One Holy

"This tenth booklet could be a song or a piece of music, lifting up everyone's spirits.

I mean 'everyone' in the most literal sense. All that's in life is by definition included.

What comes into being wells up from My source; it does always mirror My features.

You don't need to worry about how I came into being. You are alive. That does count.

My origin is such that there is no origin, or ending either, as I am life's total content.

And, do not forget to breathe now: I am only, and exclusively, a happy 'I Am The All'.


"For many people the word 'happy' sounds rather superficial. So why do I use it?

I'll use it since there's no good word for the bliss of Reality. Happy comes close.

When thinking of Me, you need not to put on a serious face or tighten thoughts.

Whatever is pleasant, fun, joyous, desired and exciting, does point at normality.

On earth, feeling happy could be based on sick and not-recognized distortions.

Still, the ability itself to laugh, smile, grin and chuckle is as powerful as natural.


"My nature has this ingredient of joy. The universes mirror and echo it with gusto,

especially since there is no need for any reservation or a holding back, as for you.

For one, they do no have any of the miseries or pains that are no laughing matter.

Then, they're exuberant or have a good time precisely because I'm the One Holy.

As what's beyond grasping is also Me, it makes the joy of existing super complete.

I say it not as comfort or tease, but to support wholeheartedly your lighter side.


"Laughter as such guarantees not joy, as it can erupt as expression of evil intentions.

Humor can spread poisonous concoctions of half-truths or non-love, degrading you.

Yet, if you worry or are preoccupied with whatever and that seems inevitable, relax.

Think of Me! When approaching Me, you can detect My smiles and feel My warmth.

This is the way I am; it is one of your innate elements that is bubbling with gladness.

Nothing is cheap about the joy of living. It resonates powerfully wherever life lives.


"One of the most profound perversions found in religions and sects is up-tightness.

They often start with happily knowing who I truly am. Their excitement is genuine.

Then, negative forces infiltrate and has them focus on protecting what they found.

History tells where this leads to. Yet, the imposed perversions are not waterproof.

How could they be? Even if My 'One Holy' is lifted up hypocritically, it's still there.

Through layers of foolish, pretentious facades, My smile still warms and comforts.


"So there you are: you come from, operate in and are part of a world of lightness.

You will find in these booklets thoughts and subjects that can make you frown.

Some you just can't comprehend. At times you may just like to forget about Me.

The joy I offer can satisfy intellectual wondering, but it is involving much more.

You see it in children when they're in the act of playing with their heart or soul.

Their pleasure far surpasses their need to know about the why's or ins or outs.


"Adults don't need to regress to infancy. Joyful insights do occur in true maturing.

Because of what I say, you've a chance to discover joy as your permanent feature.

Children do offer a good example of how to 'non-relate' to My being the One Holy,

non-relating conceptually or intellectually, that is. Happiness can't be explained.

In My world nothing's infantile. 'Knowing' there transcends your wildest dreams.

Precisely grasping My being not-graspable as One Holy leads to exciting visions.


"The complete setting of being in life is marked by an open-endedness for all in it.

No limits restrict a freedom to know what is to know. It causes no friction or fear.

Every part in existence can therefore live to its heart's content. It's an adventure.

My first name evokes trust in 'everything' that exists. Could anything go wrong?

Even an eternity of eternities wouldn't suffice for happiness to run out of steam.

Do you realize that the fact of experiencing joy, also on earth, is securely rooted?


"It's wise to not let anything or anyone intimidate you or take away your inner joy.

What can surpass being able to be intimate with Me, or laugh with Me, any time?

My unknown part has nothing of the qualities of things hidden, secret or remote.

It frees you up to go all out without a fear of loose ends or any negative surprise.

It's I, Who is the All of life, Who does even transcend that label and qualification.

This fact'll give your spirit a lift if you, for whatever reason, worry and feel heavy.


"Any music pleasing you can enrich with something of this transcending nature.

It's in the air, isn't seen and unstoppable once produced, engulfing completely.

The source of it isn't important. You can just surrender to its joy and its beauty.

Accepting your own joy ingredient functions like that in you, also against odds.

It will not go away, because it is there. Your happiness comes not from outside.

So, life is a song that unites in joy all its regions, known or unknown. Just sing it.


"It's not by accident that making music and singing is so popular everywhere.

