The Seven Names Writing 3

nothing but love

121. Life is love. Living equals loving. Existing is the same as being an

expression of love. Everything that is, is from, for, in and through love.

The shortest way to say this is 'all is love'. Or even more correctly, 'love

is all'. Love was before all! It accounts for what exists and takes up space;

it functions as the universe. It, therefore, accounts for all of our world.

122. Love is life. Love brings out life. Our body, mind and spirit are from,

through, in and for love. And so is our space, our environment and what

we produce. 'All' is all. No examples are necessary. No exceptions exist.

Statements like these sound on earth quite ludicrous. And indeed, a more

than humongous abyss separates what they state and how we see the world.

123. It is surprising and illogical that people on earth seem to agree that

life should be better than it is. The dream is persistent that globally love,

fairness, justice and so on 'should' reign. But in view of the history of

mankind, nobody seriously believes that 'all is love' is achievable. Not

only that, but the harsh way nature treats its own finishes off this illusion.

124. Still, the deep yearning inside us humans for love, respect, and a safe

and joyful togetherness does point at love's ubiquitousness. We could say

that on earth every act that reminds us of genuine love corresponds with

and represents the essence of life. Our deep longing for love is the most

powerful link to the real, full, universal, eternal – to One Holy's – reality.

125. It is because love between people (and in general) feels so good and

seems the key to healthy families and societies alike, that most people

take it as the most powerful force around; often declaring it to be divine.

This booklet may seem to offer a furtive look behind the curtain hiding

the all-love reality from our fragmented one. However, there is no curtain.

126. Stating love is all there is signifies that love is the essence of the

I AM of all existence, whose first 'name' is, in human words, One Holy.

Our person, too, is included in the all-ness of that name. Do realize it can

turn on a light in us that enables to see and grasp the full extent of our

being in life. Then, basically, nothing is strange or bewildering anymore.

27. It is the closeness to One Holy that has us experience that love is the

core essence of life, of our person and of everything around us. Unless we

inhale oxygen, we suffocate. Unless we let the water get us wet, we cannot

swim in it. Unless we let the face of One Holy shine upon us personally,

we cannot grasp the all-inclusiveness of life's love nature.

128. Love isn't dependent on circumstances. On earth, love may be taken

as a chemical reaction within a person or between people, stirred up by

attraction or certain needs. It seems designed to have our species survive.

But no theory has any merit as explanation why the phenomenon of love

exists. Love creates the true circumstances, not the other way around.

129. Whatever ideas, thoughts, actions, emotions or desires are taken for

expressions of love on earth, they are, at best, fragments of it and temporal.

In fact, most of them are contaminated by all kinds of secondary motives -

self-serving ones being the most blatant. Very few seem untainted, like

for instance a mother's devotion to her newborn child.

130. The second name, face or light of the one in and through whom

exists all that is, is Love. In all that is this name is reflected. Yet, a logical

question is: Even if we accept that love is the essence of everything and all

that exists is an emanation from this as it is life's only source, why is love,

and not some other noble - or ignoble! - quality the nature of the I AM?

131. For all of the universe one response suffices to answer the question

of why the essence and core nature of all existence is exclusively love.

This answer makes perfectly clear why everything that exists has love as

essence, content, structure, goal, manifestation and energy.

The answer is: The One-Who-Is-All chooses to be this way.

132. Still, we could ask: Why? Are no other options available? Could not

a universe have been built by other forces than those of love? These kinds

of questions multiply when we dig deeper into this puzzling issue. But the

answer remains the same - a very simple answer to life's greatest enigma

that eternally affects everything: The ALL of being wants to be love.

133. Yet, challenging this statement is extremely opportune. It is testing

love that brought the whole of the negative state and our world into being.

We can say, it had to come into existence sooner or later, earth-time-wise.

The reason for this is that if only love exists, and there is no alternative,

then love – and life itself – appears to be a must and not a free choice.

134. At the end of this booklet the story is told how the exploration of a

possible alternative to love and to the open-ended-ness of freedom did and

does proceed. It uses the frameworks of our human concept of history and

time but clarifies right away that the rest of the universe approaches the

same facts of life in diametrically opposite ways.

135. As they all bask in the light, warmth and vibrancy of love, no unit or

entity in the universe asks: Why love? They all treasure every second of it.

