Wisdom's of the Week

Writing 12


These 'Wisdoms' are inspired by the content of the rest of this Website. The top Wisdoms are the most recent additions. More may be eventually added. The first ones started in December 2012 (as contributions to Face Book).

Also these words are meant for each and every person. They can be 'pondered' by all individuals on their most inner private level. It leads to the simple choice: to sense the importance of the message or reject it. Hopefully, it is clear to the reader that exercising our freedom to choose one way or another is 'the' reason behind our existence as human beings on earth.

Pieter Noomen, Th.Drs Los Angeles, 2012, edited for www, 20018 Email: noomenp@aol.com Copyright © P.N. 2018

200 May 1

"A milestone: 200 wisdom's! From someone who doesn't consider himself to be any wiser than you, readers, probably are. The secret is that I don't create wisdom. It's given to me on my deepest spiritual level. Like my other body-parts know how to function, so my brains do - if I let them. In other words, it is given to us by the core-spirit of all being: by the One Who Is the Life Force in everything. We on earth are clearly badly disconnected from that Source. Yet, as this website shows, not completely. Direct contact is possible, if we want it. It enables us to see the truth and to share its wisdom. This comes from being a genuine and caring person."

199 May 2

"It seems scientifically proven that laughing is good for our health. (I still regret that I can't even tell a joke. Sorry!) Yet I know a source that always lets me smile inside. That happens when I realize how awesomely great the universe is and how tiny I am. And much more, when I realize that this Totality of all, Life in its full volume, is essentially a love reality. Many may not feel or believe that, yet now I know that not my sense of reality counts, but the fact that He/She/It Who is the All doesn't focus on that but just wants our relationship to be a love affair. That thought often causes more than a smile inside. I want to sing!"

198 April 26

"We all know that anything can go wrong anytime: in nature, parts of our body, relationships and, of course, technical equipment. Even our mind can suddenly take a dip. All these wisdom's state that Life Itself is Love, however it may be battered and damaged. This may be hard to hold on to in days of breakdowns and misery. Yet when we do just that, holding on to all Life's true nature being Love, it brings us 'home' and is healing; spiritually, mentally and perhaps even physically. How do I know? Life in me shows me. We all can have a personal relationship with Him/Her."

197 April 12

"If today all people decided to drop negative behavior, and our societies would become peaceful for all, we still face that nature won't follow the change. It will remain violent at will, not caring about our human needs. In other words, the brokenness and imperfections of life do not depend on our human behavior. The roots of that go deeper. Our earth and its potential for carrying life is put together as a faulty product. Any hope for fundamentally changing the world? No! Any hope for substantially changing people? Yes! When we as individuals connect with the Real, the full, Reality."

196 April 4

"The Southern Hemisphere starts the winter while the Northern part of our globe welcomes the spring. Going through cycles is part of earth's nature. It partly is our human nature too. Physically, psychologically, economically, etc. There seem to be cycles. Each cycle has its challenges. Smartly adjusting to those makes life safer and richer. We can do the same with adjusting to and being prepared for our mental and spiritual seasons - growing up, getting older, being eternal, etc. Actually, that 'adjusting' takes place in us every time we change from whichever 'dark' season in us to a sphere of love and honesty wherever we can find it."

195 March 29

"Disasters happen. The media report them. Even if we're not directly affected, the pain involved can shake us badly; at least for a while. It always reminds us of our own vulnerability. So next to sending out mental messages of compassion and love to the victims, we can check inside ourselves our own resources for dealing with bad situations. Being consciously connected with (eternal) Life itself, is being as prepared as we possibly can get here on earth."

194 March 16

"Investing in our own person's well-being seems so logical. Making sure that our body, our mind and spiritual needs are taken care of, who doesn't subscribe to that? Yet do I actually work on being more valuable for others and my environment? Ask yourself that question! Though nobody can force you to do it. It has to be your choice."

193 March 13

"Emotions come and go / Feelings fly high or low /

My thoughts will flow / From here to long ago /

Do I ever truly know / Whether I'm friend or foe /

Well, if I just not care/ I live my life incognito."

192 March 4

"It is not that important how we feel, as long as we do good."

191 March 1

"When we meet a person we don't know, we automatically 'scan' her or him: the exterior, the vibrations we get, what stands out in him/her, etc., etc. Well, we can get in the habit to always include in it: 'This is a unique creature, like I am. One who also tries to find a way through life.' If I like them or not, or can help them or not, is not the main issue. That is: Do I send out love. That keeps at least my sphere clean!"

190 February 21

"We have different names for them: Some people are doers, others thinkers, introvert or extrovert. Being exclusively one or the other may cause problems. Most of us are somewhere in between, or switch back and forth. For both groups one thing is the same: they try t survive! Make that two things: they also need spiritual food! This food doesn't come from outside sources, but from the life force in us; from Life in us; from the inexhaustible full Reality we're a part of. When we listen, 'IT' speaks to us."

189 February 13

"Using force to combat evil is unavoidable in our societies. Let's not fool ourselves. It won't change. Our earth is a fundamentally 'wrongly' made product. Yet we can do something. One is, of course, taking away as many reasons for violence as possible. But also, every time we read about it or witness it, we can utter a firm: 'I don't 'want' this', and then send with our mind unconditional love to both the aggressor(s) and to the victim(s).

188 February 8

"It is so helpful to have a particular spot in our mind to where our thoughts can turn in order to calm down, to relax, to smile and to feel safe. This spot can be an image of nature, a person we love or admire, a memory from the past or certain sounds or sayings. It will always be completely personal. It can even be the sense of the presence of Life, Allah, God, Buddha, the eternal Totality, etc., Her-/Himself."

187 February 1

"Our body and our mind have quite a love affair going. They never stop interacting. They couldn't even survive without each other. So it's very worthwhile to keep their positive relationship going. Who can do that? Our spirit can! It is that part in us that is connected with life itself. Or better, with LIFE. Thanks to that connection does our spirit know what is good for us on all levels."

186 January 25

"A form of energy is working everywhere: In the cosmos, in the beating of our heart, in nature's seasons, etc., etc. We could, theoretically, at one point join hands with all that lives thanks to that energy and shout: 'Thank you, energy, for being there and making our being in life possible'. Well, actually, we could do that for ourselves. In the name of all our bodily and mental parts."

185 January 17

"It's mind-boggling that no two people are a hundred percent alike. One message in that is, to not even try to look like another person. Another message is, to put our energy in 'perfecting' the person I am, so that we can say at our earthly life's end: 'I did the best job I could'. No validation we need from whomever! We are not judged anyway. So why not always be interested in that unique creature we are?"

184 January 10

"The horror of violence the media report day after day, makes us ask: 'Will it ever stop'? The sad answer is: 'No', it won't. For the simple reason that our earth and we on it are produced for the wrong reason. Eventually, earth will be replaced. It cannot be repaired. The best we can do is doing the best we can. 'Best' being: having against the odds love, consideration, respect and caring-for-all on the top of our priority list. It makes facing death easier and will solicit smiles now. Like the sun, Life, the Real Reality, shines. Through all of us."

183 January 4

"It's almost an art to keep the two main roads in our head and in our thinking separated. One is filled with what the future could, should and hopefully will bring; this year and the rest of our life. The other road is our daily focus on doing the best possible job. The second road can clog up the first one. The first one can suck energy from the second. Actually, there is an additional road that supports smooth traffic on both. It Is the one that I call 'innering', turning our attention to our innermost self. Doing that regularly will amazingly energize our travelling on both roads. The secret is that the third road starts in eternity: and goes to there."