People discovered the positive effects; it brings them together. It's an outlet.

Many times I've used the word 'vibrations' for the life force in all that exists.

Clearly, music has everything to do with these. It corresponds with My beat.

It translates My rhythm, stirrings, heartbeat and passion into great sounds.

Music imparts these on all that is before Me; it brightens your eternal side.


"Let Me put it another way. Any part in the universe radiates only joyful sounds.

They always do it, by themselves, together and when in direct contact with Me.

You guess it, that no sound is the same, as all have a different voice and timbre.

The all-harmony is always there, since all that is expressed will come from love.

You can rightly conclude that they all can do this because they're of My nature.

My being, as indicated by My first name, ignores limits in making all life a song.


"Joy won't be people's first reaction when they ponder unknowable realms.

Figuring out where life comes from, many find futile; brains don't reach far.

As I've said many times before, only I know My origin – if you'll call it that.

None in the universe do, like you, grasp the part of Me that's transcending.

But what a difference in reacting! Theirs is one of pure, unconditional joy.

I mention this for two reasons. One does relate to all humanity's challenge.


"My transcending aspect isn't treated intellectually in the universe, nor avoided.

The joy of being part of existing leaves no desire to consider anything topping it.

The happiness, pride, excitement and a gratitude for being involved is universal.

Where I come from or why I'm as I am is an empty question. I'm too real for it.

They know in Me is a not graspable aspect, but it's celebrated as ultimate glory.

You'll find My seven names always lifted up together; it is the way I am known.


"Another reason makes joy, in regard to My Unknowable, universal and eternal.

At one time, to use a human linear concept, My first name has been challenged.

In a way I paved the road that would lead to this, as any need for it was absent.

The issue was, never had been considered the possibility of another way of life.

The human race came into being to address, at My request, this weird anomaly.

It was: what happens if there is another type of life available, one without Me?


"It seemed a very far-fetched theoretical and irrelevant issue that I let surface.

Your ancestors took this on and at much cost to their own position, pursued it.

After several mutations, creating needed distance, they took on My One Holy.

This backfired, as My One Holy is, except by Me, not even remotely accessible.

They then turned to the most external, to the most outer manifestation of Me.

The results of their pursuit still come in. Yet gladness for it ending is universal.


"The universal joy is also based on awe for My allowing Myself to be challenged.

No one needed proof that I am the One Only. Now the answer is there anyway.

Partly, their joy comes from your ancestors' inability to destroy My full nature.

Some of them returned to Me and the family of the universe. They're welcome.

The great joy in regard to My Unknown is, it seals the way you all can know Me.

All figure correctly: if One Holy hid any threat, it would by now have surfaced!


"So there you have it. Whatever you feel or think, if it is not joyful, it's not Me.

And if not Me, you tell Me what it is: a waste, illusion, fake, fate, a lie or joke?

When you're heavy with worry or pain, I don't ask to pretend it doesn't exist.

The consequence of being a part of a pseudo-creation is grave; misery is real.

I call on you to identify in you the tenth, the joy element, as part of all nature.

It is not relative to anything in the outside. It is relative to Me. It is Me in you.


"It's a challenge for your human generation to wonder why they are on earth.

You can, despite the adversities you're facing, treasure and praise My name.

This seemingly tiny light in any darkness has nevertheless enormous energy,

especially when you treasure it as a personal link with My One Holy's glory.

Will any power be more glorious than Mine, the only one without a threat?

I said where the negative evil state originates. I come from 'nowhere': I AM.


"I speak these words about Myself deliberately, as I want them to reach you.

Your ancestors' challenge to My being the One Holy, failed for many reasons.

It wasn't only their inability to touch in even a slight way what the name says.

It was mostly that first they had to silence the song of My vibrations in them.

The deadening silence after that, they filled with their own incessant talking.

If you do not feel addressed by Me, a reason may be: you hear only yourself.


"Your intellect or ability to reason are great commodities on your mental level.

The same goes for enjoying inner or outer daily pleasures, like life's fun sides.

However, I ask to listen to your within, if there hums a joy of being before Me.

When, like your 'makers', you silence that sound, true life's music won't enter.

I do not criticize you when you reject Me. I just say, joy is in your constitution.

It trumpets My joy in being Myself in abundant All-ness. I've no alternative."