The Seven Names Writing 3

I. There only is one reality, one totality, one fullness of all existence. It has no borders or limits, no confining distance, space or time. There is no ending or beginning. It 'is'. Taken as a person, it is the I AM. What on earth is perceived as past and future is an adjustment to an unnatural, universal-completeness-defying aberration. In the true reality, time is symbolic. It allows for indicating distinct moments in the ongoing unfolding of the happening of life. Life's center and horizon, its core and outer appearance, can be approached in our understanding as being on our human level. The energy that leads to the development of new life-forms emanates from the one 'personal' core of life to the multi-verse of existence. Without exception, all that exists from, through, in, and before the all-Presence feels elated that it can be part of the positive adventure existence is. Each particle in it contributes to life's fullness in its own way and on its own level.

II. The joy of being together in existence and the sharing of one's unique form and place highlight the satisfaction life gives. So do creativity, passion, all-around attraction and the freedom to move on. In other words, it is love that determines and colors all interactions. Each participant in life expresses in its own manner that it is part of the same love-reality. The one sole purpose of life 'being there' is to add to the splendor of everything, and in particular to that of the ALL of life's 'I AM'. Closeness to Her/Him - a Person for us humans - is the source of the happy disposition of all that is in existence. However, 'in the beginning' one aspect of love and life universal seemed 'dormant': the possibility of a different way of existing. There was no choice as all things in life spontaneously mirrored the love-essence of their common source. There seemed to be no alternatives to choose from. No thought about this was ever entertained, yet there was a void.

III. Only the internal self-awareness of the 'One-Who-is-All' perceived the not-yet-probed potential of a different type of existence. If this potential could materialize, all existing and future life-forms would have the choice to which reality they wished to belong. It also would answer theoretical as well as practical questions about the ultimate scope of freedom and space: is 'everything' possible? And, what happens to those who would opt for another reality? How would their choice affect the rest of the universe? The all-ness of the I AM of all existence could be at stake. Or not? Pondering this idea, even as potential, was alien to all life-forms. If it would have been suggested, it would have been instantly rejected. Yet, as with everything within I AM, an idea, once there, proceeds to move toward its materialization as an external occurrence. Actually, there is no idea that does not exist within the I AM.

IV. In order to start the process of examining the feasibility of an alternative way of life, something new had to be brought into existence. To set in motion a development that is not rooted in love and joy - and therefore amounts to a waste of energy, even as mere fantasy - is in the fullness of life an impossible undertaking. But on the other hand, the idea of anything being impossible would indicate that the universal freedom was not as free as it seemed! That nothing in existence ever questioned the nature of freedom had to do with the awareness of everyone and everything that they happily reflected and manifested the qualities of the One Who was life's totality. Alone and together, all represented the glorious nature of I AM. So, being restricted in anything was as impossible for them as it was for the One Whose nature they shared. So, all this led to the forming of a specific type of sentient entity with an extreme sensitivity to exploring new possibilities.

V. This was the origin of the first generation of a specially-created species, now called the 'original humans'. Because of the monumental challenge that was going to be placed before them, the characteristics of their mental and physical appearances strikingly mirrored the composition of I AM. The first human generation was extremely gifted, with a fierce hunger for scientific research and experimentation. Their unrestricted closeness to life's creative center, I AM, meant among other things that all available knowledge was theirs. They had full access to all concepts and techniques for embellishing life as it was, and for creating new life-forms. They understood life's dynamics, could instantly bridge distances and were familiar with the vast range of forces and materials. Other existing entities provided full cooperation whenever they were asked. All members of the first human generation were well-regarded and respected by those that dealt with them.

VI. From the very beginning of their existence, it was explained to the humans that it would have to be by their own choice to accept the strange challenge to start exploring something that did not exist. At one point, they unanimously accepted the challenge to investigate the premise of freedom having no boundaries. With this in mind, they established their own society. Where it could lead to, the consequence of it, was completely unknown. However, they received the solemn promise that whatever the outcome of their endeavor, their 'going for it' would be honored and I AM's personal presence would always stay with them. From the start of this unique project, complete openness marked their activities. Yet, initially, the reaction from their environment was more one of mild amusement than of curiosity. The first reports of their studies - about whether love was freely chosen and whether freedom had limits - confirmed the beauty and solidity of the universally existing practices.

