One Holy

"You can approach the unknowable side of Me like those in the universe.

There, it does not present boundaries or areas one is forbidden to enter.

On the contrary, My being the One Holy is celebrated as a shared glory.

They treasure that all existence is completely embedded in My first side.

I am available to the fullest extent, while still, there's even 'more' to Me.

To figure it out is not of any interest to them as their lives lack nothing.


"I'm not intimating that you may not, or should not, wonder about My origin.

I don't interfere with freedom to explore. Restrictions are not in My nature.

To keep probing the unthinkable distracts from My Being's open adventure.

The negative state considers My All-Absoluteness to be an irrelevant issue.

They do not mind people praising gods, as long as it keeps My closeness out.

Well, your insights jump ahead when you let My names crown Our relating.


"Your situation is that you shouldn't trust anybody or anything automatically.

Everywhere is incompetence and deceit. Also not trusting Me makes sense.

It is a reason I argue not with you in the booklets. My light in you is a guide.

You do make great strides in grasping life by taking these words personally.

Walking with Me results in surprising growth in living by wisdom and love.

You exist by the harmonious acts of My twelve elements moving you along.


"One reason for treasuring My first name wholeheartedly is that it's 'always'.

The way you use this word indicates there is no beginning and no end to life.

You also add 'eternity' to earth time in order to indicate it is full and forever.

'Always' allows you to somewhat transcend ideas as here, now, past, future.

Even so, human linear time restricts. I transcend it. Your spirit can grasp it!

Your journey with Me will expand and free up your mind's breathing space.


"All movements of what's in life originate in Me, as I am life's only center.

Keep it in mind when asking questions as to why and how things happen.

My first name expresses that life unfolds and reaches beyond its origin.

My total being, that for humans is as a Person, is as known as unknown.

My all-presence 'forgets' nothing, in any realm. There's just no 'nothing'.

Exposure to My full nature functions reliably as one's all-including map.


"Your progression never takes place at the cost of those who seem left behind.

Do not forget that in the true life, sharing is a normal and gratifying practice.

What's painful or frustrating on your road through life is unnatural if not evil.

Do not honor obstacles to progress by fearing them or see them as enemies.

Invite what is negative as firmly as possible to change and join your journey.

You know where you are heading when you join the parade of progressing.


"That I am the One Holy releases you all from having to grasp Who I am.

There are no exceptions to life originating in Me; this will never change.

It says all in the one Reality do mirror the glorious truth of My fullness.

All the moves, projects, goals or successes will add more to perfection.

Floating on those currents every day lets you sail with a calm courage.

You may cultivate this ingredient 'progress' as it dwells already in you.


"You add to My fullness. You reflect Me as nobody did before or does later.

So it is for everything before Me. It is why life exists and will remain 'alive'.

I'm always on the move. Nothing of Me doesn't unfold or is ever stagnant.

Earth's darkness adds new insights: to what extent things don't work out.

My being Holy is beyond your imagining. But all of life being sacred isn't.

'Sacred' says not, above normal, but is: having My presence as solid core.


"No real distance is between your world and Mine. All life is close to My heart.

Your sense of reality is rather disturbed, to put it mildly. You have blind spots.

Yet, you can be alert to the all-movement of life, of yourself in the first place.

Alignment with My unfolding volume from within creates a healthy rhythm.

If you're still frustrated by what you can't grasp, your focus needs adjusting.

With progressing, distance is irrelevant. The secret? With Me, there's none!


"The power in the element progression can thoroughly shake up people on earth.

So many forces hold you back or make you hesitate; while decline is threatening.

But as a clarion call from your own spirit can come the cry to wake up and move.

When you do, you connect with a Reality in which nothing is immovable or stuck.

Progression means adventure in its most exciting and never disappointing sense.

Your person is a unique adventure in My Oneness; it is sacred, lively and unfolds.


"You know that pain or hurt from old wounds, injustice or humiliation can linger long.

It is not easy to let go and start anew, especially when bad situations did not change.

It's ingrained in nations, tribes or families to defend one's tradition or protect rights.

It will suffocate individuals and hamper ambitions if freedom to move on does lack.

