Today, I wonder if should just go on and wait for You to guide me

Or get first some concept of Your fourth face, candle, spirit, light?

The name of Your fourth face was revealed to me a long time ago.

Then, the name posed a problem, as my spontaneous association

Was quite negative. Your name Proper seemed not appropriate.

To me, proper evokes prim ladies sitting straight on stuffy chairs,

Surrounded by things of the past. Or it paints a clerk delighting

In filling out forms perfectly. That smells ancient, dull, irrelevant.

You take this as a joke and laugh when I share my reservations.

As this side of Your person You now appear as a young woman,

Full of pep, power and a zest for life. All is clearly positive for You.

Right, just, solid and of beauty are qualities fitting the name, too.

Reality is proper, whole, reliable, functional and all over pleasant;

Its dynamic is youthful, clear and of enriching lively exuberance.

I clearly did not choose to wait for clues about what could come.

I don't know if, as You did before with color and sound, You like

To present me with You being Proper involving my own senses.

I just focus on the sparkling aliveness Your face and smile emit:

Confident, nurturing and fresh, sharing strength with all of life.

It portrays life's structure as one grand, splendid, strong whole.

You nod and say, 'Yes, this is Me. I am the fullness of existence,

'Always active, always expanding, always being related to what

'Receives life from Me. I am - you should know - creativity Itself.

'My structure isn't 'just' there. I don't set confining boundaries.

'My 'rules' for life are the wisdom of love and the good of truth.

'I'm the Reality in which life takes place, its one, single setting.

'As Truth and Love are 'married' and committed to each other,

'So it's in the structure I am: a glad joining of My components.

'Being Proper is My structure. You, like all in life do figure in it.

'I am the I AM, the Center and Source from Whom emanates

'In for you hidden ways everything that did get a place in life.

'ALL of this (Yes, use capitals!) is right and just, is showing off

'My fourth name Proper. As it is said: 'I know what I'm doing'.

'I see Myself in the fitting together of detail and the totality

'As I 'thought' them so therefore let them exist: if they want.

'My emanations reflect Me. They always magnify life's total.

'All products of their lovemaking are modeled after a design

'Expressing the desire to, with all, render all of life beautiful.

'They use principles of a wisdom all possess who 'trust Me.'

'I use the word 'structure'. Reality isn't an abstract concept.

'My showing off through emanating is willed. Any idea coming to

'Fruition is as solid as I am. Everything fits. Whatever can be seen

'Is a reminder and a correspondence of what happens from Me.

'I say that nothing occurs randomly or is just an accidental idea.

'To the contrary, all that occurs has its function. The 'hell' of the

'Negative State is all life's least substantial or solid occurrence.

'Its hanging together at all is a miracle. The reason for it is, it

'serves e crucial mission. Though their makeup is very unsafe.'

I'd wish Your words were heard everywhere. You are bubbling with information,

Inspiring everyone to be enriched. Reality is so clear! Who can ignore You once

We can see You as I do, gracious, pure, alive, determined and right in every way?

I realize You have given me no indication whether I will get a specific sensation,

You do come to me in order to show Your face as Proper. There is a need for it?

The theme seems that all is well organized, functions with grace and a youthful

Agility in all places and regions of life. I am aware that thoughts come up in me.

One is, that You told me that this aspect is being connected and partners with

What You mentioned as You being 'Healing', Your fifth face and spirit. The two

Complement each other; one is Your masculine, the other Your female aspect.

Another thought is, that now is shown to me the part of You we could take as

Your internal Self. You offer me today to see Your internal mind, Your psyche.

Perhaps this is the reason I do not need to experience You via a special sense,

Since on the internal level of my mind or psyche, all can process this directly.

I tell You that Your vigorous presence as this woman broadcasts that all has

Its proper place. All operates in Your eternal structure, with no irrelevance.

All stays part of our secure belonging to the breathtaking edifice of true life.


How effervescent You may look, You do come across as determined.

I've many questions on my mind and You seem intended to offer me

Today all the pertinent information. You then bring up one of those.

How does Your being all-love work? How precisely will it affect me?

I see living as quite complicated with its multi-dimensional systems.

I take it You don't see any problem. Indeed, You tell me that love, as

Such, isn't an emotion, a state of mind or feeling. It's not just caring

Deeds. You say: 'Love is My nature. It means that all Reality is positive

'And all that makes up existence, its workings and its results on all levels,

'Consists of and runs on clean energy, without ever a trace of pollution.

