The Old and The New 'Prayer' Writing 10


... "Lifting up My names, treasuring and hallowing them, right away positions you correctly. It is not just reaching out to Me. It is unequivocally stating that You know life's 'secret' source and purpose. It recognizes with excitement that life is within My fullness and includes the all-understanding-transcending aspect of reality. Treasuring My names, hallowing them, addresses what is beyond addressing and what does not need understanding, because it is Life itself. I do not ask you to relate to some mysterious aspect of Me. No, I offer you to place yourself with what you are and are aware of, within My I AM. Or even stronger, I invite you to express with words your joyful acceptance of Me as the central reality of your person."

"When you do not look at how great I am in general but marvel at Me being great through and in yourself, then this eighth component, effect, comes powerfully alive. Praising My names, even the one indicating My 'not-nameable', amounts to hugging life as such and being hugged by it. It includes you being a factor that causes, brings about and changes things. You are one bundle of effects with all that you are, do, or not do. You are this, as much as you also are affected by all that's around. People like to make a clear distinction between direct and indirect effect. I say, side with 'direct', because in and through Me you are in a way everything's and everybody's 'lover' like I am that for all; and they all are it for you. Being a 'lover' sure qualifies for having and being a strong effect, don't you think?"

"Do not make the mistake to merely take yourself as a part of life without a definite, independent, free and unique identity, or as just being a temporary appearance that will blend again into the totality as if it never existed. If that were so, I would not have you and all creation 'before' Me or I could not love you personally and passionately. Which I do! You shaping yourself and your effect on your environment is not merely an incident in time but a glorious representation of My nature. Once a human being is in life, she or he is as Me, free to spend energy, express love, affect this or that way. It is part of life's twelve elements. My being One Holy does not change this. To the contrary! My 'beyond you' aspect keeps loving and adoring Me ever fresh, intriguing and awesomely beautiful. What more thrill and honor than to be taken seriously and treated as partner by the One Who is the ever joyful receiver of your affection as well as being the I AM of all!"

"Even on earth, the statement that everything somehow effects everything is accepted and, to a point, verifiable. 'Being effect' raises the question what the first factor was that got the machinery of the universe going. What 'caused' life, in other words? Many people are willing to connect My name to the mystery of life's origin; mostly by lack of something or someone else to blame or to praise. I ask you to not just put on your thinking cap, but to open up all your faculties so you hear what I say: I am the cause of all that exists because I want and desire it. I want a reality like Myself before Me, to love and laugh with, and see it respond and develop on its own accord. Let this statement vibrate in you. It will activate your eighth component and have you identify yourself as a free agent and desired partner, as unique cause and effect. This way, Me being what people call the prime mover and reason of existence becomes something you can and should relate to personally. You yourself mirror this awesome issue of how life came about. Do not try to step outside that occurrence, because it renders your thinking impotent."

"All in existence is equipped to create its own usefulness and effect. Your eighth component allows you to do it. In this sense, you are the center of your world. It does not mean you are the I AM of life. You mirror Who I am. This is implied in the first 'prayer' and statement. You do not realize it, but honoring Me with your love and joy for being in life is the most profound effect you have in the universe. It enriches the song all others sing, as it comes from one, you, of the products of the human race that as only segment in creation challenged My unknowable first name. It causes celebrations in the Positive State."

"It is obvious that, in general, the way human beings on earth radiate, cause and affect is not to be trusted. Even with good intentions, much harm can be done. And what can be an honest desire to be positive will be attacked, poisoned and detoured by the forces of the Negative State attached to people on earth. What, however, they cannot stop you or anybody from doing is seeing yourself in the center 'from where all blessings flow', from where all positive effecting flows. Saying again and again that you treasure My names sets the tone for this."



... "I do not have to tell you that love cries out for having effect. It is its very essence to connect, embrace and influence. It bubbles with desire to be close, to touch and be as much involved as possible. Love approaches everything with the expectation that the result will be positive, powerful, rewarding for all parties involved; and unique. Even the longing for gratification in what you call 'sick' fantasies or perversions is still manifesting an inner drive for connecting and being involved."