182 December 27

"In many parts on our planet, the beginning of a new year is celebrated. The heart of it could and should be not so much the public displays, fireworks, speeches of leaders, etc., but the reflection in our personal minds on the merits of last year and what to look forward to. Even that can be superficial. What really can gladden our hearts is that regardless of circumstances, we are not just the center of our little world but of 'the' whole world, as only we can make real changes for the better! If we all would do that.... wow!"

181 December 20

"That everything is somehow connected with everything, directly or indirectly, may be so, but sounds more philosophical than practical. The same for: 'all is one'. Yet when I contribute money to disaster relief on the other side of the globe, it does give my indirect connecting some substance. (Sighing, crying or praying over it does not). In other words, I set the parameters for with what I want to meaningfully connect. Our spirit is, if we want, within the reach of, and can join, the one mighty Spirit of all life."

180 December 10

"Is it realistic to believe that our world can be in peace: no fighting but justice, equal sharing and overall respect? No! Life here remains ill-conceived. Yet 'super' realistic is, using all our energy to work in that direction anyway. Why? Because so is the Real Reality from which we are isolated; though not forever. We can, as pioneers, represent and be ambassador of, the eternal way and sphere of true existing."

179 December 6

"Is it feasible to break with the global tradition of asking 'Higher Powers', Deities or Destiny for anything? It is about time that we stop doing that, as those powers won't do what we as humans ourselves are called to do; to do for ourselves and for others. Why should those powers interfere - if they exist - while we don't do it?"

178 November 29

"Taking, as some people do, 'sacred' scriptures like the Bible or Koran literally, as above the law of reason, so to speak, amounts to surrendering to mental slavery. Those scriptures may contain fine and still today usable wisdom's, but our own direct contact with Life as the eternal life force Itself, supersedes what is thought, spoken or written in the past."

177 November 23

"There are many ways to peel an orange, as they say. There is only one route leading to meeting the one Life Force. That road is within ourselves. Only we as individuals can travel it. So we better give up looking around. Instead we can look inwards. When we honestly want to know the truth, also about ourselves, we'll find it. It comes with letting love flooding us."

176 November 17

"Is regularly making room in our thinking for spiritual issues worthwhile? I think so! One, it will never be at the cost of the truth we have already hidden in us. To the contrary. Two, not just thinking of, but truly connecting with the One Spirit of Life, (Allah, God, Higher Power, etc.) as with a Person, immensely expands, inspires and consolidates our being on the right track during our time on earth and beyond that."

Writing 12

Wisdom's of the Week

175 November 8

"It can be one of our little personal secrets that we end each and every activity of our mind with an inner smile. Not a cynical one or one of superiority but as a sign to ourselves that whatever we have been thinking is always overruled by the fact the we are loved by Life and that we always will be."

174 November 2

"There is no wisdom in general. What sounds wise to one may sound ridiculous to another. The relevance of wise words is not in comparing them: which one is wiser or more 'deep'? It's only when a word of wisdom somehow rings a bell in us and seems important that it comes alive and 'speaks' to us; touches us personally."

173 October 22

"Gratitude can be something 'in general'. Yet, thanking for some specific thing can go to the core of who we are. Once, someone bedridden and suffering told me she looked for something, anything, she still could be grateful for. For her, it was the pillow she could put her head on. Realistic? Yes! In every darkness is somewhere a flicker of light. Even if 'only' in our spirit."

172 October 19

"What is wisdom? It is simply that what is thought, said and done with having the true, real, full, eternal Reality in mind. (In the back of our mind, if you want). Because we are never not a part of the totality of life. Connecting with it on our spirit level is a unique source of sharp insight. It is the bare truth for a change! "

171 October 12

"Which blessing would you prefer: 'May you be denied peace, but granted glory' (M.deUnamuno), or 'May you receive peace, but no glory? (Say you can't have both). Wisdom says that we should not evaluate any blessing given to us. What truly counts is: 'Being' a blessing!"

170 October 6

"Doesn't 'wisdom' need some mutual stimulation from like-minded people? As an individual it's so easy to go 'astray'. It is what organized religion keeps saying! But do we really need a social structure for experiencing our spiritual richness? No! Is that realistic? No! Yet, our true inner, spiritual, connection with Life Him- Herself is enough and is reliable. It is not dependent on anyone but ourselves."

169 October 4

"The original Website with all the 'Wisdom's of the week' is now 'absorbed' by the Website: <wordsforall.org >. New postings may appear on what is now Writing 12. For information about it works still my email address: noomenp@aol.com. For now: stay wise, wise, wise!"

168 September 16

"The little things: 'Can I think? Can I breathe? Do I have a pillow to rest my head on? Can I smile, eat, smell, etc.?' The big things: 'Is true life in me, is LIFE in me? Am I a piece of the one Real Reality, connected with eternity? A vessel for love, beauty and peace?' Well, let's delete 'little' and 'big'. Any 'thing' and any moment in life is precious and can honor the One Who Is our Best Friend.

167 September 13

"It's wonderful when things go well for us. Or if at least some things do so. It's double wonderful when we're aware of this and are grateful for the gift it is. It's three times as wonderful when we fully realize that what's good and well is already a connection with what is eternal and represents the Real Reality.."

166 August 31

"We cannot force peace, mutual respect or tolerance on other people. Yet we can force it on ourselves, if we truly want it. As is said so often: not the results but the honest efforts count."

165 August 31

"Tears of compassion don't fill an undernourished child's stomach. So let's ignore our emotional reactions when we see suffering. What we 'do' about it, counts!"

164 August 27

"Children may have fantasies of being 'almighty'. A fact is that each of us is the exclusive ruler of our mind (thinking, feeling) and queen/king of the castle of our body (acting, behavior.) Nobody else is the center and sovereign of our world! What a challenge to do something really beautiful and positive with it!"

163 August 23

"All the horrors and cruelties of people killing people, how can we not be shocked, hurt, saddened and, for many, scared? Only one reaction is a foolproof contribution to stopping the madness of violence: It is rigorously cleansing our own personal thinking of anything negative. That way, we create and carry inside us a lasting, untouchable pocket of peace."

162 August 12

"'Wisdom' isn't a particular popular or always welcomed commodity, something we 'must' have, like for a teenager the latest album. 'Being smart', that perhaps all of us can relate to. It's 'wise' to be clever or smart. Yet 'being wise' indicates we are knowingly or not in touch with the realness that all of universal life consists of."

161 August 8

"'Wishing' is like fishing in sand. Nothing bites. 'Honestly wanting' something is the first step to being fulfilled. Behind our surface desires may lurk an ultimate yearning. For things positive in your case, you think? If that is so, catching happiness is within reach."

160 July 31

"Whether important decisions we made were wise ones, hindsight will tell when their results are in. Yet true wisdom, 'being' wise, needs no validation. It is first of all a chosen attitude, a chosen approach, a commitment to honesty, fairness and respect. Spreading from our soul (heart, spirit, innermost self), it can penetrate all our thoughts and behavior."

159 July 27

"Strip away all the differences between humans and what we'll find they have in common is that they all are in life, that they exist. Just having life makes us all a part of the universe and of eternity. It's pure idiocy to not treat the life in us and of others around us as sacred; both, in our mind and in how we behave."