'So is 'the' characteristic of life itself, of being's whole universal totality.

'All, without exception, is born from love and in turn want this to show.

'All in life mirrors solid goodness. How technically love is performing

'Is hard to grasp as you did lose the naturalness of a unifying wisdom

'That recognizes love as life's essence. So perfection went out of sight.

'When You now see Me this radiant and, correctly, take that for real,

'You've the option to surrender to and follow up on what is so in you.

'Which is your inkling of goodness and love as on earth it is known.

'Yet pleasing and welcome in My eyes, it is far removed from a fully

'Mirroring the total integration of My love essence in life's structure.

'In the universe, it's openly manifested that each participant in life

'Has but one joy and one goal. It's to happily show how great life is!

'The distinct components of life participate with ever-novel shapes.

'Never ever will any contact they make not echo the common joy.

'It's for an earthling like you that I have to describe facts this way.

'You still operate as products of a one-time-only 'pseudo-creation'.

'Yet now you hear the full truth! As often stated, the human race

'Came about to explore challenging Me with free will and choice.

'By allowing this I did test Myself: Will My reaction remain love?

'I chose, as you know, to permit evil to come to its full fruition, so

'Possible ideas of life not equaling love wouldn't be entertained

As viable option. You told the story! In the present cycle of life I

'Expanded My being by including the human situation. It meant

'That My being human is permanent part of My I AM's fullness.

'Do not get Me wrong. The choice to stay involved with a world

'That keeps denying and ignoring Me seems completely unreal.

'Yet I did this from evil's very beginning. You can testify to this!

'Now a later human generation uprooted normal functioning

'My whole structure as Love and Wisdom was badly attacked.

'Yet I will never stoop to the level of confusion, evil and chaos.'


'One day, learning will be over, when all evil has been portrayed

'Exhaustively. That means, it does not need to ever be repeated.

'Even possible vague ideas of doubting Me will fully evaporate.

'My structure changes in that all not-love will be removed from

'What is negative and their products. It creates a new situation.

'Life's edifice now features the futile effort of letting it collapse.

'The end happens not by magic, by a sleight of My divine hand.

'I have lessened My density for humans, enabling them to turn

'Life away from and against Me. Yet I did remain Myself as the

'One Proper by not deserting the Negative State. I care for all.

'This human cycle ends. The path I take isn't easy for you; yet,

To say it again: be assured I do always know what I am doing!'

It's such a comfort for us, living today on planet earth

Where decency, beauty and love seem often defeated

And atrocities committed by humans do not taper off,

That evil is a one-time shot. It will never be repeated.


'Life' and 'existence' are big words. What do I talk about?

Is this philosophy, theology or whatever sort of science?

Is it understandable? I know now, it is. We can grasp life.

Yet, what enables us to do this; which part of us does it?

Life is a given; we all have it. Yet it can seem a mystery.

Even if life evolved from 'scratch': what is that scratch?

From a human perspective life looks large and strange.

Nothing of it escapes; alive or dead, all does fill a space.

Somehow, life holds on to itself; also as matter it is so.

Life is on the move, so the question will still be asked:

Who made the first move and how began awareness?

We can simplify it and react like we see it in children,

'Eh, I'm here; that matters. Just try to enjoy yourself.'

We can choose to be good people who do their best.

We can use our energy to fight evil and all negatives

Without grasping how life's multiple parts function.

Should we get it? Or is it perhaps 'the' earth tragedy

That we, in the midst of life, are still disconnected

From its source, You, in spite of the tiny remnants?

Our groping to make sense isn't just piecemeal but

A waste, as life in general and our own person stay

An enigma: unless we receive proper information.

I pause and wait... What will You explain of You being the rightness of all that is?

You say I should not go overboard with denouncing all the happenings on earth.

Indeed, nothing is comparable there with the scope of reality in other universes.

It must satisfy You that our fabricators fail to eliminate completely true Reality.

To be suitable for their purpose, they had to use their human genes and tissue.

In those, Your life force remains. To their great sorrow they had to accept that.

They mutilated what they could, yet undoing life itself was outside their power.

For that, they hate You passionately. It hides their failing in what they live for.

Yet in the midst of the rubble of life gone astray in our galaxy, there still is life!

Remaining in us is a deep longing to feel at home in our lives, the best we can.

In all of history, humans tried to find divine signs in nature, in events or inside.