"It has been impossible for the fabricators of your human generation to rein in the nature of wanting to make a point. Therefore, existing and taking up space comes with an automatic urge to defend, as well as extend it. This often is called the survival instinct. But actually, its origin is being an expression of love that wants to share and enrich. Except in the Negative State, love-expressions between humans are exclusively positive on all levels. No touch is offensive and no desire hidden. Since having effect is a component of My nature, it is an ingredient of your nature, too. 'Love' is the name for the essence of Who I am. And so it can be for you."

"When I spoke of My kingdom, I intended to evoke associations with a well-organized society and a way of living with safety, protection and cooperation for bringing out the best in all. It was spoken to those having to live in the basically hostile and fragile structures of the 'Zone of Displacement'. As My nature changed by including the human nature in My experiencing Myself, it became possible for all people on earth to meet Me on their level. You know the peace and warmth My presence brings you. It is right to relate My 'reign' to My being only Love, and to bring this out in the open as radiantly as it feels inside of you."

"You have access on your spiritual level to the worlds in which the dynamics of affecting and causing for each particle and person work in perfect harmony. Each part is respected for its unique contribution, and therefore welcomed with what it has to offer and for its help in shaping reality. There are no exceptions. Saying that love is all-involving, or that the impact of My 'kingdom' is all over, is the same. Being a willing effect as part of being in life keeps your person full of energy, self-worth, pride, with the desire to love more."

"Erasing this sense of importance, pride and responsibility from their sentient creations, the Negative State could not. What they did was to direct it into narrow, self- or group-centered channels. Besides the fact that they managed to convert the power and influence one has into intimidating hierarchical and fear-producing attitudes and regulations. For instance, what you call making love is widely degraded to and riddled with self-serving compulsiveness and many animal-like urges and features. And by the way, it was experimenting with other life-forms, from micro-organisms to animals your ancestors did that had them come up with creatures, human enough to represent them and mutilated enough as to have no clue as to who they were. Extensive information about this is in the books of The New Revelation."

"Being able to effect as an element of one's nature is primarily used as a tool for self-protection, self-enrichment and control. But also remaining passive or doing 'nothing' sends out as many 'ripples' as throwing one's weight around. Being in life equals having effect. It should be your pride and glory that you are important and contribute. Nothing in My world is second class. The brokenness on earth is such that all the love one can muster cannot undo the damage deliberately done to the human form and its ability to operate positively. Yet, this does not take away the freedom as an individual to daily replenish one's system on the spiritual level. There, one can breathe in the invigorating fragrance of being an active member of the family of a mankind that plays such a crucial role in the universe."

"From your spiritual center, love can penetrate all corners of your internal self and feed your thoughts, wishes and actions. Most of the time, you're unaware of the precise effect you have on others. And keep in mind that human standards of being powerful, important or a mover and shaker are irrelevant. Only the desire and willingness to be a factor that represents love and truth, the reality of life, fits the 'old prayer' that My kingdom come. Check your mind's and hands' activities whether they serve love. Consider anything else than that comes out of you, a bad investment."



... "What I said about My being Love as the all-affecting factor in what exists is most intimately linked with My being Truth as the only reality that exists. As I told you often, love is the essence of all life, including Me. Truth is the substance of it. It is, I am, the actual occurrence of all life. Everything is relative to Me as Love and as Truth. This has as effect that everything mirrors My nature. Naturally, you would say! For you and all on earth it means that wanting to be in line with true reality is pure wisdom. It is your channel for bringing every aspect of your life to fruition."

"On earth, nothing is what it seems; nothing can be trusted and nothing can be unconditionally counted on. Wisdom realizes this, because it's based on honesty and being realistic with one's self. It opens windows to the true goings-on and dynamics in the universe. Wisdom always finds Me. It is the only source for understanding oneself. It is practicing the third 'prayer' about My will to be done, also on earth. This is not an admonition for acceptable behavior. Of course, respect for all life-forms and investing in what is good for all is a welcome side effect. But I meant more when I gave this prayer."