VII. Eventually, they did come up with a very specific proposal that related directly to the prime focus of their charge. They were very aware that the 'energy' which allowed the universe to exist, including the existence of life's Source Itself, was generated by the spark between the two fully integrated sides of life's totality. The sides, or by another name, the two life-generating principles, were those of love and truth, showing up in goodness and wisdom, in creativity and realness. Everything in or coming into existence mirrored this innate duality. Later, the two sides were called the 'feminine' and the 'masculine' aspects of the One Who is All. The attraction, embrace, merger and intercourse of these two sides within each particle and entity allowed life to blossom. There never was a time that this was not the case. I AM, as the core occurrence of all existing, has this dual aspect. Now, the humans suggested: What if, in our species, we give the two sides their own external form? The desire to merge and add to life's liveliness would then, visibly, come from both sides choosing it.

VIII. The suggestion was accepted. A new generation of humans was formed, directly endowed with life by I AM, like the original humans were. The two sides, representing the love and truth principles of life, were now visibly embodied, each with their own distinct internal and external features. The distinction between the two sides had been present in all life-forms, but now it had an outer way of manifesting itself. While remaining one in spirit, love and motivations, the outer differences led to an explosion of innovations - all based on attraction and the desire to connect, and thus experience oneness and create newness. The application of their gender differentiation was also offered to other life-forms that volunteered to participate in the experiment. The outcome was perceived by all as an embellishment of life in general, and of merging in love in particular, as life's duality could now be expressed by discernible external means.

IX. The second human generation realized that they operated well within the parameter of the existing order. Although the feminine and masculine aspects of human life now had their external distinct spheres and forms, the entities themselves still existed because of the direct endowment with life by I AM. This included a direct and immediate closeness to life's Source. Choosing was non-existing. So they came up with this idea: What about a new generation of humans that would be not directly endowed with life by I AM, but indirectly, by using their own, human, creative abilities? This would add a novel element to the scope of freedom if it could be done, as it were, 'once removed' from life's powerful love-core. As the second generation had, in a relative way, all the features of the I AM Her/Himself, including creating life-forms, they were able to produce offspring in their likeness. In this way the third human generation arrived on the scene.

X. In their appearance and mental capacities, the third generation was like the second one. They were briefed on the pursuit in which their species was involved. They retained free access to all scientific data and technical know-how. Their powers of mind and their abilities to create were unrestricted, as was the case with the earlier humans. They formed a close-knit society and were eager to develop new strategies for exploring whether freedom had limitations. The first two generations retreated into the background, feeling they had contributed as much as they could and were willing to. (No linear time frame is suitable to indicate the 'eons' of time that were involved.) The new generation took advantage of being indirectly endowed with life. Not automatically and directly dwelling within the 'inner circle' of light gave them more leeway to wonder. Yet, initially, most of their ventures proved infertile.

XI. The third generation knew that being indirectly endowed with life did not diminish in any way the enlightenment and lightheartedness that their race enjoyed. Goodness and wisdom radiated from I AM's presence within them. They treasured it immensely, but also realized that it was not particularly conducive to finding a substantially different type of life - in case that was possible to create. So, they suggested an arrangement that would move them to a place where the vibrancy of life's light could be tempered somewhat. They had not the faintest idea what effect this was going to have. The new realm, once put in place, would reflect their own position - being part of life's fullness, and yet 'once removed' from the Source. For further experimentation, they founded a 'location' in the outermost region of the outside layer of space. 'In retrospect', so to speak, this step and its implementations signaled the birth of what later became known as 'the Negative State', the zone of displacement, the pseudo-creation of non-love.

XII. When they were settled in the privacy of this faraway realm, the third human generation observed amazing changes. One change was the strange sensation of distance - of being not directly surrounded by and potentially involved with 'everything' else. They noticed that they could be so absorbed in projects to develop their own area that they almost lost interest in the rest of the human family. They were very aware of the presence of I AM in their own lives and in the environment; they greatly treasured it. It remained the undisputed source of inspiration, although an unfamiliar sense of 'being on their own' also presented itself. Another first was that they mentally and intellectually faced a void, a nothingness or 'darkness' that was completely alien. They had no tools to investigate it and it was completely unappealing. When discussing it with I AM and with the humans 'back home', they were reminded of their charge to explore the perhaps 'impossible'.