Most true life they uncovered is immediately confiscated by negative forces.

Nothing we can trust as pure, proper, right, just or beautiful: it can be a trap.

But this must not stop us from following a path that uses data of true Reality.

Despite technical advances, life's total structure is elusive for human insight.

Yet our longing is for real. To feed it, we can see in beautiful things or justice

Being done, or in plain happiness, a clear correspondence with Your nature.

Usually, humans judge life by moral standards: Is this right or is this wrong?

We continuously use validations proving our viewpoint is proper all along.

The trap here is that when we are judging even the evil things that we hate,

We cannot honor You or Your wisdom unless we scrape ego from our plate.

Doing this, the need for judging wanes and we can focus on our life's goals.

The truth is: right or wrong is immaterial; Your closeness measures value.

So, no use giving up! We have the chance to listen to Your gently whisper:

'Go on, I am with you'. If this may seem childlike, our stubborn trust in being

On the right track while having to keep laboring uphill, then I say, so what?


'Throughout all history on earth and, of course, also in your 'hell's',

'I am painted as a wrathful sort of master who attacks enemies or

'Deviations from My rules, so all in life must fear My raging fire.

'It's thought people must bravely accept disasters or suffering as

'Punishments coming from Me. That way you'll be cleansed and

'Purified, the one condition for being reconciled with the divine.

'Then, there are your solar systems and their cosmic explosions,

Storms, thunder or cataclysmic events raging feverishly all over.

'Fire devours what crosses its path. Many do blame Me for that.

'Wrong! It is offensive that even the need to imply that in some

'Shape or form I'm involved in something destructive comes up.

'It's absurd to see Me as a source of what is dark, or to project

'In Me on a grand scale what those who deny Me did concoct.

'They do find themselves in more and deeper deadly darkness.

'In order to make sense of the chaos they cause, I am blamed.'

'Any bloody story in so called `holy scriptures' is totally false when ascribed to Me.

'It mirrors and describes the falsity the 'hell's' of humans pollute My image with.

'As if I can harbor violence! If I did, I would not be different than any evil powers.

'The cosmic energies, holding life's structure together are a purely positive force.

'Nothing is forced on anything as necessity. All comes from a desire to be part of

'Sustaining and contributing to glorious living. It reflects My light and strength.

'It joins with all the other elements the celebration that for them being in life is.

'Nothing is passive, tired or needing a boost. Every 'heavens' is totally healthy.

'Flamboyantly, they wave to Me that they are O.K. and do want to keep going.

'And I wave back, sending flames of My spirit as supply for all creative energy.

'You know this, when you meet with Me now or later and pay close attention.

'It became clear to you that problems come from you but that as human you

'Can screen what's dark in you and can learn what's right or not good for all.

'Closeness to Me is a choice. You can invite My peace as a force, as waves of

'Well-being inside you, regardless of negative situation that you'll encounter.

'You'll know what's right and that I, being Proper, observe only by that light,

'Also in your temporary states of being mixed up in your earthly disarrays.

'And what about My 'enemies'? I am the Healer, not their destroyer.

'Nothing can stop that I am light. It burns in all My manifestations.

'Do realize that My fire and the darkness aren't of equal strength.

'By closing their eyes for the glow of My spirit, your ancestors did

'Find themselves in a new, self-imposed state of all over isolation.

'In it, they experimented and ignored the principles of My nature.

'Abusing the ingredients of My nature's real fire, they managed

'Forging structures that must serve as an alternative to Reality.

'They succeeded. See how human societies bluntly exclude Me.

'You know darkness coming in is contingent on shutting off light.

'Truth and lies are not family. Abused fire stokes the 'rebellion'.

'It's 'stolen', used as theirs in shaping earthly humans' 'reality'.

'What you get out of reading all this, is that now you'll never

'Have to consider any more any of evil's insinuations or lies.

'Treasuring this in your heart and mind will feed the flame of

'Knowing that your person is safe in life's eternal structure I

'Dwell in, I share and shine with with all who are My lovers.

'Those who ran or run away from Me are all doing it in vain.

'Those not abusing My fire, letting it purify them, are safe.

'All who abuse it, bring the 'last judgment' on themselves.'

Up till here, You seem intent to instruct me.

You are as a teacher who just loves to teach;

As an artist whose whole passion is beauty;

As a leader who envisions a universal bliss.

But actually, is it not the other way around?

All those who feel enlightened, 'are' as You.

They operate from Your fire within them.