158 July 22

"Why start digging a hole in the ground if we have nothing to put in it? It's a different story if we suspect a treasure is hidden there. The question for us is: do we sense there's more to life than its surface shows? Is deep in us a yearning for global goodness, truth, peace and health? If we say yes or maybe, then let's start digging!"

157 July 15

"I (P.N.) see clearly that the fact that I can directly contact all life's Center (I don't use the word God, Allah, etc.) can be a gift for literally every human being on earth. It comes with life! For receiving it are no conditions. It's a matter of honestly wanting to be 'real'. Not for some secondary gain but just for the sake of it; for the sake of being a complete person.."

156 July 9

"Even if we may take it as healthy, arriving at a spiritual 'high' during making love, through music, drugs or whatever, those moments are usually short-lived and depend on others or outside factors. This makes seeking those kinds of highs for spiritual enlightenment suspect. Why not rely on the outpouring of love and the deep insights coming from the eternal Spirit within us?"

155 July 4

"It's simple yet evidently not-graspable that we all, friends and foes, share the same life force. It should lead to unconditional respect, support and love for each other during our short stay on earth. This doesn't happen on a global scale. Yet it can happen in our head, in our heart and in our hands-on efforts to honor the absolute oneness of all that's in existence."

154 June 30

"Self-help books, groups or gurus offer mental, social or physical well-being. These weekly words don't focus on this. They focus on our intentions, our choosing-ability. Which is why we are on earth in the first place. 'What' we choose is not the issue. We won't ever be judged anyway. But 'that' we choose is the issue; that is fulfilling our mission here. There are no exceptions to this."

153 June 26

"Asking ourselves before going to bed: 'Have I been honest today?', can be as healthy for our psyche as tooth-brushing is for our mouth. Any lie, half-truth, white lie, dishonesty, pollutes our soul and attacks our mental health. It's tough to make it a routine question. Tougher still, to answer sincerely. Yet it clears our road to eternity."

152 June 23

"Creating pockets of time in which we consciously can retreat into ourselves will be helpful. Moments of calmness, stillness, silence, mental and spiritual privacy are healing. Even a few minutes will do. It's remarkable how many of us avoid this. If it is because a fear to face our inner private world, we for sure need a double portion of those moments!"

151 June 16

"Soccer may not be your thing, but that all nations on our planet have an equal chance to qualify for the world cup hints at what in the 'Real Reality' is normal and always: fairness, respect, joy, excellence, etc. In our own little personal world we can set that tone. It won't stop wars or bring glory, yet it is right and it is wise!"

Writing 12

Wisdoms of the Week

150 June 11

"We can know and study our external parts (our body and environment). We can monitor our mind's activities (thinking, feeling.) But can we locate where we connect with that 'mysterious' force that we call 'life'? Better is to ask where 'it' connects with us. Even words like soul, spirit, heart, innermost self and the like are not sufficient. Yet let's remember that the spirit of the One Who Is All is 'in' all and everything; has been in us all along."

149 June 8

"There's much suffering in silence. Initial support that was given will taper off - if there was any. Around pain, emptiness or fears protective walls can thicken over time. Not just scars may remain, they can become not-healing wounds. Can we once in a while 'borrow' the eyes of the One Who knows our human ordeals so that also we can keep approaching those parts with love and wisdom?"

148 June 4

"Every day and from many sides 'wisdom's' push themselves on us. We hear them from parents, bosses, freeway signs, TV preachers, talkative friends, politicians, etc. Plus from what we read or what we believe ourselves. It may take quite an effort to ask: 'But what do I really, really, really think, feel, trust, want?' Maybe we rather don't want to know that?"

147 May 31

"It is simple and practical to see 'everything' as having three interactive layers: a most inner core with its 'mysterious' link with life itself (spirit, soul, innermost self), a processing level (mind, psyche, mental activities) and an 'outside' layer (body, environment and external contacts). All true life starts with its spirit core. It is very un-wise to ignore this if we want life to make sense."

146 May 28

"A popular term for wisdom is: 'being smart'. While 'wisdom' seems on the stuffy side, 'being smart' has something mischievous to it. They both can stand for a conscious positive approach to seeing and dealing with things. When they're based on honesty and caring, they both are winners."

145 May 24

"Every person seems to talk to him- or herself, though one may be hardly aware of it. It is possible for us humans to consciously 'invite' to this inner dialogue the one Life Force Her-/Himself. (Again, I (P.N.) avoid mummified names like God, Allah, Higher Power, All-Consciousness, etc.). A crucial condition for involving this 'third' 'voice' is that we honestly desire to 'connect' with its Speaker."

144 May 21

"Last week's 'wisdom' (See 143) is a standard affirmation that can be used instead of well-known religious prayers. Unlike those, it is rooted in today's situation. We don't need references to anything from the past. Also, direct contact with the Only One is not for asking things. This 'new' prayer lets us express in awe our closeness to Her/Him."

143 May 17

"....... ONE HOLY, I treasure Your Names.

Your Love is all-including. Your Truth contains the Universe.

Right and of beauty is Your Structure. Your Wholeness unfolds.

Everything manifests You. Your Energy 'is' Life.

I want Your Splendor to sparkle ever brighter, also through me."

142 May 14

"As we humans all receive life from the same source of energy, the 'secret' of what life is all about is somehow hidden in every one of us. We share the freedom to explore all the options for dealing with what comes our way. Yet the structure of true, full, eternal Life will never not be a togetherness in Love and Beauty."

141 May 10

"Each baby born on earth has - 'unbeknownst to it' - as its mission making choices; conscious ones when growing up. The big dilemma is: seeking the full truth of life or just take most of it for granted. We won't be judged one way or another. Yet the choices we make do shape and color our lives here."

140 May 7

"'Good' prayers are a double blessing. 'Bad' prayers are a waste. 'Good' means: sending mental messages for healing, courage and love to those in need. Those enrich the sender and the addressed alike. 'Bad' means: asking for whatever it is we want. No 'Higher Power', divine or not, will do anything for us. We, with the spirit of Life within us, decide what to do about the situation. That is our mission on earth."

139 May 3

"When the sun shines in our heart everything looks brighter: We sing. How do we get the sun to shine within us? For one, and be very honest here, do we truly want it to be light and bright in our head and heart? It's a choice we make. In any circumstance, the rays of love and enlightenment can reach us. It's true Reality's nature we can welcome over and over again."

138 April 30

"We all know that many problems between people could be resolved if there is 'good will' on all sides. Which, sadly, is seldom the case. Love, respect, fairness, honesty and compassion are not the core of human behavior. Evidently. Yet each individual can for her or his tiny part hold on to goodness and wisdom and expand that wherever possible."

137 April 30

"Many things can be so beautiful. It's a blessing when we can enjoy them: in nature, children, family, friends, expressions of art, satisfying work, sports, hobbies, etc. They point at the Real Reality breaking through. We ourselves can try to be willing conduits for this."

136 April 23

"Pick any spot in the world. Pick any village. Pick any person in that village: All are equally precious in the eyes of the One Who Is All. In each of them Life is present. It's a sorry religion that doesn't see this. Yet with honest and caring people wherever we can feel already united by being loved by the one Life Force unconditionally."

135 April 19

"Nature's rhythm, its seasons or day and night cycle, is completely outside humans' control. So is much of what our body does. Fortunately, we can learn to adjust and make the best of it. In other areas, like economics, politics or culture, fluctuations remain precarious. Having a solid spiritual connection in the midst of so much we cannot control is priceless."

