....... 'ONE HOLY'

... Jesus stood up, stretched, looked at his mother. "I'm getting hungry. You used to have an excellent remedy for that!" Mary stroked his hair as if he still was her little boy, then hurried to the back room. "You know," Jesus said, "in the simple things heaven is closest. It's a joy to feel hungry, knowing that food is on its way. I don't ask you to give up living as you do or to retreat from it. I only wished you would see that every moment has some sacredness in it. For just this reason alone that it occurs in the space and time the One Holy provides for it all."

- "Whoever in the universe would sense something like confinement has the freedom and ability to seek a new position and change, so he or she can express life from a different angle and place."

- "There are no limits in life. What seems like boundaries presents a relative situation. Actually, it underscores the variety in space, the openness of it and the never-ending expansion of perfection."

- "This is completely incomprehensible to you and to all that exists on earth, for that matter. Yet it shouldn't stop you from feeling joy that I allow you to participate in My adventure."


... "What about the dark spots everywhere, like people that suffer, your tenants, our economy, the occupation, the drought?" Again, it was the voice from the back. "Thank you for the question," Jesus said. "Here on earth, indeed, we are in the midst of darkness and pain. The negative state reigns. Its only sense is making no sense. It provides the universes with a choice. They now know what to reject. Love for the One Holy and for all that is positive is never automatic. It has to be embraced. Your 'dark spots' won't be around forever. And, fortunately, they are not everywhere!"

- "Mirroring love enables you to be at home everywhere. The total volume of life responds happily to that fundamental possibility."

- "The essence of life, love, is shared by all dimensions. This takes away the urge to create boundaries. It prevents dissatisfaction with not being in all places at the same time. Beautifying and perfecting one's own place and situation becomes the pride and joy offered to all that are in life."

- "For instance, knowledge of the structure of space, or of the technicalities of what you would call intergalactic travel, is not the exclusive privilege of a particular group. All information is available when desired and is gladly shared."


... "The truth is," Jesus continued, "that these simple things I talked about are pieces of heaven. Treasure them. It's celestial music. There is no place in any world where songs of praise and joy should not fill the air. Be alert to this. Even here. It is correctly said: 'Love your God with all you have and are, and you have the right approach to all others as well as to yourself '. By accepting the little things with a grateful heart you show you're in the right spot in the cosmos. True reality always relates directly to One Holy's nature and reflects therefore all divine qualities."

- "Wherever you find yourself, you are within My reality. Therefore, everything and everybody is relative to Me. To put it simple: 'I am there, where existence is.' 'Alien', 'different' or 'other-dimensional' worlds should never pose a threat to you because they are no exception to this fact."

- "There is what you would call 'hierarchy' in space. It is the ever-evolving and deeper understanding of Me that creates the realms of distance and time."

- "From each entity's perspective, there is no 'lower' or 'higher', no 'way to go', or 'not yet'. Their reality always is also My reality. The truth of this applies to every place or volume in space."


... "Can I play outside?", his little sister asked. Jesus teased, "Eh, I am not the boss here, but since you ask me, I give you permission under one condition." She frowned. "What's that?" "The condition is that the rest of this day you keep your happy smile!" He gently pushed her to the door. To the others he said, "The universe is like what a playground is for kids. There's so much to do and to enjoy. Life can be so adventurous. Always more beautiful than yesterday, always challenging. It is always a sphere and place to long for, to be involved in, think fondly of. It is even eternal!"

- "Many songs describe the beauty of your world, the wonders of nature, its colors and shapes, the intricacies of particles as well as of relationships. The material the Negative State had to work with in order to put together an type of 'anti' world, one without My direct involvement, didn't lose its parentage."

- "Since all intentions and motivations in the universe are only positive, all social, familial, urban, material and spiritual structures function well and serve their purpose. The enormous variety is never a disturbing factor. To the contrary!"

- "On earth, nothing is in good shape. It is not made that way. Even matter is unreliable, is capable of destruction and decay and can cause havoc within itself."


... "Does heaven have limits? No!, but that is difficult to grasp on earth. Your thinking hits a wall, right? Let me tell you the great news that you can understand. Whatever is out there, exists because the One Holy had it come into being and therefore it is, by definition, a real home for whoever has a place in it. Like my sister, she thoroughly enjoys the freedom to play. She has no concept of time or place. Her world is fulfilling, open-ended, active. The same way, everybody moving to more wholeness and to closeness to the One Holy will discover more beauty and will feel deeply safe."

- "The expansion of the universe reflects My nature. It is moving toward more intense wholeness. It doesn't make much sense to you, since your brain connections allow only for a minimum of the true facts of life to be processed."

- "All that exists occurs at a certain spot. So did and does the rebellion of the Negative State. But existing is not a spot on a linear continuum. It is more like an explosion. Its shock waves break out in all directions. I soar with them."

- "This is what I mean by saying that My nature now includes its own denial. All of space is filled with My presence, with My glory. I 'survive' the negative, you could say. To the uppermost delight of those in the universe that witness it."


... Mary came in with some cups. She turned to Jesus, "I love to sit down and hear you go on about those celestial things, but I have to take care of more worldly tasks. It is difficult to combine daily chores with lofty talk. Wisdom doesn't boil the water." She wanted to go back but Jesus stopped her and pointed at her. "You, wherever you are and whatever you do, fill a specific slot. Everybody has his or her own place in the world. Please, treasure it that you are a particular and unique expression of One Holy's nature, however difficult it may be to show this. So be proud of it."

- "Is there empty space? Of course not! How can anything exist that is not reflecting Me, glorifying Me? There's not anything in being that is 'nothing'."

- "How then can I expand and forever become more? What existed before life as you know it now? If you look at those questions from an 'outsider's' position, you are at a predictable loss. Therefore, step with all your consciousness into the thought that the very person you are is a manifestation of Me."

- "What on earth is called 'creating' is a re-arranging, a re-shuffling of what is already there, while 'more' is viewed in terms of the future. In the real world, the future is as much 'now' as is the past."


... Everybody looked at Mary. She seemed to hesitate, then blurted out, "It may be true that I am useful for some important reason. Sometimes I do feel that I am important in my own little world. But those moments do not last. Before I know, I am back to earth! Please, excuse me." Jesus called after her, "Mother, don't play down those short moments! They are precious. They connect you with the source of all blessings. Your work is as kneading dough: good loaves of bread are in the making. Accept as graciously as you can your opportunity to keep healthy life going!"

- "Mighty cosmic forces keep earth in place. They provide some equilibrium by which life as you know it can develop and survive. Your earth's isolation is needed to protect the rest of the universe against its destructiveness and disarray."

- "All energy is from Me, is Me. It is solid and exciting. Realizing you are within the range of My power can rejuvenate your sense of 'getting there'; it sharpens your determination. It gives the Negative State headaches. But you feel like 'flying'."

- "All efforts to heal the illnesses of your world are in vain. Energy gets lost when readily-available blueprints for external improvements are used, instead of the much more subtle and often hard to decipher maps of the real reality."