As it is with the issue of One Holy's origin, there is no desire anywhere to

question it because the available information is as lucid as satisfying.

The reason for this is that I AM only 'occurs' as love and hides nothing.

136. We humans on earth have to live in the midst of an evidently all-over-

the-place alternative to love. The impact of which is immensely negative.

It is quite ironic that while most of us crave more love and long for more

goodness to reign instead of scheming, ego, greed, illness or whatever

destructive force, we remain so deficient in the all-is-love department.

137. What does it mean practically that love is all there is? How does it

show that through love, with love and for love, the universe came and is

still coming into being – in spite of obstacles like us? It sounds quite lofty

that the forces of life in us are exclusively made up of love. But is it true?

Well, unshakably stands: Where there is no love, there is no Reality.

138. From the perspective of true Reality, the breaking up of love into

different categories, as people and cultures on earth do, is pathetic.

Here, we distinguish between physical love, sex, charity, doing good and

many other activities we associate with the phenomenon love. What is

sorely missing in this is recognizing that the nature of love includes all.

139. The answer to what it means practically that the essence of all that is

and happens is love, shakes up our human thinking to the core.

And only one conclusion can arise from knowing the truth. It is that on

earth, in individuals and in society, reality has been turned upside down.

Here, love looks like anything but life's volume, structure and energy.

140. When this booklet uses the expression 'from the perspective of the

positive state' or mentions 'the rest of the universe', it just points to facts.

No judgment whatsoever is implied. The glorious reason for this is that

the seemingly so-bleak human performance plays a principal and crucial

role in proving love's all-ness, even if this escapes most of us on earth.

141. The practical relevance of love being 'everything' has to do with life

existing as three levels. These three, innermost, internal and external, are

always and in everything interactive and complementary. Mind and body

materialize from and 'around' a spirit love core. All three distinct levels are

illuminated by the glow of attraction and the desire to mutually enrich.

142. On earth, all frequencies on which love radiates are jammed. Only

on our spiritual level we can pick up some of it directly, undeniably, and

undiluted. This amounts to much more than just sensing or feeling it.

It is a momentary state of being consciously in touch with the real reality.

We can 'get there' by sincerely desiring to be filled with all-inclusive love.

143. One Holy dwells in us, as much as in each particle or entity in

existence. We too, therefore, are receptacles and mirrors for the sphere of

the second name. In a relative way, it is also our second name; the first

being 'sacred'. Realizing this, and allowing its nurturing light to penetrate

our person means becoming resurrected to our original status.

144. The first generations of the human race, probing the exclusivity of

love, encountered monumental doubts and obstacles. To a point, the same

can be said of the present - the sixth generation - humans, to which we on

earth belong. Our ancestors were - and from a different place we are -

faced with a completely unnatural uncertainty about love's all-ness.

145. During the exploring of whether love has boundaries, its very nature

was, and is, at stake. What if limits would show up nobody knew about?

Or, if love is fragmented or forced, does it still qualify for that name?

Also, how does love react when nothing responds to it? These potentially

fatal flaws in love were given a chance to materialize and take their course.

146. The absoluteness of love is being tested. The very nature of I AM's

existence is put on the line by allowing violation and rejection to happen;

which it did. But even more so, it would show the way non-love situations

would be handled. It could reveal that the range of love is limited.

At stake therefore is the name Love and the veracity of I AM's totality.

147. Being born on earth means we have to deal with its many 'not love'

situations. We have to. We live here. The way we react varies. We may

endure them as fate or punishment or fight to change them. We can deny

that love is 'it'. Or blame gods, cosmic or evil forces for spoiling life's

goodness. Some of us may join evil. Whatever, no choice will be judged.

148. What this booklet stresses is that, through the 'impossible' pursuit of

our human species the question is being answered about what happens

when a supposed alternative to the one Reality is fabricated. The relevance

of this is that all defiling on earth of the second name is part of the 'one-

time-only' test whether the I AM of life indeed stays true to being love.

149. We can decide to not oppose whatever is negative, evil, non-love,

and damaging to life's core nature. But we also are free to be the love we

are. This booklet invites everyone to side with what is positive, caring, and

uplifting. This, not in anticipation of results, but because it reflects the

one true reality. Despite everything we can identify with the name love.

