6. Spirits Lifted Up

THE TEN 'RULES' for 'PRAYING' Writing 9

Rule 6. S P I R I T S L I F T E D U P, J O Y ....... 'O N E H O L Y'

"Have you ever approached Me and found Me in a somber or pensive mood? Or, for that matter, have you ever entered the realm of the other dimension and found any of those you met not in good spirits? What does that tell you? Think of My seven names, spirits, faces, appearances; do they radiate anything difficult or complicated? Or think of your two other parts. You cannot make much sense out of what they are all about, but surely, they don't come across as needy or heavy, do they? It is therefore that you can without restriction say that whenever and from whatever position someone approaches Me, he or she will find happiness and lightheartedness streaming towards them. 'Joy' is a component of My nature that's never hidden. Like the other components of Reality, it comes through loud and clear. It is extremely important that anybody turning to Me knows what to expect in this regard."

"This may sound sacrilegious to many who come from traditions in which I am portrayed as stern, serious and of untouchable authority. Laughing or lightness are for them completely out of the question when addressing Me. What a surprise they're in for! Yet I do understand that My first name may throw you for a loop. 'Holy' points at what in Me cannot be related to, so using it lightheartedly seems out of character. The irony is that in spite of My not-knowable, people keep erecting holy places, sacred sanctuaries and create rituals and symbols for worshiping what is beyond all humanity's realm. How to be worthy to participate in these delusive practices has become a big production. People that dismiss the relevance of religion leave what My first name represents blank; thy fill it with philosophical speculations or probe its secrets via scientific research. Yet the simplicity of My being One Holy is that all existing originates from it."

"The clever deceptions of the Negative State took hold of attitudes towards the unreachable 'beyond'. So who could guess that it is normal to have a pleasant, fun-filled and uncomplicated time with Me when you get to know Me personally? This idea seldom comes up in people's minds when they think about the atmosphere and quality of divine realities. What a pity! You know better. Be aware that the lack of reliable information about this isn't by accident. The Negative State is using to the hilt the wondering of humans about their confusing, short-lived, struggling and often painful existence on earth. They neatly propagate images of Me as harsh, foreboding, remote, or as irrelevant. Everything is better than the truth that I am an happy 'God'!"

"When you or anybody wants to really know Me intimately, you can dismiss all worries or fears about how I will react to you. It doesn't mean that My carefree character is indifferent to people's ordeals. Life is from Me and 'is' Me. So My presence is also in negative or painful occurrences. I know what on earth people are exposed to and afflicted with. Crying out to Me, or just crying from anguish or hopelessness, how I recognize it! Better than you, I see that all miseries, by definition, violate the nature of true life, My nature. I never smile at this as something that will go away and I never turn away from anybody to wait till they are in a better shape or mood. If they let Me, I always give the assurance that nothing is in vain. I put My arms around them, so to speak and they will hear My whispers of comfort and encouragement."

"The sufferings that so blatantly mark life on earth are not final realities. They are caused by lies spoken and practiced. What brings light and lightness comes from what is the true nature of life. That nature starts with My first name. What safer and what more secure can anything in existence get? Assurance, strength, peace and wisdom flow from turning to Me. Nobody in 'heaven' who is directly aware of the plight of humans on earth or is personally involved in their mission will ever shrug off people's ordeals or criticize and minimize them. All in 'heaven', without exception, have a deep desire that all parts and segments outside the realm of happiness will become insiders and full participants. They are ready to welcome everyone back."

"The present cycle of life is dominated by what has happened and happens with the human race. People are the main characters, because they dealt with the for-all-existence crucial question about what living outside My direct presence would mean. All in the universe wish for the ending of this cycle in which the negative things take place. It will end. You could say, in principle it has ended already. The isolation of earth is on its way out. The all-out gratitude for how I personally 'survived' the onslaught of being denied deepens. The source of the universal happiness, however, is not the victory over the Negative State or the homecoming of those seemingly lost forever. No, the source of happiness for all in life flows from My being the one who gave the 'impossible' a chance and showed the endlessness of My love."

"For you it is clear, isn't it, and normal and inspiring that My transcending name, face, aspect, spirit, candle, light, brings out only one reaction, namely, that all fear and scare leaves you. It gives immense depth to all other aspects of Me you encounter when walking with Me. I am One as all My seven 'sides'. All that is emanated from Me, including the segment that got astray and became isolated, remains challenged to be part of life's beautiful totality. Take this personally. I enjoy you! It fills the measure of My pleasure to see you trusting Me implicitly, as far as that is possible on earth. It thrills Me as much as it excites you that you give in to your longing for more closeness to Me and that you want to love Me, want to make love with Me and extend this desire to everything around you, people, things and nature."

"My happiness is reflected in the beauty and zest for life in all the universes. They mirror My names, even while only I know the scope of the first one. My nature is all there is. Therefore, the sixth 'rule' about happiness in approaching Me has to be part of people's thinking of life. Those in discomfort should never despair or think that connecting with Me is not changing the impact of what they go through. For those who only go by what they experience with their external five senses and feel victim of earthly circumstances, this 'rule' serves as a wake-up call. As I keep pointing out to you, even during the darkest evil-doings of the most fanatic perpetrators of the Negative State as well as in their most deformed products, life is still happening. In life, in all life, is its spirit. It is My spirit. It Is the connection with My love. Nothing can change this. Let it warm your heart!"