"I reveal in it that My will is the reason for reality existing and that the 'marriage' of Love and Truth generates the energy for the cause-and-effect nature of life. What shows up when the two unite is that love increases in depth and reality expands by beautifying all aspects of the universe. This is not negotiable. I am the I AM. My will is the 'is' of life. There only is one truth and one reality, Me. You are part of it; of Me. This realization can liberate you and make whatever you radiate and cause a correspondence to what My world, 'heaven', is all about. Doing My will originates in your spirit, where truth dwells in its least polluted form."

"It is difficult to do this on earth. But not impossible. Having effect is an element of your nature, so you can 'own' it and let it guide you in a positive direction as much as possible. The pitfall here is that many use this part of their nature mainly to protect or enrich themselves, or to only promote the values or social structures they happen to believe in. You are truly and powerfully effective when you choose to reflect how I touch everything. This will result in more humbleness, caution and a deepening of your desire to have everything in your world be open, honest and supportive of each other. You wonder whether it is not enough that people just try to be good and positive. Do they have to be consciously aware that they reflect My nature? Let Me address the question."

"For one, when I mention 'many', 'others' or 'some', it is not food for judging. I do not judge in the first place, and for you being critical of others, feeling above or 'wiser' than them, is a fruitless mind activity. These 'others' or 'many' are in the oneness of all, too. So when I mention them, it invites you to learn about yourself and your possible pitfalls. Beyond that, this Writing, even if you do not address an audience or think of publishing it, does represent the truth I speak. My word is now present even if nobody but you reads it! Do not kid yourself. All of Me affects all that exists. Also in ways quite beyond your human ways and techniques."

"Many illustrate the effects of the Negative State. Especially in areas that are so easily overlooked. Nothing is unpolluted on earth. The lies and falsities are embedded in all aspects of human functioning and thinking. Seeing life from My perspective will increase the desire to rely on My presence, in order to gain wisdom. Plus, it gives you the assurance that all is covered by My will and My truth. Darkness, in all its distressing forms, is denial of what is universally true. That dark night on earth, or should I say, that nightmare, is ending."

"The question whether people have to realize My presence is relevant in the sense that, indeed, I do not ask people first to formulate who I am and figure out My will before doing it. In everything the truth operates. As you say, I, being Truth, contain the universe. So when people sense what is coded in their own nature and listen to their deepest instincts about what is right and sincere, then, without knowing Me personally, they do know Me. You understand that? They live My will, true life. I am not a concept or a divine figure to be worshiped. I am life itself; their life, your life, all life. All has its unique identity. So what is genuine, sincere, truthful, caring and positive in what one does, thinks or intends, qualifies as making love to Me. It advances the full reality on earth."



... "Food is given so you can live on by eating it. It is the fuel for your system. So is air. And so am I for you and for all that is in life. From Me streams the force that allows everything to evolve. Effecting, and in its wake the evolution into the myriads of different structures and configurations, portrays My nature. The how, when, where and why everything functions has to do with My energy being 'food'. My fourth name, Proper, says that I am Right, of Beauty, Just and Happy. All in creation, seeing and treasuring this, do not waste an ounce of energy by worrying about or doubting the strength, purity, supply and abundance of what they use for perfecting the magnificence of their personal existence, their societies and life in general."

"All are for hundred percent eager to make living together an extremely pleasant and interesting adventure. They are 'bread' for each other. All are aware of their particular position, power and radiation. They are not afraid of being an influence or being influenced. Nothing in existence is superfluous, unnecessary or could as well not have been around. It is pure joy that each and every one represents and contributes something special. All have this eighth element of life in them. It's there for humans on earth. But their reliability, uniqueness and effectiveness is highly curtailed, doubted, attacked, ridiculed or taken for granted. On earth, the power to affect others is not to be trusted as a source of well-being for all."