150. There also is the internal, or call it psychological, effect of what the

second name reveals. Love, being another name for life's dynamics and

movements, is a powerful beacon or guiding light at each point in our life.

Never need there be any doubt over what living is all about. Our inner

love-core will expertly inspire our thinking and intentions, if we let it.

151. The same applies to our actual behavior, what we see ourselves do, or

not do. We can measure all actions by the universal standard of love even

if we would be the only person to do so. No other road leads to growth,

maturity, true success and to finding our 'real self' than the one that

incorporates the two spiritual principles, of which love is the first.

152. The situation is simple: Love doesn't exist unless it is chosen, unless

it 'breathes' freedom. It is the breath of freedom. So, I AM is expressed.

Whether there were possible limits to freedom was 'once' an untested

scenario. There were no questions about whether one could do and be

what one wanted. It was the normal situation, enjoyed by all.

153. The idea of loving and freedom having boundaries had no foothold in

any part of a universe that expanded itself in ever-new attractive forms and

functions. It is proof of the majestic grandeur of the One Who is the second

name that exposure to a potential annihilation of reality's nature was

allowed to take place. Love offered itself to be tested as 'all-there-is'.

154. Life, as we daily encounter it, takes place within a cycle of time in

which efforts to support an alternative to the 'love-reality' dominate.

Earth is the showcase for it. Yet no spirit is forced to incarnate here.

Those who volunteer are brave indeed as, except for a deep yearning, all

consciousness of the real reality is removed when taking on a human body.

155. It is why this booklet appears. It tells the origin of non-love and the

dire consequences of not representing the love nature of all existence.

It highlights the background of the I AM's unconditional faithfulness to

Her/His second name. Through that, all of the universe glories. It shows

that in spite of being corrupted and emasculated by humans love survives.

156. If left up to us, we would very likely come up with another scenario,

one in which evil gets destroyed or overpowered. We would retaliate

against its violence and corruption. But on whose level do we operate then?

Love is 'it'. The denial of it in our pseudo-creation shows where non-love

leads to. Yet, unlike love, evil is in the process of exhausting itself.

157. Many cultures and individuals have developed caricatures of love by

limiting it to its emotional quality. Love is then associated with softness or

sweetness. It is seen as a weak spot in society's weaponry, even if it is

respected for its non-aggressive, committed way of catering to human

needs. The reduction of making love into just a feeling mocks its 'all-ness'.

158. Few people are around who at one time or another didn't struggle

with a deep ingrained sense that love should be 'the' thing in their lives.

It may surface in completely self-centered ways: other people are

supposed to serve them. It's what they expect from family and society.

Often their gods are set up as providers of comfort and protection.

159. It has, correctly, been suggested that much violence and hatred-

based actions originate in love being thwarted and turned around.

Love is all there is. It is the force of life, so indeed, all that portrays love's

opposite is the abuse of life's energy, purpose and liveliness. This booklet

states that all actions of non-love still serve life's glorious essence.

160. Not to retaliate when wrongs have been done, especially when there's

an opportunity to 'strike back', is considered an almost inhuman reaction.

Yet doing so reflects the nature of love that never wants to pollute itself.

Love is the eternal nature of all things. It is I AM's second name and face.

The tensions this causes on earth show the depth of earth's isolation.

'LOVE' The Seven Names Writing 3

the gender of love

161. One question is seldom considered, if at all. It is: Why are there only

two genders, feminine and masculine? There may be some variations or

fluctuations between the two, but basically the distinction male and female

seems self-evident; and that not just among humans. The rest of nature

also is full of it, even if other words are used for this duality.

162. Why those two? Why not one, or three, or a hundred genders?

If this question is pondered at all, we come up with all kinds of hypotheses,

suggestions, speculations and philosophies. The reason for raising this

issue here is to highlight the towering majesty of the two, who together

illustrate the core duality of the nature of the I AM.

163. This chapter and the next deal with the most intimate dynamics of

life in its innermost region, its spiritual realm. The name One Holy

stresses the sanctity of all in and of the universe. The second name, Love,

and the third, Truth, reveal and represent the heartbeat of life, its essence

and substance, its goodness and wisdom, its femininity and masculinity.

164. The attraction to each other and the merging of the two, their being

'wedded' within all that exists and their pulsating in every part and

particle here and everywhere, is the formula by which all life takes place.