134 April 16

"Check-ups by a doctor, if affordable, seem a smart thing to do. Religious services can cleanse our soul. Keeping abreast of scientific findings keeps our mind sharp. Yet nothing tops a personal encounter with Life Itself as were it a Person. Why do so many of us humans shy away from this? Scared?"

133 April 12

"At times there's a song in my heart. Something in me wants to sing. You know the feeling? Circumstances are not decisive. A sense of hope, joy or anticipation is like that. If only we could meet every person on the level of feeling good! Joining others in 'doing' good will help, too, of course! So, come on, let the good things fly."

132 April 9

"Hopefully, we all know times of inner and outer peace. We can enjoy those like we enjoy pictures; they remind us how we would always like to feel: harmony within and without. But you know what? Being committed to this in our hearts will help us to get there!"

131 April 2

"Each morning we wake up at a mood-wise unpredictable point. Whatever that is, we can start 'climbing' to the level we want our person to feel and be that day. We also can check whether the connection is there with the 'hotly' alive Life Force Her-/Himself. We can make sure to keep telling that Presence we want its company."

130 March 29

"I (P.N.) often wished I could more widely and precisely convey the awesome insights in spiritual matters I have and want to share. Yet I realize that I've no control over how you, readers, would 'hear' them anyway. I do hope that you, liking the postings or not, will always wonder about how sincere you are about your intentions. What is your deepest yearning and trust?"

129 March 26

"Much of what affects us from the outside we can't change as individual; from weather to the economy, etc. In our mind, we're somewhat freer to organize what goes on there. And our innermost connection with the one Life Force Itself creates a space in us that is practically immune for outer disturbances. What a joy to have a place like that in your life!"

128 March 22

"Simple gestures like a hug, a smile, a 'thank you', can mean a lot. We can give them ourselves: a word of praise, a friendly touch or a 'glad I did'. Our spirit, mind and body can be nice to each other. Inner harmony is priceless. We can also include deliberately in our appreciation the one Life Force. He/She loves to see and join happiness."

127 March 19

"It's what we may get used to more and more, now through the media and internet also, exposure to what goes on in all earth's corners. We can send positive thoughts to those in distress and also realize that with all the perhaps far away strangers we share the heartbeat of the One for Whom we all are equally precious; friends and foes alike."

126 March 15

"It's wise to deliberately look at those areas of our life we know or suspect we're not happy about. Let's not allow anything negative to simmer. If you looked but it didn't help, do it again, regularly. However, do it while being aware of the closeness, the light and the love of the One Who never judges but always enlightens. The full Reality 'happens to be' only love."

Writing 12

Wisdoms of the Week

125 March 12

"So many things vie for our attention. It can't be helped. Yet what's helpful, is to regularly create some distance from them and go to that place in our head, heart, spirit, soul, where we will get in the right mood and mind-set for taking good care of things. We all do have such an inner sanctuary. Wisdom dwells there, too!"

124 March 9

"Many of us know moments or even periods that life is really good. Well, when things are right, should we temper our joy because it won't last? If we do that we unwittingly honor the negative state. When we're happy we're aligned with and are representing the true Reality. As it is said: 'The One Who Is All, ('God'), is a happy One Holy!"

123 March 7

'These weekly wisdom's hardly address directly our daily efforts - struggles for many - to have an acceptable life. They deliberately don't focus on social, family or work issues but mention what plays 'behind the scenes': feelings, doubts, pains, hopes, fears. And above all: spiritual issues. Our external life will greatly profit from a healthy mind and spirit."

122 March 1

"We can - and invariably do - learn from other people. Also events that happen or remembering stories can give valuable information. Still, the ultimate decision is up to us what to believe, use, trust or reject. For that we alone are responsible. It may scare us but it's worth to take the risk. It keeps us centered and firmly rooted!"

121 February 26

"Evidently, we humans have no control over the weather. We adjust the best we can to its capriciousness. We have some control over the whims of other people and of ourselves. But no control whatsoever we have over the situation that love is the core nature of all existence! So why not go with that flow? We'll never be able to change it!"

120 February 22

"Children can do it: improvise, entertain, create imaginary friends or just play. We adults can, if we want, visit that part in us that wants to laugh, is playful and smells humor. It doesn't compete with darkness or being serious. Those, unlike joyfulness are not a universal component in us. Feeling joy is the One Holy smiling in us."

119 February 19

"We may forget that our heart keeps beating even if our mind is confused or our body is sick or in pain. So reliable is our spirit, is eternal life in us. It is always 'alive' and therefore accessible, regardless of outer circumstances. We better keep all lines open to that indestructible part of us. Believe it or not, it is pure positive."

118 February 15

"For our social, physical and mental needs we 'need' other people. (Hopefully we do have positive contacts). Not so for our spiritual 'needs'. For those we need no outside help. We're on our own. We can find on our innermost level, in our heart, a connection with the eternal Real Reality of only light, peace, love and wisdom."

117 February 12

"If we could shape the world to our liking, would that include well-being for everyone? Also for those we dislike, or perhaps hate? Be honest about it! The point is that we can ban from our mind any and all negative, uncaring and not-forgiving thoughts. This is a matter of healing ourselves. Go for it!"

116 February 8

"When I (P.N.) write these 'Wisdom's', I do it while being very much aware of the presence of the One Who is All. Of course, education and life-experiences provide me with some, I think, valid insights. But an inner light seems to guide my thoughts. That light is there for everyone. It comes with life. All of us human beings can trust it."

115 February 6

"Consciously connecting with our spiritual core, or more precisely, with the presence of the One Who Is Life Itself in us is like switching on lights; we're allowed to see everything in its proper perspective. The peace this causes is priceless. It inspires the rest of our person to be more caring, honest and calm."

114 February 1

"Life can at times be really bad and sad - for some people seemingly all the time. Other people enjoy an almost uninterrupted satisfying journey. There also are those gray areas of just routines, unexciting, boring, neutral or 'the way it is'. Should we try hard to change those? Or shall we basically ignore the sad and gray areas and focus on and keep exploring the never-dull domain of our spirit within us?"

113 January 29

"When everything seems to go wrong and some things are really very bad, the sun in our life is gone and we feel sad, bitter or resign to fate. Is knowing of the unpolluted Real Reality we're isolated from any help? Yes, definitely! Because the simple fact that we live connects us with that one positive Reality. Nothing can undo our belonging to it. So, why fight the most basic fact of life?"

112 January 25

"When the sun shines outside, in our heart and in the smiles of others and when everything goes smoothly, we feel good and wish it always was that way. It won't last, yet we can take those moments as a short breakthrough, a taste, an encouraging sign of the full Reality as in that Reality all is well - nothing excepted."

111 January 22

"When we do good doesn't necessarily mean we feel good. And when we feel good doesn't have to mean we do positive things. To know where we truly stand in life we must use our spiritual 'eyes' and see ourselves from the Real Reality's perspective. That inspires true wisdom, relevance and humor. Over and over again."

110 January 18

"We're all so different, also in how we deal with the not easily proven issues like there being or not being a higher power (deity) or with questions about the meaning of life and having to die. In fact, nobody can help us with figuring out where we factually stand. We're on our own. Unless we let the Real Reality, Who is already in us, speak to us."

109 January 11

"Feeling good doesn't necessarily indicate we're on the right track. To know that, honest observation of how we behave and how we motivate our actions - this combined with regularly checking what deep in us we trust and long for - will result in bringing us in line with the one full, eternal Reality."