XIII. Soon, it became a prevalent concern, to determine how far to involve in their experiments the materials and other life-forms they had taken with them. Up till now, all joining and 'use' of each other, all interaction and the composing of new things, was based on voluntary participation. Each entity was always respectfully invited to make itself available. Direct contact with the spirit core of things or matter was normal. But how could they continue asking cooperation for research that they themselves did not even have a theory about? They came to two conclusions. One was that the exploration into potentially existing, but not yet experienced realms should continue. Another was that they did not see themselves as the right people to pursue this any further. Instead, a next generation would have to do it. They realized they were too much embedded in the world they came from, they loved and admired, to give up any more of it.

XIV. The essence of engendering a new generation of humans in their corner of the universe was to withhold from them the direct exposure to the world as they were so privileged to have had. There still would be two sources for knowing the full scope of reality. One source was what they would tell and teach their offspring about it; the other would be what the newcomers could choose to learn from their direct innermost connection with life's personal center and power, I AM. Those were then in a position to take it from there - the challenge to explore the scope of the freedom to choose whatever. So the members of the third generation put everything in order and reproduced themselves before leaving their isolated realm. They transferred to their offspring the immense arsenal of creative and technical features necessary to explore the potential of an alternative life; all they knew, they shared with the new generation of humans. Then they physically removed themselves and returned 'home'.

XV. The fourth generation was brought forth as fully-functioning individuals, like the generations before them. They found themselves in between two worlds, practically as well as emotionally. They did not really feel a part of the rest of the universe, although they had unlimited access to it. Its scope and history had been explained to them, but they chose to focus on the not yet mapped territory ahead of them that nobody knew. It gave them feelings of trepidation that hitherto did not exist; also the first stirrings of tension, frustration and irritation were felt. They cherished the sense of closeness to I AM within themselves, but they also fully accepted that the choice to proceed and the methods they would use were all up to them. They felt they were on target, but the target itself seemed elusive. It caused an uncomfortable ambivalence: on one hand, there was the thrill of their awesome position; but on the other, there was that novel sensation of being cut off, alone, of not being in the right place.

XVI. They noticed that relationships among their generation changed. They worked well as a team and their minds seemed on the same track. Yet they had little interest in each other as individuals. They avoided talking about this issue. They figured it was the isolation, in addition to the huge task in front of them that led them to neglect the joys of interaction and good company. It caused them to throw themselves even more into their work, with the secret hope that, eventually, the outcome of their research and experimentation would prove their 'sacrifice' worthwhile. They envisioned a grand new environment that they could proudly offer to the rest of the universe as an alternative means of existence. Yet, one thing became more and more clear: they would not be able to present a viable option of another type of life if the rapport between and within all forms of life continued to be direct, open and lucid. This prevented them from performing more than superficial cosmetic alterations in their realm.

XVII. The generation that had fabricated them had left the project because they felt too tied to the universe and the open-ended nature of the sphere they once fully belonged to. But now, also the fourth generation realized that, with the little exposure to the 'old' world they had, they still were a product of it. Through the elements in their personal nature, knowing of the smooth way everything could and should function to everyone's satisfaction, they remained linked to the original realm. Bringing about something new was one thing, but the chance of losing their ancestral roots and having their own identity affected, was another. Deep down they wondered if changing life itself in a truly innovative way was really possible, even if this was what they honestly aimed for. They increasingly understood that the key to progress in their exploration, if any, had to come from thinking outside the context of the old world. It would require further isolation. A fundamental reconstruction of all life's core systems was needed.

XVIII. They began the momentous task of rearranging life's energy flow by inducing in all new entities the novel principle of separation. They urged the existing life-forms to conform to this principle and in new ones they disconnected and replaced the standard automatic lines of communication. This pertained especially to the, inherent in all, three-level (spiritual, internal and external) cohesiveness and interaction that had always been uniformly harmonious. The most dramatic effect of this intervention was that the internal and outer segments of each life-form lost the spontaneous sensitivity to their spirit core, while also the energy boost from their connection with the one central life force, I AM, no longer flourished. Only a minimum of that energy was allowed to seep through, as this was needed to maintain the ability to exist. In regard to the challenge to provide options to choose from, many options did become available now the energy flow from within to the outside had to find new outlets.