You look so self-assured. You're radiating

Deep caring. I have complete trust in You.

The doubts I can have don't relate to You.

They stem from my frustration about the

Too-narrow range in my ability to clearly

Verbalize the pure intensity of Your glow.


For me, space dares my imagination to soar.

To belong to life's one volume is 'out of sight'.

We may approach reality mathematically.

It is on a level average people cannot reach.

I ask what it means that everything 'is' space.

You remind me You've explained this before.

Increasingly I see that all that occurs, also

Our meeting, is structured, isn't just there.

The name Proper, of Beauty, Right and Just

Indicates all in space is of the same quality.

It means that, for instance, nothing in life is

Of minor value. All lives up to being right.

The spirit of the universe equals Your style.

What is, fits harmoniously into the total.

This fact colors every detail and fragment.

It proudly shows life's solidity in all that is.

Any function, position or volume is a chance

To let Your endlessness materialize as them.

For us humans it is difficult to not question

That limitless space serves as a safe haven.

How we know that this vast volume that's

Enclosing us is a secure and good edifice?

Why dare we imagine that it only contains

Youthful excitement and novel chances?

There's no waste in it or a possible failing.

Nothing in it has to be feared. You tell me

That space can't show anything negative

As all its elements have their origin in You.

As humans we do keep on probing what we call space.

We wonder whether other forms of sentient life exist.

And possibly, if they do, they may be frightened by us

When they notice our contorted image of Your face.

Space, the fifth of the twelve elements of full reality,

Is not a matter of distance, speculation or even faith.

If we avoid earth-centeredness in our explorations,

We can be granted a full view of full celestial sights.

Earth shows an isolated, pathetically limited, place.

It's hard to picture it as a part of a well-run cosmos.

The Negative, evil, forces barely hold life together;

They are all caricatures of space's happy dynamics.

Human individuals have a few decades to wonder

What it's all about, to fill a certain place and time.

We can choose to follow up on heaven's prodding.

If not, we waste being in life before going yonder.

That humans produced such an ugly chaos is only allowed for the sake of free exploring.

The Negative State is modeled after the Positive State: as opposite and as an alternative.

Only You, the total of the Positive State, know precisely the depth of our darkness here.

You claim what is displaced. You enter its core. All those affected You do welcome back.

How majestic is reality's structure. You offer resurrection to what looks beyond repair.


That all connects, communicates, is logical, considering Your name Proper.

It is an inspiring situation that wherever we look or find ourselves situated

We are in the right spot for branching out with our full personal potential.

All words spoken, all desires shared, all touching and working together, it

Can fit to strengthen all. It is a comfort that in the real world all is in place,

That Reality truly reflects Your fourth face. Though it's not easy for us to

Imagine us people mutually loving freely and openly as their way of living.

You state that all structures are modeled after You as You do cover all life.

I do clearly see You as an energetic woman, youthful in spirit.

Your body exudes a happiness matching Your fine features.

Not one disturbance shows in Your calm yet vivacious face.

So like You are, so are Your emanations in other dimensions.

Still hidden from our view and knowledge, they mirror You.

They're wholesome, strong and in every way an open book.

Their connecting is like singing, melodious and hitting right

Notes; always sounding delightful, showing love's in the air;

And any touch, any word, is a song. In all connecting is Your

Presence as Love and Truth; as Proper and Beauty, and the

four other faces You will show me. They're all full splendor.

I know it's useless to dream up images of particular features in the full Reality.

My brains are twisted. More importantly, I am not ready for it. If I could enter

Any other dimension, I would stick out as a sore thumb. I'm self-centered and

To the bone contaminated, so how would I be capable to communicate there?

Yet, once, I had unexpectedly some personal glimpse when I felt ascending

to a gate through which I was allowed to enter a zone of the Positive State.

It was very short and 'dense'. It was hard to grasp. All that I could glance at

Was a highly energetic, everyone-involving yet smooth-flowing busyness.

Colors and shapes were sharply defined. I saw there huge crowds moving

Moving around, mingling on what clearly functioned as a public square.

I couldn't really focus in those few seconds. Yet at that time it floored me.

Why? Because it truly was another dimension opening up in front of me.

Now, I think of it as probably a forecourt we will move to after our death.

I didn't get any particular attention. Yet instantly I felt I belonged there.

I don't think I could have handled more; I'm poor in grasping such things.

Even if I try hard I can't find adequate words to describe this one scene.

