T H R E E Writing 11

Los Angeles, 09/22/1996

(I slept badly last night and wondered why. A socially prominent lady I knew died that night and a colleague told me this morning he witnessed that in his dream. It upset him greatly. I was not particularly close to her, so had no strong reaction. Also, this morning, I was told that a few days ago a widely known clergyman of almost saintly caliber had passed on.)

I had hesitated to sit down because the time I had available for a new experience was limited. But in view of not feeling that great, I wanted this special time with You. You confirmed that You knew about my hesitation and the reasons for it. You said that You were willing to allow another 'journey' for me. (For the umpteenth time, I had to remind myself that it is always I who has the confusion or difficulty. It is never You!)

I felt relaxed now and could open up myself for whatever was going to happen. I had no expectations or any parameter on any level.

My other self, the male part, appeared. He walked up to me. I had to re-focus my eyes, since he came within two feet from me. Without words I asked him about my female other part. He simply said, "She'll come." I think I saw her vaguely behind him. Then he moved even closer and 'stepped' into me. I don't know how to say it otherwise; I heard his voice now within me. He confirmed that was correct and that he would stay there for now. I frantically searched for any special physical or mental sensation. Did I feel any 'fuller'? But no, nothing seemed changed, except that I felt pleasantly satisfied. Knowing him 'within me' felt comfortable. Then I saw my female part approaching. She didn't look petite and dark-haired as she did two days ago. She was blond and feisty. Without saying much, she also 'stepped' into me. I joked with them that it must get crowded up there. I mentioned to them the events of the day. I told them the thought has crossed my mind whether I should follow in that clergyman's footsteps. There was no reaction. I turned to You. I saw You beaming with pleasure. You looked so strong.

You explained to me that this new situation is a real one. You stressed that 'they' are me, however impossible it is for me to grasp this. You said, "All that you see, you perceive by earthly human means. The same with what you hear and imagine when you communicate with Me and with them. It has to be this way, since your being on earth doesn't allow for any other methods for those in My world to get through to you." Then You gently urged me to realize that these experiences I'm involved in now are part of my getting used to the fact that my person is a manifestation, an expression of You. You concluded with, "This is the new situation for you to which you can accommodate yourself, it you want!"

I realized that today's and the other day's trip was not much of a journey. But somehow they were.