Part 1



(An artist may go to his or her studio to continue working on a project where they left off. What they willfully created is waiting for them to be further developed. How precisely, they often may not even know. In my case, the only thing I anticipate is experiencing the other world on my spiritual plane - whatever that exactly is. If nothing would happen when I open myself up for it, I plan to observe also that objectively. I have no personal agenda for these experiences. And fortunately, no financial or ego investments in it either. My life on earth is mainly pleasantly fulfilling as it is.)

I found myself in the company of the teacher in the classroom. He obviously is a happy and intelligent young man. I felt comfortable in his presence.

I wanted to know what he did when the children were not around.

"I study. Well, perhaps a better word is, explore. I love to know everything about our race."

"Where do you get the data from?"

"It is all in here," pointing at his head. "We are all part of life's totality, of the I AM; I, you, everything and everyone. Because of that fact we have access to knowing everything. But I have to ask and look for it. I must wish to know, in other words, in order to get the data. Personally, I am interested in the internal dynamics of our species. Not in humans on earth, but in what made tick the generations before ours.

For all practical purposes you and I belonged to the sixth type of humans. No, let me correct that. You still are. I was. Now, you could say, I belong to what will become known as the seventh generation of this cycle of 'time'. The full manifestation of our human species occurs when its mission in this era is completed."

I asked if he personally knew any of our fabricators, the actual instigators of the Negative State, the people of the fifth generation.

"Oh yes", he said laughing. "You cannot miss them. Everybody knows them in our human society here. Mind you, I talk about the ones that 'came back'. They go everywhere to speak about what happened with them, how they came to their astonishing choices. They explain the changes that happened after they first turned away from and then against Reality and the I AM. They talk about how we here can support the coming closure of this human-centered cycle of time. They point out where true life keeps surviving in the negative realm despite the massive falsities they induced. What you can't miss noticing in them is their deep gratitude for being so wholeheartedly welcomed 'back'. So, yes, we know them."

Listening to them taught me much of the background of my life on earth.

"Do you think I will be able to speak with one of them?"

"Of course!"

I asked how many of them were around.

He smiled.

"I told you already, numbers do not amount to anything here. They would imply 'more' or 'less'. For you that means comparing and measuring. We don't do that. So, there is no number for the different generations. You could say we are countless. Yet if you want to compare them with the billions of our sixth generation, a number you are familiar with, there are just a few. Keep in mind that I speak earth language now."

"Will I recognize them? How do they look? "

He said that they definitely do not look as the offspring they manufactured, the earthly people like me.

Then he said something that, again, blew my mind.

"You only know humans as they look on earth. So that is how we appear to you. Me, too, when I am with you like now. In this stage of your resurrection to reality you will be able to recognize members of the preceding five generations because they look human like you. But to me, well, they look quite a bit 'more'. Let me say, they look truly and fully human, but you do not know what that is."

He added, "Actually, you already met one of the most beautiful specimens of the human species, one of the first generation."

I shouted, "What?!"

"Yes, who do you think Wisdom is?"

I was floored.

I protested, "But isn't he an incarnation of I AM and representing I AM in my space?"

Calmly, he said, "Are we not all manifesting I AM? Yes, Wisdom is very much the likeness of I AM. Precisely because he is one of the first humans."

I was deeply impressed. I never thought of him this way.

Then I asked about the other dimensions, the non-human inhabitants there; were they also sort of an image of I AM?

He answered that, of course, they are. Yet they show other aspects of I AM's totality and therefore have quite different features.

"Can you go there?" I asked.

"Sure, if I want to. But I have no desire to go. My life couldn't be more lively and vibrant as it is."

"Do those that exist in other dimensions know about us?"

"Oh yes, to a point. Their direct knowledge of us varies, but let me tell you that in one thing we are unanimous. They all are in the deepest possible way in awe that I AM put Her/Himself on the line by asking the human species to explore whether He/She could be replaced. Existence itself, including theirs, was at stake. What if the humans could prove that I AM was not as everyone took Her/Him for? It would cause the annihilation of the universe." Shrugging his shoulders he said, "Whatever that means."

He added that for what he wants to know about them he can go to the data bank in his mind. Those in other dimensions can do the same. I will be able to do that eventually.

I remarked that his mind must be a super computer and told him that when I visited here before (See 'Journeys'), I passed by a room full of computer-like equipment. Was that for real?

He suggested I hold on to the idea that other realms in the universe can be accessed and that any information about anything is available. But I also should realize that this is not just happening 'like that'. What I, on earth, call technology is also in the real reality part of connecting, organizing and positioning.

While writing this down, I remember he said that there are entities that love to channel the data flow within the universe's ever increasing volume, to make sure it is unrestrictedly available. When someone activates his or her computer-type mind to search for something, the desire to be found is picked up by what is searched for. He said that I could say that the information asked for and the answer given were both active participants in the process of communication.

"But don't ask me how it works," he laughed. "I use the system, but, like you, I am mechanically illiterate. By choice, though."

What about the way children learn?" I asked.