You look at me, amused and say, 'What nonsense! Why trying to express

It with earthly words? Visiting with Me is the full Reality, verbalized or not.'

Now this sinks in, I realize that not for a second I must do this writing

On my own, as all insights come from You, if I allow those in my space.

In listening is my value and wisdom. Even if I can't describe the beauty

Of the full reality and what goes on there more than I did; yet, a vision

Like I was given that time still means a lot. I draw comfort from Your

Fourth name and being shown the sphere of it in a way I can process.

Many people have come up with ideas about You and life's structure.

Yet You convinced me that You truly like me to know fully Reality's

Ins and outs in all their endless wideness, provided I truly want this.


I see You clearly. Your standing close seems to

Emphasize that what You will say is important.

'I will speak about Myself,' You say. 'About My

'Moving forward, ever changing and progressing.

'I know the familiar concept people have: that I

'Am the same forever and ever and never change.

'As Love and Truth, that is correct. Yet now I add

'That My nature includes your human endeavor.

'If besides Me other life exists, poses a pertinent

'Question. I've raised that issue Myself. Openly.

'Making room for answering the question was

'the challenge I chose to face as you well know.

'What's related to pursuing a life without Me

'seems one wasted effort. Its price is very high.

'It looks like a regressing that My visibility on

'earth is limited and cannot be enjoyed fully.

'Yet remember, it's a one-time-only occurrence,

'My position being once and for all challenged.

'It was a giant step to a totally new situation,

'in which existence itself is shaken to the core.

'The emergence of evil's cancer did amount

'to an indirect attack on My being One Holy.

'I face it, not by withdrawing or forcing an

'end to it. I don't stoop to negative methods.

'Negative forces do follow their own course.

'I expose Myself to it and I seem to become

'Its 'victim'. By doing that, I did enter their

'inner and outer space, showing Who I am.'

Our concept of time tells us we're all on the move.

Nothing stands still, and that frequently includes

The possibility that our situations won't improve

But like our bodies at one point become unglued.

The opposite is time being processed in 'heaven'.

There, time measures our understanding of God.

Your'e young when you need to learn still more.

Or old, when finding truth you honestly sought.

'I tell you that what seems to go downhill is a part

'Of adding to fullness. Regression is non-existing.

'The Negative State's doings do serve My nature.

'Shaking the basis of life by turning against Me,

'They involuntarily reinforced it fundamentally.

'Their 'success' like violence, death and denying

'Me, shows My nature as right and as enduring.

'You can intuit within you, whether that what I

'Say is indeed true, reliable and universally real.

'The element Progression states I always move

'To more glory. Responding to evil changed Me.

'The universe adjusts. It admires My reaction.

'Progress on earth occurs when I am invited.

'All other changes will be spiritually doomed.

'In all of the multi-verse, My nature prevails.

'My absoluteness as Love is adored. All do

'Reflect gloriously that I, life's one I AM, am

'Moving forward through all and everyone.

'Can you see that moving on is progression

'Based exclusively in Me, and is irreversible?'


'Perhaps,' You say, 'this is the aspect easiest to grasp of My structure.

'Nothing hangs loose, so to speak, or is without an impact on others.

'However, the law of cause and effect, as you call it, is very involved.

'The effecting all particles in life's grand scheme do, identifies them.

'This has to do with My structure. It all reflects My universal nature.

'Effect happens not by chance, from casual and occasional touches.

'Effecting is life's prime function. It may cause goodness or wisdom.

'It happens not automatically. It always is based on choices made.

'You take atoms dancing or a skin forming cells as a biological fact.

'Yet it's more. All ongoing activity joins the life celebrating parade.

'For those with awareness, it is a pure joy to exercise influencing.

'Voluntarily they share or discuss their desire for swaying things.

'If what they are involved in loses attraction, they replace those.

'Those replaced do happily move on to focus on new adventures.

'Influences people have on others are recognized and treasured.

'You see that My name, Proper, Just and of Beauty is universal?

'Will any structure stand if not well designed and properly built?

'Being a faulty product causes so many miseries on your planet.

'By avoiding My presence your ancestors turned things around.

'For instance, your solar system: it's out of sync, you can rightly say.

'Yes, that is the reason for earthquakes and other natural disasters.

'The objective was preventing their offspring to grasp real reality.

'For a time, they were extremely proud of the world they created.

'Many today do realize that their days of full reign are numbered.

'The earth won't reclaim glory, as it never was right to begin with.