"The moment a person approaches Me with the desire to really connect, things are lightening up. Your external part, connected to the outside world, receives a state-of-the-art spiritual sound and light system by which to detect the roots of problems. It is also like waking up with a friendly sun warming you. Whatever unpleasant tasks may await you that day, nobody can take away the glow and light that comes from within where I shine. You don't have to grasp the working of the sun in order to thoroughly enjoy it and rely on it. I invite you and all who read this to marvel at the fact that you participate in a Reality that is endlessly exciting, new, magnificent and is pure joy. This, I don't say to you as comfort or as a promise. It is the way it is. You can open up to it and feel the power of it."

Rule 6. S P I R I T S L I F T E D U P, J O Y L O V E

"You can testify, as can many others, to the fact that coming closer to Me lifts up your spirits. Why is that so? Simply because I am only Love. It is impossible not to feel My warmth, My caring and My strength when you allow My presence to become personal. Why human beings, in general, are hesitant about this and resist trying it out is the story behind all the confusion and sadness on earth. In spite of the ridicule, skepticism or plain denial, I urge you to hold on to the fact that My happiness is real and can come through. It is the way the rest of the universe experiences it. It is what I consist of, from My innermost core to the furthest outreach and beyond. I am love, loving, ready to embrace, dance and enjoy company. In one word, I love happiness. I fertilize the whole universe with that spirit."

"Even on earth happiness increases by sharing. You hear Me speak a lot about making love with you and in general. Those who read your Writings may be turned off by this idea. Of course, I am fully aware of the travesty of human lovemaking in its fragmented and animal-like way, with bodies and minds grossly inadequate to make a perfect and all-inclusive match. But still, even in humans' crummy sexual behavior are elements of reaching for top experiences, for transcending limits, for satisfying deep urging's, for being excitingly out of control and for sealing attraction and commitment. When I say that I love making love, it reveals the origin of any human lovemaking. However imperfect or damaging in its expression, it can correspond to the essence of life. The essence of life is love as the pure joy of unrestricted connecting."

"You saw in the other dimension, and was partner in it, that making love is the most natural and logical way to express attraction, friendship, the desire to learn and bring to life new ideas or persons. The split between body and mind and between feelings and performance is non-existent in 'heaven'. Everything about love is in the open. This is so because the nature of all life is love. If people want to connect with Me, this is what they have to accept, even if it makes them feel uncomfortable in the beginning. Compared with the way earth people relate, the all-presence of love here seems quite abnormal. I don't blame you for having doubts. Yet I only radiate love. This gives people who reach out to Me in 'prayer' a taste of what I am about, what the Real Reality is all about. Allowing this to penetrate their awareness from the very start of their act of 'praying' sets people on the right track, guides them to answers that liberate. Sensing some of the joy of My nature is already a 'prayer' answered."

"With all their heaviness on earth, all people cab be on the right track because they are loved by Me. Do you need to know more? There is nothing phony, plastic or contaminated in My meeting with you. People who hold back, try to manipulate Me, who are not willing to forgive others or themselves or are not sincere in wanting to move on with Me, could as well not 'pray'. Those who keep saying 'prayers' out of fear, out of respect for it being an honorable tradition or do it out of guilt or obligation, pursue a meaningless habit. If you don't desire lightness, freedom, joy, humor and laughter, then you are not 'praying' to Me but to some 'god' you created yourself or to one others sold you."

"Some people are born in such cold and loveless circumstances that they don't know what it is to be spontaneous, lighthearted and playful. My smile will find them and warm them! No barriers from defects caused by birth, upbringing, physical or mental handicaps or by whatever distortion of My nature the evil forces created can prevent that the tiny piece of true life left in people will respond with gladness when it recognizes that I am still around. It says that with Me is the fullness of a friendly world that receives them with open arms and hearts."

"I know you wonder about My coming down seemingly hard on religion. The 'why' should be clear. Religion is about professing to have understanding of Me and about what is right for humankind. Yet it pushes on their faithful a portrayal of Me as the sovereign controller of destinies or as a master to be obeyed instead as a lover to dance with. But besides that, you wonder if hearing Me making these statements can be a projection of your own critical mind. Can it reflect the doubts about religion and culture you harbor, including doubt about your own sincerity in what you believe of Me? Nothing is wrong with looking critically at mental trickery. But in this case it is the other way around. Your ongoing wondering about what others said about Me, My doings or realness, prepared the ground for Me to show you the truth. Attributing anything harsh, cold, distant, judgmental to Me, that is a projection of the corrupted human mind."

"In all My workings as in the meaning and purpose of life itself love is the driving force as well as the outcome. Anything violating this reality diminishes its glow, is wrong, is a lie. This applies to most modes of approaching Me. In whatever form it is done, only if it expresses a genuine desire for beauty, wholeness and happiness, you are on the right track. Already the anticipation of what you are in for when addressing Me directly can give you goose bumps. It has been said that a person can create her or his own idea of a paradise by just imagining it and also that altered states of mind like 'highs' and euphoria can be self-induced, even without drugs. This is true. But efforts in that direction miss the point that joy is not an 'extra'. It is normal as life's eternal nature. Connecting with its full force comes with opening up to Me. You could ask, why dabble with one's toe in a puddle when an ocean is beckoning for a refreshing swim?"

"On earth, practicing love leaves people vulnerable. It is rationed and harnessed. Free-flowing laughter is scarce, as is innocence, lightness and spontaneity. Still, sincere concern for others, warm smiles, tenderness, friendships, playing and laughing is present; often in unexpected situations. Many trust that, at least to a point, the ability to create happiness can be pursued. But is this enough? How much time is spent on plain survival needs and on protecting health, family and possessions? I say this because most people, correctly, sense that life could and should be more easy and pleasant; should be 'better'. Coming to Me in 'prayer' puts fire in this desire. In visiting with Me, by definition, your spiritual self is energized and will try to free up parts in you that are stagnated, tight and fearful. Love is fearless, unpolluted energy."