IXX. Soon, the repercussions of the rigorously implemented separation - and the ensuing alienation between the innermost-spiritual, internal-mental and external, physical levels - became noticeable everywhere. The members of the fourth generation waited for the results to see how they personally would have to restructure themselves, if necessary. The manner of communication between and within life-forms changed drastically. No single part knew immediately or precisely what the other wanted. The outside did not automatically reflect what took place inside and vice versa, while the most inner sphere got insulated. Each entity had to invent a way, a 'language', to convey what it wanted, within its own unit and in relating to its environment. The fourth generation realized they were building on the idea of the separation of the two genders in their species' past, although that was only external. They saw as the next big project the manufacturing of a completely insulated sphere where no reminders of the past would linger.

XX. They sensed that the human endeavor to come up with an alternative to the existing reality was within reach. Nevertheless, their preparations took 'billions of years' in earth time. Each move forward had to be thoroughly tested, step by step. No move had a precedent or could be compared with anything else. Their own human constitution would eventually have to be adjusted to the final product of their own making - an alternative world. That world would have to be situated not only outside of the existing universe, but also so that there would be no exposure to or knowledge of the dynamics of the 'old' world; in other words, it would demand a completely insulated location, shielded by forces that would hermetically close off the new realm to traffic in both directions. This would be temporary, because when the project succeeded, the isolation would be lifted and the whole universe would face genuine options to choose from: the old or the new reality.

XXI. Before the members of the fourth generation started to implement their ideas, they shared them with the presence of the I AM within themselves. They also informed the other human generations of their plans, in outline and detail. Although for a long time communication with those others had been sparse, they did not receive negative comments. Although the total insulation of the proposed world seemed to concern their relatives - understandably, as what could transpire there would potentially require drastic adjustments for everybody. Since nobody had any hard data about the scope and possible impact of the finalization of the human pursuit, the fourth generation promised they would not transform themselves; instead they vowed to stay in their isolated realm for as long as necessary: to 'keep an eye on' the next human generation.

XXII. Meticulously they prepared and organized the coming emergence of the potentially alternative world which would be achieved by means of projection. Their duplicates, the future fifth human generation, would complete the humongous undertaking of the human species. They aimed to project the new, initially completely-closed-off-world as basically a replica of their present and already isolated space. All life-forms would be reproduced and then left to themselves. The new realm would be projected into a sphere with a grade of density that, for the time being, would make any contact or communication with the outside world all but impossible. They did compile a comprehensive history of all aspects and events of the human race up till that point as they realized that 'anything' could change because of the isolation. The end goal of the human pursuit they knew, but the last stretch, how to get to a new world was still unpredictable.

XXIII. With their innate and unlimited power to create, alter and rearrange - including on a cosmic scale - they would be able to establish a realm that would resolve the issue of possible limits to freedom - by, most probably, showing there were none. They expected the human pursuit to gloriously climax with their achievement. They decided to use the method of projection instead of actually creating a new dimension. The difference between the two was that a projected world would be modeled after an existing one and could be retracted once it had served its purpose, whereas a 'regular' creation or emanation was a novel occurrence of life that would exist forever. Practically, life in a projected or in a created world was very similar. So the fourth generation set everything up, including their isolated space itself, to be projected outwardly as a duplication. They started by putting in place cosmic shields that would insulate the new world.

XXIV. A multitude of mechanisms were developed to be implanted in the projected elements and entities so they could function in a sphere disconnected from the universal currents and waves of life. One feature already in place was the isolation of the three layers within each entity and particle. This situation had a parallel in the cosmic seclusion. They transferred into their human offspring most of their own immense technical arsenal, creative wizardry, instant-travel frequencies, the powers of mind and similar typical human features. However, they 'shortened' the antennas and organs for instant communication with anything around them. This restricted greatly the translucence in human interactions. The sensitivity to signals from the external level was increased and gestures and sounds supplemented the mental 'language'. All this created a great variety of reaction-options to choose from.

