FREEDOM Writing 6

all is free choice

It's inconceivable for us on earth that freedom can be total;

that all that exists evolves from being chosen and wanted.

Yet this is the key to all wisdom: the I AM wanting to share.

Free choosing is the cement in our building life's structure.

I AM desires partners, lovers, who wish to love in return.

Real Reality has the fabric of a mutually chosen love affair.

In our darkness, only glimpses of freedom give some idea.

On earth, dependency is waving its sword from day one.

We are formed by the Negative State; we carry its stamp.

It gives us all a choice: not loving I AM became an option.

Our fabricators, by choice, wired us so we hardly have it.

Yet in all, true nature stirs. Can that undo their choices?

Our challenging evil can do this, helps leaving its prison.

We're born from the free will of God. As part of the one cosmos we are filling our slot.

We're life-forms, but free we are not. Circumstances reign and dependency is our lot.

Free will is a dream from a time we forgot. Gravity rules, in many claws we're caught.

We only act as masters, riddled with fraud. The longing to be freer is all we have got.

Yet that deep yearning signals to all earthlings the available-for-all presence of God!

'Yes' a free will, 'no' a free will, argued the sages of all ages.

Like they did, it does in me. I vacillate, how much am I free?

By my logic no answers do fit. Yet freedom is and that is it.

It features as essence and substance in all life's creatures.

You see that we are free to even choose our own slavery?

I happen to know this to be true as I AM tells me this is so.