"In being close to Me is no threat. For you, trepidation for being personally allied to Me seems understandable in view of that I am supposed to be the 'ultimate unknown' or whatever fancy names try to describe Me. Yet this is based on a lie. In Me is neither indifference nor coldness, vagueness nor threat, distance nor discrimination. I wish I didn't have to use those negative words. But they are in people's minds when wondering about what 'gods' may stand for. Today, before you started this chapter and sat down to visit with Me like you usually do before writing, what did you see? Before you started to focus on what I was going to say, you saw the performance of a dance in which I participated. You hardly appreciated it, because you didn't know what to make of it. But after a while you got the message, didn't you, when I and the others invited you to join the group. You did. At first you enjoyed the rather wild - but highly rhythmic - turning and twisting as in ballet or disco dancing. Then, you lost all images and the sense of personal boundaries. You felt just part of the pleasant movements of freely uniting and sharing, of graciousness, lushness, laughter and gaiety. This is what love is about, what My world is about."

Rule 6. S P I R I T S L I F T E D U P, J O Y T R U T H

"You had an unusual experience just now. You can talk about it yourself, but since for this Writing I do most of the speaking, let Me tell what happened. You set down in your living room, prepared for a moment of connecting with Me. As usual, you 'saw' My presence in the chair opposite of you. To your surprise, I was not alone, but on both sides in half a circle were others. You perceived the group as being in a mood you could not figure out right away. You had a good day. You had been thinking about how positive and pleasant your life is these days. You feel grateful for it. So you looked forward to work on this chapter, especially because it is about joy. It always lifts up your spirit anyway, when you spend time with Me."

"When you saw Me and the others silent and looking what you took as serious, your first reaction was that probably We were playing a game with you or were mimicking how heavy and grave people on earth often look. You checked and checked again yourself if you could detect any fear or anticipation of something unpleasant going to be revealed; about you, about Me or about the kind of communication We have. But you didn't find any reason for that. You saw Us remaining silent. You kept looking at Us, felt friendliness coming in your direction yet there was nothing of the exuberance and leaning to a playful and lighthearted mood you usually feel. You reflected back to the sounds you heard when I revealed Myself as Truth (Writing 5.) Specifically, you did remember the one that was laughter. The sound of it came back to you. It didn't seem to be in contrast with the atmosphere around you now, yet you could hear it only in the background."

"Finally you asked Me whether I could explain what all this meant. Before you asked it, you had told Us that you were at a loss as to what the reason for the silence could be. The person next to Me on My left answered you. He mentioned that all present in this circle were connected in some way to what happens on earth and in the Negative State. They all had been there and have an understanding of the drama of evil and what it is to be displaced, isolated, outside the positive zone. They never take the situation on earth lightly or treat it as something that happens far away. So they want to let you know that in the midst of all happiness and harmony of the true life they participate in, there is awareness of the awful things that happened on earth, in the 'hell's' there."

"I tell you that their remaining silent is showing their reaction to the suffering and the ugliness people on earth afflict on each other and to the brokenness of everything in the Negative State. You wondered whether this meant that your presence was like an old wound being opened or a bad memory being activated. I told you this is not so. If there was any pain or sadness in this dimension, it would take away from the fullness and perfection of My realm; which is impossible. For this group of people who are involved which earth this being silent in your presence amounts to honoring Me for the way I handle things."

"I told you that it is not by accident that the color of My joy element is silver, a shower of glittering and sparkling petals. All the negative darkness is absorbed in it. My joy element as Truth, the sound of laughter, is not a compensation for the cries of pain and suffering or to balance playfulness and misery. No, both the silver and the rolling of laughter point at the awesomeness of My reaction to evil. In color and sound it represents My promise that life is all right because I am. It is all right for all and forever."

"You then mentioned that this situation was not unlike what happens on earth when people observe a few minutes of silence together, stop whatever they are doing and stand still to focus on and honor what for their nation or group has been significant. (I had been thinking of that.) I agreed with you and let you know that a public show of respect for past events can be positive. Would you had many more of those moments together on earth! Yet you still were puzzled about what to do next or what this situation would lead to. You saw Us taking each other's hands and make a circle. You joined us. You felt it was a moment of full truth, of solidarity and of remembering."

"You wondered what your role was in all this. I looked straight at you and told you that it was My nature that was attacked, was being defiled and torn apart in and by all the workings of the Negative State. That State also includes you. However, it also is through you that on earth renewal, resurrection and replacement takes place. You protested the idea of having a special role in this, mainly because you are afraid of not living up to whatever expectations I may have. But I told you that nothing is by accident. Including your being in this group, this day."

"You kept worrying about what was going to happen next, uncertain what to do. Your mind went in many directions. You tried to think of people you know who suffer. You radiated to those the invitation to come and see this for themselves and be aware that in this dimension of the real world those who know about them, including Me, had a moment of silence because of their predicament. After this, you looked around with your mind's eye to see if there were demons, your negative spirits that you know are still around and in you, ready to jump you. You thought of the central powers behind those. You wanted them to come and observe this. It was at this point that you suddenly felt a wave of the most beautiful music coming over you by way of a massive rising up of voices. You saw that around Our circle all space was filled with millions and millions of creatures that were radiant in their happiness and seemed to know exactly what this moment was all about. They were praising Me and in their singing reaffirmed the beauty of 'everything'."

