Part 1

Visits Into The Real Reality Writing 4


This is what happened. Through cracks in a not completely closed door on the left side of the wall in front of me came a strong light. I expected it to stream in when the door was fully opened. Soft music was in the air. I felt invited to open the door and did so.

Indeed, a bright light, dense like steam, poured in. I went through the opening and knew somehow that if I would look behind me, I would not see the wall or entrance anymore.

I felt at a loss as to what to do now, where to go, or even where to look. But then I thought of why I wanted to come here. It was to see for myself how real the 'real reality' is - if it exists. (This took place after I received so much information about it, as documented in earlier publications. I planned to not focus on my personal reactions and emotions, whatever those would be, but on what actually transpires in the 'other' world.)

At this point, I was reminded of several things. One, that in order to be able to observe an unknown level of existence like this, I had to be willing to set aside my familiar concepts of what is 'real'. Two, now entering this realm, I have to rely completely on my own observations as no confirmation from any other source will be available. Three, that it is only because I want to explore this world that it is shown to me: I do not 'have' to come here. And four, that now, indeed, I was going to take steps into a different dimension for which I may have been prepared for several years.

(I am very aware of my 'normal' self, the one who is taking his daily evening walk of about one hour, accompanied by his dog. Above all, I am aware of being afraid I might project images or fantasies of my own making and actually create this whole experience in my mind. That would amount to entertaining an illusion.)

"Let us start with the basics," a Presence I felt was there, said. What do your eyes see?"

It was not easy to say what I saw. There was an enormous wide space in front of me, filled with what looked like white clouds hanging low, especially in the distance. I could not really answer the question other than by saying that I saw nothing disturbing and that it looked like a grand white emptiness, calm, massive and sort of friendly.

"And what do you hear?"

I did hear a humming sound. It was soft and pleasing to the ear.

"And what do you feel?"

Right then, I felt my arm being touched, gently but firmly. I mentioned it.

The Voice said, "All touching feels good. Now look at your feet. Where do you stand?"

I did look and noticed I was barefooted, but couldn't describe what the ground looked like, although it felt supportive.

"Oh, yes," I heard, "what you call ground adjusts to your needs. Why don't you lie down?

I did.

"Don't be afraid to check how it feels where you touch the ground."

I stretched out, turned, leaned on my elbows and found that every position felt comfortable and seemed an invitation to relax.

"The ground wants to be supportive of you," the Voice said.

I stood up and wondered if I could move in any direction I wanted.

"Just choose where you want to go."

I indicated a spot in front of me, about ten feet away. When I started to walk in that direction it felt as if the ground instantly brought me to the spot. (Had my wish to walk to there caused the 'ground' to move me? I thought of what I just heard, that all touching feels good. In the 'Writings' it often comes up that all touching is a form of making or enhancing love. Well, this sensation qualified for that. The ground and I were clearly together in this move.)

"And what about your smell?"

I focused on it and could pick up a pleasant fragrance in the air, as from roses or hyacinths, flowers I like.

"And your taste? Are you hungry?"

I was not, but was aware of being somewhat thirsty. I said so.

I instantly became curious about the role of food and eating here and what metabolism and elimination would mean.

She/He said, "Let's get you something to drink."

A few feet away I noticed a small waterfall. I went there and drank what tasted like water. It had the effect of a tonic; it refreshed me and I felt energized in every part of my body.

(I reminded myself I was not here to register my personal reactions, however pertinent, but to just observe as much of this world as possible.)

I became aware that Wisdom was there, standing next to me on my right side.

(In another published manuscript (see 'Writing 11, Journeys'), I have reported about Wisdom. When I go to my spirit realm, he appears as a person representing the I AM. We often met and talked. So I was not surprised to see him here.)

I again felt the warmth he radiated, and a strength and gentleness that never ceased to impress me.

"You know me, do you?" he teased me.

Of course, I did. I strongly felt that at this moment he sort of stood in for the Presence who had been with me to this point in this strange adventure. Or I should rather say, in whose unpolluted space I was being welcomed.

I knew he could read what was on my mind.

"You are right about me," he said. "Yet remember that I have to adjust to your frame of reference. You want to witness life in the true reality, but as you guess, the fullness of the real world is beyond the perceptive range of earthly humans. So I, and most of what you are going to see, will appear on the level of your ability to perceive. It will all be new to you but you can let it grow on you. The exposure to it will activate your sense of the full reality. It gives you an idea how true life functions."

"Here, let me touch you." He put his hand over my left eye for a second; then took it away and asked, "What do you see?"

I looked and saw that the space around me that had been 'foggy' with white light was filled with activity. Of what nature, I did not comprehend. There was a moving around of colors, stripes, flashes; quite intense. It was too much to comfortably look at. I said so.

"Well," Wisdom said, "it tells you that reality is not vague and simplistic as you suspect, sort of pastel colored. It is full of action, intricacies and diversity."

Something similar happened when he touched my ears. The sounds I heard filled all space and seemed to come from a thousand sources. They were not harsh, although it came close.

I wanted to be practical and asked about the presence of machinery like cars or electrical equipment.

He laughed and said that I wouldn't see those here. "Can you imagine the noise and smells of parts being forged together fitting in the atmosphere here? No, all forces by which things, material and what else exists in true life function have the same origin, intention and pleasant efficiency. Nobody is dependent on technology as everyone can create what is needed. Let's sit down so you can get a taste of it."

In front of me was a rock formation. Before I sat down on a more or less flat surface, I saw that it looked like crystal with a blue hue to it; beautiful, but not particularly inviting to be used as a seat. Yet, amazingly, when I sat down, it felt as if it was custom-made for me.

Wisdom explained why. (Actually, he did not have to do that, because I knew the reason for it from the insights I received already and had been able to write down. I had learned that all material, considered 'just' matter by us humans, accommodates what is the essence of all existence, namely, making love happen. It 'wants' that and is capable of doing it. Matter, as anything else that exists, is part of the occurrence of love. So being seated comfortably now is also part of the overall happy-making nature of all forms of life.)

I then was invited to take a look at myself. I was sort of naked. Sort of, because I was covered by a feather-light transparent veil, like a robe.

He asked if I could see my groin area.

I couldn't. It confused and disturbed me.

He reminded me that this journey into Reality meant exposure to the all-reality of love. What I consider typical sexual aspects of it would not be excluded, but love, as being the essence of all life, is far exceeding those.

He put his arm around my shoulder. It flooded me with feelings of happiness, completeness, excitement. I felt one with him, as if we were merging. (I should mention here what later is discussed, that Wisdom's person is both masculine and feminine.)

"See," he said, "this is the core emotion of reality: happy oneness and togetherness. True life is love being manifested with every part included. Specific sex organs or activities are not needed to experience it. Any touch will do and any thought on any level, at any time, anywhere."

He asked me if there was anybody I would like to meet. Without thinking, I blurted out, "Jesus". (The moment I said it I regretted it, because it sounded like - and probably was! - the spontaneous reaction of a childhood part in me. My present picture of the historical Jesus is quite different and probably more accurate than what I had of him in the past.)

Wisdom burst out laughing. "Well, if you mean the real one, you just felt the Presence and heard His/Her voice. Does that count as 'meeting'? And what about the energizing spirit of the water you drank and the beauty and comfort the rock gives you, or the love and oneness you felt in my embrace? Does that qualify?"

I did not answer. I was at the end of my walk and still wanted to ask Wisdom what to do with what happened this hour. Would I be able to remember all of it when I would write it down?

His answer was, not unexpectedly, that it was entirely up to me but that, at least I now knew that I could indeed access parts of the real world.