Story & Conversation

Writing 7

Conversation. Eight

I'm nearing the end of the story. I mentioned to Her/Him that the last part had not been interrupted by any interaction between us. He/She nodded and let me know that there was no need for that as far as She/He was concerned. I should just go on and finish the story.

"Most of what happened to the sixth generation is familiar to you," He/She said. "At least the external, visible part of their history. It's the story of your generation of humans and is well documented among you people on earth. You are born in this period yourself. Actually, it's a very short period compared with the other phases."

I waited for Her/Him to continue and He/She did.

"The human beings of today are very different from the original ones; they're hardly recognizable. Yet regardless of the mutations and mutilations, they're still human beings. They're part of that species whose special mission it is to provide illustrations of what happens when what is emanated from Me tries to disconnect from Me and the spiritual principles by which I and everything exist. In the process of doing this your ancestors became My adversaries. They still consider the fabrication of the present human type the trump card which will prove them right. One day, the need for their mission will be over. That is when all the answers to the use of freedom are in. Then, this cycle of 'time' can be closed, because there will be nothing more to show or guess. The consequences of turning away from Me will be crystal clear. This horrendous period will have no energy to exist anymore. Then, everything will eternally move forward, unencumbered by potentially negative wondering."

(I felt the need to bring up the incongruity between the dark ending of the story and my situation of being able to have these enlightening private conversations with the I AM of life. The story explains the origin of our 'being lost' in space, but evidently something has changed fundamentally, and enables direct communication in the midst of the still continuing isolation.) I ask Her/Him if something specific about the change in His/Her nature should be added, but She/He reminds me that a minute ago it was indicated that I could wrap up the story.

So let me do that now.


A new society emerged on the other side of the world. Based unashamedly on turning old values and structures into their opposite. The aim of these exploits was to prove that life can survive and blossom by self-developed principles.

The group, with the nine cousins as leaders, shaped as clay their new environment that for all practical purposes was now outside the reach of the past. It became a tightly structured and rigidly ruled community.

What was their 'golden' rule? Originally, it was to have the old country and its people admit that they were surpassed by a new way of living that was superior to theirs and truly without limits. The proof of this would come from how the humanoids in the neutral zone, in between the two worlds and without direct knowledge of either of them, would cast their loyalty once they learned about the two worlds.

Later, however, their confidence grew to such density that everything became focused on eventually eliminating the original source of life. Only one truth or reality can stand, the brothers and sisters said: 'Ours or theirs.'

No contact whatsoever was made with their homeland. Hatred for those there remained a binding force. They were topping the achievements of the old world. The offspring that had crossed with them didn't know better than that their faraway family was like an enemy, to be despised and gotten rid of.

It was clear where the battlefield for the inevitable and decisive confrontation would be. It was the land in between their two worlds, isolated by the two Great Currents, where the humanoids lived.

There, the special brand of humans they had managed to produce, soon exploded in numbers, diversity and conflicts, bewildered by their inability to understand anything about the reason for being alive.

Often, this question was brought up among the younger generation 'creators'. "Why were those humanoids not fabricated as full-fledged robots? Then they could be programmed and we wouldn't have to bother directly with those degenerates."

Their elders had to keep explaining:

"If we had made them into robots,

they would have no freedom of choice.

They would cease to be humans,

and would not be able, voluntarily,

to side with us, against them."

It would be the day, the cousins fantasized, when, hopefully soon, Grandfather and Grandmother would find themselves outwitted by those they gave free reign. Imagine, all the family in awe of them! Some expressed this more graphically: all the family over there on their knees for us. Like a fever, the vision consumed them.

They had left behind several colonies of the genetically altered human beings, the humanoids. Those were spread out over the island. Most of them did not survive. Yet some did. Those grew up among animals, without knowledge of where they came from or where they were heading, with a mixture of conflicting pulling and pushing forces in their minds and bodies. They found themselves dependent on each other and on the environment. It left them extremely vulnerable, fragile, confused, and with a short life span. It was hard for them to make any sense out of life.