"Saying that I am Right and of Beauty, leaves no room whatsoever for anything not positive. It waves a blank invitation to join, to participate, to help construct the edifice of life in ways that is fulfilling for all. When you pray for daily bread, it points at all life's functioning coming from Me. It should alert to the fact that everything has an eternal and universal quality. This 'prayer' is cleverly used by the Negative State for its opposite. It keeps people down on their knees and in the begging mode, as if they are hungry children without any input and importance. In My world is no neediness. On earth it is everywhere. Reason is that effecting one another is hopelessly corrupt. This goes for nature, your body, people and society. Still, if the desire to do so is there, this component can be purified in order to act as nutrition."

"When you visited the other dimension, food was offered and you tasted it. You saw buildings that looked carefully designed. You learned that materials used were not 'dead' objects, but had in their structure a fluidity that made them adjust to optimal usefulness. You saw people doing things together. What a different picture presents this free flow of 'using' each other and things, compared with the inter-dependency on earth where a constant alertness is necessary in order not to be taken advantage of. Protection against others you need as much as needing others to help you survive. Keep in mind that no smell of control or neediness is given off by the fragrance of this eighth element."

"The structure of the real reality is such that all who participate in it do so out of freedom, joy, desire and without holding back. Why? Because the edifice of the universe shows My features. And who wouldn't be yearning with every cell and fiber to be part of not just living in it, but also to contribute to its beauty and grandness. The daily bread I asked you to 'pray' for, if you want it, enrolls you in the capable construction crew that builds reality. It is an influx into your system that never ceases to fill you with purpose, strength and importance. 'Eating' life as it comes from Me and breathing My spirit, effectively activates the factor in life that only you can be. Since this is universally so, you can see how all-around healthy the organism of existence is."

"Your religion has the tradition of sharing at times pieces of bread, symbolizing My empowering presence. Globally, poor people often share the little food they have. At festive occasions, the host proposes a drink. In general, eating and drinking can be a pleasant experience. But the need for bread on earth is also a painful reminder of your failing and of perverted structures and systems. Famines, greediness, political and business corruption, overindulgence, etc., show that food and its distribution fails to represent its eternal quality. The 'prayer', like your statement, teaches that the sustenance for true life is there. Eat Me, drink life and let every gesture you make be an embrace, each meeting a party and every visit with Me a banquet with the universe in attendance."



... "People have been confused about the link between the two parts of this 'prayer'. Asking Me, the divine power, to forgive them is one, but why the condition to do that to those needing forgiveness from them? The reason for this is to bring to people's full awareness that I am forgiveness personified; that I do not exclude anybody in My desire to have them as companion on the journey through life. Not being forgiven by Me, or avoiding to face the need for it as well as not forgiving others, creates a tension between the forward movement of life and one's nature of being effective. Clearly, carrying negative issues of the past hampers full availability in the present."

"Forgiving is more than settling a score in a benign and positive way. On earth, nothing is right, even if it is considered so by human standards. Being offered the power of forgiveness gives the perspective of eternity to human life. It says that brokenness and ugliness are not neutral or accidental occurrences but to be held accountable for. As I am accountable for being Who I am."

"Since all on earth are deeply affected by the way they are put together by the Negative State, I want them to know that something can be done with all health and well-being undermining elements, including the ones they create themselves. What can be done, is lifting up to Me all 'transgressions' one is involved in and aware of. I refer to all non-love actions of mind and body as well to spiritual ignorance and trusting others more than Me. 'Owning', taking responsibility for and telling Me about it means in a very personal way realizing that before Me darkness dissipates and that from the intimate moment with Me healing takes place; has taken place already by the fact that one wants to be in My light."

"Being a positive factor does not come from doing your best to be one. It comes from insisting to walk with Me, talk with Me and align with Me. You would not instantly know what to contribute to the universal wholeness if you had a chance to do so, do you? Do not worry about it. Cleaning out the debris in your own system, and not investing in anything negative around you, gives you plenty to do. When harmony shows up, treasure it. When you sense you use your power effectively, pursue it in that direction. Whether you are a blessing is not important to know. It is impossible for you to measure the effect you have in terms of what has eternal value."