108 January 11

"That our daily routines or unexpected challenges occupy our attention and absorb our energies is in a way fantastic. We're in the midst of our little ever moving on universe! Nothing is like living this, our specific, individual life. When we're also mentally and spiritually in good shape, life can be deeply satisfying."

107 January 11

"It seems that scientific research keeps nibbling away at what in the past was the sole territory of Gods, myths or other-worldly powers. So interesting! However, when it comes to 'facts', final answers and the ultimate truth for knowing those, we're not dependent on research or theories. Our own heartbeat is the pulsation of eternal Life, is the One Who 'is' that and Who loves to reveal Him-/Herself to each of you, reader!"

106 January 8

"When it's cold we seek warmth. When we're emotionally 'cold', with no joy, no laughter, no sunshine, we look for warm, happy, positive people. Lacking those, we can approach our situation with humor. We all have our creative sides! Being cold or uptight is unnatural. Our smile and our ability to radiate warmth, is not. That is healing."

105 January 4,

"'Wisdom' may seem a heavy or iffy commodity. Not necessarily meant for everybody. Yet it is when we take 'wisdom' as being real, being honest, alert, 'with it', also about our connection with the full Reality we on earth are so isolated from. Wisdom is treasuring closeness to the One total Realness."

104 December 31

"The start of a new year is celebrated everywhere on earth, be it on different days. Yet what is there to celebrate? If it is that every human being on earth is moving closer to the realness of the one full Reality, that would be sensational. These weekly wisdom's would then become obsolete. Well, if not everyone does it, at least you and I can celebrate moving closer to eternity's fullness."

103 December 28

"Nature doesn't mark the start of a new year. Only we humans do that. It may impact our emotions or finances. Spiritually it is insignificant. Psychologically it may remind us of letting go and of moving on. So to where are we heading? We honestly want the negatives to go? In the full Reality only the eternal happy 'now' is celebrated."

102 December 25

"Light and darkness seem to co-exist as more or less competing facts. As do night and day, or good and bad. For all practical purposes this may be so. We're used to it. Yet, they are not equal forces or facts. Light and what it stands for 'IS'. Darkness and what it stands for is a denial of that and is an aberration."

101 December 21

"Everywhere on our planet are visible signs - some in ruins, some still thriving - that people seek, fear, honor and worship our human-level-transcending forces. Does this prove those exist? No! Proof of their realness we can only find within ourselves when we dare to face Life in us as a personal Presence."

Writing 12

Wisdoms of the Week

100 December 18

"We won't get lasting satisfaction or inner peace by comparing ourselves with other people. To be satisfied and in peace we 'must' set the individual, private and often lonely step in our mind and connect with our attention with our most inner spirit-self where Love and Wisdom (Truth) welcome us. There we find our true value. (I've used for this going inward, the word 'innering'."

99 December 14

"Is a flower, deep in a ravine, wasted because nobody will ever see it? (We may at times wonder about this in regard to our own life!) The answer to the question is: 'As all that exists receives energy to exist from the same source - from the One Only, there is a sacredness to everything that exists, observed or not."

98 December 11

"There's no way around it: we have to live as the person we discover when we grow up, who is 'me'. That is how I will relate to my environment, to myself and to whom - or whatever I will meet in life's totality. Our wisdom part tells us that in order to figure out how to relate we simply should always start with love for all in our heart."

97 December 7

"We call some fellow humans who are towers of positive attitudes and/or achievements like Mr. Mandela: 'greater than life'. We can also say that they catered rigorously to that little spark of the full Reality that smolders in all of us. They felt the power of Truth in it and chose to light fires with it."

96 December 4

"A ship at sea can move in all directions. As long as it stays afloat and avoids shallow water. Instead of thinking we are stuck with a particular body, place, time and race we are free to react to what's around us any way we want. There's no 'Deity' looking over our shoulder or steering us. She/He also 'is' the water on and in which we sail."

95 November 30

"Often circumstances don't change, however hard we try. The same applies to our personal hang-ups. It can be very discouraging. These weekly words do not directly address our mental, social or physical situations. They address what's behind those, our spirit core, where all true improvements and healing can start."

94 November 27

"In the full universal Reality from which our earthly world is isolated the freedom of choice is absolute. Nothing is impossible there. This is unimaginable for us here. Yet more often than we realize we can be on top of our decision-making and of our behavior. The choice of what person to be or with what kind of attitude is ours and ours alone."

93 November 23

"Every day we make uninterrupted countless decisions: what to eat or how to behave. Any move is based on choices. Does our decision-making need regular tune ups? And are we clean, honest, caring and in touch with who we want to be? We also could ask a very good question: 'Who says we 'have to' take responsibility'?"

92 November 20

"The forces of nature show a total disrespect for our human well-being. Their seemingly at random bouts of destruction rub it in that the 'brokenness' on our planet goes very deep. 'What is there that cannot go wrong?', we correctly ask. The new creation story, as presented in the Writings 3 and 7 of this Website, sheds light on this. Evil, 'the negative state' is chosen."

91 November 16

"Finding deep within us a what we could call sacred spot, a private sanctuary, a cubicle of peace - untouchable by anything disturbing - is possible for any specimen of our human race. In good days it will inspire and energize us. In really bad days it may be our only safety net."

90 November 13

"Should we be aware of where we stand in life: whether we are or are not in touch with the oneness, meaning, relevance, future and awesomeness of existing in general and of our personal situation specifically? Is it a priority in our busy lives? And do we haves daily contact with the Presence of the One Who 'Is' Life? Should we have it?"

89 November 10

"There's this great discrepancy: Some people have a, seemingly by nature, caring disposition and a stable inner life. Others are born loaded with mental or social malfunctions. This may indicate that before being born here we may have agreed on a potentially 'easy' or a potentially 'arduous' path."

88 November 6

"It isn't easy to find a balance between indulging in things we like, taking care of life's necessities and evaluating them by reflecting on where we're heading. Yet easy or not, isn't it a matter of pure wisdom to not shy away from critically facing our doings? Or is this kind of wisdom and self-awareness not important?"

87 November 1

"So much of what we do - or think - is based on habits, routines. We often don't question the reasons behind our behavior. That can become a habit, too! Must we be like airport technicians that painstakingly check every detail of a plane before it can take off? Must we always keep an eye on our motives? Or is that asking too much?"

86 October 30

"To find out who we 'really' are and what our true value as a person is we must give up comparing ourselves with others or judging it by moral standards. Yet once in a while thinking of what we will face when we die is not a bad idea at all. It can put things in a realistic perspective. It can help us to avoid wasting time and energy on negative 'stuff' in the time we still have for living on earth."

85 October 26

"The radiation of the sun is not the sun itself. Or is it? You, I, and everything are a manifestation, a 'radiation' as well as a form of life. We are not Life itself. Or are we? I learned that the 'oneness of all' is the first characteristic, ingredient or component of all that exists. Of us, too. Awesome!"

84 October 23

"To our 'inner dialogue' - our talking to ourselves - we can always invite the input of the Life Force itself Who is present in us anyway and Who will relate to us as a Person. Inviting and listening to this 'third' voice will help us to prevent wasting our time with things not positive."

83 October 18

"Coming to think of it, it's amazing how much goes on in our mind all the time; it includes what we feel and think. We're aware, judge, like or not, fear, plan, etc. Whole dramas play in our head. We can interfere, though. We can delete what's negative and is not contributing to love or the truth and make that a daily routine."