'No, I prepare a cycle of time that will surpass all and include all.

'It will show the final positive effect of the human drama on life.

'The negative efforts will run their course and end up being empty.

'In the meantime on earth, evil forces panic, wanting total control.

'Corruption rules your systems. What's positive is a breakthrough.

'It gives Me joy when in your darkness the rays of truth penetrate.

'Be assured, each touch of the true Reality has everlasting effect.'

I wish I could be all-around productive and see results when trying to help out.

It sure would give me great satisfaction when despite weakness, I can be proud.

It seems a healthy desire to be effective as contribution to the well-being of all.

Even with no clear defined motivation, it responds to a very basic creative call.

The first humans meant well when looking at the outside of creation's edifice.

Yet, absorbed by a passion to achieve, they chose to neglect their hesitations.

We can't undo their disastrous setup. Earthly life will always be treacherous.

Yet we can, rather than focus on doom, keep rejecting evil and gladly move on.


'From free will you chose to be saved,' You said. I knew You were kidding

Because the religious word 'being saved' never meant anything to me.

'The point is, nothing exists that is not a product of choices, aware or not.

'Freely made decisions mirror My nature. There's no forced love or truth.

'As I said often, the slavery you encounter on earth is all a result of your

'Ancestors' choice to prioritize externals and sever ties with My sources.

'As one of their products, you're moving in a cage as it were; chained to

'Gravity, physical limits and cross-wired brains. Yet it's no doom or fate.

'It's a challenge! Because what makes you eternal is being of My image,

'Is the freedom you have, even if only used to doubt all earth's falsities.

'What is most important for you, is not to focus on the limitations you

'Have as fa human, but to keep realizing My closeness. I'm all-freedom.

'`Being saved' is a too passive expression. I am not a savior for anyone,

'I am within all. This statement can also inspire you: I love to be your model.

'You can choose to let My spirit come out of the many closed closets in your

'Systems' in which your fabricators or their minions still try to lock Me up.

'What did get lost on earth is the sense that all functions anywhere reflect

'My composition. Therefore, you have also the freedom to not accept this.

'Deliberations or discussions in 'heaven' happen from a position of total

'Openness, respect and joy; as a mutually fruitful teaching and learning.'

'Nothing is gained from suppressing any private wish to ask and explore.

'The human race was specifically brought into existence by Me so that

'This could be illustrated. In the course of their.....'

I stopped listening, because I suddenly wonder why again I hear

You talk about what happened to our human race far in the past.

I look at You and ask You about it. You suggest We do continue,

as what You say is information that needs a presence on earth.

You remind me, mentioning the fragile structure of our planet,

That hearing why this is leads to insights into what life means.

'During the human explorations their focus became life's externals

'As an alternative to Me. They willfully did ignore so many truths.

'They can pursue their 'impossible' quest until, at one point, every

'Question will receive an answer; however painful it's going to be.'

I can see now that, to provide answers, they had to be allowed

to have their lies run full course, even if this would hurt badly.

You became directly involved in the drama of our human race.

You also promise all will end well as Your love will stand firm.

I hit walls when My thoughts can't go further. It's frustrating.

It is also scary at times. If I seek to grasp more, You'll say, it's

Up to me! So, in the midst of personal conflicts, I will not ask

You for help but I tell You what I really would like to happen.

I learn that sharing with You is 'the' answer, is 'the' solution.

What more can I do with my freedom than to let

You know I feel stuck and that my wish is to still

Hold on to my feelings that You know and care.

During our visits I sense the realness that all in

Real life cooperate to always make things solid.

It works as free choices of individual or group.

What science may discover when researching

Our confinement in isolated space, only leads

To the conclusion that any reaction is chosen.

There is no place where happily working together

Is not anyone's desire. Particles and units can use

Their freedom to support the whole: like You do.


When in our personal life things hit home in a negative way,

like failures, pain or fears, we have a choice how w'll react.

But do we really have free will? We can't dictate emotions.

We can be trapped in behaviors that notoriously do hurt.

Yet You like us taking heart, even smile with quivering lips.

Because of You, our safety is closer than around the corner.

Happiness or joy can be seen as just iffy feelings.

It all depends how deep in reality they're rooted.

When I do see You, Your joyfulness is so obvious.

My heaviness of heart fast dissipates before You.

Weaknesses may linger, but Your glow endures.

The secret I learned is: to let You be You in me.