"One criterion you can use in wondering whether what you do puts things on the track to more wholeness is the diminishing interest in negative thoughts, things and events. Attitudes tainted by resentment, blaming, complaining and the like, you will feel as less and less appealing and appropriate. Instead, you grow in understanding about where love is lacking and where lies enslave and corrupt. When you fall into step with the rhythm of real life, your vibrations, actions and what you give out unbeknownst to yourself, will cause disturbances around you in a positive way. Then, you are directly part of the unfolding of My wholeness. Emptying out all negative energy, and a forgiving approach to the wrongdoing of others as well as detaching yourself without rancor or fear from a realm you do not desire anymore, signals resurrection within your human generation and thus springtime for all alive."

"Taking a stance against anything destructive, belittling, exclusive, dishonest and crippling is an option while spending time on earth. It's most opportune to see yourself as part of the preparation for the new era, the new cycle of existence in which nothing dark and negative will have any place or effect. You, and whoever reads this, are in the process of being part of the unfolding of Reality right now. Desiring to be a positive factor in this, is a sign that your resurrection is taking place. Whatever in you is stuck won't be that way forever. Do not focus on where and when you may have failed the test of goodness and wisdom. Stay close to Me and let My companionship affect you. This keeps you moving on, growing and maturing. 'It went pretty fast in my case,' you say. Yes, and isn't it wonderful?"

E F F E C T #2


... "Don't you think that My healing touch is the most sought-after contact with Me? Reaching out to something 'divine' seems to come naturally for humans, even if they are not familiar with doctrines teaching this should be done. Like a child turns to a parent for protection or when it needs something, so cries for help are almost automatically sent in My direction. In some religions, My fame as source of healing has a central place. Other religions do not take Me as that generous and personal. In general, humans are aware of unreachable dimensions and tend to project into that space values, dreams and hopes in the form of gods or powers to fill the uncomfortable void."

"My fifth name is Healer. It is one of My seven faces or spirits. My nature is one of an ever-expanding, moving towards more and becoming more whole than I am already. There is no movement toward any destruction whatsoever. Death, being cut off from moving along as you experience it, is completely unnatural and a miserable distortion of what, elsewhere, is known as desired and happily anticipated transitions to new experiences. All creation is aware of the role these play in life's totality. All in it never desire a transition that would impede or interfere with the journey of others."

"My role in all this is not as a parent, coach or enabler. I am your lover, partner and supporter. I respect your freedom to choose. My nature as effect provides for the way life is processed, how its 'business' is done and how its for all exciting reality rolls along. Realize that all parts operate from their own center when affecting their environment. This causes you to feel as if the whole world turns around you. And in a way it does. You are unique and resemble Me as the center in all absoluteness. The word 'wholeness' does not indicate something of an end-station. It signifies the character of all that goes on. It includes the arriving as well as the journey. Wholeness is an occurrence in which you participate when you give it a chance."

"In 'heaven', one does not 'pray'. Why should one? I am always there with all. Not as an intruder or looking over shoulders but as the inner and outer presence of life, of life's liveliness, meaning and power, and this in such a personal and direct way that, yes, it is as having Me there as a friend. Even 'things' have My glow, are never 'dead' or immobile. To this, the 'prayer' points. It offers access to the road of real life and says that to travel it, things of the past must be brought to a love-filled closure."

"In the universe, worship, celebrations, festivities, etc., are unlimited. Gratitude, excitement and new ideas are freely expressed. You heard sounds that far exceed what you consider magnificent. No false or boring notes. This is a result of the deep enjoyment of the effects I have on all. My wholesomeness is mirrored back to Me in 'daily' and special offerings of love, joy and pride. Such is the wholesome and healing nature of the real reality."

