Writing 5

Appearances of The 'All Who Is' and Personal Reactions


You come to me with seven faces

Each one You give, for me, a name

They are the spirits of Your presence

The seven candles of your flame

The Seven Names: The Twelve Components:

....... ONE HOLY Oneness Love Life

LOVE TRUTH Fire Space Connectedness

PROPER HEALING Progression Effect Freedom

MANIFESTATION ENERGY Joy Differentness Harmony

This Writing is reporting the most overwhelming personal experiences on my spiritual level.

It was awesome to see the I AM appearing and to listen to Her/His comments.

What it did to me I share here as precisely as I can. Yet, it deals with hardly describable sights.

The encounter took place while I was on vacation at a sea resort in Mexico.

I wanted a peaceful place to focus on perhaps really 'seeing' the One. Could that happen?

(As an aside, the cover colors of Writing 1 - The Twelve Booklets - are those of the Appearances in the second, the Love segment.)

Pieter Noomen, Th.Drs Los Angeles, 1997, edited 2007; for www. 20018 Email: Copyright © P.N. 2018