Nothing is that is not real and is not love. We could say that where Love

and Truth embrace life explodes into a multiverse of lasting beauty.

165. This all may sound abstract, which can be irritating. On earth love as

phenomenon faces us all the time and is practiced by literally everyone in

one way or another. Much of it we do consciously, with both our internal

and external parts involved. So we all have distinct ideas about love as it

happens - or does not happen - among us humans and in our world.

166. We may see love as the female aspect of life as it exists and unfolds.

It stands for the all-inclusive creative power in everything that exists.

What most of us consider as the prime glory of being a female, that she

can bring forth offspring, is indeed a correspondence to the universally

recognized sphere of the second name. Love always branches out.

167. Many see the intimate closeness between mother and child as the

most prime, awesome and endearing expression of love. Humanity's

survival depends on it. Yet it is love as the magnetism between the two

sexes with its passionate manifestations, that is worldwide experienced

as the most commanding and fiery hallmark of all human interactions.

168. Usually, when people think in terms of the two genders with their

distinct qualities, they associate love with the feminine side of life while

typically masculine traits are seen in the area of physical strength,

rationality and authority. But these kinds of qualifications pale by what

the all-inclusiveness of both love and truth entail.

169. Love is not here or there, or more here than there. Love was present

before here or there. It's through the properties of love that life can exist,

function and be worthwhile. Love is the essence of existence itself and,

therefore, of everything that constitutes life in whatever form it may

appear. It is the breath and pulsation of the whole universe.

170. Still, why does this duality originate within the nature of all life's

I AM? Why is life both love and truth, female and male, of essence

and substance? The answer to these questions is again: Because it

is the way it is. This is the way the totality of existence presents itself.

Therefore, it shows up in us and in all other emanations of life.

171. To say that things are the way they are because they are that way is

not particularly enlightening. Yet, this statement about the two genders

contains the most beautiful truth. This booklet points to the universal

reality which on earth is almost non-recognizably distorted. Nobody has

to accept its message. If we want to, we can just hold on to our own ideas.

172. The beautiful truth in this, that feminine and masculine are simply

a given, is that the one Source of everything is that way. So we better ask:

Why question the beauty of a flower when we can enjoy to the fullest its

fragrance, shape and colors? Why question the distinction male/female

when its splendor powerfully enlivens all aspects and particles of being?

173. The difficulty for us humans is that we only know femininity and

masculinity from the way they appear in our pseudo-created world.

We may recognize the importance, power, inspiration and joy in being a

woman or a man, yet the deepest meaning of this can still escape us, as

we are deliberately manufactured with distorted gender features.

174. Physically, there hardly is any likeness to the earlier humans. Our

present human form is a concoction of animal and vegetation features,

which themselves are a result of experimentation with other elements.

Notably, the location and functioning of the human reproduction organs

are a caricature, to say the least, of true reality's glorious love instruments.

175. Yet it is significant to note that in spite of its deformities, love and its

derivatives are still a – if not 'the' – central driving force on earth.

The reason for this is the second name. Love is simply too essential that it

could be deleted from a life-form. Our ancestors tried, but failed. They

only managed to illustrate that spoiling the best can become the worst.

176. Our human ideas of what femininity stands for are highly suspect.

So when it is stated here that love is the female embodiment of life's

essence, we need a more reliable source for knowing what this signifies.

It is the realization that we ourselves are part of the fallout of the second

and third name that can provide us with the proper perspective.

177. What emanates directly or indirectly from the one source of life -

which is everything - has its own form and place. But it all originates in

the desire that it happily shares in the riches of life and can show that.

And except in the negative state, it does. All in life want to pass on the

love that they feel created them. It makes all loving personal.

178. In this light, we can see the limitless scope of love. Life itself, all

life, is an act of freely sharing of oneself, enjoying every tiny bit of it.

There is no end to the satisfaction in perfecting the perfection and

approximating the splendor of life's totality. Everything participates in

this. The universal, unifying factor is the desire to let love happen.

179. So we have the two: the innate desire of I AM to share being love

and the eternal occurrence of I AM being the one Reality, life's truth.

Nothing in and of I AM is just an idea, without also 'happening'.

This is the reason that it was stated that the embrace of love and truth is

the spark of existence. Through their uniting the universe is forever born.