XXV. They proceeded as planned, not paying much attention to their personal welfare, emotional needs or inner wondering. They avoided discussing the changes with the other life-forms. They asked, when appropriate, for cooperation in performing the mutations, but otherwise just went along, greatly helped by the elimination of the direct mental communication between all forms of life. All in all, they believed in their mission and expected trust from others. They took all possible precautions, safeguarding the transition and adjustment to the starkly different atmosphere and density level. The new world would be encapsulated - shielded - by massive protective layers of cosmic material and galactic forces. The internal and spiritual components in these would be inaccessible to the inhabitants of the insulated world; only on an extremely limited scale could the outer layers be observed and approached. Following the planning phase, everything was ready to go. For this, they felt supported by the humans at 'home'.

XXVI. It was an awesome occurrence when the process of projecting a duplicate of their world actually started to take place. They thought of it as the final chapter of the human endeavor. They projected themselves into a new, the fifth, human generation, without contacting those directly, then or later. For the time being, they stayed behind in their secluded realm. Their physical constitution could not adjust, for any length of time, to the newly-created atmosphere on the newly projected planet - earth. However, they still knew exactly what went on in what later became known as 'the Negative State'. When they focused on specific targets, their ability to observe and be mentally present there, had no limits. They planned to monitor closely all activities in the new world. And as designers of the protective shield, they would know how to break the insulation, if ever that became desirable, which they thought it would, eventually.

XXVII. The entrance into existence for the humans of the fifth generation was quite different from what the generations before them experienced as their 'births'. For one, they were on their own, not surrounded by sympathetic 'parental' figures and other well-wishers. However, as duplicates of self-supporting entities, they were able to immediately take charge of their situation. Initially, they were supportive of each other, as together they were clearly put in a position of control over their environment. Encoded into their cognitive systems was information about all the facts and facets of life, painstakingly gathered by their 'parents'. It was an exhaustive documentation of 'everything' - from the relationship with I AM to all happenings in the universe - which from their perspective was now 'outer space'. Central to their pursuit remained the exploration whether freedom had limits, especially the choice to love or to reject that.

XXVIII. The documentation encoded within them was directly accessible to each of them individually. They all knew therefore what the purpose of the human race was, and what its successive generations had done. Because of the now-restricted direct understanding of their surrounding, their sense of personal responsibility and power increased dramatically. It led to a process of specialization among them; they still conferred and agreed on most issues, but tensions and ego became thick. In addition to having peers, they still had access to the presence of I AM on their spiritual level, like everything in existence. Through that presence, they were connected with all life in the universe. However, when the immensity of their role in shaping a new world had fully sunk in, they decided, individually and together, to forego any activation of direct contact with the I AM and the old world.

XXIX. The intensity with which the fifth generation threw themselves at their task of organizing a totally new society, ecosystem and way of life was fanatic. They knew exactly what they wanted and in which direction to proceed. The passion for their pursuit, however, no longer came from desiring to live up to their awesome and honorable charge to explore freedom's nature, as was the case with the preceding generations. Instead, it came from anticipating an outcome so successful that it would establish forever their power and position. It would be a glorious moment when they could present a self- sufficient and independent alternative reality to I AM and the 'old' world. They would have nobody to thank for it but themselves. They were never exposed to the worlds they were isolated from, but thanks to the imprints in their minds, they had a pretty accurate picture of life there; it soon looked increasingly distasteful to them.

XXX. They noticed, and verified with each other, that the 'other', the 'old' world, just held no attraction for them whatsoever. But they were fascinated by having the chance to change everything on their planet. Being in charge of organizing a new way of existence gave them an all-pervading sense of power. It led to many totally new situations. One such situation was that they not only avoided contact with I AM on their spiritual level but started to resent the fact that they had to deal with the 'expectations' of I AM and the old world and that they felt 'watched' by them. Another new situation occurred when a form of competitiveness crept in, causing paranoia, secrecy and jealousy. Having to work together became a barely sustainable balancing act. This uneasiness carried over into their environment, in which everything felt this stress and started to react to it. All elements of nature - flora, fauna, etc., - lost their sense of innocence and safety.