He said that he teaches them to use and organize their mental faculties. The computers I just mentioned seeing were not like earthly ones. They most likely functioned as a mock-up to illustrate for young people how the different systems of our mind work. When children ask questions, that guides them to the area where the answer is. When they learn to do that without his help and are able to process information by themselves, then, in that area, they are grown-ups. It is what I meant yesterday when you asked how long they were in school, and I said maybe one day or forever. When they connect in a certain area with the truth, with the full scope of it, then, in regard to that piece of reality, they instantly become an 'adult'. Their bodily features change accordingly. And as I said, the opposite is also true. I told you that you do not appear to me as an older man, physically I mean, because you know so little. I myself have moments of literally becoming a child when I engage in something I do not know yet. So you see, nothing here is the same forever, fixed, stuck, unchangeable."

He reminded me that earlier I saw him as an old gentleman. It was because he has so much knowledge. It is how he comes across to the children, except that they do not see him earthly as I do.

He said, "That I now relate to you is a new experience for me. So you see me as a young fellow. Life is so 'alive'."

I asked if he was married. (Did the word 'stuck' bring me to ask it?)

He said he was and that he was crazy about her. He invited me to his home and assured me she would love to see me.

Did he have a family while on earth?

He told me that he had been close to his sisters and that occasionally he would run into them here. Yet their earthly ties hardly had meaning anymore. So they did not make it a point to visit.

He changed the subject.

"It looks as if you are sitting comfortably. Are you? Still, when you first sat down, you missed something to lean against. You thought you needed it. Well, evidently there was something to help you out, even if not visible to you.

"Let me get you a drink."

He brought me a glass that looked like a delicate small vase without any straight lines. It contained a clear liquid. I drank from it. It tasted somewhat sweet but with a strong 'body' to it. He asked what I thought of it.

I told him that it felt strange that the stuff did not only go to my stomach but seemed to touch every cell of my body with its cool sweetness. "It must be very nourishing," I ventured.

"It is! But remember that your body here has no metabolism as on earth. There is no digesting or waste: just merging. And talking about waste, I am glad you didn't ask me for details about my life on earth, the when and where. I now consider paying attention to that time a waste of energy; although I feel good when I see that fragments of the real reality stayed with me even when I gave them a hard time."

I felt a need to protest. Emphatically, I stated that life on earth has its beautiful and pure moments, extremely worthwhile to experience even if they were perhaps not perfect. "And what about the bravery of so many people who suffer much?"

"You are right", he said. "But why are those moments there? I tell you, the only reason for things good and positive on earth is that real life, the way you see it here, comes through. Nothing in the Negative State has the quality that makes it last or fully fulfilling. Only the connection with eternity's driving forces of love and authenticity make things on earth genuinely good and beautiful. Well, it is what brought you here!"

Again, I protested. "I'm not a particularly positive person, and I'm not good at seeing things through. My actions often royally miss the boat even despite my present spiritual insights."

"Maybe so", he reacted. But intentions and motivations count. You must have some sincerity in that department. You have done quite a bit of work to get to this place, my friend, even while often you underrated your own efforts. In an almost sneaky way you have been persistent. Therefore, you can visit here."

"But come, let's go home. Keep observing."

Suddenly, we were in an open field. On it stood a cottage-type house. The scenery had subdued colors and breathed peacefulness.

"We like country life," he said. "You could say that living here parallels life on earth, but be careful. What at first glance you see as a rural setting you're familiar with, is an accommodation to your senses. It appears similar to what you see on earth but it is endlessly more. But for experiencing that 'more' you're not ready yet."

"You have children?"

"Five, at the moment."

I didn't understand why he laughed when he said that, but he did not elaborate as his wife came out of the house to greet us. My first impression of her was that of a farmer's wife: strong, bright-eyed, beaming health and stability and hospitality personified.

"Come in! I am so glad to see you." It sounded like a song.

We did go inside. Like an avalanche, the children rushed in, stopped, and gaped curiously at me. One I recognized as the girl who sympathetically had squeezed my hand.

After some introductions I asked his wife, "How can you have a family if at any time the children can suddenly become adults when they acquire certain knowledge? It's what your husband told me."

What she said was not unexpected but a mystery to me nevertheless.

"Don't forget that having children is not as on earth; no babies or toddlers. And especially not the convoluted birthing process. From the moment we conceive and receive our children, we, as parents, teach them some basic things, like who they are and how to communicate with us. We tell them the function of clothes and being for awhile part of this family. In school, they learn specifics. The cardinal difference between here and earth is that, from day one, the children want to be with us. They have the desire to be in this setting. Their choice comes from within. As ours does in wanting them. They and we know and always concur when it is time for them to make changes."

I noticed something strange about the way the children were dressed. Their clothes seemed to change according to where they stood, to whom they talked and to what they talked about. The more I observed this, the less I could believe my eyes.

(This all is interesting. It looks like our human life but then greatly improved. Yet it bothers me that it looks too much human, too earth-like, like some utopia. And also, how can family life 'survive' eternity? What is the next step after getting married and having children? How many steps are there? Millions?)

I guess they saw me thinking and frowning. Demonstratively, he pulled his wife close against him. I felt as if the ground shook from the energy that hug generated. What a power! This is different, I admitted to myself. Maybe I should not keep comparing but just take all this weirdness as standard, frustrating as it may be. I feel no closer to understanding, or even to warming up to the intricacies of this world here that is supposed to be the real one.