82 October 15

"Nature often offers such beauty. It isn't just in the eye of the beholder. Music can do the same, or an infant, or a puppy, or flowers. They seem to defy the ugly distortion of so much on earth. Beauty mirrors the true and eternal nature of Reality. Ugliness does it in an indirect way: It says what the - our - real Reality is 'not'."

81 October 13

"When on vacation far from home I'm often amazed that in the midst of nothing familiar I remain the same 'old me'. We cannot stop to be our world's center! This phenomenon mirrors the nature of the All-Presence Who in all absoluteness was, is and remains the center of what emanates from Him/Her; of everything, in other words."

80 September 25

"In my youth, a radio program for the sick always ended with: 'Seek the sunny side'. This is easier said than done. Yet it is an option that's rooted in Reality. Like our physical sun keeps shining even when our earth turns away from it, so despite pain or misery the sun of Love and Life keeps shining on our spirit level.

79 September 21

"What is presented as fact is not necessarily true. Actually, much truth - partially or in full - remains very often unspoken. I, too, realize that there's a thin line I must be aware of between my personal ideas and what the All-Presence within me reveals."

78 September 18

"There is no 'God' or whatever divine entity watching us from 'above'. Yet Life's Totality is fully aware of us as Her/His spirit dwells in all that is. We can be aware of this and make conscious contact in much the same way as we do with a fellow human being. On our spirit level we can focus on the Presence and talk. Non-humans, things, animals and all else that exists have their own way of connecting and communicating."

77 September 14

"Say, your job has you working with colleagues. Should you share these wisdom's with them? One: we 'should' is out. We 'should' do nothing. So, promoting them must be a free choice. Two: without using the words, we can radiate the power and richness of these wisdom's with our attitude and behavior."

76 September 11

"We eat, work, sleep, think, worry, plan and so on. For these everyday mundane things do we 'need' the insights these words of wisdom provide? No! Essential is that we see that we make choices. The results of our decisions won't be judged, now nor after we die. However, we will more than just regret the abuse of our free will and the choices we made once we see all the options we had."

Writing 12

Wisdoms of the Week

75 September 8

"The source of all wisdom - or truth - is not our intelligence or depth of insight. Like scientific approaches, those ultimately must get in touch with what is already in everything: the presence of Life Itself. Recognizing this, which wisdom does, is therefore not a matter of discovering, but of 'uncovering'."

74 September 4

"For much of what we do every day we follow routines. Without too much thinking we 'just' do things. It saves a lot of mental energy. The danger in routines is losing track of our freedom to choose and to change. A regularly testing and activating our component 'freedom' or free will can pay off big."

73 August 31

"External things keep us constantly busy. Internally, we always think, feel and process what goes on. Spiritually, on our most inner level, we have the choice to include the Presence of the One Holy or reject a personal contact with Life itself. Whatever we choose, it always has consequences."

72 August 28

"Each person has his/her own story to tell. It's incredible how different the trillions of people are that were or are a piece of humanity. Each one is operating as the center of her or his world! We all can use our uniqueness to let - in our way - love happen. We then represent and show the inexhaustible love nature of the full eternal Reality."

71 August 24

"'Prayers' are not answered by some outside entity or force! The good they can do is, one, that they bring to the surface our deepest desires. And then, they unleash our personal powers to seek solutions. Plus that they place us directly in the energy field of universal love. That is the only - though powerful - answer prayers can provide!"

70 August 21

"Everything that's positive in our life or around us corresponds to and represents the full universal nature of things,in spite of it not being perfect. Keeping this in mind is exciting as we are privileged to show with our personal doings what makes life solidly meaningful. Including our own."

69 August 17

"Life doesn't move from 'a' beginning to 'an' end. Life IS. The movement in it is from its within to its without; from the innermost spirit to the external manifestations. Is this too philosophical? Not, when we see ourselves as moving towards more love, more wisdom, more oneness with all - from whichever spot we have to start."

68 August 14

"All people are born with a sort of 'basic mood', from happy to gloomy. It may change over time, yet regardless what basic mood, a later self-chosen closeness to the ever-right, positive and joy-radiating realness of the all-Presence will start playing a role. This is not something emotional. It is helping us to be realistic about ourselves."

67 August 11

"The negative forces that were instrumental in forming earth as it is, are still all over. Yet infinitesimal tiny openings to the full Reality are also all-present. Choosing to treasure those can become our life's greatest adventure and value. It allows for a vibrant contact with the - our - eternal aspects of being in life."

66 August 8

"There is no need for specific images for evil, as it is everything that is non-love. Dark forces influence our mind and behavior; and obviously the world around us. It remains a challenge as long as we are on earth to keep telling those forces (and the negative parts in ourselves, too) that we have chosen a life of light and want them to do the same."

65 August 5

"To state that whatever exists has its own outside, inside and most inner part and is therefore a sort of trinity or is triune may sound too simple. Yet, especially for us humans, it's a workable concept. It mirrors the nature of all life's Totality which is 'structured' the same way."

64 July 31

"Some people are very involved in the wider world around them; others focus on what is close by. From a spiritual perspective, it makes no difference. The value of how we think and behave is in our making choices. When those show caring and wisdom, it means we are connected with life's true Reality."

63 July 27

"Reminding ourselves that we are a part of, or rather a participant in, the oneness of all that exists - including the world beyond our intellectual understanding - is the most beautiful, honest and efficient 'prayer' we'll ever pray. We then open all our doors for the influx of eternal Love and Realness."

62 July 24

"Seeking the inner connection with the full, real Reality, is it worth the effort? Is there a pay-off? Asking questions like these lead to the secret of permanent 'success' when we seek the truth 'for the sake of it'; with as our only goal to be an agent of the true Reality. It is 'it'. It liberates in us the love-core of our person."

61 July 20

"Who doesn't want to 'improve' health, relationships, finances, etc.? The truth is that on our innermost level, in our spirit, we can feel and even see glimpses of an 'having arrived' at life's summit. It's mightily inspiring. It reveals the universal reality amidst our earthly isolation. It can be the starting point for all that we still like to improve here."

60 July 17

"Whatever goes on in our head - calm or hectic - when we remind ourselves we're free to fill our thinking with what the Real Reality, the I AM's presence, radiates, we are instantly connected with it. Our internal and external choices will then lead us towards being a positive person - if we want that."

59 July 13

"What does it mean that life's totality, source, meaning, mode of operation and future is only love? Well, just try to see it this way for a moment. You then will have a vision in which all is light, uplifting, radiating happiness and enriching. It is expressed as a smile, a healing touch, a connecting in mutual desire. I (P.N.) saw this everywhere in the human dimension of the Real Reality when I visited there (Writings 4 and 11.) Everything shines there, you could say!"

58 July 10

"At whatever point in our life we can direct our attention to the truest, most universal and all-involving fact that all that exists, does consist of unconditional love. In the core of our person, in our spirit, we can feel, know and experience this - if we want. We can learn to approach everything from this center."

57 July 6

"All that exists participates in the occurrence of Life; each in its particular time, place and form. Actually, this never changes: What exists - our person, too - is eternally a part of the oneness of all. Thinking this through can create in us a jubilant feeling of safe belonging and of being wanted in life - as the 'me' we are."

56 July 4

"For many humans, doing evil, living in the darkness of non-love and feeling comfortable there is not a conscious choice. They 'happen' to go that path. And don't we all show in some areas of our thinking and our behavior that the sphere of the true Reality is not our priority? So, in a way, we all 'struggle along'."