"The greatest moment for you came, although at the time you didn't right away grasp it, when I let you know that this event was not orchestrated especially for your benefit but that at that very moment it was taking place everywhere in the cosmos. It brought tears to your eyes. In general you are not a very demonstrative person but then you threw up your hands, all excited. You asked Me to let everybody in poverty, suffering and darkness witness this, hear the jubilant voices and understand what it was all about."

"Again, you looked around to see whether any of your demons were there. You wanted them to see and hear this. I did tell you that something monumental was happening. You wondered what it could be, specifically. All in the circle looked at you with eyes saying what some of them said with their voice, that you would discover it but that for now you could be as filled with the spirit of love, compassion and joy as they were. Right now, while you are putting this on paper, I tell you that you don't have to keep reflecting on this. Just trust Me that something did happen!"

Rule 6. S P I R I T S L I F T E D U P, J O Y P R O P E R

... "Anticipating joy, and preparing for being lifted up into a lightness of heart and mind is what this sixth 'rule' for connecting with Me is all about. It requires an uncomplicated, simple attitude one can practice and improve on. The way everything in life is structured is the way I am structured. With this statement you can't do much at first hearing, even if you are willing to accept it because I say so and because it sounds all right. I am not explaining things to you as I would to someone who is well-versed on the human level with data and theories of physics, biology or any other science dealing with the phenomenon life and its appearances and interactions. To you I say that I am in all structures, in all cohesiveness and dynamics on all levels of what's in existence. What does this mean? It means that in all the configurations of particles and entities as you see manifested around you, joy can reign. It is as simple as that."

"This sixth 'rule' stands as firm as Reality itself. Realize it when you seek to connect with Me. The full impact can be felt when you are with Me. The sense of a safe belonging may overwhelm you. But also, you then realize that you have the key to understanding the secret of what holds the universe together. Insight is available in the purpose and meaning of life's fundamentals and glue and in the pushing and pulling forces that make for the distinct forms of bodies, societies, nature, space or the other dimensions. Everything that makes up the volume of the multi-verse has joy in common. All operate as bubbling, fun-loving participants in the ever new adventure of being part of My world. In other words, it's pure pleasure that brings and holds existence together."

"For human ears this will sound utterly ridiculous. It stretches way too far your imagining that at all times, all parts in the universe, sentient entities and matter, mental functions and relationships, wherever units touch and connect have as ultimate quality something so seemingly inconsequential as feeling good and causing pleasure. Well, I gave you this sixth 'rule' to let you know that everyone that's even in the slightest way interested in what they call the 'mind of god' or in the unifying factor in all structures and occurrences in the cosmos may have their answer before even starting research. Each approach, method, mind-set or expectation is covered by the same 'law' of happiness. It is part of My nature and therefore of everything. So no mysteries here!"

"It is a bold position to take. When things around you fall apart, when efforts to prevent this are never completely successful, then what I say here seems idle talk. Nevertheless, the message is that when in life is pain or things lacking, the purpose of coming to Me should not be asking Me to change that. In the very act of connecting with Me you activate some of the Real Reality that is present in you. You are appreciated and taken seriously as partner, lover and co-creator in a wonderful, ever-expanding world. For you, this may seem at best a statement of faith or a fleeting moment of feeling lifted up above impairments and concerns. Yet what I say is not based on faith. It is based on the fact that you are fully involved in life's machinery, despite how abstract this all may sound and feel. Fitting into the structure of life is a deep source for relief, gratitude and security, and therefore for joy."

"If only people on earth wouldn't keep looking to the outside for answers and validation of their ideas of meaning and fulfillment. The proof of being real is in being with Me. My nature colors all characteristics of each particle and composition. Joy and strength are the qualities of all that has form and shape. Nothing is outside My pulsation. I am in what is emanated as much as it is before Me. I am in it and I transcend it. My glory is its source and its manifestation. If only people dared to look at Me and look within themselves to where I dwell in them instead of scanning the horizon in order to discover the place where they would like Me to be. The Source of life produces living, sparkling, dancing water that's ever-fresh, ever-surprising, ever-new in its taste. Everything is multi-faceted and fascinating in its fullness as a unique particle and function in the whole."

"Existing before Me is one grand invitation to play, explore, show off your colors and insights. What you want is valid, not what you should. You are free to be what you desire to be. On earth, dependencies and deficiencies make practicing all the implications of this impossible. Even if you could live to the fullest, others would not tolerate it. Also, individual desires are heavily polluted and often poisonous. However, the situation never changes that as a life-form you do fit in. You can base your thinking on that. Think of Me, of the relationship I offer; think of My nature also in others, think of nature and its exuberance and think of yourself and happily wonder about the special, 'crazy', unique phenomenon you are. It all has a secure position in the magnificent construction of My world."

"On earth everything is weak and unreliable. Nothing endures and holds up. Approaching Me in order to learn about the Real Reality allows you to experience things from the proper perspective. In the midst of so much failing within and around you, which you cannot escape since it is part of the raw and crummy way things hang together on earth, you're still part of a reality that doesn't deteriorate. You may 'own' this fact and work with it. Your body may go the way of all flesh, as you say, and your mind may play all kinds of tricks to keep you away from peace and joy, yet you can be connected with Me in the real world and experience some eternal happiness. You not only have access to seeing the well-functioning of My world on your spiritual level but also have this radiate into your other levels. It makes the resurrection occur in you towards fitting in joyfully, properly and eternally. You noticed the changes in yourself!"