"For you, 'praying' is done from a position in the midst of brokenness. It is such an abnormal situation. Yet forgiving, and knowing you are forgiven, fully restores the spiritual connection and clears its power lines from corrosion and interference. It may result in actual 'healing' in the areas of mind or body. So much illness is caused by tension, fear or anger clogging your system. As I told you several times, I do not heal. Connecting with Me has the effect that things can fall in place again as much as that is possible in the inherently imperfect human condition. My name 'Healing' therefore is for your human situation. For all universes it is the confirmation that all life is in the process of moving to more perfection. Yes, My wholeness unfolds."

"Do not look to Me for healing. Look at yourself, where you are stuck and want to get going again. Crucial for this is forgiving, letting go and accepting what cannot be changed in view of earthly corruption and mutilations. Do desire with your whole heart and mind to move towards a positive functioning in which all energies become golden touches of love, beauty and fullness. I do not give you a picture of some bright future, but describe the experience of My closeness and having Me as your travel companion. Also when you find yourself in a deep valley or dark alley. You can be not less effective there!"



... "Any manifestation as such is the result of being in existence. It is the effect of Me having wanted or, if you want, allowed a particular life-form to come into being. All that is in life causes constantly things to happen and change. This is because the eighth component of My nature is the nature of what emanates from Me. Effecting comes with the territory, so to speak. Nothing is dead, not influencing its environment or just there. When you see this clearly, you understand better My suggestion to 'pray' that I, the originator and purpose of life, will not lead you into temptation. It is to prevent that people put themselves on the throne because of their ability to shape, create, control, cause and effect. It is to prevent that their focus is monopolized by external events, which is what the Negative State is all about and loves to see you do."

"The universal oneness is violated when the external outside goings-on become life's standard-bearing goal. This causes separation from full interaction with your internal and spiritual aspects. And why is this a temptation, or what is the harm if people go for just showing the best they have to offer? The answer is that it is exactly this focus, pursued to the extreme that gradually created the Negative State."

"The exploration of one's nature as being able to have effect, to experiment with how far this goes or to test cosmic laws and energies, this in itself can be positive. When the question came up whether it is possible to have the outside, external reality stand on its own feet, without the interactions with life's other levels, some of your ancestors took the risk of not checking in with Me. They hid their intentions and avoided contacts with others. These steps led to a full-blown effort to detach themselves and their doings from My world. The result was that the world they put together - earth - has hardly any receptacle intact for seeing the positive, universal, perfect and all-including happiness of life as manifestation of My nature."

"The sixth 'prayer' does relate to life's external aspect. As you say it, everything is part of Me manifesting Myself. Do you recognize the temptation not to believe that? Most people keep guessing where I can be found, in case I am still considered as an active factor in life. Mostly, My impact is put on the back burner, in 'heaven' or an after-life, or I am elevated to the status of being a concept. This completely ignores My direct investment and closeness in things practical and material and in the happening of cause and effect. It's the Negative State's favorite approach. As you clearly witnessed in the other dimensions, My presence everywhere is the pride and joy for all who find themselves empowered to live to the fullest and to interact with material-, spiritual- and mind-energies as pleasantly as with friends and equals."

"It is so tempting for humans to think of Me as an idea, instead of living with Me as life's prime and final factor. When you wake up in the morning, it can be your first orientation to realize that all that you are and will encounter that day is marked by Me playing a role in it. This is because it's only through Me that existence takes place, even if this is completely denied, as many do on earth. Abusing the eighth component of life won't have it go away. You may not be able to pinpoint specific ways in which you affect others and the space around you. But trusting this element in you and wanting it to come out in positive ways gives you a solid basis for representing Me. It can comfort you to know that I am even glorified, in a paradoxical, indirect sense, by the endeavors of the Negative State."

"In a way, your world is an anti-world. I did not put it together. Yet you can draw much strength and joy from knowing that My nature of love and beauty could not be completely shattered and obscured. You can be transparent for this. Rejoice when you see it in others, in nature and in events. The real reality is still alive in spite of the distortions of its magnificent looks. In the context of this chapter, how can anything not be interactive, creative and showing the world its unique contribution to the whole? Therefore, to live on earth is not a somber, doomed or frustrating task. Being important as a special factor and fulfilling your mission is not to be measured by comparing or by human standards. It comes from you showing My nature as well as you can. Because of this, your world can show it and is still My world, however much it's 'unlike' or even anti My world. So go ahead. Do not try to stop Me from showing off in your person."