55 June 30

"The freedom to choose is the hallmark of our human race. Even in our cosmic and spiritual isolation we can prove for all the universe to see that our love, like theirs, is not automatic or conditioned by being an emanation of the One Who is only Love but that it is based on our choosing to experience it."

54 June 26

"Being in touch with the spirit/sphere of the full Real Reality during our lifetime on earth, consciously or not, will make the entrance into the world of only love and transparency at the time of our dying here much smoother. Yet, let's not wait for that time. Being in touch with it now is deeply rewarding."

53 June 21

"We're all so different. Also in regard to how we deal with the mysteries of life. Upbringing, circumstances, religion, culture, race, nationality, character, events: so much shapes how we think, act and judge. The universal oneness only knows love. That is everyone's and everything's mode of operation. It's good to keep this in mind at all times!"

52 June 19

"To include at all times in our thinking and planning the fact of our being a manifestation of the one Life Force Who is only Love, (again, delete the misleading terms 'Allah', 'God' and equivalents as being too fossilized) is the greatest challenge every human person faces. The choice to act upon this - or not - is as valid now as after we die."

51 June 15

"Will we see our deceased loved ones after our death here? If we want, yes! There are no limitations in the Real Reality. Do realize, however, that once our transition is completed there's no 'neediness' of any sort - as is the case in even the best love-relationships on earth."

Writing 12

Wisdoms of the Week

50 June 12

"In a way, communicating directly with - or having a clear awareness of the presence of the One Holy - is something that cannot be shared with someone else. It's not necessary to do that anyway; it's like harboring a personal secret. Yet its influence is always healing and it can be very noticeable, as a light and peace inside tend to radiate."

49 June 8

"Our lives are full of rituals, routines, habits, patterns: from brushing teeth to certain ways of thinking. We don't have to re-invent or decide every step we take. Yet communication with the one Life Force cannot be part of a routine; of any routine. It's always based on a conscious desire and decision to be aware of the Presence."

48 June 5

"Someone wrote: 'Life is a celebration but you have to hang the decorations yourself'. Yes, things like our smile, sense of humor, our caring and sharing and our respect and positive attitude. Especially when we know that so we represent the one full Reality, the true life, eternity."

47 June 1

"Stories from the past, myths, scientific data or present day events can tell much about our human situation. Familiarizing children with those will help them see they have choices in deciding what kind of life to live. Although what we ourselves illustrate with our behavior will surely have the most impact on them. Regardless of what, we and we alone do write always our own unique story."

46 June 1

"We can learn from stories from the past, from myths, scientific data or present day events. It's good to realize that we can always choose how we 'want' to process all the available information. In that sense, we select and create our own world. This should keep us humble - and more independent."

45 May 29

"A 14th century poet (Hafiz) wrote: 'I've learned so much from God that I can no longer call myself a Christian, Muslim, Jew, Hindu. TRUTH shared so much of Itself with me'. Shared directly, he means. 'Sacred' stories like scientific data can enlighten. But finding Reality is not dependent on them at all!"

44 May 25

"In these words I clearly avoid referring to particular worldviews or religions. There may be helpful information in those yet direct contact with the I AM of All, as we all can have, is the 'real thing'. As said: 'Why read old love letters when your loved one lies next to you in bed, waiting for action'?

43 May 22

"The greatest mystery on earth seems: 'Why doesn't everybody choose love, sincerity and joins in rejecting all violence and evil?' This whole Website addresses this sad abnormality. The reason is that earth's population is still in the process of showing whether love and honesty are based on free choices."

42 May 18

"The evil, dark, scary and ugly sides of living as we're all exposed to can be approached realistically. Life's brokenness and the not-love negative forces won't go away. But we can face them squarely and state every time when we encounter them, that we have chosen, opt for and trust the Real Reality."

41 May 15

"Much of what is evil, dark, ugly, negative and destructive, we cannot overcome. Our planet and everything on it remains a 'faulty product'. We are painfully reminded of this every day. Yet we can 'disown' every little bit of what is not-love and not-wisdom in and around us. It will bring inner peace."

40 May 11

"The norm by which to compare everything on earth is nothing less than 'perfection' (love, beauty, strength, unfolding, health, harmony.) Such is the nature of the Real Reality, of the One Who IS all that. In our isolated segment of universal existence we can choose, if we want, to think and work in that direction."

39 May 8

"We can think of 'Heaven' any way we want. Wrong is, however, to take Heaven as an ultimate Paradise to ascend to. On the spiritual plane, in the All-ness of the One Holy, are no distances. That we exist means that in spite of the isolation and insulation of our world here, the center of all Being is also in us. 'Heaven', 'Paradise' and perfection can develop from what of it is already within us."

38 May 4

"A river exists as flowing water. So flows life, by ever changing and moving on. So do we. The issue is whether with our choices we enhance or are disrupting the nature of the true reality in its moving towards 'perfecting the perfection' of love, realness, beauty and newness."

37 April 27

"Our planet earth started as a wrongly designed product. It came into being as an attempt to prove that life outside the direct presence of the All of Love and Truth is feasible. The earlier human generations were involved in this 'impossible' project. (See information about this in this Website.) Our present human generation is not to blame for what is wrong in the structure and nature of earthly life. Although we easily contribute to it."

36 April 25

"We all hope that, also through global efforts, consciousness is raised about saving of our earth what still can be saved, and about what needs protection against a further abuse of nature. This would be a sign of respect for our planet that's aptly called, 'the skin of God'. The All-Presence will enlighten us."

35 April 20

"We are all aware of the endlessness of the space in which our life takes place. Should we wonder about it? Actually, the most sensible thing is to see ourselves as 'little' gods and 'being' a bit of endless space. We can choose to represent the One Who 'Is' Space as responsibly as we can. And that as the particular life-form we are. The One dwelling in us is the Presence in Whom we and all life-forms dwell."

34 April 17

"People talk about 'near death experiences', NDE's. It would be better to speak of 'near (true) life experiences'. Those aren't limited to being in a physical crisis (surgery, for instance). And they're not outside our conscious will to have them. The whole content of these Writings is based on it."

33 April 14

"Being consciously aware of the loving closeness of the One Who Is All - the universal Reality, the Divine Totality if you want - means that we can operate from being already 'home' and from having arrived. Practically it means that our daily energies can go into what is healing and what contributes to the common good, as that has the future."

32 April 13

"A quote of Nelson Mandela: 'We're all meant to shine as children do. We were born to make manifest the glory of God that's within us. It is not just in some of us: It's in everyone! And add to it, it is in everything. There only is one glorious Reality. We on earth are isolated from it. Yet some of it we can access, and join if we want."

31 April 10

"The 2013 bestseller 'Proof of Heaven' reports experiences on the spirit level similar to mine (P.N.) For its writer they happened while in coma for a week. For me, it was an ongoing communication while walking my dog or when at home sitting down for it. Whatever our circumstances, the full Reality is there and can be communicated with!"

30 April 6

"Can we prove that the Source and Core of all existence, life's Totality, the I AM, is real, consists of love and can - hold on to your seat! - communicate with us? Yes! But that is not intellectually or by just believing it. We can prove it by truly wanting to experience it and by taking it seriously. (We never will know what swimming is unless we jump in the water!)"