"Realize that explaining these things by talking 'about' them with others obscures them at the same time. Human words just do not cover the true state of affairs. The inability to convey with precise words the essence of what you want to communicate is well-known on earth. Yet when you laugh, you don't use words. Music or other art forms don't need them either to share their discoveries and beauty. In the act of loving and friendship, words are not very important. Trust, respect, interest, joy and body language, those speak. So is your coming here. So is connecting with Me in 'prayer'. It is allowing yourself to be home where you belong. Here, all vibrations are in happy harmony. Specifically when you connect, discuss, use, touch, look and ask. It adds up to more joy for those you meet. Any situation that may seem awkward since you're not used to the real world ends up in hearty laughter. Already, the first thought of turning to Me in 'prayer' can produce a pleasant tickle of what My presence will do to you. Shall I say that I have the same sensation when I see you turning to Me?"

"The forces of the Negative State hate humor. If they cannot suppress it, they see to it that it is turned into sarcasm, ridicule, mockery, etc. They are literally 'dead' serious. Around lightheartedness they are extremely uncomfortable. They thrive on heaviness and controlling. They never react as you saw Us do yesterday. They thrive on tensions. These show their success in creating a world opposite of Mine. That is their territory, their language and their sick sense of enjoyment. In general, fractions, demands and conflicts are predictable effects of not being happy. They go much further. They use the problems in life as well as the efforts to correct them to create illusions that one day earth will be a better world. Which adds to people's frustration and sense of hopelessness when, of course, this doesn't happen. It keeps bitterness and blaming going."

"The ability to see things in perspective, with humor, laughter, smiles of wisdom within, feeling at home in the clarity of the spiritual dimension, this all is unacceptable for those affected by the lies of the Negative State. The impact of these lies shows in the resistance in people, in you too, to go all-out in being relaxed, trusting, spontaneous, savoring each moment and focusing on what's left of My nature in everything. Your shadow sides cannot breathe in this atmosphere. Please, remember that you have a choice in how to approach things in and around you. What tries to suppress a smile, a happy sense of belonging, chuckles about life's idiocies or whiffs of wisdom, is not coming from Me."

Rule 6. S P I R I T S L I F T E D U P, J O Y H E A L I N G

"It is not necessary to make precise distinctions. But it may be helpful to be always aware when My fifth name is presented, that there are two ways of looking at it. The word 'Healing' includes your perspective. When a process of malfunctioning reverses itself - as in an illness when recovery takes place and things get back to 'normal' - there is joy, relief and gratitude, isn't it? Does it mean that joy can only be experienced when its opposite, misery, is overcome? That would link joy to that negative opposite. Or is recovery from anything unpleasant and negative a turning into something joy producing positive and an uncovering of what was there all along but for some reason or another was hidden, obscured or 'lost'? If that is the case, then the temporary period of darkness in a way contributes to the triumph of the joy that worked its way up. Then, healing is not just moving away from something bad but is placing the illness into the march forward to more wholeness and joy. To say this in other words, joy is not the result of healing; it is its beginning and its process."

"It is helpful to be aware of this when you seek My presence; specifically when this happens when you are overwhelmed by whatever brokenness. The scare, the pain and the frustration of that is often a powerful push to turn to divine powers for intervention and solutions. If life runs smoothly and there are no pressing needs, the drive to invest in the potential of knowing Me and the desire to be enriched by it is less a priority, right? I don't say this in a critical or resentful way. It is ironic that the Negative State by creating an anti-world at the same time laid a basis for its products to cry out to Me! In the depth of suffering and slavery on earth the sense that this isn't the way life is meant to be keeps stirring."

"Coming back to the two ways of explaining the phenomenon of joy, it is clear to you that in the other dimensions the joy and laughter are not caused by overcoming disappointments as is generally the case on earth. In the core realm of the Negative State is no joy and laughter at all. They only practice sarcasm, sadism and regimented mass entertainment. It is of a cutting and hateful nature. All comments and joint activities here have no dark undertones whatsoever. When a person like you comes in direct contact with the sphere of 'heaven', the relief and urge to smile do not come from escaping the cage of gloominess but from realizing that you arrived where you belong. Personalities don't change much and threatening circumstances may not change at all. But the spiritual homecoming is new. From being hidden and locked deep inside wells up a laugh that harmonizes a person with the beat of the universe."

"Living in darkness and being used to it doesn't mean there is no connection with light. When people on earth want to address Me, also when they do this during a grave crisis or as a cry for help, what they will encounter is not a concerned, motherly or physician type of comforting care. They see or feel My broad smile that radiates they are all right. My light and always uplifting spirit can instantly encourage them. My happiness breaks into their consciousness not from up high or from far away but from within themselves, where it dwelt unrecognized all along. I know this may seem of little practical value when pain and confusion hit. It is wise, therefore, to hook up continuously, also when not in need, with the universal state of happiness, laughter and joy. This can be modeled for children and kept alive in stories. It is the truth that living is a happy activity. Regardless what the mutilated 'reality' you see tells you."

"Traveling on earth is arduous. For many people it is filled with all sorts of threats. Getting used to communicating with Me will keep an inner lightness alive. It can hardly be explained to someone else what exactly this is. It is a positive side of religions that they can provide for young and old channels and supportive activities to express gladness and offer guidelines for making the best of life's journey. Joy is a permanent fixture. It is possible to travel with Me burden-free on the spiritual plane while at the same time struggling to keep your bearings on the other levels. Inner peace can blossom in you when you align with Me and allow the wide openness of the real world to stimulate you."