180. What we know as sexual encounters and intercourse are faint echoes

of the uniting of Love and Truth, which is the most momentous act of all

existence. It does mean that, indeed, the thrill in sexual activities, the joy in

intimacy, the potential of creating new life and new alliances, all the

touching, caring and friendships, have deep and timeless roots.

181. Femininity and masculinity among humans and members of other

species spring from and reflect the core nature of the one I AM.

There is nothing monolithic, static or automatic in the realness and love

duality of life's totality. The two aspects engage forever like lovers, but

we lack images or a language to describe graphically how this takes place.

182. The love and truth principles of existence are linked by attraction and

the desire to share power, so that life can flourish with both its essence and

substance, its purpose and volume, its female and male side. This happens

within the innermost realm of life's I AM. Actually, it constitutes that

realm. This is the exclusive source of what we know as gender distinction.

183. To take love as feminine can facilitate somewhat the understanding

of the dynamics within One Holy. We are familiar with certain traits

attributed to the female half of the human species. Some of them, however

distorted, do point at what the essence of life is. Already mentioned are the

ability to create, to give birth and nourish new life and be devoted to it.

184. We can come up with many other characteristics of the concept of

femininity. Sensitivity, intuition, practicality, sharing, loyalty and beauty

fit our idea of love's feminine identity. However, all of these can become

controversial. Cultural and religious dictates, economic hardships and

prejudices easily disfigure the happy face of true femininity on earth.

185. The descriptions of female and male features in this booklet are

adjusted to our inability to imagine the full reality. The primary reason

for bringing it up is to reveal the source of the ever-creative passion

that enables life to exist. Even in our world everything ultimately exists

by the intertwining of goodness and truth, or love and wisdom.

186. The history of our human race is one of exploring the viability of an

alternative to love. The first step in that pursuit was the division on the

external level of the female and masculine principles into two entities.

This was originally welcomed as an intriguing variant of the ever-exciting

and inspiring interface of the dual spiritual core within all forms of life.

187. It is important for us to see that our highest achievement is not a

show of perfect harmony in whatever love relationship. This is a branch

of the tree of love; it as such can be utterly fulfilling and beautiful.

Yet, if there is a pinnacle of human glory, it is that within each individual

the female and male identities embrace, unite and walk in harmony.

188. Life's essence is its meaning; is being love. Life's substance is its

content; is being truth. Both universally illuminate, for all to see, the

goodness and wisdom of living in the midst of an infinite variety of life-

forms. In all of reality is mirrored the transparency of I AM. It makes all

interactions, wherever, whenever and by whomever acts of making love.

189. Climaxing sexually, or moments of feeling one with nature, provide

some taste of love's all-encompassing quality, timelessness and vigor.

The countless obstacles to all-out, all-including and lasting love are

obvious on earth. So is the resistance to accepting the inner gender duality.

The focus on external differences suffocates the happening of love within.

190. The external separation of our dual nature has caused alienation,

competition, dominance - and worse - between the two genders.

Nevertheless, when we treasure being a reflection of both the second

and third name, it will free us up to fully enjoy our gender-specific role.

Being both female and male within, makes for inner playful harmony.

191. The seven names of life's totality, of I AM, are not labels for seven

segments of reality. Each name by itself expresses life's completeness.

They each are, by their own light and with their own faces, the full reality.

This is hard to understand. We cannot compare it with anything. Yet it can

cause unspeakable joy to know we're a part of such an awesome existence.

192. On earth, female and male are taken as nature's uncontested facts. It

is no surprise that these qualifications have been projected into the realms

'above', into gods and goddesses. Divine entities are addressed as heavenly

males or females, father or mother. Or, if there is only one, he or she is

supposed to be in control and almighty, but also merciful and nurturing.

193. In spite of the frequently gross distortions in describing the ultimate

forces behind life, those efforts seem to confirm that the co-existence,

interaction and integration of female and male principles are central to

the dynamics that keep life alive. Indeed, everything that participates in

life does so as a variation on the theme of femininity and masculinity.

194. This booklet says that I AM is present as each of the seven names.

They all cover the whole of reality. Of course, this defies earthly logic.

Yet, when we actually say the names with an open mind and let the sounds

be as a circle of energy around us, it removes any neutrality or passivity.

It reactivates our zest for all-out living on the deepest possible level.

195. Compared with those in the rest of the universe, our human physique

fails to represent the finely-tuned sensuous relationship of love and truth.