XXXI. The fifth generation was convinced they could create an environment so different from the rest that it would qualify as the sought-after option of an alternative reality. It required bringing to fruition the human endeavor for which the earlier humans had laid the groundwork. From the documentation that had been given to them, they knew about the inner structure of each particle and unit in existence. Within themselves, they still had some of the open interaction and transparency between their three levels, although they deliberately excluded the spiritual level from involvement. But in all else around, the separation between the levels of spiritual, mental and external functioning was firmly established. This mutation of the original set-up of life proved crucial. It enabled them to start overhauling all forms of life in such a way that they became fully dependent on the external layers of their environment.

XXXII. To their amazement, they saw changes occur everywhere, even before the overhaul was completed. They understood the dynamics of it. It was not just the isolation of their world that caused the shift in priorities, although this hastened the process. No, the key factor was the induced internal segregation, especially the isolation of the core spirit (which they considered a thing of the past), which interrupted what was the natural flow of all energy, from the spirit core to the externals. What had been a spontaneous cooperation of all systems, within and without, was now an open door for ways to diverge, leading to all sorts of conflicts. Life's movement used to be from within, via internal processes, to the outer layers and there embellishing I AM's splendor. Now each segment had to decide by itself where to go or connect. Everywhere in nature, this confusion led to breakdowns and clashes.

XXXIII. The 'good' news about this situation was that, at almost every step, a choice had to be made about which part of each separate unit would be in charge. This fitted precisely the challenge placed before the human race. It was a test whether there truly was a freedom to choose. Specifically, whether the all-love character of life was a 'must', due to lack of an alternative. For the first time in life universal the fundamental harmony was broken and the oneness of, with and in the I AM was no longer unanimously reflected. Although this occurred in their insulated and especially for this probe prepared space, it still could endanger existence as a whole. But they decided that the veracity of I AM as only-love-reality was now at stake and the survival - or annihilation - of the existing order hinged upon their 'success', was not their concern.

XXXIV. Most of nature's processes on the 'out of place' planet developed by themselves. They produced situations unlike those of which they were a duplication. With the inner cohesiveness gone and the factor of love being fragmented, all levels of the natural rhythms and harmony were disturbed. Earthquakes, temperature extremes etc., turned nature violent and unsafe. Where they could, the fifth generation stimulated this development. It suited their goal in two major ways: It helped to create a world indeed unlike anything before (although it had to remain recognizable in order to function as alternative), and it enmeshed all creatures and elements in the quirks of the external world. It lead to everything being dominated by external factors. It dawned upon them that they themselves, with their extraordinary powers intact, could very well become the new center and inspiration for all creatures in their realm – and perhaps beyond.

XXXV. In the rest of the universe, information about the development on the insulated planet was readily available. It caused great concern among the earlier human generations. As everything the fifth generation began to accomplish was new, they had no frame of reference by which to judge it. Even being concerned was new, at least for the first three generations. Outside the human circle, interest in what went on remained 'cautious'. What occurred on the secluded planet was completely alien to the thinking and lifestyle of those in the other realms of the universe. When some of it came to their attention, it was dismissed as incomprehensible, but it also caused growth of their unconditional love for and trust in I AM, 'Who must know why this is happening'. Because of the total insulation of the new world, they did not feel they were directly threatened by the 'unreal' or 'pseudo-life's doings. They trusted that ultimately, it would be enriching, like all else.

XXXVI. The members of the human race regularly took up the issue of the activities of their offspring with I AM, individually and as groups. Over and over, they were given the assurance that what occurred was exactly what their human mission had been all about from its very beginning - namely the verification of what I AM stood for. In order to prove an impossibility, in their case the feasibility of another reality, the impossible had to be exhaustively tested. They were told that, indeed, it was a 'pseudo' world out there, a delusion of reality, and the end was not there yet; but that, as I AM would not withdraw from any emanation, the all-ness and oneness of love and truth would eventually emerge after having been attacked and denied. It was made clear to them that their role in this was not over. Their volunteering to test truth and love as real choices gave them, the human species, a lasting unique aura. Through humankind, the authenticity of I AM's nature was being proved.