Only then can I truly understand the person I am.

It is the same for everyone, so I better not judge.

Is there any impropriety in the Positive State, or

are 'Just' and 'Proper' absolutes; no contrasts?

It's difficult to figure out the ways things visible

or spiritual are constructed and how they're able

to happily cooperate. You say to always keep in

mind that earth shows the one 'living' exception.

All the universes know to always joyfully relate.

It sounds too good to be true that anything there

has the right place in a safe and happy structure.

I am not doubting You, how otherworldly Your

appearance may seem. Your radiance is so real!

With You as model, life is as an ongoing party in

which everyone can express their festive mood.

Proper, Right and of Beauty paint Your totality.

You say, this fullness is 'the' reason for laughter.

We miss it here, where joys partner with tears.

Will I get used to this all-lightness You radiate?


In this eleventh of life's twelve elements I am reminded of Your structure's all-inclusiveness.

Nothing is not part of the universe's edifice or not part of how all segments jointly perform.

It's our privilege as life-forms relative to You, to receive our unique place and awareness so

we can branch out and engage in shaping a life that in our way mirrors Your all-round beauty.

It's Your dwelling in our systems as the One Who is in all that exists

the source, road and lively center that enables us to feel life's bliss.

We, on earth, are at a loss of how the Positive State looks. Yet now,

seeing You, I can imagine all as distinct with their special features.

Here, being-unlike-others can kill. It cries out for tolerance and real

compassion. You tell me an all-over differentness is very important.

In 'heaven' are clones nor phonies, no goals set up to make one fail,

no expectation but being genuine in freely taking part in the whole.

This is Your attitude towards life. Your being never separates what

You think, show and treasure. We don't bore You as long we're 'us'.

Some people saw scenes in 'heaven'. My only impression was short.

There was a busyness without tension, showing multi-coloredness.

Some describe You as sitting on a throne. Indeed, in all, You're life's

central force. The light of Your seven candles has all of reality shine

with a surprising glow. So all that exists does relate to Your 'throne'.

Nothing occupies the same spot. It'll make everyone an individual.

It's liberating for me to realize my value is in the acceptance of my

particular features; a joy is in that tiny life-form that is my person.

I may dream of a future paradise, everything plenty and in place.

Yet the future becomes past now I dwell in Your grand presence.

It can be stated that You appear to each of us on our level.

We can't oversee Your total volume so You adjust to ours.

Our 'not yet' is not true. You're not 'there', or once a while

bridging a gap, bowing down graciously to our lowly state.

Reality is that You 'are' the all-variety, also in all distances.

In all respects, You are more than the sum of what exists.

We are all manifestations of You and You live through us.

You recognize in us Yourself and see in us Your presence.


Is the word 'splendid' more appropriate than 'beautiful'

to describe Your shine that covers all the universes in

existence with a glow that does and will not diminish?

What words do angels use or other speaking entities

in the rest of creation? We say, 'They all do praise You'.

Can they adequately express how beautiful You look?

I say, 'You are 'beautiful', yet I go by earthly standards.

You can far transcend the sum of what we imagine as

Your glorious, all-of-life-including divine appearance.

It's easier using negative words and say that You are

not like anything we imagine. Or that Your fullness is

shown as tiny glimpses. When You visit me and I can

'see' You, there's an overwhelming sense of harmony.

It never fails. It is as peaceful as throbbing with life.

There's no fear in me when You're close. Earlier I've

backed off because I dared not face You too openly.

But that's gone. Any direction in my thinking leads

to being aware of Your features as Love and as Real.

It's all so proper, right and precisely fitting together.

Your sharing Yourself with all that exists, if we let it,

defies the control of negative forces, as You like to

relate to us as to Yourself. Therefore, the variety!

I keep going, wondering with increasing gratitude.

I am grateful You show me Your perfect structure

that's proper, right, of beauty, and tell me that all

are welcome in life's one edifice, of which You are

spirit, mind and body, allowing us to be as mirrors

reflecting Your all-harmony on Your three levels.

I guess I'll need the rest of my life to figure out what

all this really means in terms of my limited person.

But then, maybe, You don't at all expect that of me.

You just grant me this intimate contact, the seeing

of Your fullness. I hardly believe I experience this

closeness to You and can even add it to this site.

Whether other people read it, is not my business.

I just wonder if and how this can get an audience.

I won't avoid publicity but feel not in charge of it.

I will just keep going: with increasing gratitude.