Contact with Me never becomes routine. It's brand-new every time. So it's for all.

The impossibility to repeat situations can keep you forever amazed and amused.

There's nothing negative in variations or changing. They're typical for My world.

Being different and distinct pointedly shows the inexhaustible richness of being.


"On earth, differences can lead to the most atrocious forms of injustice and terror.

A laughingstock and source of fear is made of what should be great gifts to others.

The different life-forms in the universe together approximate being My one lover.

It is pure evil to downgrade any of life's endlessly rich, unrepeatable appearances.

Your 'makers' saw fit doing just that by poisoning them with suspicion and bigotry.

Not being or believing as others causes hatred. It 'kills', often in the name of gods.


"My being the One Holy sets the stage for the variety in what emerges from Me.

You can say that everything, while not being Me, presents Me; is as such sacred.

Sacred is only what's not imitated or copied, which is giving up one's birthright.

Only in the negative zone is differentness a threat or turned into a goal in itself.

Humans' tendency to dissent or disagree is as unnatural as claiming uniformity.

My being Holy is as an unseen background that highlights all on stage as sacred.


"You can simply always fall back on My first name when life becomes overwhelming.

You do not have to beg or plead with Me for help or for changing your predicament.

Whispering to Me as the One Holy connects you right away with life's absoluteness.

Realizing this leads to taking good care of yourself; you're at peace in any situation.

It'll become your strength and anchor, the knowing to what universe you do belong.

Negative forces may attack you on all fronts but My first aspect stays untouchable.


"Yes, I am gloriously different, without this making you any less or of lower status.

The unqualified limitless variety in Me you see projected in the world around you.

My creative passion is rooted in My seven-fold nature; it produces only positives.

You think in terms of higher or lower value. I do not. All is equally precious to Me.

You often measure how your person differs by what others have but you haven't.

I tell you, you have everything that matters. You are My beloved. You are sacred.


"Differentness leads to playfulness in the living together of all in the universe.

My being One Holy allows for the boundless potential of your branching out.

Many of your burdens can be lifted when you realize I desire you as just you.

Whatever in you belies your status as My representative isn't a crucial issue.

What counts is if you truly desire to have My light come through in your life.

Your most special feature is My presence in you. Reacting to that colors you.


"Theoretically, you may agree that each entity relates in its own special way to Me.n

But it's difficult for humans to give each other complete freedom to express that.

All being different is one thing but protecting your sub-group is your top priority.

This is one way the negative forces took care of this eleventh component's power.

They cannot eliminate the individuality of what exists, although they do try hard.

They'll promote mediocrity and sameness via uniformity and mass manipulation. m


"They are only moderately successful with imposing blandness and conformity,

yet they did succeed almost completely linking differentness to being a threat.

It became part of humans' attitude and reaction to not trust what's 'different',

which reinforced the clinging, at all costs, to what's familiar and one is used to.

Nations, races, clan or group are prone to distrust, dislike, exclude and attack.

In families it causes strife. Within yourself you discriminate, prefer and reject.


"The great injustice done by being conditioned, poisoned humans' innocence.

I tell you, differentness is the glory of living. It's Me, showing off in splendor. n

You've no way yet of imagining the astonishing richness of life's full variety.

In case you worry about eternity, it's the reason no one there can get bored.

Newness, changes and surprises are all over in a universally mirroring Me.

If you are stuck with prejudice or like to judge, you shrink yourself to a zero.


"Well, it's not in My nature to judge, even not bigotry or hating things foreign.

Not that there's no good reason to be suspicious! Little's safe among humans.

My not judging is based on your freedom on your mission to choose as you do.

I do like you to see facts that easily escape you as most seems to ignore them.

One fact is, if you are not authentic and honest with yourself you fail true life.

You're different by definition. Nothing in existence doesn't have this element.


"I could have stayed within the realm of My One Holy but decided not to do so.

Nothing would be around then but I Myself in My fullness and self-sufficiency.

But I do express Myself, emanate and share life; All being 'became' before Me.

Their differentness equals splendor. On earth this sounds quite preposterous.

I 'am' My seven names, aspects or candles. All distinct. The first unknowable.

All forms and shapes in or around you reflect something of Me, the One I AM.


"When I speak about what's inconceivable it's not meant to see it as burden.

To the contrary, it's like a personal secret I'm sharing as with My best friend.

The limited grasp and projecting human qualities in Me is not new on earth.

However, I tell you exactly the meaning of that unknowable area beyond all.

It is Me! I am that also. Do you see the implications of this? Do you want to?

Through Me you're even included 'there'. It's the awesome scope of Reality.


"It sets you, while living 'down in the dumps', on dizzying heights of pure insight.

It places you on the same mountain top of understanding life as other creations.

The myriad of differences in being don't belie all life's glorious origin in only Me.

By sharing with you My first name, I reveal the totality of Me, of life, of you all.

By this light, the universes 'do their thing'. You, too, can go all out in true living.

No ifs, buts, later, perhaps or maybe about Me! Do not short-change yourself!


"It's not just your external, observable part that's not the same as anybody else's.

Internally, your psyche's working is completely unique and will not be repeated.

What about your spirit? It emerges or splits off from an undifferentiated pool?

A pool you can call a god, a stew, a mystery or a yet-undiscovered something?

The eleventh component can provide the answers to this serious, yet false idea.

Not only is nothing impersonal in and from Me but I Myself 'am' differentness.


"My One Holy crowns My other names, aspects or faces, the ones you can grasp.

I am the All Who Is, Who is a direct presence in all of existence on its spirit level.

It is the only exclusive reason that nothing is ever the same or can be repeated.

If you think this is not true because of your observations, I say, those are wrong.

It is liberating that from now on you can stop seeking meaning only in externals.

You'll keep opinions or preferences but contact with Me reveals the true reality.


"When you are thinking of Me or want to be in My presence, do not forget this.

Remember that how to relate to Me is solely yours. Do not think about others.

This means you can always check with Me about Our relationship or contacts.

Hearing or reading about people living close to Me may sharpen your resolve.

Yet, true learning comes from being one with My spirit in you; I am very close!

There are no conditions for meeting with Me, except that it has to be personal.


"All that happens, whatever you dream or may observe, is occurring within Me.

This determines the nature of all life. Everything happily reflects and mirrors it.

Thinking of it as if you are outside leads to nowhere. You do play in life's game.

On earth, this game isn't easy at all, with the defects or its lies in every system.

However, these words can free you. My One Holy is the unspoken final Word

to which all in life eternally respond with music. In it, you too, figure as a note."