XXXVII. The first four generations of humans were already involved in a thorough analysis of their own activities, leaving no aspect out of it. Specifically the members of the fourth generation, who had again established close contact with the 'homeland', were eager to go through a 'debriefing', as they realized how close they had been to losing their sense of reality. One important role awaited all of them: all the 'products' of the fifth generation, humans and others, would have to be reinstated in the real reality after their recall from the insulated planet. They were asked to be in charge of that process. In the meantime, until the closing phase of this cycle of time in which their species played such a central role, they could use their spiritual and mental powers to beam to all the still functioning insulated world's frequencies the realness of the one true world, even if this would be repelled by the fifth generation.

XXXVIII. On the planet, later known as 'Earth', where the duplicate world now wrote its bizarre history, two things happened that dramatically signaled the culmination of all efforts and trends of the human endeavor. The first occurrence sent shock waves of bewilderment throughout the whole region and into the heart of every presence there. It was the occurrence of death - not as a transition, desired and gracious, but forced, unasked for, painful and ugly. It aroused in all particles and societies a deep-level hatred for it, in addition to a frantic struggle to avoid it at all costs. Forced death originated in the desire of the fifth generation to speed up experiments, but even more, it brought a thrill to their sense of power. In the wake of abrupt endings came fear, hostility, aggression, etc. The other critical shift was their decision to not play out the final act of the human mission themselves, but to have a new generation do it, designed and manufactured by them, and under their control.

XXXIX. They realized that their control over what happened in their domain was limited: the separation and isolation of the three levels in all existing things was creating chaos. What was intended as the apex of freedom ended up as slavery to the random whims and wills of each particle that within itself lacked any sense of unity or direction. To their dismay, they found themselves forced into the role of having to stem the chaos, which was accomplished by setting up rigid rules and laws that the elements, creatures, things, processes and interactions had to follow in order to be somewhat functional. It was one of their motivations behind fabricating a new, the sixth, human generation. They themselves were at this point so prejudiced against anything reminding them of the rest of the universe - despite never having seen it - that they wanted 'outsiders' to cast the final ballots about which reality to choose.

XL. They shaped creatures in whom they were going to implant some of their own genes and tissue, while these creatures otherwise would consist of materials found in nature - flora - and fauna-like life-forms and hybrids they had developed themselves. This sixth generation, the present earthly human race, has only some very vague inklings - hardly substantiated by any fact - about the history leading up to their appearance on planet Earth. The new humans would represent both worlds, the old and the new. They would in part be of the typical human race, yet they also would behave as purely earthly, externals-dependent creatures. From the first part were removed features like mind power, space travel, and projection and life-creating abilities. Above all, the knowledge of an eternal connection and memories of their origin would be drowned in a multitude of lies, half-truths, deceptive logic, pipe dreams and clever theories. The second, earthly, part would tie their offspring to the by-them-controlled isolated world.

XLI. The majority of efforts to form a viable hybrid resulted in failure; most trials were aborted. Some relics of that period are occasionally found today on planet earth. When finally some prototypes seemed promising, they saw to it that they as the fabricators had direct access to the inner workings of their products. Of those prototypes, some managed to survive; they developed into the present human population on the planet. This present human race is hardly representative of the original species. The most striking 'mutilation' of the human outer appearance is the placement of the grossly inadequate prime love organs, while the animal-type method of reproduction belies the human likeness of I AM. On the internal level, the focus on external sources of information and finding satisfaction stood out. The sixth generation seldom meets their fabricators directly, because those retreated physically to for the present humans unreachable areas. Their mental presence, however, is everywhere and at times palpable.

XLII. Some members of the fifth generation did request admittance to the 'old' world. They have been welcomed back. Two main reasons motivated their decision: the inability to keep suppressing the glow of their own spiritual layer, and the sense that there was no future for the alternative world they helped 'pseudo-create'. In countless ways, earth and its human inhabitants keep up the appearance of a viable reality. The meaning of life is projected into national pride, family life, religious fervor, material success, physical gratification, nature's beauty, artistic transcendence, etc. The fifth generation that stays around may allow their offspring to destroy themselves and their planet, lull them into tighter dependencies, allow them to robotize themselves, move to another planet or ruthlessly subjugate them - whatever. Yet the present sixth generation humans still has the choice to connect with the I AM within them, with the real world in other words, and so become the new, the seventh, the final, the again-one-with-all human generation, even while still isolated.

....... ONE HOLY





I want Your Splendor to sparkle ever brighter, also through me.