"You ask why is it that some people seem to have an inner harmony and connect easily with happiness, often from childhood on, while others have nothing of this. These fortunate ones seem by nature capable to see the basic goodness of life and have that guide them through thick and thin, as you say. You know that closeness to Me has not to do with intelligence, age, race or place in human history. Life is good and positive even while it is on an expedition in poisonous regions and gets infected, as is the situation in most of earth. The spirit of life is My spirit. Joy and laughter show what this means. It is never going to change. My expanding and unfolding reality to 'more' always goes in the direction of more light and lightness. Why some seem to be more removed from this than others is only an earthly observation. Or more precisely, there are different missions to fulfill. And in all dwells My spirit of healing."

"You can easily see that all forms of worshiping Me are perverted and malignant if there is no lightness in them or when they perpetuate ideas of doom, sacrifices and obligations pertaining to Me. Why do religions keep their hold on so many? The simple answer is: the Negative State needs them to channel the deep natural desire to connect with Me into something that prevents people to discover the truth. Human beings, living in a state of confusion and fear anyway, are easy targets for believing that much is asked of them. Including needing a certain faith in Me. However, I am the smile of life. It will be seen by anyone wanting to improve the quality of living, having compassion for those who suffer and, in general, being determined to live a decent life. This comes from a gladness inside and not from imposed moral and cultural prescriptions."

"Something else is going on. Every entity plays a part in the process that moves Reality along and that governs its unfolding. Whatever theories are used, fact is that the universes expand. This is a human term. Better is to say that all is on the move to more. My nature is unlimited. All in the universe experience themselves that way. All their doings are a cheerful response to My unfolding. Not one particle or entity in life is worse off than another. All is wanted, desired and part of life's adventure. All keep the machinery of existence going with equal pride and joy according to the particulars of their uniqueness."

"The Negative State represents complete unnatural regression; it moves backwards, becomes less in everything. Nothing lasting it achieves, except that it shows once and for all what is not working and is meaningless as option. In this sense they do serve a positive purpose. Their exploration will not be repeated. In a 'regressive' way they are part of life's unfolding. I add to My fullness their experience. There is no potential anymore of Me being doubted since that phenomenon, the Negative State, is in the process of exhausting itself. It is My pride and happiness that I stay true to Myself as builder of bridges while the river go wild, so to speak."

"I already forgave - if you like to keep that word - all violations of My nature, also those of the perpetrators of the Negative State, your human ancestors. What seems regression isn't really so. The flow of life moves forward even if some still try to stop it. There is no condemnation in Me. There only is the ever-growing desire to practice the love I am. It brought Me personally in the 'Zone of Displacement'. I know its situation firsthand. I established there an accessible source of happiness, of humor and laughter. This, therefore, doesn't come as relief from anything heavy, it comes from the very nature of what existence is. It comes from mirroring the one I am."

"Spontaneity, playfulness, adventure, peace of mind, fun, tranquility, wisdom, curiosity, teasing, celebrations or sparring are all part of the fabric of life. What's left on earth of this is an important correspondence to the atmosphere in 'heaven'. It provides glimpses of being free and an authentic person; of being a joyous family member with all others. I don't talk about mere optimism or being high-spirited. When you connect with Me you feel touched mostly on the most inner level in you. From there, the rays of well-being can reach other levels and corners within your system. Fun and other pleasurable things in the world around you can trigger a wondering about how normal those are. In nature, arts, friendships, lovemaking, family life or whatever positive, some of the lightness of life can be experienced. Tell Me about it when you visit! As you know, doing this teaches you what holds up as real and what is fake. Staying close to Me makes for an as good as possible life on earth. Having a good time with Me is standard fare!"

Rule 6. S P I R I T S L I F T E D UP, J O Y M A N I F E S T A T I O N

"How does a joyful spirit manifest itself? Better is to ask, how am I manifesting Myself in and through you as this component of My nature? It is hard,while living in darkness to imagine light. Especially if you never were exposed to it. So it is when living in spiritual darkness like on earth to imagine clear insight and full freedom to express yourself. Why should you think that everything can be perfect, whole and uncomplicated, in the first place? What triggers this idea? Science, religion or history may offer suggestions but new questions will stream in about the meaning, texture and scope of life. This is one of the reasons, My friend, that I talk to you and have you see Me in My fullness. Be it, that the words and the images coming to you are by necessity within the restricted frame of your ability to see and hear reality."

"My happiness is one of the least understood aspects of My nature among humans. Children, if you let them, may have no difficulty with it. They either dream Me up as being more pleasant than their parents or see Me like their good parents but then on a grander scale. There's more to this than approaching it psychologically. It is My - and therefore all - reality that harmony and peacefulness are its exclusive atmosphere, together with playfulness and excitement. This means that also on earth there is a desire to penetrate any gray or somber area with light and aliveness, and when that comes from love for self and others it is a direct correspondence with the Real Reality of universal happiness. It means that some of this is at the point of breaking through."

"Coming to Me facilitates this. Coming with a yearning for happiness in your heart will make communicating with Me easy. We are of kindred spirit! Isn't that wonderful? It makes you an 'untouchable' in the highest possible sense. If people are willing to ask the right questions they will realize that there is sunshine right within their own space. The sense of being home with Me is a potential in each 'lost' entity, regardless the amount of uncovering and cleaning that has to be done. You know of children, beaten up badly by their parents physically or mentally and being too damaged to bounce back to what otherwise would be achievable for them. They live a life without trust, hope or color. So is in many ways the situation of your human race. Yet nobody is 'down' completely. Everybody will still manifests something of true life. Being alive is the first sign of it."