29 April 3

"These words, do they have any practical value? I think so. When on the deepest level within us we sense, 'know', feel, accept and experience that we are unconditionally loved and valuable - as that is the core nature of all that is emanated as reality - it will noticeably nudge us, from within, to more wholeness in and around us."

28 March 30

"Spring, holding a newborn, being cured and, yes, waking up after sleep, is the miracle of new life. It happens everywhere. We can include in this list every time we feel and know we are in contact with the full real Reality. It is a wonderful 'miracle'."

27 March 27

"Isn't it beautiful that each and every human being is unconditionally unique, precious and may know to be loved by the One Who is All? We all may participate in life's unfolding. What's so threatening on earth cries out for us making the choice to not go for anything negative but to hold on to what represents the true, real, full, eternal Reality; to that one reality we all belong."

26 March 23

"These 'wisdom's of the week' stem from a source that is present in each and every human being. Everyone can access this source. It comes with being alive, with having life. It 'is' the Life in us. All life-forms have an innermost 'spirit' side where glimpses of the full truth can be uncovered. In spite of often immense obstacles and resistances."

Writing 12

Wisdoms of the Week

25 March 20

"Globally, there are quite a few 'creation' stories and myths around about the origin of life. These days, science probes the beginning of 'everything'. This Website all these wisdom's relate to offers a novel, exciting creation story. (See especially the Writings 3 and 7.) It provides new insights into what happened and happens 'behind the scenes'."

24 March 16

"If on the deepest possible level within us, in our soul, heart, spirit, we find that we honestly want peace, goodness, joy, love and health for ourselves and for everybody - if that's the bottom line of what we want and desire - it means that true Life has touched us. It loves that we manifest the Real Reality as well as we can."

23 March 13

"We are already a part of the one totality of all that exists, right? We can't undo that fact. Sorry, if you don't like it. As sentient beings we can wonder about our place in it. The most crucial question to ask on our deepest 'spirit'-level is, what do we honestly long and yearn for? That opens the door to true insight."

22 March 9

"Why is for many people organized religion so important, while many keep faith issues private? And why do others ignore or reject the 'beyond' as irrelevant? Does it matter? No, not really. What matters is whether we, from the heart and in freedom, choose to go with what we uncover as the Real Reality within us. Whatever we choose, we won't be judged!"

21 March 6

"When we love deeply, we will show it; yet no words can express it adequately. So it is with 'knowing' and experiencing the Presence of the One Who is All. It will influence our psyche and behavior, but using words to share it with others tends to dilute its magnificence."

20 March 2

"'Being different' is one of the (twelve) ingredients, elements, attributes, components of all existence. It applies also to how we relate to life's Center. Communicating with it can only be done personally and is therefore always unique. No comparing or copying has any merit. What a challenge for each of us earthlings!"

19 February 27

"Whether we pay attention to it or not, everybody is relative to, and has therefore a relationship with, Life Her-/Himself. It comes with being a human being. In our most inner self - call it spirit, soul, heart - this relating to life's source can become purely personal if we allow that. Actually, it is like coming home."

18 February 23

"At any point in our life - good or bad - the Presence of the One Who 'is' Life, Who 'is' the Totality of all that exists, dwells within us. Realizing this can turn into treasuring it and letting it become a personal and intimate relationship that nobody can take away from us. Not even death. Especially not even death."

17 February 20

"There's a level within us humans where direct contact and communication with the One Who IS life - or in other words, is life's Totality - can take place. This contact is not forced on us. What then is required? Only total honesty with ourselves and a longing for an everything-and-everyone-including love. Mind you, a longing for, not a having arrived at that point."

16 February 17

"Like roots of a tree draw life from the soil, so our inner and outer person draws life from our spirit. On our spirit level is the direct link with Life Itself. The little we can uncover there of the full reality will nevertheless enable us to realize and treasure our eternal status."

15 February 13

"These 'weekly' wisdom's may seem impractical. Indeed, they don't specifically focus on issues of our mind or behavior. They keep asking attention for our spiritual, our innermost self. There, we 'meet' Life in its fullness. Which can powerfully inspire and color the rest of our person."

14 February 10

"If indeed Love is the core and essence of the totality of all that exists, then choosing to experience it on all of our three levels, physical, mental and spiritual, by our free will, is indeed pure wisdom. On our spiritual level this can be gloriously felt. Yet in our mind and in the external world, counter forces will always be on the attack."

13 February 6

"Nothing is the same in the full Reality. Neither is the way each of us experience life. Copying others is useless. It is as when we go through our own dying moments alone, so is our facing real life now is purely personal. How we do that is determined by the choices we make. Nobody else can make those for us."

12 February 3

"I (P.N.) can only write these weekly wisdom words because of my personal conscious closeness to Life Her-/Himself. As in everyone is the presence of the One Life Force, otherwise we wouldn't exist, each human being can choose to be - or not be - aware of this mighty Presence."

11 January 31

"Who doesn't want inner peace, outer satisfaction and the world around us to be only positive? On our deepest spiritual level this desire wants an outlet. That outlet can be our whole being. It is the quivering of true Life's presence in all that exists."

10 January 28

"What's offered on this Website can only be approached in a purely personal way. Nothing in it 'has' to be believed. We can skip what doesn't ring a bell in us. Yet its content tells that sooner or later we will face the true Reality in full. In our spirit we can do that already now, whoever we are."

9 January 23

"That the permanent essence of Life's Totality is only all-including Love is hard to prove on earth. Yet we can take all that we see as positive, beautiful, healing and joyful, as a breakthrough of the one full Reality. For which we personally can be conduits if we want."

8 January 19

"The fundamental brokenness and imperfection of and on earth is not the product of, and is not to blame on the universal Life force whose nature is only love, nor on our present generation humans. The best we can do is to be alert to the tiny remnants of the Real Reality left in and around us and cater to those as much as we can."

7 January 15

"What is 'not-wrong' with our life as humans? Answer: everything is right - not wrong - that originates, consciously or not, in a sincere desire to enrich oneself and one's surroundings with care, beauty, fairness and joy. That comes from and mirrors the full Reality, in other words. Wanting to practice this is not just not-wrong, but is fantastic! It gives us something to do till our last breath here."

6 January 12

"Look at your hands - if you have them.

Watch your feet - if you can walk.

Mind your thoughts - if you can think.

Are they happily serving what is good?"

5 January 6

"What light will guide us through the coming 'good' and 'bad' days? Well, It can be the knowledge deep inside that we will always be a part of the eternal Totality of Life. Nothing is more Real. Nothing is more Love. Nothing is more 'sacred'."

4 December 31

"Problems and challenges, we cannot avoid them on earth. Choosing to go the road of love and honesty and he path of wisdom and goodness has us reach the sphere of the full Reality and the embrace of the Force Who is the I AM of all being. Wow!"

3 December 29

"Wishing each other a happy new year, full of joy, beauty, health and peace can echo what makes us personally 'happy' on our innermost spirit level. If that is so, how much more real, strong and honest can our wish be?"

2 December 22

"A truly new era begins not on New Year, on our birthday or with lofty intentions, but at every time we take actual steps away from what is negative - which is everything that is not dominated by love and caring. Steps to there can be taken anywhere, at any time and by anybody."

1 December 20

"In order to be a decent and creative person, the best possible, we don't need religious ceremonies or symbols - Christmas, Ramadan, worship services, prayer routines, etc., etc. Yet, religion 'can be fun' if it stimulates caring attitudes, healing actions and a positive togetherness."