Yet what they didn't know was that they were protected, to a point. An element in their manipulated brains they were not aware of had them send out signals when their stress level reached a critical height. Those signals were picked up. By whom? Well, when the cousins' group left for their final destination, two of them, with some helpers, were ordered to remain on a small island just off the coast. To their great chagrin. On them rested the task to monitor anything that went on with the humanoids and intervene in case their survival would be in danger. Their 'creators' couldn't afford the grand experiment to fail by having their product simply die off!

Many times, these 'controllers' had to come to the rescue. For instance, when natural disasters threatened to annihilate the humanoids, their monitors picked up the signals and they rushed in to control the damage, out of sight of their frightened offspring. Usually, stopping the danger was done quite easily, because they knew firsthand the cause of nature's flaws and instabilities.

The same with illnesses, which became rampant. Often, when an individual or group important for their purposes got sick, they used all kinds of healing techniques on the unaware victim. It included chemical and mental tools. Mass delusions were easily triggered and distant hypnosis was widely used. They found it extremely hilarious when 'healing' took place, it was attributed to loving 'gods' or seen as a miracle. Anyway, humanoids were crucial for the great final confrontation and had, therefore, to be protected. The 'danger' alert system often worked overtime.

Without having insight in the nature of their situation, the humanoids showed a constant inclination to ask the 'wrong' questions. When even in the slightest degree their attention turned to values of the 'old' world, that tendency was systematically encountered with powerful, corrective coding and opposite information. However, with satisfaction they saw that without them having much to do about it, the humanoids' patterns of thinking and acting, in general, came to nicely reflect the nature of their 'fabricators'. Be it in the areas of science or religion, law or art, everything the humanoids came up with, worked out comfortably divisive and fed into an overall distorted concept of the original state of affairs in nature and human society. A truly alternative world!

It had been hard work and a costly investment, but the results were encouraging. On the basis of all incoming data, the prognosis was that the humanoids, by their own choice, would keep tilting towards the ideas of their creators as being true and final. Of course, when in the reports free will was mentioned, they chuckled. "The suckers don't know that they only do our will," the elders explained to the new draftees for indoctrination.

Yet, what at first they were not aware of at all but gradually figured out, was that somewhere in the area also agents of the old country operated.

Two family members headed that mission. You can guess who these two were! Right! The two cousins that had broken away. They not just volunteered to fill the position of monitors but they insisted that task be given to them. The Grandparents granted their request on the basis that they knew best the mind- and behavior patterns of their siblings. Like their counterparts, they operated hidden from the displaced humanoids. 'Displaced' was the name they gave to their mutilated relatives. They kept close watch and also intervened 'undercover' when necessary.

Those in the other camp noticed, to their frustration, that their control mechanisms were outperformed by much more superb ones. This led them to the discovery of who was operating against them. That ghost-like presence of their enemy stimulated them to bring the humanoids to the point they would be ready for the final choice. Sensing people of the old world that close was unbearable, so they wanted to get it over with. Both sides painstakingly avoided ever meeting. The most effective methods of accessing the minds of the humanoids were developed by the technical wizards of the old country. The other side excelled in cleverly copying those.

Back home, Father and Mother were fully aware, first of the deterioration of the relationship, then of the animosity and, finally, of the blatant hatred from the side of the majority of the twins' children and grandchildren. It always was on their mind.

They saw in the eyes of their other offspring the questions, 'How long do we have to tolerate this?' 'Do you want us to step in?' 'Have we not learned enough of this by now?' 'Can this still be stopped?'

At a meeting to which everybody was invited, Father finally explained that from the day they proposed the moving away of the twins, Mother and he had been aware they needed a plan in case things got out of hand. He reminded the ones present at the farewell dinner for the twins, that the key element of the plan was hidden in his words, 'We'll come to you in case you get lost.'

Then, he and Mother revealed in general terms that the time was near to implement the plan. They warned that many unexpected and, for them, frightening things could happen and that they all would be tested in terms of what they stood for.

As always, listening to Father and Mother gave all of them a deep sense of confidence, even in the face of this grave situation. They expressed those feelings. So the meeting ended in an atmosphere of calm anticipation.

One night, Father and Mother talked quietly till light pushed the darkness out. Father straightened himself. Mother put an arm around him. They looked into each other's eyes. Father said, "The preparations are done. I'm ready to go." Mother said, "We'll show who we really are."

Then, they kissed and were on their way.