Yet we can still be mightily impressed by the intricacies of our sexuality.

Correctly so. Despite their malfunctions and limitations, we can treasure

that our female or male bodies relate to the wonders of love and realness.

196. Love is the light that causes all existence to glow with liveliness. It

ignites the spark that eternally creates the universe. Only Love can tell us

who we are, or are not. Her/His light is in us as we are made from

it. Our person – as every appearance – can radiate it, notwithstanding

our inefficiencies. The female part in us wants our person to dazzle.

197. Being proud of being a man or a woman with the specific gender

qualities and physical appearance doesn't have to come at the expense of

our inner, opposite, gender part. On the contrary, outer and mental male

or female features receive their most favorable exposure when the other

gender part plays a supportive role 'behind the scene'. It provides balance.

198. Why human societies are so often marked by tension, fear, power

struggles and debilitating conflicts has everything to do with the loss of

closeness between life's two spiritual principles. The inequality in social

standing and the distrust between the sexes is just one example of this.

But practicing different social and private standards is absurdly artificial.

199. The beauty of the ongoing love affair in every piece and particle of

existence is as it were projected on the big screen of universal life. All the

different societies, dimensions, shapes and densities have within them the

utterly satisfying, invigorating and always embracing duality that causes

the universe to be so lively and colorful. I AM is reflected in everything.

200. Nationally, internationally and globally, human societies have to live

with the beautiful gender fabric of love and realness being torn. In each

individual it is the same. Yet, the remnant of it is there. Right before our

eyes we see the outer gender differences. But inside us, they also exist. So

the reminders are everywhere that living means being engaged in loving.

'LOVE' The Seven Names Writing 3

the impact of love

201. When we cannot breathe anymore, our life is over, we think.

It's not true. Our spirit part will come alive more than it ever could while

in our earthly state. Our person will still observe, think and be able to

choose, free from physical limitations. Our body parts will be 'recycled'

for use in other formations. Life is never over. Neither is love.

202. Intuitively, we humans realize that it is important to align with, or at

least not oppose, nature's forces; life itself being the most essential one.

Protecting our life comes naturally. Self-preservation and survival have

top priority. This is correctly seen as loving oneself, or as love for self.

It urges us to guard our unique place in the universe. Life wants to live.

203. It is not difficult to notice that loving ourselves can easily become a

caricature of that, by being self-centered, greedy or attention-seeking.

However, the root of taking care of ourselves first is healthy. It shows

we are a precious and inimitable specimen of love, worthy to blossom.

Caring for the life-form we are signals spiritual and mental well-being.

204. It is within our human reach to make things happen. We plan, make

moves and react according to how we feel or like to feel. Amidst that, we

are free to activate our spiritual connections, or not. Yet one fact usually

gets overlooked. It is that each component of our psyche and our body

has its own link with, and reacts to, the one source and center of life.

205. Our ancestors, who fabricated our type of humans, made sure to

alter, suppress and corrupt the influence of love as much as possible.

Love for them is too powerful a reminder of real life. Complete success

eluded them. In spite of being broken up and diluted, love remains the

prime and central drive in us, the offspring they are responsible for.

206. The idea that also our physical elements exist by and from the fire

of love seems far out. Yet, we do treat ourselves on that premise.

We feed our body, allow it to rest and cater to all its needs. Whether we

realize it or not, every part, in its inner core functions by the dynamics

of love. It wants to share, enrich, please, touch and create well-being.

207. Calling love the essence of existence, of the whole universe and of

all the parts forming our bodies still may seem rather exaggerated.

We can argue endlessly about what is the most important aspect of life.

Asking that about ourselves usually leads us into dead-end streets.

Who knows for sure? And is it even worth having a theory about it?

208. This booklet is not inspired by questions we may have. It just

provides information that was available only partially on earth, until

now. Yet it has two questions for those who read these words or hear

about them. Actually, these two questions are for every living soul on

earth. If we don't hear them now, they'll confront us after our death.

209. The questions, or rather invitations, assume we have the ability to

'go inward' with our attention and look beyond the mass of acquired

ideas; beyond what we pretend to be or think we should be.

The first invitation is to uncover and be honest about what our deepest

yearning is. The second is to ask whether that longing may relate to love.