"Everything on earth has the tiny remnant of real life in it. It's bombarded by a barrage of lies and falsities. The Negative State made susceptibility for their influx standard feature in its products. Actually, nothing on your planet and in your solar system is not affected by it. All that goes on is marked by the fatal flaw of being isolated, in the first place. This fragile, confusing position is recognized by you humans. You live in a falsified world. So it seems unnatural in the midst of your inescapable isolation to still believe in another truer and happier world."

"Where serious hope for happiness comes from cannot be figured out unless you squarely face your personal spiritual side. People should wonder why so many refuse to settle for what the eye sees as negative and ugly. In each person hides some kind of protest against it. From the very beginning of the displacement and in all cultures subsequently formed have been activities by individuals and groups that qualify as rays of spiritual sunshine, as reflections of the full universal harmony and joy."

"While sailing an ocean, you set the course by the position of stars and planets. People can set their compass for safe traveling through life on the signals coming from happy laughter and warm smiles. It is the way parents can model for their children, showing them this option and explaining its importance for living right. People can look for indications of My character showing up in nature, in presentations of creative spirits and in activities in which joy dominates. It facilitates for children to stay connected with the signs of real life in their own hearts and in the world around them. It may sound a pipe dream, knowing how few parents worldwide take the time or have the wisdom to calmly and persistently work on this. Still, laughter is not just good medicine. It is the way true life expresses itself."

"I keep using phrases like 'when people want to connect with Me' and 'when you 'pray' or 'reach out to Me'. It stresses that being with Me can only be achieved on a voluntary basis, as a personal choice. Only this prepares a person for being lifted up in spirit when she or he sees and hears the facts of true life. In this case, the message that as far as it is possible with the damaged product people are, they still are models through, by and in whom the real and happy nature of the universe can come through. This nature contains the desire to share, to show, to be proud and to have an inner and outer chuckle all the way through eternity."

"The day before yesterday you saw Us in a pensive mood. You took it on yourself to find out whether it meant the presence of something heavy, grave or a side you hadn't seen before in Me or in those here. You couldn't detect any of this. With your own past proneness to melancholy and your skeptical outlook in terms of human behavior, you would have 'smelled' whether any of this was present that moment. In an earlier conversation you heard Me say, 'There is no other side to Me'. Indeed, this was confirmed then and it is true for all manifestations of life that living is pleasant. It means that holding on to heaviness and complications or excuses when coming to Me has absolutely no value. It has no legs to stand on, so to speak, whatever their reason. The moment anybody, anywhere and in any circumstance thinks of Me, it can produce a smile based on the wonderful knowledge that all is well. All is well, because I am well. And, believe Me, I am not going to change that!"

"The Negative State has been quite successful in obscuring My sparkling side. They drew curtains on all levels so nobody has a clear view of the lightness and brightness in the rest of the universe. People are left in the dark about this, because besides the isolation of your galaxy your own mind is a scene of disarray. Every human mind is. The magnificence of life, the majesty of its unhampered radiation and the exhilaration of being part of it bypasses human antennas. Still, something in you prods you in this direction. When you give in to it, never hesitate to include Me in your laughter, in jokes, in, as you once said, 'singing opera in the shower'. It will surprise you how much closer to Me this makes you feel."

"The tragedies in life as you know it, the hurts and the dangers are grave. Those who suffer most and those exposed most to the dirt and the evil forces will be rewarded for their enduring those ordeals. Nobody has to renounce the fundamental goodness of life. When people surrender to sorrow, curse their fate and feel defeated, or join the negative forces out of frustration or even wholeheartedly, they have a chance to change when confronted with the full array of My abundance. The darkness in life has no ground or source in the Real Reality. Stepping towards the light can be done any time, at any place, in any circumstance. Everything can manifest the joy of existing. My nature can shine in all that is. Coming to Me and touching base with Me - 'praying' - amounts to letting My free and happy spirit out of any of your closets."

Rule 6. S P I R I T S L I F T E D U P, J O Y E N E R G Y

"It's a good question to ask where the power to step into the field of joy comes from. The answer is simple enough. Since I am by nature a 'happy' presence, coming closer to Me will affect anybody that does it. But what triggers taking these steps to more closeness? What initiates and pursues it? Why should people bother in the first place? And if they want to explore because something inside of them tells them that, is its worth the effort? What enables them to pull themselves away from what comes natural and is familiar? Isn't not asking hard questions like these more comfortable? Isn't there the saying, 'What you don't know, doesn't hurt'?"

"Breaking out of the obvious isolation from other realms in the universe occurs when sentient entities, out of free will and from a personal desire, long for the truth, for the true state of affairs in regard to all aspects of life. A person who finds this question in his or her heart and follows up on it, uncovers My nature. People on earth without exception learn sooner or later that any power and interactive force is suspect. None is to be trusted. They can turn against you and they threaten each other. Nothing, absolutely nothing, functions perfectly in the Negative State. Which means, nothing pleasantly benefits everybody and everything else all the time. Anything can go wrong anytime, as your saying goes."