... "Even if energy could be kept dormant, you can imagine what an energy would be needed to contain it. Keeping My nature under cover is at the expense of tremendous tension, tightness and energy-use. People will agree that energy, in general, is the force moving existence along. It affects everything and keeps everyone and everything on its toes to perform, without itself ever diminishing its volume. I do not 'provide' the energy to have that happen. I 'am' the power in the all-affecting aliveness of life itself. There is no vacuum anywhere where nothing happens or where My presence does not touch."

"A clever device the Negative State uses is to separate what you call 'past' and 'future'. For you, these two cannot coexist. That the past affects the future seems self-evident to humans. The other way around seems questionable at least. Expectations or beliefs about the future influence functioning today, but being able to change the course of the past seems impossible to human logic. It would ultimately mean that the future and the past can overlap. Which actually is the case! But on earth, the earthly time factor splits reality in the middle, you could say. You have no idea how many breakdowns in true understanding and in-effectiveness this causes. For the simple reason that this split does not reflect My All-Being."

"I am Energy, Life itself. Evil is there where this is obscured, denied, ignored or misinterpreted. Therefore, the whole Negative State is evil. It is a falsity. It gives off the illusion of reality. At any time when people wake up to this fact and realize that they have been kept in the dark and caged, liberation takes place and they are able to see the light. That is what the 'old prayer' is all about when it proclaims freedom from the falsities of evil and the possibility of entering the space in which everything operates in a positive way. Saying that My energy 'is' life underscores this. More, it sums up Reality. There is no life outside of Me. My external side, in which the universe is as before Me, is as much Me as My internal and innermost manifestation."

"Doing something that has no effect and gives no pleasure while doing it, you would label as waste, wouldn't you? What about worrying, complaining, comparing, fearing, dying, or ego, success, possessions, fame, past, future? Can you see that from the spiritual perspective these are rather irrelevant? Now, what about goodness, wisdom, compassion, trustworthiness, laughter, sharing, and whatever else that's positive? Can you see that all those are mighty effective in bringing joy and richness to the giver and possibly to those they are given to? These are not activities marked by, or even dependent on, past or future. They represent the real reality as accessible every minute and second of every day. Does this give you a clue about the falsity of your past and future dilemma? Do not operate by it more than, for practical reasons, you have to."

"Time, as I said elsewhere in these Writings, has to do with the density of My presence. Where I operate is the center of life and also of 'time'. Realizing this, you have the opportunity to position yourself in that center, even if circumstances can make this an extremely daring or lonely effort. You do something your brains can hardly grasp. Yet your being alive and well, also eternally, is guaranteed when you utilize your power as My power. Then, your age, history, achievements, personality and the like become bleak spectators of your eternal self in action."

"Much of this may seem not very helpful. You are part of life on earth. That is what you have to deal with. Yet, I bring all this up to remind you that what has the galaxies hanging there and 'do their thing', and that what has your heart beating, is all from and within the range of My all-power. It is Me, Energy, speaking with you now. My presence is in anything that was, is or will be, to use the human saying. It is the same Me everywhere. Your 'throwing your weight around' can be a beautiful facet within life's totality. Do it as happily as you can."

"The 'old prayer' ends with the word 'evil'. The proclamation with which you replace it ends with the word 'life'. Which surprised you greatly, as you did not plan this at all. The effect of the rebellion of the Negative State, the evil state, has shown that I am what I say I am: only love and only truth. All that is before Me as direct or indirect effect of My energy can respond in kind. Even your fabricators will come to that point. All on earth may know this now. They can let My spirit fill them. The reward is in just doing that. Comments of others have no relevance. The energy by which you and all exist is the One you visit with, Who embraces you."