210. In other words, as the most fundamental factor that enables life and

life-forms to exist is love, it somehow operates in each person. So it can be

uncovered. We can be rigorously sincere with ourselves, if we want to,

and we will find the truth in our hearts by ignoring what we 'should' feel.

What will be found is a craving for unconditional love and harmony.

211. But what if we do not know how to access our innermost spirit self?

What if we can, but find there only negative, dark or skeptical thoughts?

The liberating message of these words is that our value of living on earth

is not: conquering darkness and lies, or creating a blooming spirituality.

Even if we can do some of this, success in that area will always be tainted.

212. Our top achievement as a person is being honest and humble, while

facing life's challenges alone. It leads to a surprising discovery: We're not

alone and we never will be. All situations can be approached with Love as

our companion. What counts is not even what this achieves, but that we

stay determined to make room for Love's closeness, from day to day.

13. Our mission on earth is to test the setup our ancestors placed us in.

It is up to us to fall for what is offered as an alternative to love - or reject it.

We are in the closure phase of this task. We humans still provide data

about the two options: engaging in life as a form of making love happen,

or going along with forms of non-love because they seem more 'normal'.

214. No form of lovemaking on earth can be pure. This realization can be

discouraging for some, for instance, young people, who believe they can

change the world. If that ideal is inspired by the still-operating love-

essence of life, or is serving self-promotion is often unclear. But some

love will always be around and by nurturing it we cannot go wrong.

215. For some people, practicing love, kindness and wisdom seems to

come natural. They seem born with it - or were raised in that sphere.

For others it is the opposite. Environment or personality can foster

non-love behavior. This difference stems from what we agreed to be

exposed to before our birth; and of that we have no recollection.

216. Love is not dependent on anything. It just is. Living means, being

love. The name Love illuminates 'everything'. If its light would be more

welcomed on earth, the oneness with the rest of the universe would be

sensed more. Even if the sphere of true reality cannot be copied fully.

Yet acting from love will noticeably undo much of our confusion.

217. The all-ness of love means that any effort to eliminate or numb it is

doomed to fail. As long as this was not actually demonstrated, creation

would never question whether love is 'it'. I AM's second name and

identity were put on the line, so that the possibility of an alternative to

love could be once and for all proven - or not.

218. When we go to our most inner spirit space, we may find that a sphere

of light, lightness and warmth surrounds us. It is more than an emotional

high. We just know that we are connected with another realm of life in a

totally personal way. Time or circumstances are of no consequence in

those moments. Even if short, they confirm that love is 'it'.

219. While in our inner 'sanctuary' we get an impression of what life is

all about. During our visits there we can take a look at the way we react

to people and situations – especially if we suspect we behave poorly.

Are we willing to let go of pretending and lying to ourselves in the

presence of the One Who, being love, has us already included?

220. We can refuse to go the route of letting our deepest yearning for

belonging, intimacy, safety, fulfillment, joy and harmony dominate our

thoughts, planning and actual behavior. But we can also keep choosing as

our 'model' the one who is Love Her/Himself. When we do, we choose a

mode of existing that does not compare with anything else.

221. There are many implications to the given situation that love, like life,

is indestructible as it is the essence of all existence. For one, it withstood,

and still withstands, any effort to remove it from its central position. Love

still is the energy of life despite being denied, broken up and corrupted.

The time allotted for testing the all-ness of love is limited. It runs out.

222. Another implication is that the powers that resist or mock love

receive their energy to do so from exactly the source they fight.

The whole negative state with its seemingly limitless power to spoil and

break what is positive and beautiful, exists by the grace of being granted

life. Moreover, it serves the purpose of proving its own impossibility.

223. For us, it is hard to judge by outer circumstances, globally or in our

own environment, what plateau the reign of non-love has reached.

Will things get worse or better? Our limiting linear time concept alone

prevents us from pinpointing this. But more importantly, 'better' and

'worse' are not equal options. Only love is real, is now, is eternal, is us.

224. This is the only realistic way to see the deterioration of goodness

and the pain and brokenness of so much on earth. Many suffer under

the blatant tyranny of evil. No society and individual is immune to it.

Evil, which is everything that's non-love, is an integral part of the pseudo-

creation we find ourselves in. And still, evil is no match for love.