"You know the reason for this. It is not just that the pseudo-creators of your galaxy, by detaching their explorations and experimenting from My participation, delivered inferior goods with their otherwise superior knowledge and power. You must understand that, intentionally, they were striving to bring about a reality that would be able to exist by itself with minimal or no likeness of My world. This alternative 'reality' would then be able to compete with Mine. They planned to show that living by standards other than those flowing from Me is feasible. Ultimately, the Negative State hopes to eliminate Me altogether. Therefore, they came up with all kinds of destructive mechanisms that are, indeed, alien to My nature."

"Their endeavors were successful to a point, from their point of view. My world would not be able to survive under their rule. My energy never expresses itself in what is not love and positive. What happens in the 'Zone of Displacement' is proof that turning against Me, abusing energy and stealing technical knowledge meant for the good of all and applying it to segregation schemes is incompatible with the functioning of the Real Reality. All in the universe know this now. What I chose to do was entering personally the world of their perverted energies."

"What does this mean for people who long for what is really true? It means that they should hold on to that seemingly impractical, paradoxical, tiny, vague and often 'only' spiritual, longing for it. In their thinking and pondering, their quest will gain momentum. Reality is Me functioning in you. Opening up to this is releasing real power. The idea of a world not corrupted, threatening, difficult and not living under the cloud of endings and breakdowns is based on facts. Supporting thoughts in this vein will let images, visions and ideas flow into your awareness that turn out to be keys for escaping the domination of lies and falsities. Even while in many areas of your human person you remain subject to them. I am not pushing anybody to come to Me. I don't force Myself into anybody's awareness. This would defy the purpose of allowing the Negative State to evolve. I just point at what is already part of everyone. It comes with life, My energy. Longing for its pure power is natural."

"It has been suggested that My divine principles evidently prevent Me from 'saving' the world from its miseries; that I could not do it, even if I wanted it. Saying this, shows a gross underestimation of the enormity of My all-inclusive love-power and of the universality of the true Reality surviving its own denial. My personality changed, you could say, because of My reaction to the appearance of the Negative State. Although abused, the outflow of My energy stayed pure. My love survived its ultimate challenge. It is not that I cannot end earth's suffering and ugliness. What happens is that all suffering contributes to the elimination of it, of all of it, in the most total sense. Those who suffer do not suffer in vain. What more can I say than to repeat that all is surrounded by a joy whose permanency far surpasses being temporarily hidden and suppressed."

"At least, people who doubt My capability to change the present situation don't play into the hands of those false prophets who proclaim My wrath. Many nonsensical ideas float around about My ability or plans to step in. You had to let go of concepts you catered to because you had not heard yet life's true facts. The Negative State underwrites any and all concepts, ideas, theologies, philosophies and ways of thinking that lead away from uncovering My warming smile and comforting spirit. I don't interfere in people's free choice to portray life one way or another. But I do give you this sixth 'rule'. It is a banner, a signpost, a beacon. It points at the ability of your spirit to be lifted up the moment you go for My realness. It is My energy in you that will reinforce the seemingly unfounded thoughts, hopes, wishes and dreams about life being worthwhile and about there being more than what shows on the outside. My light shines. Dare to see it. If you want, it illuminates everything happening to you."

"I am the light of life. I am this for all. As you notice, I am not giving you techniques for how to connect with Me. I just state that the challenge is there for any entity to start participating in the real world of happiness, if they want. The consequence is that once a choice is made the direction of one's wondering and wanderings changes. You saw some of the greatness of an all-round cheerful society. Even if others don't experience this, their insight in what life consists of, in the forces working in and around them and in inner peacefulness and determination will grow noticeably; always to their great joy."

"When I ask to follow the 'rules' for proper and effective communicating with Me it goes without saying that I know why I ask it. The disarray in human living isn't caused by any of the present human generation. But your being part of it makes you are accountable for your share in its continuation, even if you are not judged or criticized by Me or those in the Positive State. Your task is hopeless in the sense that no human effort can restore in the 'Zone of Displacement' the universal perfection and harmony. Realizing this can help you to avoid unrealistic expectations. It all is so strange on earth. From the spiritual position you can say this without any bitterness, indifference or haughtiness. Lightheartedness and humor come from a growing understanding that life itself is still Mine and driven by My energy. What doesn't reflect this and what smears the purity of My energy is pathetic. It is not worth paying much attention to, unless as good opportunity to protest it, to interfere with its negative practices and to use it as affirmation of what real life is not."

"All resistance to the abuse of power on earth is positive. Be it in families, in cultural settings, by laws of the land, in politics, in technical applications or wherever. Yet the resistance should not focus on changing the world. That won't happen. If one injustice is eliminated, another more subtle and dangerous will take its place. Joy doesn't originate in victories. It comes from being able to portray, make room for and represent the all-out goodness of life as it is in the rest of the multiverse. In a very personal way true lightheartedness comes from being with Me, period! When We can laugh together you are instantly empowered, even if your mind and body may not know how to react, little used as they are to such a robust force."

"The results of working hard for a positive use of life's energy are not the measure of success. The reward of, for instance, fighting poverty or injustice, is in the action itself; not in the change it may or may not cause. Don't wait till results are in, in order to wholeheartedly enjoy being My companion. I am not waiting for success. I want to share with you today the most you can handle of the solid strength of true Reality. When touched by it, you are able to have inner peace, to forgive and radiate support and joy. Positive causes you can side with will always come your way. They always are within the composition of your own person. Be alert to where your energy goes or, to say it more precisely, to where My energy in you goes!"

The Ten Rules:

1. All are loved 2. Free choice 3. Trust 4. Always 5. Others also

6. Spirits lifted up; Joy 7. No exception 8. On your level 9. No distance 10. This is 'it'