Part 1



'If a blade of grass here wants to become a tree, it can and will. What decides that in a blade of grass? You could say it is the decision made by the combination of all elements that particular blade consists of.

For sure, blades have ways of communication within the unit they form so the unit can function. This is even true on earth. Without it, no life-form could exist.

But there is more to this. What opts for a change is not just the sum or majority in a unit. In change or growth is always included the lively relationship with everything in the environment, in the space it occupies. Not that permission of other elements has to be asked. The harmony on all levels is so free-flowing and flexible that from the first sign of a potential change all parts know about it and provide a positive input.

We talk here about a unit and its smallest particles and about the smallest particles in those particles, ad infinitum.

Life being love means that the sensitivity for anything that brings perfection and can make it more glorious is everywhere. Any potential change is welcomed. In that atmosphere the blade of grass explores its desire.

Yet there still is another factor. The most important one. It is the presence of I AM in everything. Humans can be conscious of this in their way. 'Things', matter or nature have their own manner of relating to it. The nature and 'person' of I AM being the one life force itself means that in each and every existing life-form the desire to live, enjoy, create, share, contribute, enrich, celebrate and expand is active. Desire for change always reflects this and so shows an aspect of I AM.

The blade of grass would never entertain the desire to be a tree if not all aspects and consequences were figured as completely positive.

In a way, this example of grass is hypothetical, because why would something beautiful, functioning, at home in its own species and circumstance desire to be something else, like a tree? Ego, competition, boredom, restlessness and the like are unknown in the real world. Yet the blade is free to change if it wants.

The awesome undertaking of exploring whether there are limits to freedom, as done by the human species, is once and for all establishing that there are none. An alternative existence with no love and no truth, with denying or ignoring I AM, got its chance. It has almost exhausted itself.'

The above comes from the conversation I had with Achmed and his wife today. She used the example of her work with plants, as it involves finding evermore exciting fragrances. She 'knows' whether the plants want to cooperate when she tries out combinations. The positive outcome of the experiments and the 'creative fertility' rate are directly related to the mutually recognized alignment with life's essence and substance.

During our conversation, the two sat close together.

I brought up the issue of caring for each other. Is that different here?

They commented that they did care for each other, but the word caring on earth usually implies that something needs to be taken care of. That element is absent for them. Caring, to them, only means enhancing the other's happiness by open sharing, respect and physical intimacy. They like to do things together, go places, entertain, please and spring surprises.

This includes the children as long as they are at home. Their 'need' for parental help is not based on dependency. Children don't know unhappiness. Parents provide practical guidance. Besides that, growing up for the children meant that their bodies followed the maturing of their minds and intellectual understanding. So their childhood and their being 'cared for' could be short as well as a recurring event.

I asked whether they were exclusive in their caring for each other and in their love life.

"In a way, yes!" they said. The closeness and mutual love they had could not be topped by getting involved with someone else. This meant that if one of them, or both, would like to experiment with others who were ready for that, it would never be at the expense of their unique love relationship. In that case, they would both feel that the new thing was good. There never would be hard feelings or a sense of anybody being left out.

They looked at me with almost pity. "Quite different than on earth, eh? You see, our marriage is eternal, because eternity is not in the future, but now. Sharing each other is our choice and is complete. It doesn't change even if we would move on, because moving on never means moving away from. There is no spiritual alienation, no mental distancing. You will think that there sure can be a physical separation. Yet, as you experienced yourself, even that kind of distance is relative. You managed to come here without transportation!"

"Would it be like the relationship you have with your former earthly wife?" I asked.

He nodded, but added, "Like our relationship with anybody. All living is a form of caring."

"What about friends? Can I meet them?"

He was going to use the cell phone in his mind to call them, he said jokingly. So I complimented him for keeping up with the newest electronic marvels on earth.

It seemed within seconds that a huge man came in. A giant almost. He greeted me with a kiss on my cheek. Later, he told me that he was for other people from earth what Achmed was for me.

I asked him what he did 'for a living'. That last part slipped in by accident.

He came across as a jolly guy.

He told me he was involved with machinery. Big stuff. Inter-dimensional projects. He was at the creative, form-giving end. I should not think of metal or welded constructions, he said. They use mind-related equipment to intensify and direct vibrations. He worked a lot with non-human entities. He said I could think of perfected space vehicles or science fiction creations but then made without any material I know.

I thanked him for the suggestion but mentioned that I happened to be unable to think that cleverly.

He laughed and gave me a bear hug. He told me that on earth he had been a midget. He knew his present size was sort of overcompensating for what he had missed there. He did not really need to be so big now but it still gave him a kick.

"I may change but for now I still love it," he said. Other than that he had no ties with his past or any interest in the affairs of the Negative State.

Other people came in. One looked Latino. I wondered why there were racial distinctions here.

"Why not?" he said when I asked him. "We of the sixth generation can be proud of the circumstances of our mission. Not of the negative things we chose, but the particulars of our person, our racial and gender identity, our where and when, were all coloring our journey. So why not keep some of that as part of our restored-to-full-glory personality here?"

He asked if I hadn't noticed that all the people I had met until now looked different, not unlike as on earth.

Good point!

I had asked Achmed's wife earlier how long she and he were together. There was a discussion about it. What they tried to convey to me is that from the moment of death on earth, linear time ceases to play a role in events. 'Daily' living, in this case their relationship, was not measured by the clock or calendar but by the intensity of joy. It is based on enhancing happiness for one self and others. The pleasure of doing that measures a relationship, not time. Joy has nothing limiting in it; it always is fresh and satisfying. Years or months are obsolete.

It was again pointed out to me that all reality is I AM showing off Him/Herself. For and in that presence, we and everything are beloved ones. That marks the vantage point from where to view and experience personal and relationship issues, not from the perspective of time or place.

The group did discuss briefly that the existence of the Negative State and its imminent ending is the only exception to the absence of time as factor, but their comments must have gone over my head because I do not remember what exactly was said. I did pick up their excitement about the closure of this cycle of existence in which we as humans play such a pivotal role.

I learned that they often meet. They seldom talk about earth, although most of them have been there. They frequently visit the other human societies and participate in their activities, like music-making and sports. People of the different segments in general meet regularly; they like to give input to each other's ideas and projects.

"When you come together, do you also do it for meals and drinks?" I asked.

The question led to a discourse about food and drink.

A bowl with what I would call fruit was standing on a 'table'. It is again difficult for me to describe their form or color. They commented that, for me, eating had such a different function than for them.

I still am unable to shake the idea I do not 'have' to eat. How can I survive without it? And if that is no problem for them, why do they still have food and drinks?

Like others did before, they explained that eating and drinking is a celebration of oneness. It is a merging with nature and vice versa. It is a mutual choice to do so. It always is invigorating, a sort of consciously being born anew at every merging. The relation on earth between nature and people is such a distorted one.

Becoming one with food on the physical level, they said, parallels merging with I AM on the spiritual plane.

'It all is a matter of making love,' I mused by myself but did not say it aloud.

I should have known better.

"You got it!" they shouted excitedly.

They also said they recognized that it is quite a task for me to write about this world and mold it in into an understandable earthly format.

I found them a very friendly and animated group. There were maybe ten of them.

While they were leaving I asked the 'giant' about his wife. He said he did ask her to come, but evidently she didn't.

I realized that all who had come were men. I asked why that was. He casually said, "You are a 'men' person, young man. And besides that, we relate to the woman side in you without you realizing it."