225. We have a choice. We either look to external things for the meaning

of life or we access our most inner spiritual level to gain wisdom. We do

not always make conscious choices. In many ways, our minds are carried

by the winds of circumstances or unaware drives. Yet, that's is also a form

of choosing when we let others, events or urges dominate us.

226. All this has to do with us being from love and being the beloved

of Love. In this realm lies our prime identity during our existing here.

The outcome of our actions is not the essence of our being on earth.

Life's journey is for some more complicated than for others but we all

approach true reality when we start treating ourselves as loved ones.

227. We mirror the universal purpose of being in life when we make it

a point to be positive, good, caring, responsible, sharing and creative.

And that, not for a reward but for the sake of doing so as agents of

One Holy. Loving others evolves from loving ourselves, like loving

ourselves evolves from being an emanation of Love Her-/Himself.

228. It has been said that we honor most the privilege of being in life, not

by doing good but by being good. Besides that nobody on earth is fully

good as we are not fabricated that way, one point in this statement is well

taken, intended or not: Doing good is a consequence of being good.

The fundamental reason for this is that goodness - love - has created life.

229. What is not correct in the statement is that it intimates that being

good is something to strive for. If the fate of earth depended on that, life

here would be pure hell for everybody, which is not the case. Love and

beauty can bloom not just as an occasional flower in the desert but as a

lush display, anywhere, because Love is everything.

230. Not seeing love or goodness in everything does not mean it is not

there. Nothing in existence has not burning in its innermost core the fire

of love. In the universe this is lavishly demonstrated. Only in the negative

state is Love's passion, often effectively, encapsulated or converted into

its opposites like boredom, hatred, fanaticism, violence or coldness.

231. The focus of these words has mainly been on how each person, as a

single entity, may claim love as the core meaning and purpose of life.

It underscores what many discovered that we can only truly love others

through the love within and for ourselves. The ramifications of this in our

relationships with others, nature, and everything else are easily observable.

232. Most of us are aware of and applaud the positive effects of love. Few

recognize those represent Reality and the powerful second name of I AM.

Dwelling on spiritual issues is often seen as avoiding public efforts to

improve a world that cries out for it. This critique has no merit whatsoever

for those who feel the passion of Love pulsating within them.

233. Seeing our person as beloved, precious and desired ignites in us the

recognition of who we really are, regardless of the problems we face.

We then can follow the one drive in us that is permanent and unerring.

It sets us free and makes us proud. We then exude in all directions the love

we are, including resisting publicly any evil as being inferior to our reality.

234. There is a universal component to each life-form. The only reason

for us being alive is to be a partner in the love affair which existence is.

Each participant, in its own way, represents the fullness of I AM's totality.

If only one person on earth in all honesty seeks to honor her or his love

nature, the rest of the universe will see our whole planet by that glow.

235. This applies to the words of this booklet and similar words from the

same source. We tend to think that a certain amount of numbers will cause

change. But even if nobody would read or react to these words, they now

are written. They are the voice of Love and Truth, whether anybody listens

or not. They are the critical mass that spells the demise of evil.

236. Any choice, act, or desire in the direction of love, however small or

seemingly inconsequential represents the glory and splendor of Love's

totality, Who is for us humans just like a person. All life stems from love.

Even the darkness in and around us has a function in love's all-ness.

All true life is a result of the universe and its glorious Lover embracing.

237. Love cannot be described. It is everything that is positive and happy; it

enriches all parties involved. As far as humans are concerned, all of their

words that indicate something positive, in any of their languages, fall

under the heading love. Things, whether inanimate objects or immaterial

presences, speak of their love simply by being part of positive use.

238. However, this booklet does not separate what is positive and love,

from what is negative, evil or non-love. For all practical purposes, we do

decide, over and over again, which of the two worlds we want to support.

But knowing that all evil runs on energy stolen from love enables us to

see and treat it as one huge and gross perversion.

239. Stating this does not by itself prevent that many suffer from a lack

of love, or from love's energy being turned into its opposite. Darkness is

dark. But comfort comes from knowing why evil occurs, that it is

temporary, unnatural and on its way out. And even more so, that it is our

very mission to operate in the midst of it. Love staying within us counts.

240. For our behavior and decisions in practical matters we can use the

second name to check how we can match its color as closely as possible.

For our thinking and passions we can use the name to fuse the sounds

of our inner life with the happy music of the universe.

Within our spirit, the second name will always make its presence felt.