Yet, motivations to change can come from wishing to reflect My open-ended nature.

All you hear about Me here may let you increasingly trust also what's Unknowable.


"Most resistances to going all-out in developing your potential hide within you.

This seventh element of all nature got punctured to its core by negative forces.

Moving closer to Me is not just discouraged, it is taken as an immediate threat.

It's insinuated that trying to 'see' gods leads to insanity or death, as it is hubris.

True, nearing Me brings death: to lies and falsity. 'Seeing' Me will kill darkness.

Yet leveling with Me, being face to face, you all can do, as I'll be where you are.


"My unknowable part is not a wall you can't scale. It offers ultimate protection.

When lovingly you whisper My first name, you do know you're welcome in life.

Approach My first name as if it is a mirror I hold up to you to take a close look.

There's nothing scary in what you see then. You see yourself as wholly perfect.

This may sound very delicate and private. And it is! Yet, it's the one full Reality.

It is progression that today all of life's complete picture is revealed to humans.


"Nowhere in the real world of the universes are irritating or confining frontiers.

This may sound as some theoretical statement. Yet your spirit is able to taste it.

Do you sense that questions where I or My Unknowable come from are mute?

When spiritually you connect with Me, questions turn into beautiful answers.

Or, let Me say that each event will add novel answers to its eternal potentials.

And that is, being involved individually and together in embellishing splendor.


"Practically, this means not having to waste energy on evaluating conditions.

'If only I knew for sure' or, 'I am not ready', are some excuses born out of fear.

I like you to look within, see My smile, feel My warmth. Don't settle for less.

People hesitate to give up their familiar 'god' ideas, since 'you never know!'

Your' makers' fertilized many ideas 'about' Me that religions eagerly codify.

Yet you can break out of that mold and privately embrace Me as your lover.


"Absolutely nothing can prevent you from coming to Me as far as I'm concerned.

I am already in you. So it's up to you to choose routes that'll avoid or ignore Me.

Ask yourself to where you, earth or the universe are heading. Don't ask others.

You 'occur' and do move on. You cannot really regress, as you are of My nature.

With all your doings you serve the goal of illustrating life, even as a caricature.

You'll always provide lessons. So no need to live too tightly or walk too stiffly!


"'All is progression' relates directly to My seven names, like the other elements do.

The first evokes only one reaction in the universe: that of an ever-deepening awe.

It fascinates them that they may participate in such a majestically eternal reality.

You can't possibly imagine the, to them normal, absence of endings or limitations.

The emergence of the negative state poses the one challenge to true progressing.

This does happen, so once and for all it is clear whereto ignoring My nature leads.


"The fear of facing deities directly is a non-issue for those without a religion.

They think eventually mysteries work out themselves. Some just don't care.

In a way, they are better off than those stuck with dictates from past beliefs.

'The' issue for all humans is: to be honest about what stirs in one's own spirit.

That offers choices: what to follow up on, in which direction to think and act.

These words may seem to come from outside, yet they vibrate in your heart.


"At one point or another in their lives all humans are going to face Me directly.

For the reason I just stated: My words are within you. My presence will speak.

'All is progression' has not as prime focus improvements of the external world.

True progression occurs when My nature blooms and when you do allow that.

It's so for you in your brokenness as it's for all the inhabitants of the universe.

From My first name, the other six emerge. Life stems from My BEING those.


"People can ignore all this or cement their spiritual feet in their rigid opinions.

My first aspect won't interfere with the practicality of all you do know of Me.

I am no object for philosophy, religion or science. You being through Me is 'it'.

My nature's progression acts up when you let it. Moving on shows your faith.

Your job, family, hobby, belief or age color your journey. Crucial is: whereto?

I grant you access to the orbit of the Real Reality: as one of the flight crew!


"It is wise to check your attitude toward issues related to the ultimate unknown.

Do you intellectualize, avoid, fear, reject or like them, or have them bother you?

Your reactions are steps in certain directions, including the one going in circles.

I point at what puts you in a progressive mode and increases your personal joy.

Your progression can mirror My unbridled engaging in more love and realness.

If reading this stirs up discomfort or losing interest, ask: 'Where am I heading?'"